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MESSRS. DEW & SON, AUCTIONEERS, BANGOR AND LLANDUDNO. The firm, in consequence of the death of Mr W. A. Dew, will be continued under the management of his eldest son, Mr W. C. P. Dew, assisted by his brother, Mr Noel A. Dew, with the members of the su.veying and clerical staffs, who have been in the service of Messrs. Wm. Dew and Son for between 20 and 30 years. Mr W. C. P. Dew, who is a member of the Auctioneers' institute of the United Kingdom, served arti- cles with the well-kr> Cardiff Auctioneers and Land Agents, Messrs. Stephenson & Alexander, and has for several years taken an activa part in his late father's business. Mr Noel Dew served articles with Messrs. Douglas and Minshull, Architects & Surveyors, Chester, and for the last 18 mon hs has also been associated with the firm's business. Messrs. W m Dew & Son, At t < ..I BAGOR and IJ,ANDUDNO SALE OF » OF THE PfePtrin t it fcoiAlfc. IN THE COUN TY OF CARNARVON. IN ltLli PARISHES OF ABERDARON, .UiaANDEGVVNLNG. LLANENGAjN, AND 1^1 -AiN Gi AiN. MESSRS WM. 1) W and SON have been in- structed by tne Honouraole Lord to UfcJjlvU SALE Ui PUBLIC AVllU, at the i U\VN H ALL, PWLLHELI, On MuNDA*, DECEMBER 23id, at 1.30, the ioilOVMtig VAkwASLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. IN l'liu. PARISH OF AiiERDARON. A. R. P. Lot 1.—Cacau Ty'n Lian iformeriy part ot Bodernabwy) 4 0 24 Lot G. lX,UtJ,I¡<.i.U"Y 62 0 29 Lot 3.—,fe uuj«i ipu-rt úf) 4 0 15 (uillo) u 1 62 Lot of) 4 3 1 Lot 6. — Ditto (WlLU) Erw Fiorchog 2 3 22 Lot (.—f cur.i^ii Cauw lo 2 <9 Lot 8. Motta Hacn and Cao Howel (part oi) 20 3 25 Lot y.—Ce>tn (part oil and Felin Aoerdiuon (Corn Jul ill) 18 0 35 Lot 0 0 6 Lot Shop 0 0 6 Lot 12.—Freenoltl Ground Rent with re ver.-i;>ri to the Rack Rent, Weil 6toured on twty view Villa.. Aiso Part of Felin Aberdaron (annual tenancy) 0 0 32! Lot 13.-vao Howel (part oJ) 2 1 18 Lot 14.—Mur Melyn 54 0 18 Lot 15. 87 3 21 Lot 3 31 Lot 17.—Ty-Laf or Rhedynfra. 75 3 10 Lot 17 1 31 Lot 72 3 9 Lot 5 2 11 Lot 5 0 21 Lot 22.-LJanda.wen-Fawr 88 0 28 Lot 23- —Ty-Mawr 66 1 5 1M LLEYN.—PARISH OF LLANENGAN. Lot 24.—Towyn 116 o 19 PARISHES OF LLANDEGWNING LLAN- ENUAN AND LLANGIAN. Lot 25.—Plas Neigwl or Neigwl Plas360 1 27 PARISH OF LLANDEGWNING. Lot 26.— Neigwl-Ganol 124 1 7 PAtUSll OF LLANENGAN. Lot 27.-Penrnyn-.Ma.wr, etc. 129 0 39 Total Acreage 1499 0 32 It is believed that rich veins of minerals under- lie Lot ZI, and as SUM minerals as belong to the Vendor are to be included in the Sale, the offer- ing of this Lot to Auction must be of import- ance to Miners, Speculators, and others. Particulars, Plans and Conditions of Sale may be obtained 10 days prior to the Sale day, of Mo carter, Vincent and Co., Solicitors, Ban- gor and Carnarvon; at the AuctloneeJ15" Ineti- tute, 54, Ruseell-square, Lofldon; or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, M Bangor and Lian- du-dnoi Mr H. Parry Jones. AUCTIOEER, HOLYHEAD. 4-HORBE POWER PORTABLE STEAM ENGINE, by Clayton and Sbuttleworui, in orftt-claes wofiung order, practioaiJy 1/1 brand new condition, only worked for about a fort- Wght. For particulars, apply to H. Parry Jones Auctioneer, lixcnange Buildings, Holyhead. 2162c Mr. F. J. Larson, F.A.I., 01 uie AUCTIONEERS' INSTITUTE, INCORPORATED, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, ESTATE AGENT. TO THE COUNTY COUNCIL OF CARN AR V ON Sill Ris. County Chamber*, Uaadu«no. Established 1883. T. W. Griffith. AUCT1 UNxuiiR, VALUER, ttUuan. m ESTATiS AGENT. Town Halt Chambers, Llandudno. i'.leg I" ■ Oliui, iiUttiiuucvi, luftilUUtilMX ieispiKxw 0296. HOlsE POPERii And ESTATES MAN. AGED. AND K.1. CULLRUI'KIJ IN LLA-NDbu.NO AND DISTRICT. OR HOUSES TO .1 OR FOR SALE. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. mo BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY the J. several Stacks of wen-harvested HAY. of the growth of 1907 (except where otherwise stated), standing at the under-mentioned Stations on the Cambrian Railways, and estimated to contain the respective quantities, more or leee, under-mentioned, viz.:— Estimated Estimated STATIONS. Weight. STATIONS. Wei-ht. Tons. Tons. Fenns Bank 11J Three Cock-> 4 BettuiieiU i'ai garth 8} Wieihuin 7J L.lanhrynmair 2 UUuiijilin bi ilanayti Mo. 8f PuoJ Quay 7&" tto. 2} Buitiugt jn 4i tiyalas 5 Yt eishpool No 6iorth 3i Muutgumery ow Street 4t No. 21 uerdovey is No. 8t irnaouth J't; 7! Abermule ;nniaenpooi ai Nu. b tubedr au 8i Penaan 4 Newtowu N.. b .rlech il90o) 7 N'. 6 n (1907 Llanidloes (19 1 i r II Liianiaioed (ll- arnaa 6 St. Haruiono lJl Dj'Uowlod erch For further parucu^s, and to treat, apply to S. WILLIAMSON, Oeweetry, November, 1907. Secretary. Carnarvonshire billposting Company. mIlE BiLpoBtere for Carnarvon, Pwllheli, A Nevin. Criocieth, Portmadoc, Penygroes. lieddgeiert, Portdmorwic. etc. Parceis for Nantile Vale, Clynnog. Lianberis. Ebenezer. and Pwiihcli district to bo addreesed to 16, GAOL-S'l RtCET PWLLIiELI; and for all other places to the Head Office, 20. CASfLR-SQUARE- CARNARVON. FOR Sali VARIOUS. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS.-Every Mother who valuee the Health and Cleaniincsa of Mr child abound use HARRISON'S "iUkL.ia.tiUi." NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nita and Vermin, beaurifies and strengthen the Haxr. In Tics, 4t<f and 8d, Postage Id-—Geo. W Harrison, Cbemutt. 116, broad-street. Reading. Sold by Cbenuxto:— Agent for Bangor: J Bow en. Chemist. Carnar- von: R. Roberta. Chemist. Bangor-street. Aber- Tttwyth: W M. Jonee. Chemust. Llandudno: J. Holyhead: J. Hughes, Cham. mL 40&) SALES BY AUCTION. Mr. John Pritchard, BANGOR, NORTH WALES. CITY OF BANGOR. IMPORTANT TO HOTEL PROPRIETORS, BREWERS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, AND OTHERS. MR JOHN PRITCHARD is instructed by Trustees to cloee an Estate to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the QUEEN'S HEAD CAr, BANGOR, on WEDNESDAY, the 18th day of DECEMBER, 1907, at Two p.m., in such lot or lots aa may there be decided upon, the Valuable, Free, and Fully-Lioeneed FREEHOLD HOlEij, with the Yard, Stabling, Coach-houses, and Garden, known as THE BELLE VUE, UPPER BANGOR, which has for many yeaxe enjoyed a liret^claes reputation, and where a Very extensive and lucrative business has been carried on by the present tenant, who has been in occu- pation on annual tenancy for 37 years at the low resnt 0.