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AM BOB MATH 0 I I ARGRAPHWAIIH j 1 A LLY FC ?.W YMIAD K AT q Nixon»Jarvisj v- GYFERBYN A'R CLOO B A N 0 0 n W. PARRY & SON, General Ironmongers, 327. HIGH STREET BANGOR. AMMUNITION < ELECTRO-PLATED GOODS LAMPS! in the very Latest Designs, Suitable for 1 Ghurohes, Chapels Publio Rooms, and Private Use. A LARGE STOCK TO SELECT FROM AT PRICES TO SUIT ALL BUYERS. 17856 TITTO Artistic, Hygienic, can be re- W _| vJTU dressed iu any style, fit guaran- teed. Finest workmanship. Detection impossible. T?T) TATT7 U made on the premises XV* IN VJT Hi in all sbade9 of curled hair, which wifi stand all climates and wet weather. Guaranteed to remain in curl. From 7/6. fjl A X f CI °f Pure Human Hair. Extra X A1 Lio fine quality from 2/ made up at 2/- per COMBINGS ounce. PRIVATE SALOON FOR LADIES' HAIRDRESS- ING AND SHAMPOOING. Prices on application to R. B. WATSON, Opposite The Cathedral. 16812 BAN GOB. Connah & Co., HIGH STREET, BANGOR. (Opposite W. 0. Williams' and Adjoining Bangor Football Ground.) LOOK THROUGH THIS LIST! CHILDREN'S MACHINES, With Pneumatic Tyree, from B5 5 0 DRUID ODGLE, With Midland Pneumatic Tyres, £110 0 ROYAL WELSH, Dunlop Tyres, from £ 10 10 0 ROYAL CAMBRIAN, from JB1210 0 We are SOLE DISTRICT AGENTS for Hum- ber, Raleigh, Enfield, Orescent, New Hudson, Oyoiee. A Large and Complete Stock of each kept, and any Standard Pattern can be supplied samp day. ACCESSORIES. No Retail Firm has a Larger Stock than we have. OUR PRICES are as low or lower than Gamage, Pigott, 01 any of the London Stores. We have the ONLY REPAIR FACTORY IN rHB KINGDOM, having built a large and thor- oughly equipped Factory to attend specially to TSfwani Plating and Enamelling Plant laid dsnm, and all repairs attended to strictly in rota-, tion, we also repair for the trade. 17611 OWEN OWEN & CO.'S WINTER NOVELTIES. MANTLES « COSTUMES. THE NEW MIWNERY, FURS! FURS!! FURS! IAMIM UNDERCLOTHING CORSETS, GLOVES, The Now Costume Tweeds, 8id, V-, 1/3, 1/6, 1/11, 2/6. MACINTOSHES, UMBRELLAS, BLANKETS, FLANNELS, OVERCOATS, MEN'S & BOYS' CLOTHING CLOTHING CLUBS AND CHARITIES SUPPLIED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. Owen Owen <& Co., Castle Hill, Bangor. 17671 W. RICHARDS, FISH, GAME, AND POULTRY MERCHANT. 172 and 174, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. t Telephone, No. 28. 14990 S. W INIFRED'S CHURCH OF ENGLAND Public Day and Boarding School FOR GIRLS, BANGOR, N. WALES. Tifldtar THE LORD BISHOP OF BANGOSU Provoefc: REV. ARTHUR TALBOT. Lady Warden: MISS A. M. COLERIDGE. Hon. Chaplain: The Very Rev. THE DEAN OF BANGOR. Headmistress: MISS E. L. WELOHMAfif, LL.A. THIS SCHOOL offers an Education preparatory to Cambridge Local, R.A.M., and South Kensugton Examinations, with definite Church teaching. _0 Terms for Boarders from 31 Guineas per an- num; Day Pupils, 9 Guineas; Day Boarders, 15 Guinew. A, 1045 yiOLlN LESSONS. vt ISS ISABEL HEWITT and MISS MAR. GARET HEWITT give LESSONS at Own or Pupil's Residence. Peiimaenmawr, Conway, Llandudno, and Col- wyn Bay visited. Bodafon, Upper Bangor. 