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S.4LES BY AUCTION. Messrs. Wm Dew & Son, ALt;l IU.M' BANGOR and LLANDUDNO COUNTY OF ANGLESEY. IMPORTANT SALE of two very well-known FARMS in the Parishes of HENEGLWYS, BODWROG, and LLANGWYLLOG. MESSRS WM. 1J K vv and SON have been instructed to OFFER tOR SA-LE BY PUBLIC AUCTION. at the TOWN HALL, LLANGEFNI, on THURSDAY, the 5th day of DECEMBER, at 1.30 o'clock In the afternoon prompt, the following FREEHOLD PROPER- TIES, VlZ. Lot 1 to IG.-BODWINA ISAF, which con- taal- iLCo area of 230a. 2r. lOp. or thereabouts. The Land comprising this Farm 13 of superior quality, and it stands about half a mile from t-no o.d Gwaiebmai Toil Gate, and A m thus p.acsd iiTi an excellent pemuon for all the prin- cipal Fairs and Alas Lens of the dietrtct. Trie Land is aU under grass, and arrange- tiKji'H-'j can be made for giving almost immediate pcfctcieioa. This Property has been divided into ten nice Lots, butr the whole wil. be oticre4 as one Lot in the first instance. Lot 11 comprises that renowned Pasturage <Tarm known as BWLCH-Y-FEN. which contains an area of 115a. lr. 37p. or there- abuut6 oi cxcecvliiigiy tine Lajid, all uncle". grass, wiiieh is in exceuent condition and mote vaiuabe for i arming purposes. A new and coniuiudio-us IIouss with many eonvewences has JUèt been substantially buiit at considerab-e coat, and the very iarge range of Outbuildings are up-to-date, and included in tills iot are the two New BELANDDY COT- TAGE and EFA1L NEWYDD COTTAGE and GARDEN. This Farm with its House and Outbuildings are in haiKi, and cou;.d be made for aiiiK.fci immediate possession. Lot 12. BWLCH-Y-FEN (part of) and BRYNIAU-DUON COrrAGE and LAND and EF AIL FACIl COTTAGE and GARDEN, com- prising 11a. 3r. Ip. or thereabouts. 1.0la 11 and 12 wiii first be ottered as one Lot. Lots 13 and 14.—The sma.,l Holding of TY GWYN, which 15 situate close to Bwich-y-Fen Ftum, comprising 4a. lr. 2yp. or thereabouts. xiwich-y-i'cn is about two miles from Llan- gwyi:og Railway Station, one mile from Bod- ffortld, a.nd three nilet; irom Llangefni, the prin- cipal Fair and Market Town in Anglesey. Pardcu-ars with Plan and Conditions may be obtained of Meagre Carter, Vincent and Co.. Solicitors, of Bangor and Carnarvon; at tho Auctioneers' In- stitute 34, Ruswe^J-square, London; or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, at Bangor ana Llandudno. COUNTY OF CARNARVON. IN THE FAMOUS AGRICULTURAL DIS- TRICT OF LLEYN. and in the Pariah of CLYNNOG. SALE OF OUTLYING PORTIONS OF THE VAYNOL ESTATE. T»/f ESSRS WM. DEW and SON have been II instructed by Chanes Garden Assheton Snuth Esq., to OFFER FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the TOWN HALL. PWLLHELI en TUESDAY. WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY. DECEMBER 10th 11th, and 12th, commencing each day at One t-)alock, Numerous V't.aabe FREEHOLD FARMS. TENEMENTS. DWELLING-HO USES, an* ceeduigjy Caoice iiUlLDiNG Sl'livS, vuiia a few we.«cured GHOUND RENTiv as .101- lows.