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BARRY DOCK POLICE FRIDAY. Before Mr 0. H. JOKES and Mr LEWELLEN WOOD. TRANSFER OF LICENSES. The license of the Castle Hotel, Barry Dock, whieh is owned by Messrs S. A. Brain and Co., Cardiff, was transferred from Wm. Farmer, late of the Park Hotel, to Wm. Deere; that of the Three Bells Inn, Eastbrook, Dinas Powis, from Catherine O'Hara, to Richard Chapman. A temporary transfer of the license of the William IV. Hotel, Cadoxton, from Treharne Treharne, to Gower Jenkins, Pontypridd, was adjourned,Mr W. Davies, Pontypridd, appttariug for Mr Jenkins. EXTENSIONS OF TIME. An hour's extnsion was granted Mr F. S. T. Brooks, ot the. Royal Hotel, for Wednesday even- ing, the 20th icit., the occasion being the annual dinner of the BOdrd School teachers.-An applica- tion was made for a three hours' extension of time on the 19th iust for the Barry Duck Hotel.— Applicant said a dance would be giveu that even- ing, the proceeds being in aid of the Voluntary Hospital, Barry Hotel. -The Bench: What do you mean by proceeds in aid of the Voluntary Hospital ? This is purely a speculation. We must have more certain information. JUDGEMENT SUMMONSES. George Baynes, a hawking herbalist, was brought up on a judgment summons for non- contribution towards is son's support in the Industrial School. -Superititojident Gid>tings said defendant, who had evidently imbibed fteely that evening, owed 19s in all. The order was made in August last.-The Btnch Have you anything to say why an order should noc be made ?—Defendant (in a very theatrical tone) I had 10s a mouth off him. I kept a shop once, but if I have to pay. I'll pay. My boy has been working at Lloyd's, and if I must pay, I'll pay it. See ? Defendant here put his hat on and made for the exist. Having been hauled back in a suitable manner, the Bench said Now, do you wish to call any witnesses ? If you don't behave properly, you will be sent to prison for misbehaviour. The evidence against you is that you have not paid any money.—I 'ave not. They took my boy away without my orders.—The Bench He was taken away by order of the Court. -Defendant: 'Ow much is it ?-The Bench Nineteen shillings and costs, whatever they Icome to.-Defendant If you will give me time, I'll pay. -The Beneh If you don't pay you will have to go to prison. As defendant was leaving the Court he became impudent and misconducted himself. He was again warned by the magistrates and left. -Ralph Reed, labourer, also surrendered on a judgment summons for 91 9s in respect of his boy, who'was also in an Industrial School.—The war- rant was suspended for three months, in order to give defendant a chance to pay. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE. William Protheroe, labourer, whose wife repre- sented him, complained that all his money had been going into court for some time past, and that he was hardly able to pay for the support of his boy in an industrial school, An order for Is 6d a week was made.—Henry Williams, Joseph Taylor, and Thomas Thomas were each fined 2s 6d for disobedience of attendance orders.—The son of Charles Hewson was sent to the Dinas Powis Truant School for 12 months, the boy being incor- rigible.—Wm. Rennie's boy was also put in the same place for 12 months.—Attendance orders in respect of the children of the following were made Sidney Roberts, Thomas Foley, George Musgrave, Mary Bigwell, and Mary Gimlett. THE DOGS. The usual number of people were fined for feed- ing their dogs, which operation necessitates the removal of the muzzle, when the owner always directs the dog to the front door, where Providene* has placed a wily man of law. Dogs must be fed, and the feeding excuse is the one generally alleged as the caua. of the family disgrace. Annie Clarke, Richard Cullen, F. P. Jones-Lloyd, and John Henry Fowler were fined 68; Thomas Williams, 7a 6d and H. H. Paul, Charles Phillips, and Edgar Jones, 10s. The case against John Dandie's dog was dismissed. A STREET NUISANCE. Mr F. P. Jones-Lloyd represented eight boys who were charged with using obscene language in the public street on the evening of the 7th inst. Their names were Jonah Jones, Godfrey Pember, John Phillips, John Flynn, William Davies, William Laugford, David Mason, and Arthur Rea. Police-constable Davies' evidence was to the effect that on the evening in question he seoreted himself in an empty house near the place where the boys congregated, and stayed there three-quarters of an hour, during which time he took down the language of each of the defendants, which was banded to the bench.—In answer to Mr Jones Lloyd witness said he could hear perfectly all that as said, and could see without being seen. He had seen a young woman pass, and had heard obscene laDgusge used by one of the defendants towards her.