14837 BALA COUNTY SCHOOL. Headmaster J. C. EVANS. M.A., Formerly Powis Exhibitioner and Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford, and liate Assistant-Ma ter Christ College, Brecon. Mathematical and Science Master:— A. L. TURNER, B.A. (London), Formerly Master of Stratford on Avon Granmar School and Rochester Mathematical School Drawing, Book-keeping, eto. O. R. OWEN (London University). NEW BUILDINGS admirably fitted with tvery convenience for Boarders. Preparation for the Universities, Civil Service, Preparation for the Universities, Civil Service, Preliminaries of the Law. thfd Medicine, and the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, and good Commercial Course. Boyt attend theplace of worship selected by parents BOARD AND TUITION (inclusive charge), f.36 per annum. Recently Scholarships have been obtained direct from School at the University Colleges, Lampetex College, and Clifton College, also there have been several Matriculations, including Two at London Uni versity (in 1st Division). DISTINCTIONS IN OXFORD LOCAL EXAMINA TIONS. Among the Seniors 2 Certificates of Exemptioi from Responsions (the First Examination at Oxfor. University); 7th place, in all England in English 2nd and 50bh, England in English 33rd place Re- ligious Knowledge. Juniors.—7th, 13th, and 24th, in Greek 7th, 17ti 30th, and 58th, in Latin 11th, 36th, 32nd, 42nd and 58th, in English; 36th, in Mathematics; 24tJ and 25th, in religious Knowledge. For particulars apply to Headmaster. < EN DAL, MILNE, & CO LETrER ORDERS HAVE CAREFUL AND tj EXPEDITIOUS ATTENTION. PATTERNS SENT POST FREE. CARRIAGE PAID on PURCHASES of 20a and UPWARDS. KENDAL. MILNE, & CO.. MANCHESTER. 1256 .¡¡. Private Christmas Cards. SAMPLB BOOKS NOW roaDY. JARVIS & FOSTER LORNE HOUSE, BANGOR. 17815 By TO HER Special Majesty APTOtWTMKST TH- QUEBIT. AND H.R.H. TB. PRINCKSS OF WALES MESSRS BROWN & Co., SILK MERCERS, E ASTGATE ROW, CHESTER, Are now prepared with a COMPLETE SELECTION OF NEW GOODS FOR THE AUTUMN SEASON. SILKS, DRESS MATERIALS, NEW JACKETS and MANTLES, 16310 LATEST MILLINERY, FURS. OOLWYB BAY ANr DISTRICT ADVERTISING AID BBLLPOSTIKG CO. LTD BEING Owners of Private Stations in all these places, they can POST your Bills at a much less met than by giving the work into different hm&Apply for terms to J. R. MORRIS, Managing Director and Secretary, VICTOR-ROAD, OOLWYN BAY. A DAIRY I FOR THE SALE OF MILK, CREAM, BUTTER, CHEESE EGGS, <fcc., &c.y HAS BEEN OPENED AT 2539 High Street G^Kluse) Bangor under the Management of MISS MARY EYTON LLOYD, N.D.D.. of the Brookhouse Dairy Farm, Denbigii. Every possible care has been taken to sipply Milk from Cattle that have been tested, examined and pronounced free from Tuberculosis. Appended is a copy of a certificate recently re- ceived. September 1st, 1899. Tan y Graig, Denbigh. I certify that I have tested with tuberculin the Dairy Cows at Brook House Farm, and in my opinion they are free from tuberculosis and diseases of the udder. 