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BARRY ACCIDENT WARD. TAKEN OVER BY THE DISTRICT COUNCIL. THE EXACT POSITION. MEDICAL MEN TO BE APPROACHED. At the ordinary meeting of the Barry District Council, held under the presidency of Councillor J. H. Jose, on Monday evening last, a letter received from Major-Geueral Lee, treasurer of the local Nursing Association and Accident Ward, was submitted from the Finance Com- mittee and read. General Lee wrote stating that he had be, n given to understand that the Council bad been good enough to resolve, in response to his letter of the 12th inst, to con- tribute S550 towards the up-keep of the Accident Ward for the year 1900. The expen- diture had been estimated by him at JE883, and as the Association received £100 annually from the Hamadyrad Committee, this would reduce the necessary income to JE783, or X233 less than his estimate, au amount which, in the present condition of their finances, would mean the ciosing of the Ward. They regretted this decision extremely, and saw no other course open, unless the Council guaranteed the whole of the cost to close it at an early date. The Association only required to be recouped in the matter for their outlay, and this might be safe- guarded by rendering the accounts quarterly. It would cost them this year to maintain the Ward X583 7s lOd, and with seven beds, the expdhditure would be according to his estimate. The Chairman The question is whether this Council is prepared to grant more money to the Accident Hospital-if not, it is to be closed. Alderman Mt-ggitt I can't help but believe that if the Accident Ward in Kin g sland crescent is closed, it will be a standing disgrace to the town. I don't think, sir, that the feeling of the inhabitants of the town with regard to this Ward is that it should be closed. We know it has been the means, undoubtedly, of saving life, and als-i been the means of providing a place where those who are unfortunate enough to meet with an accident can be treated with medical assistance without any very great delay. I am very sorry to find that it has come to this crisis. In common with others, I was hoping -as the Council was hoping-that money would be forthcoming which would beep this Ward in existence. Seeing, however, that the Council has now something in the nature of a final appeal from the Nursing Asso- ciation, I think that the time has come when we should face our responsibility and, I believe, our duty, and at once indicate to the Nursing Association that we are prepared to take over this Ward and maintain it. We have to-night in the minutes of the Health Com- mittee passed a resolution allocating five acres of larid on the higher portion of the town for the purpose of a hospital, and that means that sooner or later—I hope sooner than later—the town will build a hospital and maintain it. If that is the case, and we have power to that effect, we should at once take ¡;te,s to indicate what I have mentioned and take over this Ward in Kingsland-crescent and carry it on ourselves in connection with the Health Com- mittee. There is only one question which can passibly arise of a difficult nature. I don't think that the question of finance will influeuce us largely in this matter. I have not the estimate by me, but it does "em extraordinarily high that to maintain a small Ward like this it co"ts X-IOO or £ 800 per annum. There may be a means of reducing the working expenses that I know not of; but I certainly don't think that the expenses will be as great as wt, anticipate. The difficult question which may possibly arise will be any action which may be taken by the medical gentlemen in the town. I think it would be wise to consuit them on the question. The Ward being placed entirely for the town, and the cost coming out of the rates, it may be that they will want payment. This question has been raised before, and it will have to be faced. I only express the hope—as has been been done hitherto, that the medical gentlemen will give their services free to this Ward. I mention this now because it is a question which must be considered when we take over this Ward, if we decide to take it over. With a desire to make some provision so that men shall not be sent to Cardiff to be treated after cases of accident, I move that we undertake to the Nursing Association that, as soon as arrangements can be madp, we are prepared to take over the Ward. The Chairman thought the question to ba decided was whether they should not contribute more largely to the funds of the Nursing Association. Councillor D. Morgan asked if the £100 now given the Association by the Hamadryad Com- mittee would still be giveu to the Accident Ward under the control of the Council ? The Chairman I should think so, as long as we continue to treat their patients iu the same way as at present. Councillor D. Morgan thereupon intimated that he would second Alderman Meggitt's pro- position, and believed it best, unde> the cir- cumstances, to take the Ward over. Councillor Smith-Jones asked if it would not be better te refer the matter first of all to the Hospitals Committee? Councillor Manaton supported Alderman Meggitt'» resolution, and said the Council may as well take it over now as later on. He t.elieved it could be worked more cheaply than it Wn8 bci) g worked at the present time, and considered that £ 550 would cover the cost. The Chairman suggested that they might refer the arrang menta to the Hospitals Com- mittee, arm this ws agreed t" by Alderman Meggitt, who embodied it in his resolution, which was then I u, and carried, eveiyone otil g in its favour except Councillor A. T. White, who rwuaiuecl neutral.

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