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( Furniture carefully removed y ar 4 of all size3 kept. By Hour or DA VID P A UL.TT, and Heavy Haulin 41ons fUMiTViE iY IWAD ORAAll c at Moderate Prices. 1, TrthartM Brakes, Traps, Waggonettes, Close Carriages for Weddingii, 4:c., c., on hire. the Address- David Paulett, Coal Merchant, Office—l, Statift YAPL 1, Treharne Road, Cadoxton Barry. MTIMAYM RAN. -=- D. IESTYN JONES, GBOCER, FLOUR, CORN, AND POTATO MERCHANT The Emporium, High St., Barry. STEAM LAUNDRY, GUY'S ROAD, CADOXTON. r j HE above is naw under entirely New Management. A Manager and Manageress 1 have been appoimted with vast experience in some of the leading London Laundries, and, having engaged a most Efficient Staff, are now prepared to give every Satisfaction. Intending CmstoMrs are invited te send Post Card, and the Van will call at any Address. MRS. BATEMAN, MANAGERESS FOULKES AND CO., m The Wye Poultry Supply Co., 18, THOMPSON STREET, A t \v ) BARRY DOCK, Beg to thank the Inhabitants for their generous support, and assure them that our CHRISTMAS SHOW OF Geese, Meys, Bucks, Fowls, &e. Will be worth walking more than One Mile to see, NOT FOR THE QUANTITY, BUT THE QUALITY. N.B.-Those who have not already ordered would do well to Select what they require on FRIDAY EVENING. All our Stock is as usual from the Wye Valley, reared especially for us. We sell no other. WE ALSO SUPPLY FRESH BUTTER AND EGGS. Also RABBITS from the same district. NOT.- ADDRESS :— THE WYE POULTRY SUPPLY, 18, Thompson Street. Barry Dock. TWO GOOD THINGS. Small Tasting Sample Free on receipt of i THE BEST and Healthiest 2d. Stamp, to coyer Postage. j TEMPERANCE BEVERAGE thb »««nr is the Mfr Breakfast Beverage, j w_p_ R„R i's- ,V AT Htm OR ABROAD, (I C IV D D Cm Ui It F, For Millions & Million&ires Brewed from Dehcuui Co £ 'ctj? No other Extract makes Beer jjtm A Ask your I B«ware of'vtte Imitations. 3^v or Store for ¡ M 1/ lit. 6/- ¡ Sold in 6d 1'- and -7 2/-Sotties. ¡ ¡ i .6 FACTORY 8mall Tasting 8ample Free on receipt of Bloomsbury Works, LEEDS.J j I ^ag^>—Bloomsbury Works, LEEDS, j For L'l eakfast.ESwprer, or Lnnchfcn, nse onlyr Make pure, healthful, refreshing BROMLEY'S "COFFEE ESSENCE," j A Bee* than any other. Superior to Ground Coffee. MAKES 12 GALLONS .r .A-DE IN .A KO:t.LENT.8 LAX „ O; iè TEAspooNFrL MAKES A CUP OF COFFEE j A Dslightful Sunlrqer Beverage. ¡ and enjoyed by all. Prepared by a Special Procem, end contains all ( tyade from British grown Herbs by a pes proogn. the Aroma, Strength, and Flmvtur 01 Fresh Superior in Flavear Roasted Co, Seld by 11 Orocers, CJumists, and Stores. PANSY CYCLES. Jones, Brown, & Co., MAKERS OF PANSY CYCLES, BEG to inform the Pablie that they are BUILD- ING their SPECIALITY at £ 10 10s. 0d., Palmer Tyres on Jointless Rims, or Dunlop or A.B. Unpuncturable Tyres on Westwood Rims. Weight, 261bs, Road Racer or Roadster. GUARANTEED 12 HOSTHS. Machmt Delivered Fortnight after Receipt of Order, Call and see Samples of above. REPAIRS Strictly and Promptly Attended to. RIPAIRS TO THE TRADI AT BOTTOM PRICKS. Wheel-building te the Trade at Birmingham Prices. Priees en application, with Trade Uard. CATALOGUES may be had upon application for the following leading Makers :—Radge Wedge, Coventry Cross Gloria and Weoden Cycles. Best Prices quoted.-Bona fide agents for the above Cycle Firms. All Cycle Accessories stocked. Note the Address.- Jones, Brown, & Co., 210, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. NATIONAL TELEPHONE, 71. John Jones & Sons COMPLETE FUNERAL ¡ FURNISHERS, Undertakers and Carriage Proprietors 153, HOLTON ROAD Elk'Ni (OPPOSITE WINDSOR HOTEL), BARRY DOCK. Workshop and Mews: BASSETT STREET. NICE ASSORTMENT OF Memorial Cards, Wreaths, and Tablets, always In Stook. ALSO FURNITURE REMOVERS, &c. -■ "■■■■■ • t, i "V- ■ CLEAN HAIR. Y GU have removed a cause of mmeh trouble te me. Since my children have been going to sehool, I have suffered unteld misery on account of their heads. Do what I may, I could net keep them clean. I have cried myself to sleep at nights with the annoyance, but now I use HAGON'S CLEANSER once a qleek-after their bath, and dip the brush in it when I dress their hair daily. There has been no more trouble, and their hair is glossy aid strong." My little