18915 J. H. WYNNE, M.R.C.V S.L. THE BRITISH HOTEL, BANGOR, N.W. Close to Railway Station. a FIRST-CLASS HOTEL for FAMILIES A and COMMERCIALS; entirely under new Management, with many years' experience. HOT LUNCHEON Daily from 12.30 to 2.30 p.m., 2s. TABLE D'HOTE at 7 p. m. 3a 6d. > BEDS from 2s. WEEK END TARIFF ON APPLICATION. HOT and COLD BATHS. BILLIARDS, PLEASURE GROUNDS, TENNIS LAWN, GOOD STABLING, and LOCK UP COACH-HOUSE. Telephone No. 58. OMNIBUS meet all trains, and will convey pas- sengers to all parts of the town. FARES:—To the Pier, 6d; Half-way, 3d. R. GRIFFITHS Proprietor (Late Crown Hotel, Pwllheli). 17920 TANGYES GAS & OIL ENGINES1 —Apply, TANGYES, LIMITED, 13, DEANSGATE. MANCHESTER. SCIENTIFIC PA LMISTRY MISS BRAIN, FELLOW of the CHEIROLOGICAL SOCIETY, LONDON. ADVICE ON HEALTH AND OCCUPATION. OONSULTATIONS DAILY. 48, MOSTYN STRART, LLANDUDNO. 8602 Important to Advertisers. LARGEST CIRCULATION IN WALES. The combined circulation of these Journals is sruch as to énsur the most extensive publicity fo" all announcements throughout Wales, amongst English firms having business relations with the Principality, and amongst Welshmen generally throughout the United Kingdom. I Istablished 1807. "THE NORTH WALES CHRONICLE" And Advertiser for the Principality. The Oldest Established Newspaper in North Wales, and extensively circulated every SATURDAY MORNING throughout Wales, and amongst Welsh- men in England, Ireland, and Scotland. Advertise- ments for insertion in the "North Wales Chronicle" should reach the Office not later than FRIDAY MORNING. Price Twopence. Free by post for a Year, lis; and 13s on credit. It circulates among the upper and middle classes throughout Wales, those who possess purchasing power, and is con- sequently justly esteemed a first-rate paper for advertisements of real property, whether for sale by public auction or private treaty; while in re- spect of letting estates, mansions, houses, farms, etc., it is considered by the principal auctioneers and. land agents one of the best papers in the" Princi- pality. Established 1854. THE ORIGINAL THE ORIGINAL LLANDUDNO DIRECTORY AND VISITOR, Containing List of VISITORS for Llandudno and District. The "Directory" can be obtained in Llandudno at the Publishing Office, Caxton House, 133, Mostyn- street. Splendid medium for Advertisements, which should be received at the Offices in Bangor, or in L'az:dud::o, early on Wednesdays. Free by Post, fur a .ea: 6s 6u and 7a 6d on credit. Established 1881. G W A L I A. A High-class Welsh Newspaper, price Id. Eight Pages, 56 columns. Every Monday Evening. Sold regularly in every Town and Village throughout Wales, and in Liverpool, Manchester, etc., by over 500 Agents. The contents of the Paper are particu- larly directed to the landed gentry and farmers, the industrial and general working classes, the literary classes, especially Olergy and Ministers. PublisheThe North Wales Chronicle Co., Ltd.. Caxton House, Bangor. SCALE OF CHARGES "North Wales Chronicle," "Original Llandudno Directory," and "Gwalia" (Welsh). Per Line Per Inch s. d. s. d. Parliamentary Notices, Election Addresses 1 0 10 0 Prospectuses of Public Companies and Government and Chancery Notices 0 9 7 6 Legal and Publio Notices, Sales of Real Property,and Miscellaneous 0 6 5 0 Publications, Local Concerts, En- tertainments, etc., I. 0 3 2 6 The above Advertisements are Scaled by Type Measure, the actual print lines not being counted. When Advertisements are inserted in more than one paper, a deduction of 50 per cent. off Scalfc Price is made for each extra paper. TRADE ADDRESSES.