—For the defence, a total denial of the officer's charge were made, and each of the defendant were put in the box, aod swore that they did not make use of the language complained of. The shop near which they were standing was the head.quarters of their football club, and they were discussing the previous Saturday's match.—The Beneh dismissed dofen-. dante with a caution, but remarked that bad language had undoubtedly been used, and if they appeared there again it would be remembered against them. STRAYING. Antonio Cosswitch was fined 3s id for allowing his horse to stray in Holton.road, Barry Dock, on the morning of the 4th inst. ALARMING FIRES. The chimneys of several people were on fire during last week, and they were fined Is each. Theae are their names-Richard Smith, John Rogers, John Jones, and Enoch Williams. STREET LEAGUE. Five little but determined-looking boys played footbaU the other day in Lombard-street, Barry Dock, and the Bench severely cautioned them and sent them away. Their names were Henry Thorn- lev, Aaron Fitton, Wm. Griffiths, Henry Williams, and Collier. OBSCENE LANGUAGE. Clara Hester, a m&Tried woman, admitted using obscene language en the highway recently, but maintaiued that she had cause. Her husband was a seaiaiing man, and had not contributed anything towards her keep for some time, aud when she partook the other day of a drop of gin she got exeited.—Fined 5s, or five days. DRUNK AND RESPECTABLE. There was not a great number of this elass on Friday. Warrants were issued for the appearance of Thomas Jones, Kate Taylor, and Michael Lowrie on a charge of beii g drunk and disorderly. Joseph Tillett was fined 7. 6d, and Mary Cousins 5a. STEALING AN OVERCOAT. William Cheshire, platelayer, was charged in eostody with stealing an overcoat, valued 20s, the property of David James, also a platelayer, from the lodge at Penarth Dock, on the 20th November. Prosecutor did not see the coat again till the 15th inst. He at once gave prisoner in charge to Police- eonstable Parx,,no. -Prisoner, who had nothing to say, was sentenced to seven days' hard labour. MONDAY. Before Major-General LEE and Mr LKWELLBM WOOD. TRANSFER GRANTED. The transfer of the licence of the William IV. Hotel, Cadoxton, from Treharne Treharne to Thomas Varna Jenkins, Mountain Ash, was granted. Mr Davies, of the firm of Davies and Meyrick, Pontypridd, appeared for applicant. THE VACCINATION ORDER. A number of parents in the district were sum- mooed before the magistrates to show cause why the Order compelling everyone who has not an exemption certificate was not obeyed by them, and the following were ordered to have their children vaccinated within a certain period, ranging fiom 21 days to a month :-William Reeves, Barry, John William Clarke, Charles Cousons, John Henry Hope, aud Thomas Howells. BATS DEFAULTERS. Orders to pay arrears of rates due were made upon Annie Irwin, district rate El 7s and poor rate 5s lOd William Ealsworthy, district rate 19s 6d and poor rate 6s 3d and William Hilliard, district rate f.1 3s and poor rate 19s lOd. THE MUZZLING MOVEMENT. The Board of Agriculture's movement for the suppression of dogly instincts and the rousing of I the mo.t savage nature latent in the animal was duly set on foot, as usual, on Monday, and several citizens were fined, namely, Benjamin Hoddinnott, second offence, 10s; Fred J. Downing, tooond tim3, 10s; John Leben, Samuel Lewis, John Rosser, and Mary Woods, each for the second timet 7s 6d; Bert Gibson, J. F. Greener, and Arthur Mitchell, 5s. MIICELLANOUS OFFENCES. A warrant was issued for the appearance of Wm Bowen, charged with hawking without a license. Wm Ratcliffe and Arthur Humphries were fined 7s 6d and 5s respectively for driving without lights on the 9th inst. For the same offence A. T. Evans and Benjamin Beynon were fined, the former 5s, and the latter 2s 6d. John Dwyer was at such a distance from his friend and companion, the horse, on the 7th inst, as not to have eontrol over the same, and he was fined 2s 6d. The horse of John Flanders was seen straying in Holton-road, Barry Dock, on the 8th inst, and the owner was now fined 2s 8d. Manlltield- Hearue's horses were seen stray., iow in Vere-street, Cadoxton, on the 9th iust, and Mansfield was now mulcted in 5s. John Somer- field paid Is for the pleasure of being informed by the police that his chimney was on fire when he knew it not. DRUNK AND INCAPABLE PEOPLE. The above is not a very fine or encouraging description to follow in the wake of one's illustrious cognomen, especially in those stirring times. But some people take a