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WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. TD EECHAM'S PILLS JD Cure Bilious and Nervous Disorders. BEECH AM'S PiLLS JD Cure Constipation and Sick Headache. BEECHAM'S PILLS JD Ensure proper Assimilation of Food. "Tl BEECHAM'fcj PiLW JD Arouse Sluggish and Torpid Livers and Dispel Bile. t» EE CHAM'S PiLLS K Strengthen the Stomach.. | ) EE CHAM'S PILLS Cure Stomachic Troubles, such as Indi- gestion, Want of Appetite, Dyspepsia, F ubes after Meals. Vomitings, Sick- ness at the Stomach, etc. BEECHAM'S PILLS Give almost instant relief. T) EECHAM'S PILL"; JL) Cure Kebtlessness and Insomnia, and give sound ami refreshing sleep. PILLS B EEClL.UrS PILL: e rei,Jt of i.,idiscretion in JL) Remove the result of indiscretion m eating and drinking. i> EECHAM'S PILLS ) Are suitable for both young and old. T) EECHAM'S PILLS JD Will make you look well, feel well, and keep well. T) EBCHAM'S PILLS JL) Purify the Blood, and remove Scurvy, Pimples, rind Blotches on the Skin. 1) PILLS .1..> Remove Wind and Pains in the Stomach. TD EECHAM'S PILL;) JL) Give tone and energy to the Muscular system. EECHAM'S PILLS BAre the most reliable Family Medicine, JL) and should be kept, in every home. B EECH_-L'\I'S PILLS JL) Lay the foundation of Good Health. BEECH AM'S PILLS Are specially suitable for the Diseases and Ailments common to Females of all Ages, and they remove the cause of much suffering to the sex. BKECHAM'S PILLS JD Improve the Complexion, and restore the "rose-bud of health" to palli(I i cheeks. i }> EECHAM'S PILLS y Are rniki but effective in their action., r BEECHAM'S PILLS JL) Assist the Kidneys to perform their specjai functions. BEECHAM'S PILLS If taken in time will ward off many a serious illness. BEECHAM'S PILLS Have stood the test of over fifty years. BEECHAM'S PILL. Are sold everywhere, in "boxes. Is 1^-d and 2s 9J. containing 56 and 168 pills respectively Ski IF IN 3t6 and High Sire^i Burigpr. pIUxi.j?v.\ t7ZjL»-L» AA <Lfc> > PROPRIETOR. BREAKFASTS, Luncheons, and Dinners, are J) always ready. Visitors to Bangor will be encplied and charge a reasonable price at thi* ^Wjlishment. J. & S. ROBERTS, Ironmongers, Plumbers, Decorators, GAS, BELL AND HOT WATER FITTERS, PAPERHANGINGS. OIL AND COLO CB. WAREHOUSE HOUSE REPAIRS. — LLOYD STREET, LLANDUDflO. TRIUMPH sw mum-&" CYCLES Ewtl5 ILA 0 1 10-10-0 'L15-U-Q Oft BY EASY aDm uauII. j Mk tfa -ronnta f jiLwxra HZLIAMLm & £ tIogirsa/r £ B at application. „ QuStrffi Rbwcate 5TRID, Law-no m TiMirrr CXCLE CILLTD, Cwriiw t ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE COR- PORATION ,Boisbliohed by Royal Charter, A.D. 1720). I Chief Office ROYAL EXCHANGE, LONDON. Branch: 5, DALE-STREET, LIVERPOOL. I The Accumulated Funds Exceeds £ 4,000,0uc Oiaiiiia Paid Over £ 37,000,000. FIRE. Every Description of Fire Insurance transacted, Losses occasioned by Lightning will be paid » whether the property be set on fire or no*. j