girl has very fair hair, and was much troubled with nits, &c., but since using HAGON'S CLEANSKR I have never seen any sign of live stock, and her hair is lovely, ✓ GOLDEN HAIR. "I have used HAGON'S CLEANSER con- stantly for my girls, and they now have beautiful golden hair iu such great abun- dance that strangers stop in the street to h'nre them." SCRAGGY HAIR. I have three children-two girls and a boy. The boy has strong, healthy hair always, but the two girls' hair used to come out coombsfull at a time, and what they kept was scraggy ana weak. I have used HAGON'S CLEANSER for six months now, and their hair is much longer, stronger, and brighter. I could hardly have hoped for such success." MOTHERS. have written the above in their letters to me. One says she would rather pay a sovereign a bottle than be compelled to do without HAG.U\'s CLEANSKR now. The cost is Sixpence per bottle, by post tor 9d, or two bottl^a by post for Is 4d from the maker. Address MR HAGON, CHEMIST, CARDIFF— but most Chemists sell HAGON'S CLEANSER.' Ak your Chemist for it; it only costs 6il, th"n-bl sure you get HAGON'S. Slams re hateful—have the real thing, or no e at all. Imitations are nev^r satis- factory. Remember the Name HAGON'S. Nothing else oan do the work. A'O WELS14MENI WELSHMEN Should Smoke Prince Ulewelyn Shagg. IODGINGS for One or Two Respectable Men. —Apply 16, Evelyn-street, Barry Dock. STRONG GOVERNESS TRAP FOR SALE, Cheap with brake DO further use.—Apply, 8, Plymouth-road, Barry Island. MBRELLAS COVERED and REPAIRED. U CANE CHAIRS RE-SEATED.-27, Station street, Barry Dock. GOLD WATCH ABSOLUTELY FREE.—For \JT Coapoa and Particulars, send Stamped- direeted Envelope te C. U. LONG, 9t, Miskia- street, Cardiff. WANTED, a thoroughly respectable GIRL as GENERAL SERVAN'l. — 9, Windser- road, Barry. WANTED, Gentleman to SHARE APART- MENTS with another; also TWO PLAINLY FURNISHED ROOMS te suit young couple, or otherwise moderate torrAs,-Apply 41, Newland-street, Barry Dock. SITTING-ROOM and BEDROOM TO LET to a GINTLEMAN; hot and cold bath.—25, Tynewydd Road. TO LET, TWO HOUSES in JEWEL STREET every,; convenience; hot and cold bath papered and varnished throughout.—Apply Mr EVAN BOWEN, 24, Jewel Street. W. H. HOOPER & CO. 99-100, HIGH ST., BARRY. 0OMPLETE J^UNERAL JlURNISHERS AND DIRECTORS. ALL FUNERALS UNDER PERSONAL SUPERVISION. ESTIMATES GIVEN ON APPLICATION. Telephone :-National, No 64.—Telegraphic Address, Hardware," Barry. Private Address, 2, Hilda Street, Barry. ALLDAY'S CYCLES ARS THE WORLD'S BEST CYCLES. From SIB IS& Od & EASY PAYMENTS. 4:1 SOUTH WALES DEPOT, 49, WESTGATE-STREET, CARDIFF. SEND EOR CATALOGUE. THEATRE ROYAL, OADOXTON. Sole Lessees Miss Adria Hill and Mr Robt Ayrton BOXING DAY, and following Four Nights, Mr ARTHUR BEARNE'S Powerful London Company, "THE LIFE WE LIVE," Under the direction of Mr W. J. Vaughan. A Gigantic Attraction for the Holidays Special Matinee on Boxing Day 2 p. m. Doors epen at 1.15 p.m. Busses leave Island-road 6.10, 7, and 7.30, return- ing at the close of the performance. Private Boxes, 10/6 (6 Persons) Single Seats, 2s. Orchestra Stalls, 116 (these seats can be booked without extra charg e) other seats Is, 9d, and 6d T WATERBURY WATCHES. DEAD ON TIME. CHEAP TO REPAIR. VERY DURABLE. FROM 10/6 BACH. WARRANTED Two Y BARS. CATALOGUES FREE DEPDT- 44, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. Advertisement gtcale. MALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. One Three Six Ins. Ins. Ins. 20 Words or under 0 6 1 0 2 0 Over 20 and under 30 0 9 1 3 2 3 Over 30 and under 40 1 3 2 0 2 9 Each additional 10 words 0 4 0 8 1 0 TjEGAL AND FINANCIAL ADVER- TISEMENTS. Parliamentary Addresses 6s. per inch per insertion Prospectuses of Public Com- panies, and Local Authori- ties Notices 4s. per inch. per insertion Local Election Addresses 4s. per inch. per insertion Auctioneers' Announcements 3s. do. GENERAL TRADE ADVERTISEMENTS. I tc 3 insertions Is. Id. per inch 4 to 8 insertions 0s. lOde 9 to .3 insertions Os. 9d. „ j6 insertions Os. 7d. „ 13 insertions 0.. fd. „ „ H. BURROWS BUTCHER, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. PRIME BEEF AND MUTTON. BEST IN TOWN. GRAND ELECTION OF POULTRY. BURROWS, BUTCHER, 234, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK.