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.I.t. carc-fully Qf all size3 kept. By Hour or Contract. DAVID PA CLETT, J Light and Heavy Hauling done %^8K3B ;f0^BWtfRE RniO*ED BYR0AD(?RmJLj at Moderate Prices. 1, Treharne Road. Brakes, Traps, Waggonetteit, Close for Weddings, &c., &c., on hire. Note the Address- David Paulett, Coal Merchant, Igme-1, Station Tari. 1, Treharne Road, Cadoxton Barry. MTOtATBayME. D. IESTYN JONES, GROCER, FLOUR, CORN, AND POTATO MERCHANT .1 :1 1:' J" < ► The Emporium, High St., Barry. STEAM LAUNDRY, GUY'S ROAD, CADOXTON. THE above is now under entirely New Management. A Manager and Manageress have been appointed with vast experience in some of the leading London Laundries, and, having engaged a most Efficient Staff, are now prepared to give very Satisfaction. Intending Customers are invited to send Post Card, ahd the Van will call at amy Address. MliS. BATEMAN, MANAGERESS. The Wye Poultry Supply Co., 18, THOMPSON STREET, BARRY DOCK, WILL HAVE THIS WEEK A Choice Supply of Docks, Fowls, k The Best Quality only is still our Motto. Market early to prevent disappointment. NOTE ADDRESS :— FOULKES AND CO., THE WYE POULTRY SUPPLY, 18, Thompson Street, Barry Dock. "1 ¡.: TWO GOOD THINGS. I Small Tasting Sample Free on receipt of THE BEST and Healthiest 2d. Stamps to cover Postage. j TEMPERANCE BEVERAGE THIB BB8T THE Breakfast Beverage, nrnn nrcp AT HOWE OR ntKD Dtun For Millions & Millionaires | from Dfit.ious Coffee at one Farthing j No otber Extract makes Beer per Cup. Ask your Grscw, Chemist, j Bewmre of V'(i« Imitations. for a I Sold in 6d., 1/- and 6d., bottle. ¡ a- Bottles. ¡ F ACTORY- i Small Tasting Sample Free on reeeipt of n, TIT T Tiiinri I 2d. Stamps to cover Portagre. Bloomsbury Works, LEEDS> I Factory— Bloomsbury Works, LEEDS. I For Breakfast. Supper, cr Luncheon, use orly ¡ Make more pure, healthful, refreshing BROMLEY'S "COFFEE ESSENCE," i Herb Beer than any other. Superior te Ground Coffee. i A 6D.BOTTLE MAKES 12 GALLONS Zd[-&IDM IN A MO^EHSTT.B —— ONE TEASPOONFXTL MAKES A CUP OT COFFEE I A Delightful Sunlnler Beverage. ? j Druijk and enjoyed by all. Prepared by a >p*.cmiProctx*, and contains all 14ade from British grown Herbs by a Now Process. the Aroma, strength, and Flavour of Fresh Superior in Flavour. Boasted Co fee. • Sold by 11 Grocers, Chemists, and Stores. THE GRIFFIN HOTEL,: ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF, IS NeTD FOB ITS WINES, SPIRITS, AND CIGARS. Excellent Billiard Table. BRAINS CELEBRATED XXXXX ALVv AYSj ON DRAUGHT. CHARLES DAVIES, Proprietor. CALCUTTA TEA Agents in every village are appointed to sell delicious Calcutta Tea at 7d per ijb. Buy only Calcutta Tea. The most liberal presents ever given are offered with Calcutta Tea. GIVEN AWAY. witw- I"°St ,^beral Presents are given A went* F' RETAUED BY Grocer! and Agents in every town and villoma nf 7H per Jib. Bay no other. Ulage at '*d Applications for agencies in South Wales can be made to Francis N e" to and Co 27, Custom House-stieet, Cardiff. Write at once for term* and particulars. PANSY CYCLES. Jones, Brown, & Co., MAKERS OF PANSY CYCLES, BEG to inform the Public that they are BUILD- ING their SPECIALITY at £ 10 10s. 0d., Palmer Tyres ou Jointless Rims, or Dunlop or A.B. Unpunctural.'le Tyres on Westwiod Rims. Weight, 261bs, Road Racer or Roadster. GUARANTEED 12 MONTHS. Machine Delivered Fortnight after Receipt of Order. Call and see Samples of above. REPAIRS Strictly and Promptly Attended to. REPAIRS TO THE TRADE AT BOTTOM PRICES. Wheel-building to the Tiade at Birmingham Prices. Prices on application, with Trade Card. CATALOGUES may be had upon application for the following leading Makers :-Rudge Wedge, Coventry Cross Gloria and Wooden Cycles. Best Prices quoted.