LIFE. The Corporation affords security of the highest QTfter, and declares Bonuses exceeding the aver- age distribution of Assurance Companies. The Conditions G; Assurance have been lately revised. A Proapectiu, Table of Bonta, and lialsnoe Sheet will be forwards oa application to Aanlwch—Mr S. H. SMITH, Old Bank. Bmger-Mr JAMES SMITH, J. Camanon-Mr (.. R. MES. „ Agents. j TO GARDENERS AND FLORISTS. T F you want a first-class Weekly Gardenicjf j J. P«pe>. which contains only sound, practical, and useful information on all subjects connected with the Garden and its Management, and an cur- rent Horticultural News, read THE GARDENING WORLD, whioh is published every FRIDAY MORNING. PRICE, Id. POST FREE, SOLD BY ALL NEWSAGENTS. 17, CATHERINE-STREET, COVENT GARDEN, NO. ( I WAVE CREST ¡ I ¡ ¡ Boai-ding I PENSION). CENTRE -4- c: !? FACING Slit. Mrs WALDEGRAVE^ALLENIir. I IDGHLY I <Cc: Mrs WALDEGRAVE ALLENBY. -x'c" 8676 PLAS MAWR, CONWAY I i I 1.j5 • THE 1 7 OLD t it N ii"7 7 j -v -4- ELIZABETHAN PALA03 Open Daily. 9im BENSON'S. I lllMEIEiT & GEM RINGS IN ALL DESIGNS, SET WITH fcrli.Isats, Ikiiralds, Prls, Rubies, Sapphires, Opals, &c., of the Purest Quality At MAKER'S CASH PRICES. Size Cards Post Free. I$S £ P iSl dP1 4Z-. Fear Is A Sapphires, 25/ Brilliants, £ 3 3s. Brillir.r.t*. £ !0. LAR^gT STOCK^ OF RIN^S IN. Ti^RLD. 1 'Tt:r^^Uie' and Brilliant, £ 5. Babies & Brilliants, iir.lliaatei, £ iO. £13. BENSONS GOLD & GEld JEWELLERYQ # Finc Qol^l Chain Bracelet, £ 3 3s. fif.-IJ I>arl Laciil'ia, 10/- ~]vo cldVro^eb, 21' — Fine Gold Brooch, 2G/ ami ,TRWKLr.K.HY SENT T,,trl, of the "World for P.O.O., payable nt C.r.O. OLD WATCRES an I JEWELLERY TAKEN IS EXCHANGE. ;iON'S BOOK of WATCHES, CLOCKS, CHAETS, ENGAGEMENT RIXGS, PLATE. &C., 1\ st 1; E. 1 J, Wo BEMSOM, Ltd., Si-stmFactory- 62 & 64, LUDGA l E HILL, LONDCN. ft.I jaWELT.HRY anti WATCHES con ted on "THE T1M"HS Novel NQTICC.. Plan ut MONTHLY PAYMENTS O £ .1 ana upwards. THE OLDEST HORTICU LTI; RAL NEWSPAPER. ■' ■■ 3d The Gardeners' 15s WEEKLY. YEARLY. Postage jTH f • 1 Post Chronicle Free. (THE "TIMES" OF HARTICULTURE). FOR S.XTY YEARS THE LEADING JOURNAL I Its contributors comprise the uioet I Experienced British Gardeners, I and many of the most Eminent Men of Science at home and abroad. IT HAS AN INTERNATIONAL REPUTATIO N FOR ITS ILLUSTRATIONS OF PLANTS. Specimen Copy post free on application to the Publisher, H. G. COVE, 41, WELLINGTON STREET, STRAND, LONDON. May be ordered of all Booksellers and Newsagents, and at the Railway Bookstalls. I ESTABLI SHED 1813. M. A. CROOKS, HIGH-CLASS BOOT & SHOE MAKER IS NOW SHOWING A LARGE AND FASHIONABLE SELECTION OF NEW SEASON'S GOODS, j FROM THE LEADING ENGLISH AND FOREIGN MAKERS. AGENT FOR THE CELEBRATED K" BOOTS AND SHOES Tennis, Cricket, and Boating Shoes. BOOTS AND SHOES MADE TO MEASURE. REPAIRS. 222, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, AND UXBRIGE SQUARE, MENAI BRIDGE. 