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JOHN JONES & Co., DBAPERS, 69 and 71, MAIN STREET, CADOXTON DRESSMAKING DOXE ON THE PREMISES. FIT AND STYLE GUARANTEED. SPECIAL LINES FOR THIS WEEK (BOUGHT DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURERS) IN Calico, Sheetings, Ticks, Oxford Shirtings, Cretonnes, Art Muslins, &c. _n_ All Summer Goods at Ridiculous Prices. TRIMMED zWILLINER.11 AT HALE-PRICE. N 0 OLD STOCK. NO RUBBISH. v> Furniture carefully removed. V 4 ^aammifliiHiwnr Vans of all sizej kept. —By Hour or Contract. 1 OA VIP PA IT LETT. Light and Heavy Hauling done '|FU RN IT JRE REMOVED BY ROAD OR RAIL at Moderate Prices. -J ^C'V | 1, Treharne Road7 Brakes, Traps, Waggonettes, Close Carriages for Weddings, Note the Address- David Paulett, Coal Merchant, Otlice-l, Station Yard. 1, Treharne Road, Cadoxton-Barry. ESTIMATES FREE. fEN'b ~OUTHS' A D £ )OYS gUPBUIOR QLOTHING. MAD! TO MEASURE OR READY FOR IMMEDIATE WE; Better selection improbable. Better value impossible. LLOYD & CO., QASH QLOTHIERS. 2.5, & 27, MAIN ST., CADOXTON, AND 72 HOLTON RD., BARRY DOCK. ESTABLISHED 56 FEARS. no JOTHAM & SONS, MANTFACTUTERS OF RELIABLE CLOTHING. ATHLETfC OUTFITTERS, JgESPOKE rjuiLORS, IIATTERS, JJOSIERS &GHIRT RAKERS 26 & 27, ST. MAR Y STREET, CARDIFF Over 1.1,000 (fifteen. Thousand) S'/uare Feet of Shúw Rooms. THK LARGEST OTTFITTINO EITABLITHIJEN-T IN SOGTH \V AI.ES OK THE WEST OF ENGLAND. JOTHAM & SONS, 2G & 27, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. National Telephone Co's Vo. 609. Postal and Trb-graphic Address. Jotltciltn and Sons, Canliff:" MRS. HARVEY. 20, PYKE ST., (near Holton-road Schools, BARRY DOCK. Certificated Nurse and Midwife, (La.te of Sc. Kenelm's College, Oxford.) Highly recommended by Professional Meu and Ladies attended in the district. Mils GUNNING. N U R SEA n MIDWIFE, 17, GRAVING DOCK ST., BARRY DOCK, (Near Windsor Hotel.) Late of the Queen's Hf spit&1, Birmingham. Highly recommended by Medical men, and Ladies att'-nUed i i) the district. Theatre Royal, CADOXTON. & Manager Mr J. P. VASEY! TO-NIGHT, and during the week-The Great New ;Sen-ationa! Hilo-Drama, The Aaesk of Death. Tbe best-acted Drama now travelling. See the Great Electric Scene and the Cabinet of Death What is THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE ■Zf> NEXT WEEK. Thp Great Drama, Trail of the Serpent Magnificent Scenery. Superb Dresses. Splendid Company. Most Powerful Play. I Come and eee the G rl lowered into a Fiery Furnace. TIME AND PRICES AS USUAL. THE OLDEST BUTCHER'S BUSINESS IN THE DISTRICT. WILLI AMJEBEMIAH, Family and General Butcher, 81, MAIN STREET, CADOXTON (LATE BARRY ROAD), IS SHOWING daily at the above address one of J the Primest Collection of BUTCHER'S MEAT Which can be obtained. Every attention is promptly paid to the orders of his numerous customers. CHOICE BEEF, PRIME WETHER MUTTON AND DAIRY-FED PORK Always in Stock. LAMB AND VEAL A SPECIALITY. EXCELLENT HOME-MADE SAUSAGES FRESH DAILY. STORE PIGS FOR SALE. Note the Address :— 81, MAIN STREET, CADOXTON. m- G. NOTLEY & CO., 89, HIGH STREET, BARRY, RPHE PEOPLE' s GROCERS. NOTED FOR QUALITY & CHEAPNESS COMBINED. A VARIED ASSORTMENT OF GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS ALWAYS IN STOCK. Bread Delivered to all parts of the District daily. BOOTS: BOOTS! B OOTSIT N. HUGHES Is now showing a good selection of Spring and Summer Goods, At prices that must command a ready Sale. Please Note the Address HUGHES', 72, MAIN STREET, CADOXTON. R. J. HEATH & SONS, PIANOFORTES AND QRGANS BY ALL MAKERS. ENORMOUS DISCOUNTS DURING SUMMER MONTHS. Senel for our Catalogues and V erdict of 900, pree WALNUT CASE, FULL COMPASS, M°athly panel front, 3ft. lOin. high 18 20 6 panel front, 3ft. lOin. b igh 18 10 6 Similar Model, superior quality.. 