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DIXAS POWIS FLOAV, EP-t SHOW. DELIGHTFUL SURROUNDINGS. SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITION. FULL LIST OF AWARDS. The success that has each year attended this annual exhibition of fruit, flower, and vege- tables held during the past six years is becoming more marked at each succeeding show. The promoters have fully entitled themselves to a mead of praise for thus affording an aid to the best kind of horticultural enterprise, and the result of their assiduity is reflected in the neat and excellent manner in which the cottager vies with the gentleman in order to preserve the grateful bounties of Nature. The entries at the show on Wednesday far exceeded those at any previous display, while the quality has scarcely been equalled in any district or town show yet held, the season having been exceptionally favourable to growers. This is especially the case in the cottagers' classes, the vegetables being very fine, and, as declared by the judges, ■were really better than the famous Cardiff Show. In all other respects this exhibition is running that show for first place. In the early DH'vniivg a few sharp showers were experienced, affording the whole of the beautiful surroundings of the show in the grounds of Bryneitbin quite a refreshing air. The delightful spot has been kindly lent by Mr D. T. Alexander for each of the shows, and it is only common knowledge that the "At Home" usually held by Mrs Alexander on the occasion, when her dis- tinguished friends are hospitably entertained, conduces greatly to the attendance. The com- pany at Sryneithen this year included Lady Windsor and her distinguished parent, Lady Pa.ret; Lady Caroline. Jenkins, Lady Eva Wvndham Quinn and family, Major-General H H. Lee and Mrs Lee, Mr and Mrs and Misses Sweet-Escott, Penarth Councillor S. A. Brain and Mrs Brain, Mr Lascelles Carr, Mr J. H. Vincent (assistant general manager of the Barry I y Company) and M.s Vincent; Inspector Butler and Mrs Butler; Mr D. W. Koberts and Mrs Roberts, Miss Kous, Court-yr-ala, Dr P. J. C, u'Donnell Dr E. F. Sixsmitb, Dr Roche (Dinas Powis), Mr Isaac (Messrs Collett and Isaac), Rev J. Price and Mrs Price, Barry Councillor F. P. Jones-Lloyd, Councillor S. Barnett, besides the officers of the committer, who were found busy carrying out the admirable arrange- ments, including the indefatigable secretary, Mr J. B. Mocktord, of the National Schools. The judges were Mr G. Battram, of Navigation, and Mr S. Tresseder, Pwll Coch, Cardiff; whilst Mr D. T. Alexander adjudged the clay pipe end walking stick, and Mrs Alexander and Miss Esther Davies, of the Glamorgan County Coun- cil, adjudicated the other special classss. In addition to the other attractions Mr Win. Tresseder. Cardiff', exhibited some really magni- cent specimens of floral art in the shape of an anchor worked in rich-huerl asters; a bridal bouquet of choice white flowers; a beau- tiful wreath and a harp, all of which were features of great admiration. Mr Ralph Crossling, Penarth and Mr S. Treseder also exhibited a fine selection of rich-coloured roses really fine specimens. An epergne was also shown by Mr Moore, of Courtyrala, a most successful exhibitor of table decorations, and this, although not for competition, was awarded a certificate of merit by the committee, the exquisite display and light treatment of the flowers forming a