pleasure in being so described at the approach of Christmas, they think it neces- sary to get drunk in order to keep up the hallowed memories of the season. For committing offences similar to the headline Wm Richards, Mary Ann Lightbody, Thomas Cosgrove, Margaret Johnson, Keudrick Lloyd, and Edward Halloran, were fined 5s each Thomas Brown and Wm Tennaat, 7s 6d; Frank Gear and Patrick Kennedy, 10s and Mary Jones, an old offender, who bowed in a stately manner to the Bench, and who now registered her 16th appearance, was sent to prison for a month. Mary's words were prophetic as left the dock. She invoked the blessings of the Deity on the magis- trates, and wished them a Happy Christmas. LITTLE BOYS PLAY FOOTBALL. Desirous of emulating the crack and cracked teams of this district, three little boys, old for their age and small in stature, presented them- selves before their Worships on the seiious charge ef playing football on the highway. This they did on the 10th inst. in the pubiic street, to the danger of eveiything and everybody generally. They had been up before on a similar offence, but the magis- trates lot them off w ith a fine of Is each. DETERMINED YOUNG RASCALS. George James Clements, a dock worker, told a story to the benoh, which showed the de,eimined manner in which two boys br he the law and several panes of glass in this dis rict the other day. Clements said that on the 4th inst. he was proceed- ing to his work and when in the neighbourhood of Woodlai d-road saw two boys, n^med Sid Rube'ts and Cl aries, ag d 9 and 11 respectively, smash the gl;-ss of a public street lamp. He saw them attack a second and third lamp in the same manner. He now became interested in the career of these youngsters and followed them up, and was rewarded by observing them to deliberately smash five panes of glass in a block of buildings belonging to Alban Richards, contractor, in Kendrick-road, Barry Dock. He then gave them into custody. William Wall, in the employ of Alban Richards, said the value of the glass br ken by the boys was 10s. The District Council did not proceed against defendants for smashing the lanipm owing to the fact that the boys were sentenced to be birehed last week for housebreaking. fhey were now fired 10s each. The Bench thanked Clements for the part he had taken in bringing the boys to justice, BAD COMPANY. William Robertson, a eoaltrimmer, living at M. George-street, Barry Dock, was in bad company on the night of the 9th inst. The result was that he now charged Mary Ann Jones, a womaa belonging to the unfortunate elass, with stealing from him £1 in gold. Prisoner, Robertson alleged, spoke to him at the Royal Hotel. and after exchanging a few commonplace remarks, anent nothing in par- ticular, witness stood the lady a quart," and after they had been out for a short time, as the woman alleged, they parted. Prosecutor after- wards missed I is sovereign.—Sid Flook, assistant to Sol Barnett, pawnbroker, 55. Main-street, Cadoxton, said prisoner came the following week and took some goods she had pawned there out of pledge, for* which she tendered a sovereign.— Police-constable Thomas arrested prisoner, and the case was now adjourned till Friday, in order that further information may be obtained. OBSCENE LANGUAGE. Thomas Jones and William Lloyd were fined is and 10s respectively for using obscene language on the highway. AN EMOTIONAL IRISHMAN. John Moynehin, an uncommon name, and one that caused considerable trouble to the Bench, was charged in custody on two counts of felony. The first, with stealing an electro-plated knife, fork, and spoon from the Barry Dock Hotel, and the second with stealing a number of penknives, valued at 12s, the property of John Foscolo, general dealer, 58, Thompson-street, Barry Dook. E. Bewden, clerk at Culley's Hotel, recognised the knife, fork, and spoon as the property of R. P. Culley and Co., the owners.—Police-sergeant Wm Reed, of the Cardiff Borough Police, said he arrested prisoner in Grangetown on Saturday last. He was hawking from house to house, and offering the stolen property for sale. Witness required his license, and his answers, to questions not being satisfactory he was taken into custody and handed over to the Barry Dock police, being, transferred to Police-oonstablo Harris.—The second charge pre- ferred against prisoner was almost identical with the former one. The prosecutor, John Foscolo, missed his penknives on Saturday morning, the 16th inst., and they were in possession of prisoner when arrested in Cardiff. Prisoner was very emotional and cried in court, denying the charges. -The magistrates offered an alternative, aad fined him JE2 in each case, or one month's hard labour.