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CORRESPONDENCE. [We do not hold ourselves responsible for the views expressed by our correspondents.—ED.] "HONOUR TO WHOM HONOUR IS DUE." TO THE EDITOR OF THE "BARRY HERALD." SIR,-In your valuable columns of November 17th you were kind enough to insert, under the above heading, a letter from me containing an enquiry on behalf of many friends whether Mr Norris and the late assistant master and mistress were ever paid the outstanding amounts due to them. A reply has been received to the negative, stating that there is now only the law to*resort to for the recovery of the same. In conclusion of the subject, those who were most solicitous over the matter consider it very deplorable that efforts for the recovery of the amounts may have to be rrade through the costly and inconvenient channels of the law, and think that the vagaries of our authorities as regards money matters are beyond comprehen- sion, e&pecially so when they refer to the report of the meeting of the School Board your issue of last week. The apparent prodigal libera- lity in the matter of the new clerk's salary mentioned therein, and which has rightly been challenged, strikes them as being somewhat in- consistent.—I am, &c., GEORGE MASON. 8, Wenvoe-terrace, Barry, Nov. 28, 1899. IMPERIALISM IN BARRY SCHOOLS. TO THE EDITOR OF THE "BARRY HERALD." SIR,-The charge against the teachers of the Cadoxton School contained in the Rev L. Ton Evans' letter to the Barry School Board, and published in your valuable columns of the 24th ult., accusing them of creating a war-like spirit among the children and sowing poisonous seeds," &c., is as uncalled-for as it is trumpery; and there is no doubt that sueh an effusion will meet with the merits it deserves at the hands of the Board teachers, and also that the terrible threat at the end of the letter will not materially affect the 2,999 parents—(about)—who send their children to the excellent schools of Barry under the auspices of the Board. Alluding to other schools, at which he is "given to understand the same heinous (?) proceedings take place, kindly allow me to state that in one school, to my knowledge, a collection for Reser- vists' families, Ac., has been made among the scholars, with the permission of the talented and estimable headmaster, which has been extremely successful; and it is to be hoped that it won't be the last. It is very gladdening to see that our instructors of the young are not of the narrow-minded kind, who look at matters, of whatever sort, through their blurred spectacles of parsimony, or chill the young hearts of their charges with that cant-like piety which is not real. Let them by all means cultivate in our children those unfettered sym- pathies which are to be found in every true and couscientious citizen, so that after we are gone they may be fitted to take our place. There may be many an empty cupboard and desolate hearth among the families of the Reser- vists this winter, the bread-winner being away upholding the integrity of that vast empire which the Rev L. Ton Evans has the honour to form one three hundred and fifty millionth part, if help is not given, and that freely, so it is to be hoped that no searing or icily-worded enjoinder from any person whatever will have the effect of damping the efforts for goodwill of the people of Barry to that end.—I am, &c., Barry. COAL DUST.

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