—These are inserted at Reasonable Rates, varying according to space taken up and number of insertions ordered; when the order is for 52 insertions, the price is Is per inch Single Column, and 2s per inch Double Column. A considerable reduction is made when more thaa two inches are taken. PARAGRAPH ADVERTISEMENTS. Charged at 6d per line: Special Positions at Is per line. CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Under the bead of "Wanted," "To Let," or "To be Sold," One Insertion. In In 2 Papers In 3 Paper One or 2 Insertions or 3 Insertion Paper, in One Paper, in One Papers Words. a d « a ad 18 10 19 2 0 24 16 2 6 3 0 32 2 0 3 3 4 0 I 48 3 0 4 0 5 0 Extra Insertions charged Pro. Rata.-Twopence extra if replies are to be addressed to the Office. Remittances.—Cheques and P.O. Orders to be made payable to D. William*.—Stamps not received tor amounts exceeding Two Shillings and Sixpence. GLOBE I FURNISHING COMPANY, 12 TO 18 PEMBhOKE PLACE ¡ LIVERPOOL- CYFLENWIR DODREFN AM ARIAN neu ar ein CYNLLUN ARBENIG 0 HUR-BRYNIANT AM ARIAN PAROD. SYLWER.—Y mae ein oynllun o Hur-bryniant yn hollol wahanol i unrhyw un arall, ac y mae mera wedi derbyn cymeradwyaeth uchel gan yr oil o'r wasg leol. NI OFYNIR UNRSYW SICRWYDD; SI CHODIR UNRHYW .GOSXAU CHWANEiiOL AR EIN CYNLLUN O EUR-BP.YNIANT. Y mae ein dull teg a chyfiawn o srario yn mlaen ein tmsnes, ein telerau rhesymol, an prisjau isel, mor adnabyddus trwy yr oU o Ogledd Lloegr a Chymru, fel nad oes angqn urirhvv,)!)Yada,u pKllach. 7 rip ELERAU— Yr ydym yn rnuddi i'n Owsmeriaid y rhagorfrai- o drefnu eu telerau eu hunain i dalu, gan mai hv wyr pa faint a ailant iforddio dalu bob wythn neu fix. Anfonir yr holl Nwyddau a wertbir genym vi rhad a digost i unrhyw ran o'r Deyrnas Gyfunol. Gellir cael Vans preifaf," os yn ofynol. Ni chodir unrhyw dal. I Bydd i arolygiad ar ein hystoc foddloni y rhai* a fwriadant brynu ein bod yn rhoddi gwell gwerth nag unrhyw Dy Dodrefnol arall ax y cynllun o Arr- bryniant yn y wlad. DODREFNU AM ARLAN, NEU EIN CYNLLUN G HUR-BRYNIANT AM ARIAN PAROD. J Anfonir ein Rhagleni Newydd, ein "Catalogue" niaWr ac addurnedig, trwy y llythyrdy yn rnad, ond gwneud cais am danynt. GLOBE FXTENISHING COMPANY, (J. R. GRANT, Perchenog), 12 TO 18, PEMBROKE-PLACE LIVERPOOL. Oriait Busnes :—9 yn y boreu i 8 y nos. Dydd Sadwrn :—9 yn. y boreu hyd 6 y nos. 9646 4 AMERICAN LINE. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. SOUTHAMPTON—NEW YORK SERVICE. SOUTHAMPTON to NEW YORK SATURDAYS, at Noon. alGHEST CLASS of Accommodation for Sal- *-JL oon, Second Cabin, and Steerage Passen- gers. LIVERPOOL PHILADELPHIA SERVICE. Every WEDNESDAY. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA, Calling at Queenatown every Thursday. Passengers and Goods are landed at Philadel- phia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which has the Shortest and most Direct Route tb all places in the Western States.