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Price ONE PENN :1 4 I Ihe Original Llandudno I Directory And Visitor, Established 1854 ý ]" Publishing Office OPPER MOSTYN SWT Xiargest Penny Paper Published in LLANDUDNO. Local News. C Local Notes. ^Cfee .u Directory ie by for ^he Best Local Paper. It bas grown with Llan- dudno. All the influen- tial Residents take it and scores are sent away weekly to Visitors j all over Englanddurmg the Winter Months. The Reports Mr tm u Directory I AB. WPoPLHD BT IIZIAAABLE ADD QUALIFIED REPORTERS. The "Directory" is the Original Pioneer Newspaper in Llandud- no. Efforts have been made to rival it, b-it the Old established Jour- nal more than maintains its position. Get the n'RECTOHTT Every SATURDAY VHVH THK WBEK'S NEWS. SMtablished XSOV J ARTISTIC | GENERAL rRmuNu Promptly and Neatly Xxosatea Reasonable Prices, at the NORTH WALES CHRONICLE Printing Works., Caxton House, High Street, BAN GOB. yiFTY NEW FOUNTS of the Latest Faces have lately-been added to ill. JOBBING DEPARTMENT,which makes it now one on the LARGEST (PRINTING PLANTS -IN WALBS. All the Machinery i Ab* Dkivrn by a Powerful"Otto' Gas Engine, Wkieh hare been adapted t. ran at the Quickest Speed Possible. All Orders careiully attended to. Aucti^Kneers' I PRINTING lkeeiited with Neatness and Deapateh. Particulars of SALE With or without Plana, POSTERS I -0f Concerts, Bazaars, Sales, &e.9 PLAIN OR IN COLOURS. 46burch and Chapel Printing of evexy Description. Programmes Tickets. In Memoriam Cards, Ball Programmes, Menus, &c. ELECTION ADDRESSES. I Colour Ornamental Printing PAMPHLETS I !I Of every Description in English; or Welsh. ;1 T1T|—^ Head Pubi/shing Office. North Wales Gferonicle Office, High St., Bangor. Branch Publishing Offices Directory Office, Upper Mostyn Street, Llandudno. Clorianydd" Office, Bridge St., Llangefni. ¡. Portal Addrets North Wales Chronicle Office, Bangor. Telegraphic Address Chronicle," Bangor TETBPHWfB Nc7. BITTERS Gwilym Evans. Meddyginiaeth Lysieuol Berffeithaf yr Oes CANMOLIR GAN | T Y 8TI0L A ST HA U FEDDYGON, Mae'r cryd a a Ileagedd, • DADANSODDWYR, A phob anhwybfebblin, 0 flaen y Quimne Bitters FFERYLLWI-R, Yn ffoi i'w lo ei hun. CYNONFARDD. A MILOEDD o Gleifion sydd wedi cael iuckall Ysgrifenai y Parch Jfcm.es Simkin, Woodleaves, trwyddo, ar ol i bob moddion arall fethu. QUININE Brr^^atlLYM^EVANS*^ ted yn foddion i lwyr adfeiyd fy macbgen i'w iechyd." MEDDYGINIAETH B- G. E effeithiol Bitters Gwilym Evans. MEDD • MEDDYGON. Penuwch, Llangeitho, Hydref, 1802. BITTERS GWILYM EVANS Anwyl Syr,—Mae amxyw aelodau o'm teulu yn atwttoa Twwvn rrviTTAWW wanaidd en hiechyd, yn enwedig mom merched ADFERA IECHYD CYFLAWN. sydd wedi tyfu i fyny yn dal iawn. Mae yn dioddef yn fawr oddiwrth ddiffyg anadl ar ol vr ymdrech MEDDYGINIAETH leiaf wrth ddilyn ei goruchwylion. Byddaf yn oadw .LYSIEUOL A PHUR Quinine Bitters Gwilym Evans bob amser yn y MUTm ninAvoAnnrnvD ty, gan fy mod yn cael ei fod yn gwneud mwy o MEDD DADANSODDWYR. lea i'm plant na dim a gawsant erioed.—Yr eiddoch, ——— PARCH D. W. JOEB. BETTERS GWILYM EVANS. PAPXH D. W. JONM. NI ddylai UN TEULU Bitters Gwilym Evans. FOD HEBDDO. 