7350. MOON'S HOTEL, LIAS DUD HO 00 t:t o o I CG iz ro IQ) Q ,"0 & I w o Q Q) ü m m M o :r 0 ONE MINUTE WALK FROM CENTRE OF PROMENADE AND STATION THE MOST POPULAR PRIVATE HOTEL. NEW BILLIARD AND RECREATION ROOMS.* PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SITTING ROOMS, ALSO NUMEROUS AIRY AND WELL-APPOINTED BEDROOMS. SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION FOR HOCKEY, CRICKET TEAMS, AND CYCLISTS. GOOD BATHROOM. Charges Moderate. W. Winch, Proprietor. z .f THE CRAIGYDON Boarding Establishment (Temperance), LLANDUDNO. Facing the ea. Terms Moderate, Misses MMdletoii & Wood, Proprietresses. 81 -)oj. I f- ._7- There's Security in Mr ri MHr ABSOLUTELY CURE OQHB P ^SSSUBj^A Dyspepsia, Indigestion, ■ B I 9 y* Dizziness, Flashes of B ■ B HOBBMI lT| Heat, Nausea, Drowsi- JaMMm ness, Acid Eructations, Jf Qm gEJiW #1 Bad Taste in the Mouth, ■ \f Lg LJ 1 I Coated Tongue, Black J yg | 1 Specks floating before IHB V the Eyes, Flatulency, m Wind about the Heart. jT^I B B Pains between the Shoulder Blades, Bilious, Sick r" | and Nervous Headaches, Distress from too Hearty Eating, Constipation, Yellow Skin, Heartburn, Pasty Complexion, Sluggish Liver, Great Mental Depression, and a general feeling Small Pill Of being below par. Small Dose. In glass tubes. 13W. Of all eftemists. Note steel-engraved labels Small P»ice blue letters on wLite ground, and name of proprietors, Carter —— Medicine Co. Dose, one at night; but the first night take three. They "TOUGH" the LIVER, But be SURE they are (SMRTER'S. < -r"T''T' "r"=;II.i;&I'"1-r-T;Y"sP""A\ j—~ t..—n-nT"inrrw>^tt' Tiwirnmw —. ii i i.rr"ni ivrr-at BwagBmMjj AUb, Now OJ I", (Of LIVERPOOL) Ir tJ § mi ill B A I °^R fIlD fOR OLftt 1 J I ■ ■ 1111 U s £ TffAt £ C lilEil.'ll SySTFV I V 1 1 4 1 11 F.1o 'S rA.o^e" I di |il I 11 Bi 1 lrt £ ^THl H I ■ I i IE I$M IS'f1{ o,att. Bff°'Œ OC PER PUc, « THE LARGEST STOCK OF 1 PIANOS, ORGANS & HARMONIUMS TO CHOOSE FROM .AND FINEST SHOWROOMS IN WALES. om TIMINGS A*n REPAIRS ev PRACTICALWORKMtK. n CHANE qSONS, A AJ.1. COMMI/HtCATIONS tlI WREXHAM. 1 2d WEEKLY. ESTABLISHED 1848. WEEKLY, 2d. THE JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURE COTTAGE GARDENER AND HOME FARMER. Edited by JOHN WRIGHT, F.R.H.S., Y.M.H., assisted by a Staff of the Best Writers on PRACTICAL GARDENING. During FIFTY-TWO YEA.s the "JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURE" haa been written by Gardeners for Gardeners, and in its prin ciplos, its practice, and its price it still remains the same. One alteration is perhaps, however, necessary. Our modem metkeds of pro- duction have rendered the price old-faeh ioned, and hence in order to Illt the wikhes of the present generation of Gardeners the "JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURE" will, from July 26th, 1900, be soli for TWOPENCE instead of Threepence. TERMS OF SUMCREPTION:-Ora Quarterns; Half Year, 5s 6d; One Yenr, 10s 6d. 41stj YEAR OF PUBLICATION. NOW READY. Price ls; Poet Free, Is 3d. The HORTICULTURAL DtRECTORY for 1900. This Work contains over 16,000 up-to-date Add of Nurserymen, Seedsmen, Florists, Gardeners, and Country Seats throughout the United Kingdom with a List the principal Nurserymen, etc., on the Continent and in the Colonies. OSW08S: 12, MITRE OOUBT CHAMBERS, FLKBT STREET, LONDON, E. C. [ CHATS WORTH SOUSE 4, Gloddaeth Crescent. Centre of Grand Parade. Facing Sea I LLANDUDNO. ,.