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DISTRICT NEWS. CADOXTON. THEATRE ROYAL.—" Donnybrook," as repre- sented at the Cadoxton Theatre this week, is a play of great attractions, most amusing, and en- livened here and there with Irish songs and jigs. The characters are, without exoeption, Irish, and reproselit all that is good and bad in the old coui.try, the land of love and rebellion, and of song and curses. Some bad and good English blood is also to be found in the piece, which is of a most acceptable order throughout. EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS in Gardening Opera- tions follow the sowing of "OWEN'S GARDEN SEEDS," which grow vigorously and ptoduoe abundant crops. Fh e Prizes, 60s, 30s, 20s, 15s, and 10s, open to all Wales, England, and Ireland, given for the best five specimens of Onions grown from Seeds obtained from H. J. OWEN, Chemist, Cadoxton. BARRY DOCK. METHODIST FREE CHURCH, MELROSE-STREET.- Services will lie held ht xt Sunday Morning at 11 a.m. by Mr T. Jenkins, Evening, 6.30 p.m. by the Rev J. J. Davies. Evening subject:—" The Zion of Gull." ST MARY'S SUNDAY SCHOOL.—The annual child- ren's Christmas treat of St Mary's Sunday School will take place on Wednetday next, at the Empire Ball, Thompson-street, where it is to be hoped .11 the childien will foregather by 630 p.m. The concert will commence at 7, and will be fol..),Aed by a distribution of prizes. Admission Is and 6.(. VOLUNTARY HOSPITAL —Four fresh patients have bt-en admitted an < four discharged convales- cent since our last issue. One hatidred and sixty- one po> r sufftrers have been treated in this hospital this ye;>r, 14 ot whom are now in. Further ueeo in money, &c., is greatly needed. This hospital takes n" weekly levies or othet taxe*, but is entirely d iprndent on ti o gifts of the generous and sym- pathetic. V\ ill v ry ne who can s< nd a Chiiutmas donation. INQUEST ON A SE:AMArt.-Ali inquest was held on Tuesday last by Mr E. B. R., ce, the di-triot coroner, on tb. body of a s-ainan named Arcliib.ild C. Ladd, agfd 17. beioi ging to Norwich, who met his death while hauling duonage mats out of the hold, by < ver-b lancing himself and falling to the bottom. The steamer on which the man was wo, k- iug, the Amana, was bound from Antwerp to Harry. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death." FIRE.-On Monday evening, a fire which might have resulted in extensive damage, occurred ou the prt-miwes of Mr Lu-n, confec ion-r, H- Itcn-road. D n.«e smoke filing the staircase alarmed the occupants, and with Ivir Lve, Mr J. Westall and his son render d splendid assistance, working through the amokt. with buckets of water. The po ice quickly arrived on the scene and helped in the wotk of extinguishing the tire, which was done, the damage being confined to that room. SHOP ASSISTANTS UNIt). The monthly meeting of tiie local bra, ct. of the National Ullion of Shop Assistants was held at the Glann rg >n Restaurant Thompson-street, on Tuesday, Mr J. Cousiu, presiding.—Mr W. Lewis g v»: a report of the; work done on the Trades Council, and on the district council of the Union, at which latter meeting It. was reported that the piogriss of the Union was highly sia istactory. Th< provident fund had incre .sed durn g the year hy 9143 and there had been an increase of 350 full members, and 73 affiliated ones during last month. This was regar<>ed as very satisfactory.—The Union had had no reply to their letter to the Courcil re Shop Seats' Bill, and should it be unfavourable, it was resolved to write to the Couuty Council to get their authority on the matter.—Iu order to make the meetings of the branch more attrdctive, a com- mittee was formed for the purpose of arranging social entertainments for the benefit of the mem- bers.—It was reso-ved to canvas the tradesmen of the district in orti, r. to obtain, if possible, an ex- tent-ion of the holidays at Christmas to Thursday morning. BARRY. BARRY QUOIT CLUB PKIZE DRAWING.—Wiuning Numbers: 871, 1,089, 1,747, 711, 760. 781, 970, 754. 1,946, 748, 965, 783, 1,921, 1,812, 737, 957, 1,762, CONGILig(;ATIONAL CHURCH.—The services of this church are now being held each Sunday at 11 a.m. and 6 30 p.m. at the Romiily Had, Barry. The pulpit next Suuday will be occupied, both morning a lid evestBg, by the paster, Kev C. B. Shave. FIRK.—S'lorily after nine o'cl ck a fire broke « ut in; bed'oom on the prennsrs of Messrs S. Wiood. ham and Son. Sergeant Abraham and his staff were quickly on t e seme with their h, se. reel, ind ladder, and extinguisi,ed it with iittl, Iiffi- culty. The daiiiave %;Is n, t great. CHURCH BAZAAR -011 Wednesday Lady R^milly of p, rtliko.rry, ope, d a bazaar and sale of woik at the Church-hall, Barry, the proceeds being in aid of the funds for the extinction of the church debt. There was a good att, ndatice of the public, and the proceedings Wlere successful. GARDENERS AND ALLOTMENT-HOLDERS are re- commended to apply for my new Seed Catalogue for 1899. Sp- ciality in Seeds always fresh. Cata- logues free—W. R. HOPKINS. Phainiaceutical Chemist, 88, High-stieet, Barry. DINAS POWIS. CONSICRVATI.M.-On Thursday evening last a fairly atti nded meeting was held in connection with the local Consei vative Associati,,n, pr', aided over by Mr D. T. Alexander, when addresses were delivered by Mr A. Lovatt-Fiaser and others.



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