24, Lynton-street, Salford. ———— Mehefin 23, 1893. MEDDYGINIAETH Yoneddigion,-Blinid fi yn fawr gan Bronchitis — xir\7Tvr\T a xtttcj ddydo a nos, ac er bod dan dnniaeth meddvgon yn JjW xJJl/lAN Uo yr Hospital# nid oeddwn fawr gwell. Anogwyd fi MEDD, FFERYLLWYR. i roddi prawf ar Quinine Bitters Gwilym Evans. ———- Cefais esjnwythad mawr jnewn byr amser. ac erbyn BITTERS GWILYM EVANS, yr wy/ P61^011 *JaU* vNi-Sdd? bytn mwy beb botektKi o bono vn y ty.—Yr eiddoch, MYNWCH EI GAEL. etc., Mrs S. PARKINSON. Y Feddtfginiaeth lawr Gytnreig. GOCHELWCH DWYLLWYR. Os cynygir rhyw ddarpariaeth arall i unrhyw brynwr, dan yr esgus ei fod yn llawn cyrtal a llawer rbatach, hyderir,y bydd iddo ei wrthod yn benderfynol. Gall fod yn sicr fod ymgais yn cael ei wneud i'w dwyilo. Gwerthir ef mewn potelau 2s 9c yr unj dwbl maint, 4s 6c; blychau yn cynWys tair potel 4« 6c am 12s 6o. I'w cael yn mhob man, neu danfonir yn rhad am y prisiau ucbod yn ddyogel tr#y poet yn uniongyrchol oddiwrth y perchenogion— Quinine Bitters Manufacturing Co. (Limited), JLlanelly, S. "Wales, 1113 Yi Prif Oruchrwyliwr yn America- Mr R. D. WILLIAMS, Medical Hall, Plymouth, Pennsylvania. CENTRAL LIBRARY (in connection with Mudie's), UPPER MOSTYN-STREET, LLANDUDNO. Reduced Terms of SHbscriptions. £ hefolio wing are a few of the books now tai circulation:— j >His,Darling Sin By M. E. Braddon. I Wayfarer's All Leslie Keith. Mn,, Dunbar' &-cmlb Alan St. Aubya. On Tcial Zack. JDpmetibap Tom Gallon. Ifce Stapmother Mrs Alexander. All Sorts L. T. Meade. -Tlbe.Lordof the.!Haa-vest M. B. Edwards. Adam Grigsoo Mrs De La Paaturt. The Human Interest Violet Hant. Jted Pottare M. Cholmondeley. Sellout's .Man*fer Ormisboa Chant. A Legacy of Hale Theo. Douglas, Tl» Pursuit of Cwnella C. Black. Shfp of Stans By Q. Earfeka Owen Hall. IFor a God; Dishonoured A:$on of .Erni Annie Swaa. The Doctor De Vere Stackpoole. doncernin^ Isabel Garnaby Fowler. My lLady Frivol Rosa Caroy. A Name to Conjure With Strange Winter. Terence. B. M. Oroker. The King's Mirror Anthony Hope. <w Men L. T. Meade Blake of Orièl Adeline Sergeant. Angles' .Unawares E. Blaclmore. A Crimson Crime Manville Fenn. Kitt Kennedy Crockett. Mamnion ani!zC-,o E. F. Benson. My Dear Sir H Vogel. Baiby Wilkinson, V.C. Colonel Newnham Davis. Miranda of the Balcony A.E. llaaon. To London Town A. Morrisen. The Path of a Star J.. Dunoets. A Cerner of tthe West H. Fdwler. A Semi-detached "Marriage A. Ke»eolv. The Honour of Vivian Bruce Mrs Needem. The Human Boy Eden Phillpotts. Giles Ingleby W. E. N orria. The Harold Frederic. Ridair, The Devil Louis Becke. J Siren City Benjamin Swift. lone March S. K. Crockett. War to the Knife Rolf Boldrewood. A Rational Marriage F. Marryat^ Petticoat Loose Rita. Mollie's Pvince Roea Carey. Hope, the JBtennit Edna Lyal. Peggy of the iBartona Croker. Our W^idow Florence Warden. Torn Sails Allen Raine. Bam Wildfire Helen Mather. House of Hidden Treasure Maxwell Gray. The Widower W. E. Norris. A Story-teller's Pack F. R. Stockton. Roden'x Comer fl. Seton Merriman. Dicky Monteith Tom Gallon. The Londoners R. S. Hitehens. Red