—Apply to Rich- ardson, Spence and Co., Southampton or Liver- pool, or to Local Agents:—Edward Jones, 173, High-street, Bangor; Hugh Hughes, 8, Market- row, Amlwch; H. J. Williams, 50, High-street, Betheeda; T. J. Williams, Meirion-terrace,^ Blaenau Festiniog; J. R. Statin, Station-road, Colwyn Bav: W. Jones, Rose Hill-street, Con- way O. Jones, Old Post-office, Penygroes; T. Evans and Co., Station Chambers, Rhyl. 8136 ALLAN LI N E £ BS TO CANADA and the UNITED STATES. SAILINGS FROM LIVERFOOL. w e. LAURBNTIAN for Portland Dee. 9tt. 11.9. CARTHAGINIAN for-St. John's N.F.. amd Halifax Doe. Wth •s.«. BUENOS AYREAN for Portland Dec. 16th s.s. PARISIAN for Hahfar, and- Portland Dec. 21st. *CMff»loniy. • SALOON FARE FROM L10. SECOND CABIN, 27; STEERAGE, JB5. Through Tickets to all points at special rates. CANADA.—Handbooks, Maps, Rates, and Ful. Particulars free on application to Allan Brothers and Co., 19, James-street, Liverpool; to M. Goldie, 217, High-street, Bangor; W. J. Parry, Coetmot iard, Bethesda; or to T. Mills, North Wales Art Studio, Garth, Bangor. 16402 YN EISIEU, -Pedair Geneth Gref yn JL GENERALS; o 16 i 20 oed: ca-rtref cysurus cyflog o 14p i 18p; a chapel Cymraeg.—Address, Miss Newton, Underbank, stockpoit, Cheshire. 3148 IT^OXES.—-WANTED, at once, Two or Three freslh caught Wild FOXES. — Apply, with price, Pierce Williams, Cefni Rug, Corwen. 3152 Benthyca Arian yn Gyfrinachol. R PROMISSORY NOTE f BENTHYCIWR JlEI HUN. Mae yr un sydd a'i enw isod edig, ar PROMISSORY NOTE Y BENTHYC- IWR EI HUN. Mae yr un sydd a'i enw isod wedi ymsefydlu ers 08 i 30 mlynedd, a phob acaser wedi cario yntalaen w. fusneg dan ÈI ENW EI HUN. Y mae wedi ymdrechu yn wastadol i actio yndeg ac mewn dull gwyneb-agoredf. ,ac y mae efe wedi derbvn OANOEDD LAWER 0 LYTHYRAU 0 WERTHFAWROGIAD A DIOLCHGARWCH oddiwrth y rhai fuont yn delio ag ef. NI CHODIR DIM TAL RHAGFLAENOL. NI OHYMERIR BILLS OF SALE. TELIR SYLW DIATTREG I YMHOLIADAU. Bydd i Prospectuses, Telerau Benthyciadau, ac unrhyw hysbysrwydd arall a ddymunir, gael ei L-yflenwi YN DDIDAL trwy apelio, un ai yn ber- sonol neu trwy lythyr, at GEORGE PAYNE, Accountant, 18158-3077, 3, Crescent-^Rhyl. OUR MARVELLOUS OFFER. F- R B T» ALL. 60s. SILVER WATCH AND CEHAIK. It would be ridiculous to expect us to contrin giving: away these Watches and Ohtains for any length of time, so kindly tend at ouce if tow wish "to secure one. This is our Third) Hugs Advertisement, and by it we are determined to bring our name before the public. As guarantee of good faith we impose this con- dition. Every person sending for our Manellous Offer must purchase one of our 22-carat Gold cased Brooohes or Soarf Pins, price 18 6d each. On rakeipb of Is 6d' we will immediately send Iroach. or Scarf Pin as ordered IN A SMALL UASE. We will ALiSO SEND OUR MARVELLOUS OFFER BY SAME POST. Please note, the Watches and Chain* are entirely free. Send Is 6d P.O. or Stamps, and also a stamped addressed envelope with your full name and address.—RENNIE and OO. (Dept. 39), 236, Saschiehsll-street, Glasgow.

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