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BY AUCTION. Messrs Wm. Dew & Son, AUCi lON EERs. BANGOR and LLANDUDNO TO BE SOLD Pursuant to an Order of tne lhgh Court of J ustice made in an action W Lilame v. Wil- liams, 1302, W. 4U45, wth the approbation ot tho Judge, by Mii vyiLi^iaM ARTHUR DEW, tho person appointed by the said Judge, at the PUB- LIC IvuOMS, DULCELLbY, on TUESDAY, tfte 1st day ot OCTOBEit, liJUi, at ONE o'clock in the afternoon, FREEHOLD PROPERTY, In and the Town of DOLGELLEY, com- prising several Business Promises, D welling- iiciibco, BuiKling sues, and tho Fully-Licensod PuDiic-iiouae known as "LHE CROSS KEYS," itli being well and conveniently situated in the best parts ot the Town; also Acconimodauuu Fields near to the "Old Gaol," tno Ltwyn Saw ÓLUJ lwour Mills, valuable Accommodation Land or Bulling Sites in Fron Serth, with extensive Frontages to Good Roads; the Farm oi Doigun- lsal and Coed Fridd Arw Wood, the latter bomg about ten minutes' walk of the Town; the Two Upiand Farm known aa Ty Cerrig and Cae Ccch, situate near Drws-y-Nant Railway Station, in the Parish of Llaouwchilyn, all ni the County of Merioneth; together with the Up.and Farm of Ty'n-Llwyn, in the Parish of Daroweu, Montgomeryshire. Particulars, Plane, and Conditions of Salo may be obtained of the following Solicitors: Mes&ro Bole, Turner and Knight, 09, Aidermanbury, Loudon, E.G.; Bush, Mellor and Norris, 45, Lincoln's Fields, London, W.C.; David Lloyd and Son, Lampeter; Romer and Skan, 4, Cop- thall Buildings, London, Bentley and Jones, 3, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, W.C.; Minshall and Co., Llangollen; Emmet and Co., 14, Bioomsbury-square, London. \V.Co j Clayton, Son and Fargus, 10. Lancaster-place, Strand, London, W.C.; Woodcock, Ryiand and Parker, 15, Bioomsbury-square, London, W.C.; of Messrs WILLIAM GRIFFITH, SON, AND ADAMS, DOLGELLEY; at the Auctioneers' Institute, 24, Russell-square, London; or of the Auction- eer, at his Offices. at Ha rigor and Llandudno. Bj Order of the Executors of J. L. Muspratt, Esq., deceased. COUNTY OF FLINT. PARISH OF HOLYWELL. An Attractive Sale of a Valuable Freehold Resi- dential Property, consisting of the MANSION and fine Pasture, Arable, and Meadow Lands- known as "THE CORNIST HALL ESTATE," known as together with the Charming Modern Mansion, "CORNIST HALL," The Estate contains a total Acreage of 14 Acree or thereabouts of good Land and nicely-wooded Parklands, etc., tine Gardens, Stabling, Farm Buildings, Cot- tages, Lodges, etc., etc. This fine Property is most conveniently placed, within a mile of Flint Railway Station, making it within easy reach of the manufacturing and commercial English towns, the House is excep- tionally weil-built, the workmanship externally and internally being first-class, the Stabling and Out-buildings are of a high-class character, whilst the grounds are nicely laid out, and, n- deed, tho Property, 8.6 ofiered, is well worthy of the attention of those who are in quest of a high-class Residence, having the advantage of being within easy reach of the English commer- cial centres. MESSRS WM. DEW and SON will OFFER FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the ROYAL OAK HOTEL. FLINT, on MON- • DAY, OCTOBER 7tb. 1907, at 2.30, the above Valuable RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY. Particulars, Plan, Views, and Conditions of Sale caa be obtained from Mr J. Roland I* Muspratt, Solicitor, at his Offices, Prudential Buildings, Foregato-street, Chester, and Flint; of Messrs Wareing, Cropper, Son and Co., Solicitors, of Venice Chambers, 61, Loxd-strser, Liverpool; or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, at Bangor or Llandudno. CJ —— :—- Tc Close a Trust. COUNTY OF FLINT. PARISH OF HOLYWELL. IMPORTANT SALE OF A VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARM, containing 169a. lr. 2p., or thereabouts, oJ excellent Arable and Pasture Lands, together with the Modern and Well-built Farm Housee JrnoTfa GR r FKJTH and CASTELL NOBLE, (tow in the occupation of Mr Thomas Morris, as yearly tenant), and situate about 1 £ miles from the Market and County of Flint. MESSRS WM. DEW and SON win OFFER for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the ROYAL OAK HOTEL, FLINT, on MONDAY, the 7th day of OCTOBER, 1907, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon (or immediately after the Sale of the Cornist Hall Estate), subject to the Con- ditions of Sale there and then to be produced the above FREEHOLD PROPERTY, which is one of the best-known Farms in the locality, and which comprises Land of a produc- tive quality in a good state of cultivation-; It stands on an elevated position, and is in a healthy spot. The Farm House and Outbuildings are modern, extensive, and commodious, and the Property is weil adapted for Dairy Farming pur- poses. It is a good spot for game, and the sporting rights, which are in hand, will be included in the 88.1e. There is a large quantity of growing Timber, and this will also be included in the Sale. There Are also valuable Mineral Rights, com- prising the Minerals, under about 42a. 3r. 6p of the Land, and such Mineral Rights as belong to the Vendpr will be included in the Sale. Plans and Particulars of Sale may be obtained of Messrs H. A. Oope and Co., Solicitors, Holy- ,1»ell; at the Auctioneers' Institute, 34, Russell- square, London, W.C.; or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, at Bangor and Llandudno. COUNTY OF MERIONETH. IN THE TOWN OF HARLECH and in the PARISHES OF LLANDANWG, LLANFI- HANGEL-Y-TRAETHAU, LLANFAIR, and LLANENDDWYN. MESSRS WM. DEW and SON have boon instructed by Mrs Samuel Holland to OFFER FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the CASTLE HOTEL. HARLECH, on FRI- DAY, the 11th day of OCTOBER, 1907, at TWELVE o'clock noon, valuable Freehold Farms, SmaU. Holdings, Dwelling-houses and Gardens, a Fully L:cen6ed Family and Com- mercial Hotel, Detached Villa Residences, high- class Terrace Houses, Business Promises, Stable Yard, and several choice Building Sites, all in or near Hade fTryn, and Pensarn. Parfcioalare, Plans, a.nd Conditions of Sa!e may be obtained of Messrs Brecse, Jones, and Carson, Solicitors. Portniadoc; at the Auctioneers' In- stitute, 34, Russell-square, London, W.C.; or of tho Auctioneers, at their Offices at Bangor and Llandudno. NORTH WALES. IN THE CITY AND BOROUGH OF BANGOR. SALE of a FREEHOLD RESIDENTIAL BUILDING ESTATE, on the Banks of the Menai Straits, and Valuable BUSINESS PREMISES a.nd LAND in the best parts of the City. MESSRS WM. DEW and SON have been in- 1'-1. structed by Charles Garden Assheton- Smith, Esq., to OFFER for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the BRITISH HOTEL, BAN- GOR. on WEDNESDAY, tho 16th day of OCTOBER, 1907, at 2.30, those beautifully- placed PROPERTIES, being NANT PORTH, CAE COCH, COED MENAI, divided into 8 Valuable Building Plots, 5 having a frontage to the Menai Straits, and the re- maining 3 overlooking the same, and all com- manding magnificent and unrivalled landscape and sea scape views. THE LOOK-OUT, near UPPER BANGOR, in all, about 87 acres. Also, in the City :-VAYNOL HOUSE, lately known as "VAYNOL ARMS," comprising a capital Shop and Dwelling-house, together with Land at the back; also those imposing Buildings known as the "METROPOLITAN BANK BUILDINGS," High-street. Particulars, Plan, and Conditions of Sale may oe obtained of Messrs Hastie, Solicitors for the Vendor, of 65, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, W.C.; or Messrs Carter, Vincent and Co., Soli- citors, Carnarvon and Bangor; at the Auction- eers Institute, 34, Russell-square, London; or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, at Bangor and Llandudn





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