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BURIAL INCIDENT at BARRY DOCK. THE METHOD (IF ISSUING CER- TIFICATES. AN UNDERTAKER BROUGHT TO BOOK. At the meeting of the Public Works Committee ct the Barry District Council on Tuesday evening, held under the presidency of Mr E. B. Smith-Jones, the caretaker of the cemetery, Mr Thomas, reported that Mr Janus Jones had not, produced the cer, ifl- cate of death at the time of the Lurial of a person at the cemetery, but bad communicated with Mr Jones upon the matter, who replied as follows :— You will note that we have a doctor's certificate, but no registrar's certiticate, as he is away from home but independently (f that, you have noth- ing to do with it, and you can leave the body un- covered at your own I i,k, and I will run mine so far as the certificate is concerned."—Mr Jones, therefore, declared that the carataker at tie c'metery had nothing to do with the certificate. He further stated that the Act required that th. c rti6cate should be deliver, d up to the mi ister or any other person who performs a religious cere- mony. The minister was supposed to show it to the caretaker before the burial took place. Th Council's rules, however, prescribed that all certificates were to be produced at He office at the time application Wf18 made for the grave space. That had been proved to be inconvenient, because oftentimes they did not get the certificate from the registrar until a few horns before the bmial took place. In this particular burial the minister was the Rev T. M. Rees, and the great object of producing the certificate was to make it impossible for anyone to be buried until the death had beet. fully certified. If this sort of thing was to go on, however, it left an opening for burials to take place under very serious circumstai ces. Mr J. L. Davids When did that happen ? The Clerk Quite recently. The letter is dated 14th November. I think it is a question whether it would not be wise on the part of the committee to go back to the old rule, so that no order for the burial shall be given until the certificate of death is produced. This rule had been departed from in order to consult the conxenience of the under- takers. The Chairman said it was a serious irregularity when a body was presented for burial without either a doctor's certificate or the registrar's being produced. He quite agreed that this sort of ttiiug should be mad impoi-sible in the future. The Clerk explained that the mit ister who per- formed the service without having produced either of the certificates, was liable to a penalty of 40s, and, in his opinion, if the case was reported, to the Registrar-General, that penalty would be imposed in this case. Mr James Jones, who attended at the request of the committee, said he had made arrangements for the funeral, and found out that they had not the registrar's certificate. He told the minister about this, and the lal ter replied: "You give it me again." The man was buried without the care- taker interfering in any way, but Mr not been asked for a certificate before in is y the cartaker. It was clear however that the minister was responsible, and not himself. He had never been asked for a certificate at Cardiff, eThPe^Lirma°nCrd0Dthat it was a matter in the first place between the minister and the registrar, and then between the caretaker and the minister. The Clerk That is so. Mr James Jun, s said he did not think he was doing wrong at the time. The Chairman (to Mr Jones) Did you receive a letter from the caretaker ? Mr Jones No, but he bent again and told me that he would not cover up a grave until he had received the certificate. He thought it very strange that t) is request should come after the burial had taken place, and that was w hat made I him write that letter, because the care aker oug'-t j to have stuped the funeral if it w as not I gal. j The Clerk The minister in this matter is incur- ring a very heavy responsibility. Mr Junes I told the minister, and he said you can go on and allow things as they are. The Clerk He is breaking the law in that way. Mr Jooes Of couse, I didn't know anything about that. Mr David Morgan I don't understand you quite whether there was anything asked before the burial took place. Mr Jones Nothing at all. Nothing, until the service had been over. I would have been quite vtillirg to a op the funeral and return. It was Nurge Evans' fault and r,ot mine, because I could in, -t get the registrar's certificate. I was not pre- sent at the death. Mr Evan Jones: Do I understand Mr Jones to say that he has gone then many times without having the registrar's certificate ? Mr James Jones Yes. And we have gone there without having the doctor's certificate in one case. When it was found out it was produced some days after the burial. Mr Evan Jones Have you buried anyone under similar circumstances to this, without the registrars or doctor's certificate being produced ? Mr James Jones We had a doctor's certificate in this case, but cot the registrar's. I know of a case where there was no registrar's or doctor's cer- tificate produced until two or threedays afterwards, I whelt they f.-u ,<i nut what- would happen. The CI ait m^n Tlds iu itself is a very serious irregularity, a> d the Couucil should take action to prev nt its recurrence in the future. Mr James Joi, s having retired from the room, it was decided, on the motion of Mr D. Morgan, seconded by Mr Evan Jones, that the caretaker be written to again on the matter, and that the Council adhere strictly to the rules to prevert any burial aking place until the certificate was pro- duced at the office. Mr David Morgan also sug- gested that they write statii g their dissatisfaction to the Ministers' Fraternal Association, and this was agreed to.