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DISTHICT NEWS. CADOXTON. CONSERVATIVE CLUB.—On Wednesday evening in last week an enjoyable smoker was held at the Conservative Club aud Institute, Vere-street, Mr L. T. Owen presiding. An address was delivered by Mr J. F. McClive, of Cardiff, on current politics. INDEPENDENT ORDER OF GOOD TEMPLARS.—On Thursday evening, the 30th ult., a very well- attended social meeting of the I.O.G.T. was held iu the assembly-room of the Shaftesbury Temper- ance Hott:l, Brother James, district chief templar, presiding. Brother James was suppmted by Mrs Dure, deputy grand chief templar. nd B other Foulkes, chief templar St. David's L dge. The president, in a very encouraging address, insisted on the objects of the Order, and the means by which they were to attain that object—the saving of the multitude from the curse of drink. A very pleasing concert was held during the evening, in which the following members took part:—Songs, Sisters Katie Evans, Jenkins, Dure (junr.), and the Brothers Tippett. Recitations, Sister Evans, Brothers Tookes, Pearce, Willey, and Jenkins. SCIENCE AND RELIGION.—This was the title of a paper read by Mr J. Donaldson before the literary society of Bethel Presbyterian Church, Court-road, on Monday evening last. The Pastor (Rev J. L. Jenkins) presided, and during the course of his paper Mr Donaldson quoted various scientific authors to show that science could not be antago- nistic with religion. There was a film of mystery surrounding both religion and science, and both religious and scientific men agreed that there was a darkness beyond which they could not fathom. Science showed a distinction between the spiritual and natural man, but could not give a definition of what it was. Revealed religion stepped in and said it was Christ. THEATRE ROYAL.—The production which the new management of the Theatre Royal, have placed before their patrons this week is a stirring piece, the scene of which is laid in and near Paris. There are many realistic scenes in the Fight for Life," and that representing the St. Arno's Station signal box, the railway and passing express, as well as the characters who give life to the scene, is a fine piece of acting and stage setting With regard to the actors, the sympathy aroused by Jean Cardell (MrD'Arcy Kelway), the crippled son of Gips-y Cardell, a tigress (Miss Maud Yorke), and Marie, a blind girl (Miss Florence Lloyd), is genuine and well deserved. Couit Adria du Maily (Mr Edmund Stone) and Mons. Ferrand, a miser (Mr Wilfred E. Clarke), are both well supported, the latter especially. Mons. Ferrand is, of course, a greedy man, and hence a bad man, and proves himself so to the end. Mr Clarke does credit to his character. Susanne (Miss Leslie Wamer) is a most pretty and unassuming girl, and Miser Ferrand's niece, acts her part most prettily. She, of course, belongs to the comic element, and is valiantly supported by her young man, Dan Murphy (Mr Arthur Kendall), a very smart dancer. During the evening Miss Florence Lloyd recites Kipling's Absent-minded Beggar," and collections have been made for the Daily Mail's Transvaal Refuge Fund. EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS in Gardening Opera- tions follow the sowing of OWEN'S GARDEN SEEDS," which grow vigorously and produce abundant crops. Five Prizes, 60s, 30s, 20s, 15s, and 10s, open to all Wales, England, and Ireland, given for the best five specimens of Onions grown from Seeds obtained from H. J. OWEN, Chemist, Cadoxton. BARRY DOCK. APPOINTMENT.—Mr E. Williams, assistant sur- veyor to Mr J. C. Pardoe, surveyor to the local District Council, has been appointed an assistant surveyor in the County Council Office, Coventry. VOLUNTARY HOSPITAL.-Four fresh patients have been admitted and two discharged convales- cent since our last issue, leaving 16 in. One hundred and fifty-seven have already been treated this year. Gifts of money, old linen, flowers, fruit, &c., are much needed. METHODIST FREE CHURCH, BUTTRILLS-ROAD.— Services will be held next Sunday Morning at 11 a.m. by Mr H. Fisher, Evening, 6.30 p.m. by the Rev J. J. Davies. Evening subject:—" The Zion of God." CARDIFF MAN INJURED.—A plasterer, named Isaac Tarr, aged 50, married, and living in Wim- boum-street, East Moors, Cardiff, on Saturday morning met with an accident while working on some houses near the hydraulic sheds, Barry Dick. He fell a distance of 25ft, severely bruised his right side, and was removed to the Accident Hospital, Kinsland-crescent, attended by Dr Six- smith, and detained. ST. MARY'S CHURCH SCHEME.—On Wednesday evening a meeting was held in the chapel-of-ease of St. Mary, Holton-road, to consider the remaining debt on the present building, and to proceed with the scheme for the erection of a church. The Rector (Rev E. Morris, B.A.) occupied the chair, and various suggestions were made for the liquidation of the debt of £ 36 on the present building. With reference to the new chnrch it was resolvt d, on the the proposition of Mr W. Phillips, seconded by Mr E. K. Cannell, That this meeting pledges itself to use its utmost endeavours to proceed with the building of a new church, and thanks Mrs Jenner for so generously starting the work by her hand- some promise of f500 towards this obj. ct. A committee of prominent members was formed for the furtherance of the resolution. BARRY. SALE OF WORK.-A sale of work was held on Thursday and Friday last at the Presbyterian Hall, the proceeds being in aid of the buiidiug fund of the Presbyterian Church, High-street. AN HOUR IN THE MOON.—Owing to Mr Arthur Mee's inability to be present to lecture on the above, the usual weekly meeting of the Barry Literary and Social Society was not held this week, and has been postponed. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH.—The services of this church are now being held each Sunday at 11 a m. and 6.30 p.m. at the Romilly Hall, Barry. The pulpit next Sunday will be occupied, both morning and evening, by the pastor, Rev C. B. Shave. The evening subject will be Memory." GENEROUS DONATION. Mr John Cory, the Duffryn, St. Nicholas, has given £100 towards the building fund of the English Congregational Schoolroom, Windsor-road, now being built. It is the intention of Mr Cory to present a further sum of £100 when the chapel is built next year. GARDENERS AND ALLOTMENT-HOLDERS are re- commended to apply for my new Seed Catalogue for 1899. Speciality in Seeds always fresh. Cata- logues free.—W. R. HOPKINS, Pharmaceutical Chemist, 88, High-street, Barry. MUSICAL SUCCESS.—At the examination held at Cardiff last week in connection with the R.A.M. and R.C.M., Miss A. Thomas, the Pharmacy, Barry, was successful in gaining the Higher Division Certificate in pianoforte playing. Miss Thomas is pupil of Mr E. P. Mills, L R.A.M., Cardiff. Miss Thomas is to be heartily congratulated upon her success. INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL.-At the quarterly meet- ing of the Technical Instruction Committee of the Glamorgan County Council, held at the County Offices on Tuesday, five tenders for improvements at the Barry Intermediate and Technical Sohools were received, and that of Mr Alban Richards, Barry Dock, accepted. The amount of the estimate was £3,268 9s 2d. DINAS POWIS. RE-OPENING OF SCHOOLS. A fortnight ago, owing to the prevalence of diptheria in the district, the National Day Schools were closed. It is now probable that they will be opened on Monday next. CHRISTMAS TREAT.—On December 20th a good Christmas treat will be held at the National Schools in aid of the fund being raised to provide awards for the school children. It is hoped that substantial support will be accorded the movement.











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