- !N THE PARISH OF LLANBEDKOG. ■Bodw'^g, Ujts-Cocii, Gcufron, the iour Hold, iags of "laD 1 Mynydd, Tan-y-Mynydd Farm, Cae Ulewe, Carreg farwr and Allotment, and West Quarry (on Lease). IN THE PARISH OF LLANGIAN. Tai-y-Fan, Tan y Bryn. Nyth-y-Caccwn. Tjnj Coed, Oerddwr, Snop, Muriau, Casteil- march, Fach, Braich, Rhandir, Bryn Cethiin Bach, Bryn Geiiiin Mawr, Meiin-Sooh, Casteli. ly n-y-Mur, Tyddyn Gwyn, Llawr-y-Dref, Deu- gj&wdd, Liawr-y-Dref, Barach Bach, Talsarn, ttryn Lieweiiii, Caeau, and Felm Isaf, and 6everal choice BuiiUing Sites and well secured Ground Rents, adjoining ..bersoch. IN THE PARISH OF LLANENGAN. AND IN THE VILLAGE OF ABERSOCH. Oian.y-Don, Benar Isaf, Limekiln, Boat Builder's Yard, Post Office and Land running down to the Beach. The Benar Farms II-" divided into Lots, Pen-y-Bryn, Creigir Wen, Fron, Bryn-yr-Efail, the Marchm," Faruis, Lamb, Tyddyu Taigoch Uchaf. Tyddyn Talgoch (Ja.mes Hughes). Hendy, Pen-y-Waen, Cim, Paiu-y-Braimer Mawr, Nantpig, the several Cro.viach Farms. Coru, Rilff-i. liryn-Ctsijn-iiach, Bwich.y-Clawdd Uchaf. Bwlch-y-Clawdd Isaf. Yagubor Hen. Tyddyn Peiswyn, -bryn Cwiyn YJchaf Ty'n Lon, Bryn Celyn leaf, Nam, Oryn-du. Greenland, Carreg-Haul, Pen y Groes aad Pen yr A-it. Pen y Groes Cottage and Land Casteli, Casteli Cottage, Garreg Lwyd, Mur-y Cwpwl, Cilan-Fawr. Tyddyn-y-Twlo, Muriau, Cilan Uchaf, Tyddyn Pricciau, Fron rleu.og, Bryn-yr-Odyn, Ty'n Hohos. Mynydd y-Cilau Sheep walks, and several well secured Ground -Rente. on ViJa. Residences, and Licensed Pre nil6e8 IN THE PARISH OF CLYNNOG. Hengwtn Farm The whole of the above named Properties comprise a total area of 3650 ACRES or thereabouts. Particulars and Plans and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of Mrs Hastie (Solicitors for the Vendor), 65. Lincoins Inn Fields. London, W.C.; of Messrs Carter, Vincent and Co., Solici- Mrs of Carnarvon and Bangor; at the Auction- jere' Institute, 34, Russefl-equare. London; or of the Auctioneers. at their Offices, at Bangor or L'andudno. COUNTY OF DENBIGH. Near RUTHIN. IN THE VALE OF CLWYD. Sale of VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARMS, amall portions ot which are divided into CHOICE BUILDING SITES. MESSRS WM. DEW AND SON WIN OFFER for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at tfte GASTLfi HOTEL, RUTHIN, on MONDAY. DECEMBER 16th, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, he FREEHOLD FARMS of FFYNOGION and MERLLYN comprising over 225 acres. Ffynogion Farm, comprising about 113a. Sr. Dp., will in the lirst instance be offered as one Lot. Lot I.-FFYNOGION (part of), 91a. lr. 15p., makes a nice residential property, with good iAeadow and other land. Lots Z to lb.—Comprising 45,222 square yards, I)r thereabouts, are choice BUILDING SITES, <-tandirig ciose to Eyarth Station, and having ood rad frontages. Lots 13 to 30.—MERLLYN FARM, compris- ing 111a. lr. 30p., will ill the first instance be ottered in one lot. Lot 19.—MERLLYN (part of), 33a. lr. 2p., is a email residential property, with good land. Lots 2U to 23.—About 15,457 square yards; rts well as Lota 24 to 30, about <2,509 square yards; and Lots 31 to 36, the latter Lets being ,)4rtA of Ffynogion, comprising about 63,404 square yards, are all good Building Lou;, close to Evarth Station. All the above Lots will be offered as set forth in the Particulars and Plan of Sale, or in such Lots as ma.y be determined upon. Particulars. Plans, and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of A1 derm an Evan Jones, Bodremg, Bala; of Messrs Carter, Vincent and Co., Saii- ottore. Carnarvon and Bangor; at the Auction- eers' Institute. 34, Russell-square. London; or at the Auctioneers, &t their Offices, at Bangor JHKI UiarKtuono. SALE OF OUTLYING PORTIONS OF THE PENRHYN ESTATE. IN THE COUNTY OF CARNARVON. EN THE PARISHES OF ABERDARON, LLANDEG WNING, LLANMNGAN, AND LLANGIAN. MESSRS WM. DEW and SON have been in- structed by the Right Honourable Lord Penrhyn to OFFER FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the TOWN HALL, PWLLHELI, on MONDAY, DECEMBER 23rd, at 1.30, the fbllowing VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. In the Parish of Aberdaron. Caeau Ty'n Llan, formerly part of Bodernabwy, Bodernabwy Pendref, Cefn Coch, Penrhyn-Canol, Morfa Bach and Cae Howel (part of), Cefn Nona. and Felin Aberdaron, Coal Yard, Wheelwright's Shop, Bay View ViJla. (a Freehold Ground Rent), Cae Howel, Mur-Melyn, Deuglawdd, Gwythrian, Ty leaf, Rhos-y-bela, Bodermid Isaf, Cae Mur, Pen-y-Cwm, Llanllawen-Fawr, Ty- Mawr. In IJeyn, Parish of Llanengan: Towyn. Parishes of Llandegwning, Llanengan, and Llangian: Plas Neigwl or Neigwl Plae-, Rhcs Fawr, Cao'r y Chain, Neigwl Cano), Penrhyn- M-JAvr, the whole comprising about 1500 ACRES. Particulars, Plans and Conditions of Sale may be obtained 14 days prior to the Sale day, of Messrs Carter, Vincent and Co., Solicitors, Ban- gor and Carnarvon; at the Auctioneers' Insti- tute, 34, Russell-square, London; or of the Auctioneers, at their Officer, at Bangor and Llall- dudno. SALES BY AUCTION. Mr. John Pritchard, BANGOR, MENAI BRIDGE SMITHFIELD. MR JOHN PRITCHARD begs to announce toh»t has Twenty-sixth GREAT PRIZE FAT STOCK SALE, at the above SMITH- FIELD wiii be heid on MONDAY,* DECEM- BER 16tih, 1907. No further entries of abeep oaoi be accepted. Particulars of Prizea and Entry Forms may b-, obtained on application to the Auctioneer, Bodiiyfryd, Bangor. TREFFOS, LLANSADWRN, ANGLESEY. IMPORTANT SALE of MODERN and VALUABLE ANTIQUE FURNITURE, BOOKS, PICTURES, HORSES, SAD- DLERY, POULTRY, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, HAY, and other Effects. MR JOHN PRITCHARD is instructed by Robert Coulthard, Esq., who is leaving the district, to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, on the Premises, distant about 2 miles from Menai Bridge and from Llanfair Station, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, DEC. 10th and 11th, 1907, at 11 a.m. prompt., the whole of the Outdoor Effects, comprising briefly a well-bred Chestnut two years old Hunter Gelding, Chestnut three years old Hackney Pony, 13.1 hands (i roken tobe saddle), by "Julius Caeasar" out of "Queen Bee;" a Brown Hackney Foal, Dun Mountain Mare Pony, five years old, 12 hands, with Foaf; Pedi- gree Wel&h Cow, to calve in April; about 100 old English Game, Black Leghorn, and