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THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH AT CADOXTON. INQUEST ON A HEAVY OPIUM TAKER. Mr E. Bernard Reece, the district coroner, held an inquest on Monday at the Police-station, Cadoxton, on the body of Henry Otto Heyman, ships' steward, aged 26, and a native of Germany, whose death, under strange circum- stances, took place on Saturday morning last. —Miss Annie Davies, residing with her parents at School House, Cadoxton, was the first wit- nella called, and deposed that she had known decased about two years, and was engaged to be married to him. He was employed on the s.s. Warren, a Liverpool liner, as a ships' steward. Witness had refused to have anything to do with deceased, unless he consented to make known his antecedents. She had asked him if be would do that nine months ago, and had said she would give him time to think the matter over and decide. On the occasion of bis last visit, witness had again asked him to tell her something more of himself and family, but he refused, and she, therefore, told him she would have nothing more to do with him, when he endeavoured to get her to renew the engage- ment. Witness last saw deceased on the Friday evening previously, and he then threatened to poison himself in consequence of her breaking the engagement. Witness believed that the deceased bad had some trouble with regard to patients which, he alleged, other people were getting the benefit of in New York, and thit he pondered a great deal. He had also said that he wished she were dead. On the night before his death decaaed came to witness' house at a late hour, and said he was going away, and wished to say good-bye. Periodically he had stint her £ 3 19s 8d a month to save for him, and when he returned home she gave him JbxS of the money thns saved.—MrsMargaret Davies, wife of Mr Evan Davies, lime and stone merchant, Cadoxton, and mother of the last witness, said that as deceased was leaving the bouse on the night before his death he turew something away, but she did not know what it was.—Henry Jenkin Owen, chemist, Vere- street, Cadoxton, deposed that he knew the deceased, who had been several times to his shop. He knew deceased to be a laudanum taker, who took such a dose as a tablesp onful frequently, amounting to about four grains of opiate. On Friday evening he purchased two ouuees of laudanum, some spirit of nitre, pills, paragoric, and perfume.—Mr G. S. Cardell, the manager of the Wenvoe Arms Hotel, Cadoxton, where deceased died, said that a letter wtts written by him addressed to Miss Davies, which he hande-1 to the barmaid. Before retiring for the night deceased vomited in the lavatory, and he (witness) thought he looked very ill. Between twelve and one o'clock Mrs Cardell called wit- ness, and she heard strange s ounds proceeding from deceased's bedroom. They opened the door, and found him btilf undressed lying ori j the bed. Dr O'Donnell was at once sent {,)r, but deceased died at about ten minutes past nine on Saturday morning.—Dr O'Donnell deposed that death was due to opium poisoning. With the assistance of Dr Kent, he had given de- ceased a byperdermic injectiou of appomorphia, in order to make him vomit again, but this was not successful. In his opinion, the man bati taken all the opium be had bought, about 66 ounces. -Polico- constable Michael Clynch gav evidence as to deceased's effects, which included ships' discharges, 5s o^d, and a silver watch, and after a short consultation the jury found Heyman had committed suicide whilst in an unsound state of wind. A letter, which deceased had written to Miss Davies on the evening preceding his death, was handed to the coroner, the contents of which it was desired should be kept private. —The Coroner informed the jury that the missive was very pathetic, containing many protestations of devotion, and a statement that the writer intended to kill himself.—It was not ascertained what Heyman had done with the £29 given him by Miss Davies. Only 5s õid was found upon his body, and he owed for his lodgings at the Wenvoe Arms Hotel, about JE6, which had not been paid.

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