¡;2..L v. FIRST CLASS BOARDING AND PRIVATE HOTEL ODER.A..TE ITVBMBae—Biwiw^itfiiKnt.1.1 imuuniMw miwi. ii LLANDUDNO. Vincent's High-Classp;iate & Family Hotel. SITUATED in the Oentre of the MARINE PARADE, Ðnq possesses the most ex- teslve Sea Frontage on the Parade' al ^o5 John'^Vi^ Proprieto^ 1t. MOSTYN ARMS HOfSG, iLJL\yj)L Conway Road, LLANDUDNO. Architect, Moetyn Estate Office, Llandudno, and contains all the Latest Conveniences. ELECTRIC LIGHT THROUGHOUT. HOT and COLD BATHS, LAVATORIES, etc., on EACH LANDING. SPACIOUS COFFEE, DRAWING, SMOKE. AND BILLIARD ROOMS. Families, Tourists, and others patronising this Hotel will find every Comfort and Attention with very Moderate Charges. C.T.C. Hotel. FULL LICENCE. GOOD STABLING. Few Minutes from Station, Promenade, Pier, and Golf Links. Telephone, No. 113. SAMUEL HUGHES, Proprietor. 8555 (For last 13 years Secretary of Llandudno Pier Co., Ltd.). Whi I HI I i1 iI'll ii Willi fWi'wmBMj«iinwwniwii'*in)H "U':I8'J'nr''1\ -T.Q!Ir'7"C'J,¡' "FERNDALE" Boarding Establishment, LTjA..r DU i>3sro, NEAR STATION AND CENTRE OF PARADE. Vf PEARSON, Proprietor. 9145 The Promenade Hotel AND RESTAURANT, 15, SO Dr H PARADE, L LAND U D NO. [OPPOSITE THE PIER] "Xl/L IR, S XD I O X 1ST [Late of Birmingham] FIRST-CLASS REFRESHMENT, LUNCHEON, DINING AND SUPPER ROOMS WHERE VIANDS of the Finest Quality at most Moderate Prices are Served at all W Hours. Special Accommodation Provided for Visitors. Ladies' Coffee Boom. English and German CONFECTIONERY, ICES, CREAMS, and JELLIES. Balls, Dinners, Parties, &c., Catered for at Moderate Charges. &.A'1t_.L-t,¿t.1iiï..l-)')" _t-< The Waterloo Hotel, Bettws-y-coed. to the Waterloo Bridge and a few minutes' walk from the Railway Station (turn to the left at the top of Station Road). Excellent Stabling and Lock-up Coach Houses. Posting in all its Branches. LARGE LAWN TENNIS GROUNDS. Coaching to LLANBERIS AND BEDDGELERT DAILY in connection with the L. and N. W. Railway Co. l An excellent 9-hole Golf Course has been opened in connection with this HOTEL, and is FREE TO VISITORS. ^BI L"L I ARBS. For Tariff of Charges apply to B. L. McCULLOCH, Proprietor. eMIII""lIR- .¡.t- tMt!t)!<M )!< <!)! DEGANWY CASTLE HOTEL Half way between Llaududnc and the Junction, Directly facing Conway Gas tie and Bridges. The nearest Hotel to the celebrated Carnarvonshire Golf Links, and within easy dietenee et the North Wales Links. V-SJTIKSr FOR ALL COACHING AND RAILWAY EXCURSIONS. BOATING. BATHING, TENNIS, BILLIARDS. GOLF Good Accommodation for Cyclists. TARIFF ON APPLICATION TO Mrs TRITTON, PROPRIETRESS