£ JE;80 per annum. The Goodwill d the businees wih be included in the Sale. The Hotel contains four Entertaining and eight Bedrooms, good Smokeroom, with Bar, Bathroom, good Cellarage, etc. Alco the commodious Freehold Yard adjoining the Hotel, on one side, now held by the tenant oi tho Hotel as Livery Stables at a yearly rent of £20 and The FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE, SHOP, and PREMISES adjoining the Hotel on the other sid, and now let on a yearly tensuicy for £40. Thie could be converted into a. Whole- sale and Retail Spirit Business, and the upper rooms fchrowi; open to the Hotel at a trilling outlaj,, and tiiua give increased Bedroom accom- modation. Together with the DWELLING-HOUSE SHOP and PREMISES, in the occupation of Mr Brnta-ui, with triO largo Yard and Buildings, for ywucs used iM5 a Slate and Monumental Yard. Grots Rental JE41. And the DWELLING- HOUSE, GARDEN and PREMISES, No. 1, SUMMER HILL-TERRACE, with possession. Plan and particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneer, Bangor; or Mcas.ra Carter, Vincent and Co., Solicitors, Bangor and Carnarvon. COUNTY OF ANGLESEY. In the PARISHES of LLANWENLLWYFO and LI ..A N EI LI-AN, about 3& miles from Am- lwcb. SALE by AUCTION of tho delightfully situated Freehold Resilience known as BRYN-Y-MOR, witii Ornamental Ground. Garden, Stubling, Coach-iiOUde, Out-builuing", and Plantations, now in the occupation of Mi&s Uervis, 011 short lease, together with a Field and Plantation in hand, the whole comprising an area of 15a 1: 13 p. Also a Freehold 20 Acre FIELD adjoining, suit- able for the erection of a good Residence, Bungalows, or V 111 as for the summer reason in a iavouuto locality. MR JOHN PRITCHARD will SELL by PUB- LIC AUCTION, at the TOWN lLALL LLANGEFNI, on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19th, 1907, at 2.30 p.m., the above Valuable Pro- perty, subjcct to such Conditions may be there and then produced, and in such Lot or Lots as ma.y there and then be decided upon. Particulars may be obtained of, and a Plan of the Property seen at tne Offices of Messrs J. Rice Roberts and Laurie, Solicitors, Llangefni and Beaumaris, or of the Auctioneer, Bodhvfrvd Bangor. c PUBLICATIONS. THE GREAT GUIDE TO SUCCESS FOR 1908. IF you are a Farmer and your crops fail, or if you are in doubt about buying or selling, RAPHAEL S ALMANAC wil tell you the exact times to see your crops, and when to buy and seil. If you are a gardener and your flowers, fruits, or fail, RAPHAEL'S ALMANAC will tell you when to sow. p.ant or transplant, eo tha.t your garden will be the wonder and admira- tion of aiL if you are a loyer and your courtship rough and thorny, the ALMANAC will tell you tie exact times to court and marry with the greatest felicity. If you are in Doubt and Perplexity regarding the future and know not which way to turn. thia ALMANAC contains Birthday Information for every day whereby you may see what Fate has in store for you. It teik you when to buy, set!, seek employ- ment, travel, remove, speculate, hire servants, bake, brew, fiah, etc.. and contains numerous useful tables, etc. 120 pages. Price 6d. post free 7d. Foulsnam and Co.. 4, Pilgrim St., Ludgate Hill. E.C.. and at all Stationers and Book- stalls. CLERICAL. V17ANTED, Welsh Curate, in sole charge of Cerrigydruidion parkb, for 1908. Salary £140, and unfurnished Rectory. -Apply, Rector, Ccrrigydruidion, Corwen. 2100c SITUATIONS VACANT. A GOOD COOK-GENERAL, thoroughly trustworthy, required for Anglesey, im- mediately good character essential; email family.—Apply, Box 2139, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. o APPRENTICE.—Wanted Apprentice to Car- penter and Joiner's Trade.—Apply to S. Bond and Sons, Builders, Belgrave-road, Co.wyn Bay. 19420p BAKERY and CONFECTIONERY.