20 21 s VANDERBOLT MODEL, iron frame full compass, trichord, check action, machine covered hammers, 3ft 1010. high 24 14 o HENRY MODEL, 1-in. higher, su- perior quality 26 15 2 I EMPIRE MODEL, full compass, iron frama, full trichord, check action, phited bolts, sconces, marqueterie and gilded panel trusses, 4ft high. 30 j- g BOARD SCHOOL MODEL, as sup- plied Cardiff, Penarth, &c., Inter- mediate and Board Schools 34 19 10 ASSOCIATION MODEL, 4-ft. 2-in. high burr walnut, prize medal de. sign, with all the most modern improvements 38 99 2 ALEXANDER MODEL, ditto 4ft 4in 45 2fi s IN THE £ DISCOUNT FOR CASH. ALL GOODS SENT CARRIAGE PAID GANS FROM S5. TJIANOFORTES by BR OADWOOD, X_ Collard and Collard, Kirkman, Erafd' &c., &c. Now is the opportunity for acquiring a splendid 1'nstrunie1 t at the lo«e*t poss ble P' lce, either foi Cash or 011 the approved Hire System from 5s monthly. CALL AND SECURE A BARGAIN. SHOWROOM* 3UEEN-STREET, 1 70 TAFF-STREE1 CARUIFF I PONTYl'RlL>D ■ Anrl 31, WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTH.' Manufactory LONDON. Agencies at A be ra von Cadoxton-B irry, Bridgend, i',Iae,teg, &, Canvassers wanted in all parts on Good CommiMion To the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Barry, in the County of Glamorf/an, and, to the Superin- tendent of Policejor the Petty Sessional Division of Dynas Powis, in the same County, and to all whom, it may concern. I TOM DAVIES, of No. 2, Mill street, Ponty- pridd, in the County of Glamorgan, Grocer- Do HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that it is my intention to apply at the General Annual Licensing Meeting for the above-named Petty Sessional Division, to be holden on the 26th day of August, 1897. at the POLICE COCRT, BARRY, in the County of Glamorgan aforesaid, for the provisional grant of a license to sell by retail all intoxicating liquors, on premises in course of erection at the junction of Quarella street and Courtenay road, Barry, which said premises will be known as the Court Hotel," to be consumed on or off the premises. Dated the 3rd day of August, 1897. TOM DAVIES. To the Overseers oj the Parish oj Barry, in the County of Glamorgan, to the Assistant Overseer of the said Parish, and to the Superintendent oj Police for the Division of Dinas Powis. T JOHN JEWEL WILLIAMS, of Number 98, X} Cathedral road, in the County Borough of Cardiff, Retired Licensed Victualler, HEREBY GIVE You NOTICE that it is my iutention to apply at the next General Licensing Meeting for the Division of Dinas Powis aforesaid, to be holden ac the POLICE COURT, BARRY, in the said Division, on the twenty-sixth dty of August, One thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven, for the Provisional Grant of a License to hold au Excise License to sell by retail all intoxicating liquors, to be elr uIJk or consumed on or off certain premises erected, or in course of erection, on a site situate at the junction of Tynewydd road and Woodland street, in the Parish of Barry aforesaid, and called, or intended to be called The Woodland Hotel," and of which said premises I, the said John Jewel Williams, am the Lessee. Dated this third day of August, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven. J. J. WILLIAMS. To the Overseers of the Parish of Barry, in the County of Glamorgan, and to the, Supei intendent of Police fot the Division of Dinas Powis. T WILLIAM JENKINS, of the Craddoek _|_ j Hotel, Eldon Road, in the County Borough of Cardiff, Licensed Victualler, Do HEREBY GIVE YOU NOTICE that it is my intention to apply at the next General Licensing Meeting for the Division of Dinas Powis aforesaid, to be holden at the POLICE COURT, BARRY, in the said Division, on the twenty-sixth day of August, one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven, for the Provisional Grant of a License to hold an Excise License to sell by retail all intoxicating liquors, to be drunk or consumed on or off certain premises about to be erected on a site situate in Quarella street, in the Parish of Barry aforesaid, and called or in- tended to be called" The Court Hotl," and of which said premises I, the said William Jenkins, am the Lessee. Dated this Fourth day of August, One thousand eight hundred and ninety seven. WILLIAM -JENKINS. BARRY AND CADOXTON ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW. The above Show will be held at the Market Hall, Cadoxton ox WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25, 1897. In addition to the prizes catalogued Two Special Prizes, value 15s and 10s, will be given by Messrs Lever Bros, Sunlight I Soap Makers, for A WASHING COMPETITION Particulars of entries from Hon. Sees— D. T. HOWE, 12, Vere-street, Cadoxton or D. H. REES, Arno House, Holton-road. BOMILLY HALL, BARRY. MONDAY, AUGUST 23RD, "Trial of JHeohol." MR. TENNYSON SMITH'S SPECIAL & FAREWELL NIGHT. ADMISSION. Is. CHILDREN 6d. Ticket holders admitted by early doors, 6.45 Box office open, 7.15. Commence at 7.30. Open-air Demonstration on Saturday evening Temperance friends meet at Dock View-rd. at 6 S3T Meetings each day as announced. WILLIAMS & SONS, T ADIES' AND RENTS' IJIAILORS, 252, HOLTON HOAD, BARRY DOCK. MOST FASHIONABLE MODES. BEST FIT AND STYLE IMPORTANT VISIT TO BARRY DOCK. WAIT FOR THE BIG SHOW FOURPAWR'S GIGANTIC CIRCUS & HIPPODROME Combined with Anderton & Haslam's MAMMOTH MENAGERIE WILL VISIT WYNDHAM ROAD, BARRY DOCK ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 21, FOR ONE DAY ONLY. Positively Largest Combined Shows in Europe! 100 Horses, Ponies, and MuLs 40 Star Artistes 40 Carriages, Wagons, &c. 300 Beasts, Birds, and Reptiles, amongst which will be found 12 noble lions; tt 0 Distinct Bands eight Funny Clowns; herd of Camels and Dromedaries wonderful Per- forming Elephants. Also, see the Baby Camels, born in the Managerie only three weeks old. Another novelty, the MOTOR CAR, or Horseless Carriage on view daily on the Circus Fi. Id. Two Grand Performances at L.30 and 7.30. Ze ADMISSION 3s, 2s, Is, and 6d. The Mammoth Two Pole Circns Tent is abso'utely Waterproof, and « ill sedt 5,000 people. Seats may be inspected and booked from 10 a.m. Sole Proprietors: MEssRs ANDERTON. HASLAM, & FOURPAWR Advance Auent. G. A. RAMPLIXO Wait for the Big Show r D. W. THOMAS, I Cabinet Maker, Joiner & Undertaker, 4, VERE STREET, CADOXTON. FURNITURE, SHOP, RND OFFICE FITTINCS. Venetian Blinds made to Order. Carpets and Lin- oleums Laid. Suites Re uphol-itei-ecl as good as Neiv. French Polishing expeditiously done. HousE REPAIRING BY PRACTICAL CARPENTERS. Jobbing in all Branches done with Neat- ness at Moderate Charges. I FUNERALS ESTIMATED TO ANY EXTENT. I

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