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BARRY DISTRICT COUNCIL. HEALTH COMMITTEE, Councillor W. Paterson presided over a meeting of the Health Committee of the above Council on Thursday evening in last week, the other members present being Messrs J. H. Jose and D. Morgan. INCREASE OF SALARY. Mr Leyshon, jun. (a clerk in the Inspector of Nuisances' Office) was given an increase of 2s 6d per w eek in his salary. MEDICAL OFFICER'S RE-APPOINTMENT. ThA Local Government Board wrote acknow- ledging the receipt of Lhe letter notifying that the Council had decided to re-appoint the Medical Officer of Health (Dr Neale) for a further period of three years, and also stating that they would now be prepared in the case of such an officer to grant the re-appointment for an unlimited period.-On the motion of Councillor Jose, it was agreed that this sug- gestion be accepted. FIRE ESCAPE. The Surveyor reported upon the firms who supplied escapes, and it was agreed to write to each of these firms for a price for an escape and appliances. LAMP-SMASHING EXTRAORDINARY. The Surveyor reported that on a recent night 27 panes of glass in nine lamps had been smashed by boys on the Buttrills-road, and as it was suspected that th-ese were coming from the County Schools it was agreed to write to the headmaster on the matter. VAIN REGRET. Mr A. Williams, an assistant in the surveyor's office, wrote stating that inasmuch as he bad been appointed architectural assistant in the office of a surveyor at Coventry, he resigned his present position. Mr Williams added that had his application for an increase of salary been formally considered when previously made he would not have had reason to leave the Council's service.—As it was regarded that this was a matter for the surveyor himself, the letter was referred to that official. FINANCE COMMITTEE. The monthly meeting of the Finance Com- mittee of the District Council was held at the Clerk's Office, Holton-road, Barry Dock, on evening last, Mr J. H. Jose, J.P., presiding. There were also present Mr E. B. Smith-Jones and Mr A. T. White.—At the outset Mr James Cruise and Mr William Palmer attended, and asked for a rebatement on the amount rated them for private improvements. They both complained that when they built the property so rated, they had not been aware that thsy would have to pay so large a sum.—The Clerk was instructed to reply to them by letter, although they were given to understand that no reduction could be made in the amount claimed. TREASURER 8 REPORT. The District Council treasurer reported that the total overdraft at the bank was £ 28,533, of which the Gas and Water Committee had overdrawn 14,384, and there was a credit balance of £ 3,430. OTHER CORRE8PONDNCE. A letter was read from the Poor-law Local Government Offices Mutual Benefit Society stating that the communications from the Council with reference to the form of the accounts guarantee should have the directors' early attention.—The Local Government Board also sent permission for the Council to borrow X5,480 for private street improvements. FINANCE. Three per cent, was the amount recommended to be charged the Gas and Water Committee for loans.—It was decided to apply for powers to borrow LI8,893 for private street improve- ments.—Bills amounting to about i 10,000 were passed.


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