—Wanted, a strong Boy, as Apprentice.—A^pply, J. Humphreys, Stores, Upper Bangor. 2172c COOK-GENERA-L required for a small family; Churchwoman preferred; Housemaid- Waitress kept-—State age, wages, and when dis- engaged, Mrs Vaughan Jones, Groes, Denbigh. 19547p EVENING EMPLOYMENT. Spare Time Agents Wanted for well-known Assurance Socicty.—Apply, Ga.rnett, Waverley, Rhyl. 19675p FARM BAILIFF Wanted; msod to all kind of work on Farm; married; no children.— Address, M.W., "Pioneer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. ■_ 19552p_ flOOD HOUSEMAID-WAITRESS Wanted.- VJT Apply to Mrs Nunn, Coed Helyg, Coiwyn Bay. 19682p GENERAL, West Kirby; wages £18; no wash- ing; two Ladies.—R., Brynhyias, Rhudd- lan. 19673p ClENERAL Wanted.; good plain cook; good reierenccs.—Miss Hensley, Bon Air, De- ganwy. 19689p tl OOD GENERAL Wanted, at once, for Tref- 1" riw good reference.—Appiy. Mrs Edwards, Aber Deulyn. Trefrtw. 19493p GEN&A.L SERVANT Wanted, age 20 to 30, VJT must be clean, neat, and able to wash. State wages and reference. — Address, M. 1. "Pioneer Jfbce, Coiwyn Bay. 19496p HOUSEMAID Wanted for a quiclplace in the Conway Valley. Wages £20. Must be neat Needlewoman.—Address, M. X., "Pio- neer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. 19561p RS GRIFFITH, REGISTRY OFFICE. 1, ST. DAYID'S-ROAD. CARNARVON, hae. several good Servants, Cooks. H.P Maids, and Generals for Private Houses and Hotels. 20520 NURSE. for Boy, lb months (at present in i.™ Llandudno); Protestant; strong, early riser, willing to sew. waah. and iron; references, age. and particulars to Mrs Bennett, G.P.O., Llandudno. POST BOY Wanted and assist in Yard; must r be an experienced driver and abstainer.— Apply, with references, Victoria Hotel, Llanxwst. RESPECTABLE GIRL Wanted, about 17 or JUt 18, to do housework and assist with chil- dren.—Apply, Cooke, The Library, Abergele- road, Coiwyn Bay. 19566p RHYL FOOTBALL CLUB require good Gcal- JLt< keeper for the Combination Team. Must bo Amateur. — Apply to the Secretary, J. P. Joaies, 24, John-street, Rhyl. 19618p i, 1 u. i Ut r u u .60. HIGH-ST. wi^x- JLk/ MA DOC. — Mm Humphreys has excellent Situations for respectable women as Generals. Cooks. Housemaid, etc.. for next tern. (Pen- tymbor). REGISTRY OFFICE for Servants of all Uiasees. — Mrs A. Ephraim, 3, Tany marwd- terrace, B.aenau Festiniog 19214p ^UPERIOR General; small private family; l!o k5 washing; plain cooking, all general work; oomfortablo home; wages to begin £ 12.—Ad- dress, "N.P. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 19654p SMART Business Man Wanted; trustworthy; not afraid of work; outdoor employment; Liberal commission; splendid opening for man with energy, wishing to improve his position.— Address, "Win," Box 2143, Office of this Journal. ;r ANTED, a good General, for family of 1'1' three in Atherton (9 miles from Man- chester), age over 20. able to wash, must be ciea.n and trustworthy; wages 6s ód per week.— Address, with references, Mrs Darbyahire, West Bank Atherton. near Manchester WANTED, Headmistress, Bottwnog N.P. TV School; salary £8°. per annum.—Apply, Rector, Bottwnog, Pwllheli. 2141c WANTED an Apprentice for Ladies' and tt Children's Outfitting, Fancics, etc.—Ap- ply, Williams, Compton House, Bangor. PUBUC NOTICES. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS 1907. TRAIN ARRANGEMENTS. ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22nd. and CHRISTMAS DAY, DECEMBER 25<ih, the following Trains will run at the usual Sun- day times:— The 8.49 am. tmin Afonwen to Pwllheli. The 9.0 a.m. train Pwllheli to Dclgeliey. The 4.25 pjn. train Dolgelley to P-wllheli. The 6.40 p.m. train Pwllheii to Afonwen. The 5.55 p.m. train Barmouth to Machyn- lleth. For timos at Intermediate Stations, see Spe- cial Bills. C. S. DENNISS, Oswestry, General Manager. December, 1907. TENDERS. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS mENDERS are invited for the ERECTION X and CONSTRUCTION of a NEW COUN- CIL SCHOOL, at PENMACHNO, near Bettwsy- oood. Plans and Specification to be seen on and after MONDAY, DECEMBER 16th, with DR. WILLIAMS, MOSTYN VILLA, PENMACH- NO. Sealed Tenders, endorsed "Tender for New Council Schooi at Penmachno," to be sent to MR E. R. DAVIES, Secretary of Education, CARNARVON, not later than TUESDAY, the 31st inst. The Committee do not bind themselves to accept the lowest, or any Tender. ROWLAND LLOYD JONES, M.S.A., County Architect. 14, Ma-rket-street, Carnarvon, a.nd 36, High-street, Pwllheli, December 11th, 1907. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS TENDERS are invited for the ERECTION JL and CONSTRUCTION of a. NEW COUN- CIL SCHOOL, at LLANFAllLFECiiAN. Plans and Specilkution to be i-eeii on and after MONDAY, DECEMBER 16th, with MIH-S WILLIAMS, Head Teacher, C A ER SALE VI SCHOOL, LLAN FAIRFECHAN. Sealed Tenders, endorsed "Tender for New Council School at Llaniairfechan," to be sent to MR E. R. DAVIES, Secretary ci Education, CARNARVON, not later than TUESDAY, the 31st inst. The Conunitteo do not bind themselves to accept, the lowest, or any Tender. ROWLAND LLOYD JONES, M.S.A., County Architect. 14, Market-street, Carnarvon, a.nd 36, High-street, Pwllheli, December lltn, 1907. Music PIANOFORTE, SINGING, HARMONY. LESiauNi). JONKS-OWTN, L.I.O.J„ F.G.M„ (LQM.), Music Master, Bethesda County School. Local fcec., London College ot Music. CANDIDATES prepared lor ivxaminations of C the R.A.M., I.C.L., L.C.M., etc. Many Successes. bangor and Penniaenmawr visited weekly.—For terms, apply MI-NAFON, BETHESDA. DANEDD GELLIR yinwelcd a DR. JONES, Jr»ig Owen (near the iwuwa; station), Bangor, bob Dyud lau, yn Nu. Hi. -L^DVVIGAN-ROAD. LLANUEfNi. Yn MANGUR. bob ayuo und Uyddiau Mawri" so lau. Yn LLANERCHYMEDD (wedi symud i dy Miag Uwen. Druid House;, o lideg tan Un. Ac AMLWCH, o Ddau tan liuiiip. gyda Mr Hughes, stationer. 8, Market-siicei, Gorphenaf 2ii a'r 30am; Awat 27ain, Aieai 24ain, Hydref 22ain, lachwedd 19eg, a Rhag yr iïg. yn METHESDA, LLANbERlS, ac EBEN- EZER. Dydd Mawrth cyntaf ar ol Sadwrn tal. THE PIONEER. RENOWNED GROCERY AND PROVISION STORES, MAES-&<JOAHK, PWVI-LRILLI. FINEST Selection jn Hams and Baoon, Butter and Cheese, leas and Coffee, at Prices within the reach of all. W. J. BATTERBEE, Proprietor. ACIUEN J 5 or ül1 KIN US SICKNESS, EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY, BUhubaui. anu I?iUiiLiTY GUARANTEE RISKS, INSURED AuAINST by the RAILWAY ASSUfiAKCfi CO CAPITAL (Fully Subscribed), £ 1,000,000, CLAIMS PAID, £ &,U00,000. 64, CUHMniLL, llOftDON. A. V lAxN, &ccxetary. AGENT. — Mr R. Eawards, London and North-Western Railway, Holyhead. Liverpool Uince: NURlli JUili\-ST. Agents hequired in Unrepresented Divtrici^. 7292

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