Cross- bred Poultry, and about 20 English Game Ban- tams, Poultry Houses, Incubators, Foster Mothers, Coops, Sitting Boxes, etc., about 17 tons of weil-harvested Hay, Six Heaps of Man- ures, Agricultural Implements, Horse-power, Shafting and Pullics, an excellent Float, good Cart, and fra-me, Water Cart, Pony, Irish Jaunting Car, Single and Tandem Harness, Sad- dlery, Iron Gates, Slate isierns, Galvanised Iron Tank, Garden Tools, etc., together with the grand Old Oak Furniture, which for generations have had a resting-place in this old Mansion, among which may be mentioned Jacobean Oak Refectory Table, Oak Panelli'ig, a Maichlets Cak Sideboard, 1622; a fine Owjibwrdd Tridam, a Jacobean Oak Cabinet or Dresser, Dower Chests, Gaia Tables, Old Oak Cabin-t 'rJ marble top, Oak Frees Cupboard, 1725; Oak Single and Arm Chairs, Antique Sexagonal Table, 3 Grandfather Clo-cks, 6 Marquoterio In-iaid High-back Chairs, Vvater Colour Drawings, Engravings, an Assort- ment of Modern Household Furniture, and other effects. On view Monday, Dec. 9th, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Catalogues of the Auction,or. Rodbyfryd, Bangor. rilO BE SOLD at Treffcs Sale, by special permission, Chestnut Filly, 'hrco rising four yeans, 14 hands, broken to saddle, 4r1 Har- ness, the property of Mr William Richards, of Bangor. UPPER 6ANCaCR. IMPORTANT SALE of a VALUABLE BLOCK of i* REEiriOLD PKUPEiifx, occupying the finest and most comiuan-u.iig position 111 tnns p¿rt of the City, ami comprising the wei; Kuowu fiiujiiy cind Commercial Hotel, The BELLE V Lx, t:,o commoaicius D\V ELLlNu ilk) L SlHiP. and PREMISES adjoining, the large YAW) with iiUJLDINGS erected tiiereoi;. and the DWELLING HOUSE. Slii~ i and PREMISES adjoining Twrgwvu Liu-pel, No. 1, SUMMER HiLL-'iEi-.i. Coiiege-road, also the spaciouc YARD wlfh gooa frontage to College-road. S/1"R JOHN I*RITCHARD ms;tructed by tlie Executors of the late Mrs JOR^S, deceased, to conduct the above Sale, at the QOEEJ.'i'S HEAD CAFE, BANGOR, on WEDNESDAY. DEC. 13th, 1907, at 2 p.m. Bodhytryd, Bangor. Solicitors: Messrs Carter, Vincent and Co., Bangor and Carnarvon Henry Parry and bons. CARNARVON. SECOND ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SHOW AND SALE, to be hela at THE LLANBP:BLIG-ROAD SALEYARD, CARNARVON, on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4th, 1907. ENTRIES comprise 104 Head of Splendid Fat Weish, Snorthorn, and Hereford. Cattle; 280 Prime Fat thice-year-cld Wetsn Wether; 40 Prime Fat Yearling Welsh Wethers; and 1 Prime Fat Welsh Lamb. After a personal inepection, the Auctioneers can, with confide rice, recotnmend the above Stock to all who require Ripe Fat Animals of tne best quality. Entries are from the following weli-known FeedersHon. F. G. Wynn, Glynlliton Park; C. G. Assheton-Smith, Esq., Vaynol Pai k; Meters Jones, Plas Llanfaglan; Jonei;, Poni^wem; Rt- bcrts, Rhosdita-n; B;ocklebank, Parkia; Griffithf, Bryn; Owens>, Penarth; Jon^s, B<}<kwlen; Davie.?,' Muriau; Pritchard,. Coed in anon Williams, Cer- rigbarcut; Wiliiaans, Foci Farm'; Jones, Tre- driw; Jones, Brynrhedyn; and many other lead- ing farmers of the Countv, too numerous to mention. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock obarp. Catalogues now ready. .« Thi? al>0vo Stock are nearly all to be sold without reserve," which is the Auctioneers0 motto. The Auctioneers wish to thank all the Butchers and Dealers who have supported them in the past, and hope of attaining the same support in future. 2084c Messrs Gillart and Sons, MACHYNLLETH and TOWYN. COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. NEAR MACHYNLLETH. SALE of a WELL-PLACED RESIDENCE and CHOICE FARMS. MESSRS GILLART and SONS are favoured with instructions to SUBMIT TO PUBLIC COMPETITION, at the LION HOTEL MACH- YNLLETH. on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10th 1907, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate within a shon distance of the we.i-known market town of Macaynlleth ino:uding an attractive and picturesque Residence and several very desirable Farms, a.s below:- Lot 1.—Ogofawr ™ „ 2.—Bwlchoroeefaen in x 77 3.—Ogofach jo „ 4.—Nowlin kf X ™ 63 0 15 „ 6.—Peunrhisglog 47 2 39 „ 7.—Garthgwynion Isaf Residence and Trocdyrhiw Farrii 179 3 26 t» *• i 3?6 0 27 Particulars etc., are m course of preparation and may be obtained in due course from Edmund GÙart, 1"' Solicitor, or the Auctioneers, both o Machyniieth. 2016c R. W. Lamb (Stcretary "Bangor and District Traders' Association"), AUCTIONEER, ACCOUNTANT, HOUSE AGENT, &c. 34^ OBME ROAD, BANGOR. IMPORTANT SALE OF NEW FURNITURE. MR R. W. LAMB, instructed by Mr D. E. Jones, Castle-hill, Bangor, will offer by PUBLIC AUCTION, in the RECHABITE HALL, FARRAR-ROAD, BANGOR, on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, DEC. 4th and 5th, 1907, at 11 a.m. each day, a selection of Goods from Stock comprising Dmwing-room, Dining-room, and Bedroom Suites, in oak, satin walnut, tapestry, eadeHebag, eheraton, and wal- nut, etc.; Wardrobes, Dining-room and Kitchen Tables, Roll-top Desk, oak and satinwcod Filing Cabinet, oak Grandfather's Clock, inlaid with mahogany; Brass and Iron Bedstefuls, Wire and Wool Mattresses, Over man ties, Mirrors, Easy and Wicker Chairs, Fancy Tables, Fenders, Fire Sets, Carpet Squares, Tea Services, Toilet Sets, Glass, Crockery, Mirrors, Va.-cq, and other mis- cellaneous items. On view mornings of Bale. A splendid opportunity for parties furnishing. Terms: Cash. 84, Orme-road, Bangor. 2083c T. W. Griffith. AUCTIONEER, VALUER, HOUSE & ESTATE AGENT. Town liall Chambers, Llandudno. Telegrams Griffith, Auctioneer, Llandudno. Telephone 0293. HOUSE. POPERTY and ESTATES MAN- AGED. AND REN J S COLLECTED IN LLANDUDNO AND DISTRICT. FUKNlSii r.D OR UXI'I D HOUSES TO LET OR FOR SALE. Music. PIANOFORTE, SINGING, HARMONY. LESSONS. JONES-OWEN, L.T.S.C., F.O.M., (LONO.), Music Master, Bethesda County SchooL Local Seo., London College of Music. CANDIDATES prepared for Examinations of the R.A.M., T.C.L., L.C.M., eto. Many Successes. Bangor and Penmaenmawr visited weekly.-For terms, apply MINAFON, BETHESDA. wl'& DANEDD GELLIR ymwelífd u. DR. JONES. Cr^ Owen V*: ([.,ear the Railway Station), Bangor, bob HANGM1 °- '*■ UJ!UW!G4N.KOAD. Gnc^ Dy^diau Mawrt^ ac lau. I Yn LliANERCHYMEDD (wedi .ymud i dy A« AMTWOU i??JU80)' 0 LKIEG tan Un. Ac AMLWCH, o Ddau tan Bump, gyda Mr Hughes, stationer. 