Axe Guy Boothby. King's Jackal Davie. Her Memory Maarten Maartens. If Sinners Entice Thee William Le Queux. Belling The Cat iPerringtuD. Primm. Phantom Army Max Pemberton. Christian Hall Caine. Olive Roscoe Everette Green. PIANOFORTES ON SALE AND HIRE. Woodley'f New Map of flarda"o and District Mounted on Clot)-. Published at 1 156 €N»1SSH AND FOREIGN FRUITS E. SMITH 3Eis to intimate to Residents and Visitors ht he &as cpmmenced Business in above Depart- meats at P A R K HOUSE. J..J'Ower Mostyn Street, ENGLISH AND FOREIGN FRUITS IN EVERY VARIETY. A,bo a Fresh Supply Daily of GREENGROCERY. TI-N AND BOTTLE FRUITS Orders celled for Daily if required. 84,66 HC66 C. T. C. THE LLANDUDNO C000A HOUSE, Temperance Hotel 66, MOSTvM-S'i'REtT Breakfast or T-sa, with Co-.d Beef, Is. „ „ Ham, 18. "Eggs Is. Ham & Fggsol/3 Plain 3d. DINNERS DAILY from 12 to 3. CHOPS AND STEAKS. Large and Small Partis Catered for. — BEDS. I 8677 BEEVES-HUGHBS. NIXON & JARYIS '"Late Griffith Davies, Member of the United Billposters' Association), BILLPOSTERS, &c., BANK PLACE, BAN60B, N.B.—PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF PROPRIETORSHIP. Prtpared undtr Medical Instruction. FERRU- COCOA ENRICHES THE BLOOD mad fa THE ONLY COCOA oontmfnlng FERRUBMOUS ELEMENTS. FREE SAMPLES SENT TO ALL ■Ob Applioation (msntioiiing; thia Paper) to fix Ferru-Cocoa Mallufacfg Co. Ltd. 829, GOSWBTLI ROAD, LOKDON, B.C. NANTLLE VALE. W. GRIFFITH pAVIEP, Billposter, Distributor, & Town Crier, Penygroes, R.S.O., r-r: Wales OfHBIi OF ALLTHE OHlEF POBiING HTATIONS. /CONTRACT takes for Bill['Oft«ug & D \J jug on Penyfroes,NaatUe & Duir.>te or miloci roukd House and Estate Agency Office. HSTABLISHBD 1857. J. HUGHES & CO.. AGENTS AND VALUERS, CENTRAL CHAMBERS, Corner of MOSTYN AND LLOYD STREETS, LLANDUDNO. HAVfi ALWAYS First Claas FURNISHM) JH RESIDENCES TO LET. Firok Ole" APARTMENTS. Aleo UNFURNI-SHSD HOUSES TO LET and FOR SALE. SHOPS and BUSINESS PREMISES in Variety FOR SALE and TO LET. Also FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD LAND. VALUERS FOR PROBATE, eie., ate. MONEY PROCURED ON MORTGAGE AT Low Rate of Interest. RENT COLLECTORS, etc., eta 8691 Masonic Hall (Llandudno). IMPORTANT NOTICE. MESSRS J. w. ROGERS and OO. respectful- ly INTIMATE to their numerous PA- TRONS and the PtimIC generally that they will RESUME their WEEKLY AUCTION SALES within the above spacious Sale Rooms (the fiaeort in North Wales), on WEDNESDAY, Oct. 4th, 1899 Parties having HOUSES OF FURNITURE to DISPOSE OF will find this a ready and satisfac- tory medium to realise to their satisfaction. THE HALL IS NOW OPEN FOR CONSIGNMENTS of aU descriptions of Property for absolute Sale. Cash advanced upon same (if required). MODERATE TERMS WITH IMMEDIATE CASH SETTLEMENTS. Houses of Furniture bought outright, if desued. EBghsst Refexneeas upon application. 7546 Messrn i). PARRY & SONS CENTRAL CHAMBERS, g LO W llBdudno. ESTATE AGENTS and AUCTIONEERS. VALUERS for PROBATE, LICENSED VICTUALLERS, etc. PRCPERTJKS ier- tiALE. FURNISHED and UNFURNISHED HObtfKJi TO LET. 853& k-


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