splendid effect. Mr Fred. Roberts' (Cardiff) string band provided excel- lent instrumental music, and the Barry District Glee Society (conducted by Mr D. Farr), the winners of the gold medal and prize at the recent Bridgend Eisteddfod, afforded the visi- tors a rich treat by their splendid glee singing, and "Comrades in Arms" and "Destruction of Gaza were well received, the whole assem- bly bursting into applause as the party reached the closing bars. The refreshments were pro- vided by Miss Evans, grocer, Dinas Powis, and the catering left nothing to be desired. In the course of the afternoon Lady Windsor, from one of the lawns and in view of the whole of the people, distributed the prizes in the allot- ment and cottagers' classes, the judges having spoken in eulogistic terms of the whole of the show. Major-General H. H. Lee introduced Lady Windsor to the assembly, and on the motion of the gallant gentleman, seconded by Mr D. T. Alexander, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded her ladyship for attending, the compliment being graciously acknowledged. A hearty vote of thanks was also tendered to Mr and Mrs Alexander for kindly placing their delightful grounds at the disposal of the com- mittee, and especially for the generous hospi- tality displayed towards the ladies and gentlemen present in such large numbers. In the evening dancing was enjoyed on the lawn. LIST OF AWARDS. DIVISION A. Open to under-gardeners and gentlemen not employing regular gardeners in the parishes of Dinas Powis, We/woe, St Lythan s, Sully, and Alichaelstoiie-le- Pit. PLANTs-Greenhouse plants (distinct): 1. J Greatrex 2, C Coombes 3. W Francis, Dinas Powis. Tuber begonias 1, W Miller, Dinas Powis 2, W Francis. Fuchsias 1, W Miller. Zonale geraniums 1, W Francis 2, T Edwards. Tvv-t,rained geraniums 1, W Miller 2,W Francis. Pot of musk 1, W Francis 2, J Greatrex. CUT FLOWERS—Roses 1, F W Smart, Dioas Powis. Cut flowers 1, John Greatrex; 2, J F Phillips. Dahlias: 1, C Coombes 2, W Franeis. Carnations or picotees F John. Asters 1, C Coombes 2 T Edwards. Marigolds 1, J Great- rex 2, W Miller. Hand bouquet 1, J Greatrex 2, VV Francis F U[T-DessiErt apples 1, T Matthews 2, J F Phillips. Culinary apples 1, J F Phillips 2, F John. Plums 1, C Coombes 2, E John. Goose- berries 1, Pugsley; 2, E John. Red currants: 1, F, John. Blackcurrants: 1, E John. Raspberries: 1, T Matthews. Pears: 1, E John 2, C Coombes. Dish cf fruit 1, W M Williams 2, E John. VEGETABLES-Collection: 1, C Coombes; 2, J Greatrex 3, W Francis. Kidney potatoes 1, C Coombes 2, W Francis. Round potatoes 1, J Greatrex 2, C Coombes. Cauliflower 1, T Spear 2, J Greatrex Cabbage 1, J Greatrex; 2, T Spear. Celery: 1, w Miller; 2 E Chappie. I W "Francis 2, E John. Parsuips 1, •1 Ber.y; 2, J Greatrex. Spring onions; 1. W Francis 2, T Spear. Autumn onions: 1 J Beny 2, J Greatrex. Peas 1, VV Francis 2, E John. Beans (runners) 1, C Coombes E John. Beans (dwarf) 1, W Miller; 2, E :Toh"; ^cans (broad) 1, C Coombes 2, W Francis, lomatoes 1. F W Sma.t 2, C Coombes. Cucumbers 1, T Matthew s 2, C Coombes. Turnips L MiHer 2, NY Francis. L"<-ks 1, C Coombes -> L Sppar. Lettuce 1, W Miller 2, T Spear. Marrows 1, J Greatrex 2, W Fiancis. Rhubarb 1, ,NIrs Robeit Hairy 2, C Coomb, s. Beet 1, E Chappie 2, E John. Collection of potatoes 1, C Coombs 2, J Greatrex. Eschalots 1, Mrs Hadley 2, J Phillips 3, C Coombes. B. Open to mttagers and farmer* in