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SAM. G RIFFITHS, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT, BARRY, HAS THE FOLLOWING PROPERTIES TO LET Several Houses in GEORGE STREET; most coaveiiieNt and in goud condition 8s and 8s 6d. DOCK VIEW ROAD.-New Villas, suitable to Pilots, Coal Trimmers, Boatmen, 4c. bath aud w.c. upstairs; 10s 6d. CAMBRIDGE STREET & OXFORD STREET. These Villus are being Let to respectable tenants at 7s 6d weekly inclusive. The conveniences are up to date and the situation charming. PARK AVENUE.-Vi;la to Let at lis inclu. sive papered throughout to suit tenant. SALISBURY ROAD.—A few of these Cottages are to Let at 6s. BROAD STREET.—Three Large and Com- modious Shops, suitable for Drapers or Grocers' Stables at rear. Rent upon application. BARRY SCHOOL BOARD. 'HE BOARD require the services of a CARE- 1 TAKER fo HANNAH-STREET SCHOOLS (Boys Departmei t). He will be rl quired to take charge of the Ga Engine, of the Pliiyg-ounds and Offices, and to devote the whole of his time to the service of the Board. Wages, 30s per wtek., Further paiticulars m;.y be obtained from the undersigned, to whom applications, with copies of three recent testimonials, must be sent not later than WEDNESDAY, December 20th, 1899. GWYN MORRIS, Clerk to the Board. School Board Offices, Barry. BARRY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at n l Mee ing of the above Coui cil, held on the 11th day of D c mber, 1899, the following Resolu- tion was passed :— "The Surveyor submitted Plans, Sections, Estimates, and Provi-ional Appoitionnients for Priva e Improvements in- 1 STATION STREET (Continuation into Merthyr S reet). 2. LANE REAR DO. (East Side), 3. LANK REAH. PARK ROAD. RESOLVED— "That the Specifications, Plans, Sections, Estimates, and Provisional Apportionments sub- mitted by the Surveyor be Approved." NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN that the ap- proved Specifications, Plans, Sections, Estimates, and Provisional Apportionments will be kept deposited during One Month from the date hereof, at the Oiffces of the Uiban District Council, and will be Open for Inspection at all reasonable times. Dated this 15th day of December, 1899. By Order of the Council, J. ARTHUR HUGHES, Clerk. District Council Offioes, ftoHoa Ross, ferry Seek. TO COxNTUACTOUS. TENDERS are Hereby Invited for the EREC- i TION of SCHOOL BOARD OFFICES for the BARRY SCHOOL BOARD. Plans and Specification may be inspected and Bills of Quantities obtained at the Office of Mr George Thomas, F.S.I., Architect, Queen'* Chambers, Caidiff, on payment of 11 Is, which will be returned on receipt of a bona fide Ttnder. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Tender for Offices, to be sent to the uti(leiiiigned not later than Twelve o'clock on SATURDAY, the 23rd ot December, 1899. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. GWYN MORRIS, Clerk to the Board. School' Board Offices, Barry. PRIME OX BEEF, From D. EVANS, Esq., Caia, St. Nicholas. Prime Welsh Wether and Lamb, From Councillor J. THOMAS, Holton Farm, and W. THOMAS, Esq. Caldbrook. DAIRY FED PORX, From E. GRIFFITHS, Esq., Llancarfan. POULTRY, From Messrs DAVIER BhOS., Llanbethery, and W. THOMAS, Coldbrook. W. REES, FAMILY BUTCHER, 133, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK.




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