-Bon:i fide agents for the above Cycle Firms. All Cycle Accessories stocked. Note the Address Jones, Brown, & Co., 210, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. NATIONAL TELEPHONE, 71. John Jones & Sons COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS, t Undertakers and Carriage Proprietors 153, HOLTON ROAD (OPPOSITE WINDSOR HOTEL), BARRY DOCK. Workshop and Mews: BASSETT STREET. NICE ASSORTMENT OF Memorial Cards, Wreaths, and Tablets, always In Stock. ALSO FURNITURE REMOVERS, &c. CLEAN HAIR. "You have removed a cause of much trouble to me. Since my children have been going to school, I have suffered untold misery on account of their heads. Do what I may, I could not keep them clean. I have cried myself to sleep at nights with the annoyance, but now I use HAGON'S CLEANSER once a i%,eek-af ter their bath, and dip the brush in it when I dress their hair daily. rhere has been no more trouble, and their hair is glossy and strong." My little girl has very fair hair, and was much troubled with nits, &c., but since using HAGON'S CLEANSER I have never seen any sign of live stock, and her hair is lovely. GOLDEN HAIR. "I have used HAGON'S CLEANSER con- stantly for my girls, and they now have beautiful golden hair in such great abun- dance that strangers stop in the street to Hwe them." SCRAGGY HAIR. I have three children-two girls and a boy. The boy has strong, healthy hair always, but the two girls' hair used to come out coombsfullat a time, and what they kept was scraggy and weak. I have used HAGON'S CLEANSER for six months now, and their hair is much longer, stronger, and brighter. I could hardly have hoped for such success." MOTHERS. have written the above in their letters to me. One says she would rather pay a sovereign a bottle than be compelled to do without HAGON'S CLEANSER now. The cost is Sixpence per bottle, by post tor 9d, or two bottles by post for Is 4d from the maker. Address MR HAGON, CHEMIST, CARDIFF- but most Chemists sell HAGON'S CLEANSER.' Ask your Chemist for it it only costs 6d, then-be sure you get HAGON'S. Shams are hateful—have the real thing, or none at all. Imitations are never satis- factory. Remember the Name HAGON'S. Nothing else can do the work, WELSHMAN f IkMll —— Prince Llewelyn jShagg. « WANTED, a respectable LAD as APPREN- TICE.—W ATKINS, Smith, 20, Merthyr- street, Barry Dook. LODGINGS for One or Two Respectable Men. —Apply 16, Evelyn-street, Barry Dock. TRONG GOVERNESS TRAP FOR SALE, S Cheap with brake no further use.-Apply, 8, Plymouth-road, Barry Island. UMBRELLAS COVERED and REPAIRED. U CANE CHAIRS RE-SEATED.-37, Station street, Barry Dock. GOLD WATCH ABSOLUTELY FREE.—For Coapon and Particulars, send Stamped- directed Envelope to C. E. LONG, 9C, Miskin- street, Cardiff. WANTED, a thoroughly respectable GIRL as GENERAL SERVAN1. — 9, Windsor- road, Barry. WANTED, Gentleman to SHARE APART- MENTS with another; also TWO PLAINLY FURNISHED ROOMS to suit young couple, or otherwise moderate terms,—Apply 41, Newland-street, Barry Dock. W. H. HOOPER & CO. 99-100, HIGH ST., BARRY. QOMPLETE J>UNERAL "pURNISHERS AND DIRECTORS. ALL FUNERALS UNDER PERSONAL SUPERVISION. ESTIMATES GIVEN ON APPLICATION. Telephone :—National, No 64.—Telegraphic Address, Hardware," Barry. Private Address, 2, Hilda Street, Barry. ALLDAY'S CYCLES ARB THB WORLD'S BEST CYCLES. Frem 410 109. Od ¡. EASY PAYMENTS. « £ 8 SOUTH WALES DEPOT, 49, WESTGATE-STREET, CARDIFF. SEND ZOP. CATALOGUE. THEATRE ROYAL, OADOXTON. Sole Lessees Hiss Adria Hill and Mr Robt Ayrton MONDAY, DEC. 4, and every .Evening during the week, at 7.30, Important Engagement of Mr ARTHUR KEN. DALL'S Specially Selected Co. The Great Romantic Drama, in four acts, by Miss Clara Dillon- I 'A FIGHT FOR LIFE,' Miss Florence Lloyd will each night recite Rudyard Kipling's famous poem. The Absent-minded Beggar." Busses leave Island-road 6.30, 7, and 7.30, return- ing at the close of the performance. Private Boxes, 10/6 (6 Persons); Single Seats, 2s. Orchestra Stalls, 1/6 (these seats can be booked without extra charg e) other seats Is, 9d, and 6d ) tI ,0 '1.J WATERBURY WATCHES. DEAD ON TIME. CHEAP TO REPAIR. VERY DURABLE. FROM 10/6 EACH. WARRANTED Two YEARS. CATALOGUES FRBE DEPOT- 44, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. Advertisement gfccale. -MALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. One Three Six Ins. IDS. Ins. 20 Words or under 0 6 1 0 2 0 Over 20 and under 30 9 1 3 2 3 Over 30 and under 40 1 3 2 0 2 9 Each additional 10 words 9 4 0 8 10 LEGAL AND FINANCIAL ADVER- TISEMENTS. Parliamentary Addresses 6s. per inch per insertion Prospectuses of Public OómJ' panies, and Local Authori- ties Notices 4s. per inch. per insertion Local Election Addresses 4s. per inch. per insertion Auctioneers' Announcements 3s. do. GENERAL TRADE ADVERTISEMENTS. 1 to 3 insertions Is. 0d. per inch 4 to < insertions Os. 10d. 9 to -3 insertions Os. 9d. t) 26 iusertions Os. 7d. „ 43 insertions 0s, 440 „





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