the parishes named. PLANTS—Group of i, dow plants: 1, T Cram 2, C Coombes 3, W Miller. Two plants (zonale Ktranium) ]_Gam. Fuschia 1, C Co iinbes 2, J Berry. Musk 1, C Coombes 2, T Sp ar. Sweet-scented geranium 1, C Coombes 2, J Berry; 3, T Gain. Ivy leaf geranium: 1, C Coombes; 2, T Spear 3, J Berry. Mignonette 1, C. Morgan. B st window plant 1, Mrs Cox 2, Mrs Hadley 3, Mrs Scourfield. CFT FLOWERS—Roses: 1, C Coomb's: 2, J Pearce. Co 1 ction 1. W Miller 2, C Coombes 3, T Cram. Dahlias 1, \V Miller 2, C Coombes 3, T Criiii. Carnations 1, G John 2, F. John. Asters 1, C Coombes 2, G John 3, H Wright ren. II ed stocks: 1, T Ciam 2, E John 3, E Chappie. Marigolds 1, G John 2, W Miller 3, T Cram. Pansies 1, C Coombes 2, Mrs' Morgm. Bouquet of wild flowers: 1, A Francis; 2, Miss Maiden 3, Edith Cram, Hand bouquet 1. Edward Ctla pple 2. T Cram 3, Georgina Hall. Basket of moss and ferns (children only) 1, Ger- t, ude Spear; 2, Bertha Spear 3, Annie Francis. FRUIT—Dessert apples: 1, C Coombes. Culinary apples: 1, Edward John 2, Mrs R Harry; 3, F John. Plums 1, C Coombes 2, E John. Go se- berries 1, E John 2. W Pugsley. Red currants 1, E John. Black currants 1, E John. VVhite currants 1, E John. Dish of fruit W M Williams. Dish of blackberries (children only) 1, Albert Spear; 2, A Francis 3, Gertrude Spear. VEGETABLES—Collection 1, T Cram: 2, C. Coombes 3, — Goodfellow. Kidney potatoes 1, Hall 2, C Coombes 3, J Berry. Round pota- toes: I, H Hall; 2, W M Williams; 3. T Matthews. Cauliflower 1, TCram 2, W Miller 3, T Spear. Celery 1. W Miller 2, J Berry 3, T Spear. Carrots 1, E John 2, T Spear 3, W Miller. Parsnips: 1, TCram 2, J Berry 3, Ed- ward John. Spring Onions 1, E Ch ippie 2, \V Miller 3, C Coombes. Autumn Onions 1, T Spear; 2. C Coombes 3, T Cram. Peas I, H Wright 2. E. John 3, J Berry. Runner beans I, C Coolllbes; 2, H H 11 3, E John. Dwarf beans 1, W Miller 2, E John 3, TCram. Broad beans: 1, C Coombes 2, J Berry 3, E John. Cucumbers: 1, G John; 2, C Coombes; 3, T Matthews. Summer cabbage ], T Spear 2. Mrs R. Harry 3, J Berry. Red cabbage: J, T Spear; 2, E Chappie 3, C Coombes Turnips: 1, W .VJiller 2, T Cram 3, C Coombes. Leeks 1, C Coombts 2, T Spear 3, W Miller. Lettuce 1, W Spear 2. T Spear 3, C Coombes. Marrows 1, E John 2, T Matthews 3, T Spear. Rhuba, b 1, H John 2, J Goodfellow 3, II Wright. Es- chalots 1, Hy Coombes 2, T Spear 3, C Rob- Inns. Parsley: 1, T Spear 2, E John 3, W Miller. Beet: 1, T Spear; 2, J Howell 3, E John. Garden herbs 1, T Spear 2, T Cram 3, T Water-cress: 1, Ethel Hall: 2, A Francis 3, Edi h Cram. Collection 01 potatoes 1, H Hail 2, C Coombes 3, J Howell. HONEY.—Open t,) cottageis and amateurs in divisions A and B, Bairy District Coun-,it Penarth, Cogan, Llandougli, and Leckwith. Si* lib sections: 1, T Matthews; 2, T Gale. Six bottles run honey (equal), T Matthews and T Gale. Bar frame 1, T Matthews 2, T Gale. Beeswax 1, I Gale 2, T Matthews. DIVISION C. Open to cottagers residing in the parishes oj Llan- dough, Leckwith, Cogan, and in the Barry District Council area. FLOWERS—Window plants 1. Ll Williams 2, W Mogg. Fuschias LI Williams. Specimen plant 1, W Mogg, Barry 2, A R dwood 3, Hy James. Pansies 1, C Tutl-loii 2. W Havard 3, W M"gg. Collection 1, LI Williams; 2, Mogg 3, R Smith. Roses 1, W Mogg 2, L Williams. S-iow dahlias: 1, James Johns n, Barry Do^k 2, LI Williams 3, W Mogg. FRUIT -Appl,,s 1, \V Mogg 2, LI Williams. Dish of fruit 