8, Market-street, Gorphenaf 2U *r 30am; Awst 27ain, Medi 24aia. Hydref 22ain, lachwedd 19eg, a Rhag.vr 17eir ■7VR MrfrHH DA;hLLA.lNiBERIS> EBEN- KR Dydd Mawrth cynUf ar ol Sadwrn t*i AK-L,IDEN IS of all KINDS SICKNESS, EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY, BURU^AAVX auu FIDELITY GUARANTEE RISKS, INSURED AGAINST by the ailLWAY PiSSKBlibKS| ASSDRillCE CO CAPITAL (Fully Subscribed), Ct.000,000, CLAIMS PAID, £ 6,000,000. 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. A. Y IAN, cl.eta.r.1. AGENT. Mr R. Edwards, London and North-Western Railway, Holyhead. Liverpool Office: NORTH JOHN ST. Agents Required in Unrepresented Districts. 7282 THE PIONEER. RENOWNED GRCCZRY AND PROVISION STORES, MAES-SQUARE, PWLLHELI. i^INEST Selection in Hams and Baoon L tlutter and Cheese, Toas and Coffee, at frices wiihm the reach of all W, J. BATTERDEE, Pro; rietor. SITUATION# VACANT. MRS GRIFFITH, REGISTRY OFFICE7T ST. DA V'lD'S-ROAD. CARNARVON na." several good Servants, Cooks. H.P alo(\t;, and Gcncras for Private Houses and HotJ. 2052c FOR SALE VARIOUS. TMPORl'ANT IV ) M OTHElvS.- Every MotheT t who values the Health a.nd Cleanliness of ner chiid sr.ouid use H A H. R I 8 0 I, S lUU^.Aiii^r. NURSERY POMADE. One VPiua.i.K'n kiiis all Nits and Vermin, beautifiet -"d strengthen the Hair. in Tina, 4d and jd. Postage Id.—Geo. W Harrison, Chemist ib, h!OB.u-»i,eet. Reading. Sold by Ch* aii £ ts- ior Bangor: J Bowen. C-hem.-st Ca-iiLr • on. it itoueris. Chemist. street. Aber jst.wyth; W. M. Jones, CbemtM. Llandudno: J »v linei..Hist. Holyhead; J. Hugties. Ci^m t 408c FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. rpo BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY the several Stacks of well-harvested HAY of the growth of 1907 (except where otherwise slated), standing at the under-mentioned Stations on the Cambrian Railways, and estimated to contain the respective quantities, more or less, a so under-mentioned, viz. Estimated Estimated fcTAT.OJfS. V\ eiglit. Si'ATIOJJg. Weight. Tons. i, ouns Bank III fhree Cock 4 llettiatleia 4 faigarth al Wicxliam iianbryrimair 2 Llmifillin W jlanayll No. 1 } f ool Quay 71 „ No;t Buttiiigt jii 4i {uyalas > W elsiiyool No. i 64 >0rth I Montgomery ( uw dtreet ] >>°- .oerdovey U 1 VT- O? ATuauuth J'ct i Abcrmule nn. 8^ jniuaenyool t '• anoedr am Kerry (190C> Penaa n Newtown Nu vrlech (190«) ■I Ni). (190'1 ¡ Llanidloes (19. 7 ( Llam-iioes (lyu. 61 0, arnau at. Haruiuna coieth UJlùowlod For further particular, and to trea, -pply to S. WILLIAMSON, Oswestry, November, 1907. Secretary. Carnarvonshire billposting Company. rrUlE Bil. posters for Carnarvon, Pwllheli. A Nevin, Crtccieth, Portniudoc, Penygrootl. beddgeiert, Portdinorwic, etc. Parcels for Nantue Vaie, Ciynnog. Llanbcris, Ebenezer and Pwllheli district to bo addressed to 16 GAOL-STRiiET, PWLLHELI; and for all other places to the Head Office, 20. CASTLE-SQUARE. CARNARVON.




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