1, H James 2, LI Williams. VEGETABLES—Kidney potatoes 1, S B Summer- fie d 2, R Si, I ford 3 W Mogg. Round potato, s 1, Ll. Williams 2, J Mote; 3, W Mogg. Carrots 1, A Redwood 2, C Michaelson 3, W Mogg. Parsnips 1, A Redwood 2, W Mogg 3, F Burgess. P< as 1, S B Summerfirld 2, H James 3. J Michaelson. Runner beans: 1, W Mogg; 2, H James, Cogan 3, F Burge-s. Dwarf beéws; 1. H Jaine3 2, R Sidferd 3, W Mogg. Broad beans: 1, LI. Williams; 2, A Re)wood; 3, H Janus. Leeks 1, H James 2, W Mogg 3, R I Smi"h. Turnips 1, W Mogg 2, Ll. Williatris 3, R Smith. Eschalots I, R. Sidford 2, R Smith 3, W. Mogg. Marrows 1, Ll. Williams 2. W Mogg 3, C Michaelson. Spring onions: 1, \V logg; H James 3, R Sidford. Autumn onions: 1, H Juines 2, W Mogg 3, F Burgess. Cucumbers 1, W Mogg 2, LI. Williams 3, A Redwood. Summer cabbages J, W Mogg 2, A Red wood; 3, LI Williams. Basket of vegetables: 1, H James 2, C Michaelson 3, A Redwood. DIVISION D (SPECIAL PRIZES). Carnations: 1, George Hooper; 2, F Johns. Tiiree specimen plants l, W Miller 2, Llewellyn Williams 3, W Francis. Dish of tomatoes 1, C Coombes 2, W Miller 3, LI Williams. Pot of musk I, C Coombes 2, W Francis. Pelar- gonium 1, LI Williams. Pot of mignonette (ladies) 1, C Mogg. Sunflowers 1, J F Phillips 2, Mrs Mockford. Show dahlias 1, LI Williams; 2, J Johnson. Cactus dahlias 1, LI Williams 2, W Francis. Pompon dahlias 1, W Mogg 2, C Coombes. Lady's spray: 1, W Francis; 2, G Scourfield. Gentleman's buttonhole 1, W Francis. Vase of cut flowers (children) 1, Muriel Moore; 2, A Francis. Bouquet of wild flowers: 1, J Greatrex; 2, Margery Stuart. Wild flowers, grasses, berries, and ferns ], A Francis 2, W H Spear. Moss and ferns (children) 1, T Edwards 2, E Spear. Cut walking stick 1, John Rees 2, H John. Coloured clay pipe 1, C Coombes 2. T Spear. Basket of vegetables (Division B) 1, H John 2, C Coombes. Basket of vegetables grown by cottager in Barry Urban district: 1, W Mogg. Neatest string of spring onions 1, W Francis 2, W Fox 3, C Michaelson. Collection of onions, leeks, carrots, parsnips, and radish 1, T Cram. Gladioli (six spikes) 1, II Wright; 2, T Cram. Herbaceous phlox 1, W Pugsley. Begonia 1, W Francis 2, C Lewis. Wild fruit: 1, W H Spear 2, no name 3, A Spear. Cooked potatoes, 1 Mrs Pugsley; 2, Mrs Williams. Pound of butter 1, Ann Evans. Welsh cheese 1, Mrs Claudy. Home-made loaf: 1, Mrs Lewis 2, Mrs Evans; 3, E Howells. Plum cake: 1, Mrs ummerfield; 2, Mrs Pugsley 3, Mrs Howell. Seed cake 1, Mrs Summerfield 2, Miss C James 3, Mrs Jones. Sixpenny dinner—equal: Mrs Surnmertield and Mrs Pugsley. Dinner for six at 2d per head Emily Mockford. Quartern loaf of bread B A S Harry. ALLOTMENTS. The following awards were announced in the competitions for gardens and allotments by the judges (Messrs J Richards, T Pinford, and W Pugsley) -.—Garden in St Andrew's Parish 1, C Coombes, Dinas Powis 2, H John 3, T. Cram. Garden in Wenvoe 1, John Watkins 2, H Good- fellow 3, John Howell. Michaelstone-le-Pit: 1, W Cox 2, W Miller. Allotments (20 perches): 1, divided between Charles Coombes and T Spear 2, J Berry. Ten peaches 1, E Chappell 2, W Spear 3, Johh Pearce. Allotments at Wenvoe 1, Captain H Webb 2, John Wilhams, jun. 3. W Williams. Railway allotments; 1, divided between T Cule and M Richards 2, R Jones. For the best kept railway station garden the first prize was again won by Mr R Hughes fur Ditias Powis Station, on the Barry Railway.