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SHIP INN .Ita tlD d 318. High Sixes* Bangor. fiXOxiAtuJ WIlilitAMS, HOPFJETOR BHBxSJe1 A^'PS, Luncheons, an<i dinners, are 1) alwy fHKviy. Visitors to BAV.,Ror will be .;1 e'»ar^ 3 reasonable prioe t-t this Betab* ent j, a aobeets, | Plumbers) j y-' J J. '.f if ,(, :.) J Decorators, | M II Iv.f I, -1 I> SI OT PAPEJRHAIR. WS, 0 LAND COLODnT^EHOU8E a 0 U R I c)-frmthiw R a ) -Ra.-f LLOYD STREET LLANDWONO j For Liver, Indigestion, and Constipation, taiic !& THIERRY'S BALSAM. AN UNEQUALLED REMEDY. Price 1/U per Bottle. For Wounds, Piles, and all kinds of Sores, use THIERRY'S OINTMENT. A CERTAIN OUBE. Prioe AI8 pw Pat. "tt bj HAMILTON and JONBS, Mukplace, Bmw. or post free at same prioea direct from A. imSkry, «y, Fanringion-atreefc, London. I'-r.r th* Blood It the Lift." Clarke's j Blood g Mixture P THE WORLD-FAMED BLOOD PURIFIER, = j Sl is warrauted to Cleanse the Blood from all • g iniparicies from whatever cause arising. iP> h'or Scrofula, Scurvy, Eczema, Bad Legs, E I Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, 8kin and j vp Blood Diseases, Blackheads^ Pimples and < fcjl Sori'3 at' all kinds, its effects are marvellous. 1 f-'l Tho-jsar.i.!? of Testimonials of wonderful ( H cu»«-3 have been received from all parts of = ij th- worhl. y-j The Editor of the "Fixiet Doctor" ij th- worhl. y-j The Editor of the "Fixiet Doctor" tSjeaya;—"We have seen hosts of letters j £ j; bearing testimony to the truly wonderful S cur^ effected by Clarke's Blood Mixture, j ( til It is tlo finest Blood Purifier that Seienoe ) jrii and Medical Skill have brought to light, j 3- and we can with the utmost confidence B recommend it to our subscribers and the i 0 pU'Jlic generally." ? i As this Mixture is pleasant to the taste ^? and v<n: ranted free from anything injurious j tu tire most delicate constitution of either t. fr. iru infancy to old age, the Proprietors j 1:f so M't suiforera to give it a trial to test its T\ vikte. Sold by Chemists everywhere. ■cj Asic for il Clarkes i |l Blood i 1 Mixture i «- and beware of worthleee imitations. EVERY VISITOR TO LLANDUDNO SHOULD ( BUY WILLIAMS' ILLUSTBATED GUlDE TO LiAKDUDNO CONTAINING a history and description of Con- %j way Castle, the Vale of Conway, Llanrwst, Bettwsycoed, Capei Curig, Swallow Waterfalls, and otibfic places of interest in the Snowdonian district; Ceivya Bay, Penmaenmawr, laanfairfechan, Aber, ete., with directions how to see them at the least possible expense and losa of time. The New Edition contains 100 pages of reading matter, and gives much valuable information to the Residents as well as Visitors, such as the Authorised Hackney Carriage, Boating, and Bathing FareF., Postal Information, Railway Fares, Town Porter, changes, etc., etc., Walks, Brake Drives, Steamboat Communication, etc. "The work is very comprehensive. A num- bar of historical facts not generally known are intro- duced, and to the traveller will increase the interest he must naturally take in making a tour of this re- mantic neighbourhood. "Liverpool Mercury." "The book is full of a mass of really useful and practical information. There are directions to the todriat whero to go and how to go at the least posad | expense and loss of time."—"Liverpool Courier." "Will be found as useful as it is cheap."—"Liverpool Daily Post." Crown 8vo., 100 pages, contains map of T and numerous Illustrations. IMPORTANT TO LLANDUDN HOUSEHOLDERS. OWING to the numerous letters receive weekly desiring a LLANDUDNO DIREC. TORY 8f VISITOR forwarded, containing « liist; &.PABTMENTB & FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. wa have decided so 8j srf. a Column headed, GOMFORTABLEOUARTERB 10 AT LLANDUDNO and inuert itin A PromiufntPoaitiou in bel)iredory everv week. Tbw will giq. rtoprietora of BOARDING 1 ESTABLISHMENTS and LODGINGHOU8ES a ocd opportunity of bringing their Advertisements directly before the notice of Inteoding Visitors to Llandudno. We offer Specially Moderate Terms or Rasidanta thus to advertise, an onder 28 Words (five lines), the Season, for 25s. All the year round for 3Us. Terms for oue naertion and upwards at nnaftl ea CLARKE'S SAff PILLS SPS warranted to oon, in titbsr sex, all w^uirfld or coft- ptitational Dischargss from the Urinary Organs, Grarei, and Pains in the bade. Free from Mercury. Established toward* of 30 years. In boxes 4s. 6d. each, of all ^1,—■». and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the ■World, or sent for sixty stamps by the makers, The Lincow M MMlMd Counties Drag Oompaar. Liacuh. It INTING"T JjOSTERS for Auctioneers, Tradesmen, X Bazaars, Sales of Work, Leoturea, Publio Meetings, Conoerta, Tea Meetings. Balls, *o., in one, two or tbres colours. Auctioneers' Catalogues and Partionlars of Sales, Tradesmen's Prioe Lists, Cironlars, Memorandums, Note Heads and Cards, Coccert Programmes and Tickets Tickets of Adm ssion to Bazaars, Sales of Work, Lectures, Entertainments, Publio and Tea Meetings, Ball Programmes, Menu Cards, and every description of LETTERPRESS PRINTING SXSCCTXD ITS IT EAT NESS AND DESPATCH M it TH* Lowest Possible Prices At 1KB v Llandudno Directory PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT. OAXTON ■JOSTYN STREBT LLANDUDNO. THE" CRAIG YDON Boarding Establishment (Temperance), < LLANDUDNO. Facing the Sea. Terms Moderate. Misses Middleton" Wood, Proprietresses. 8716 CAMBRIDGE RESTAURANT, f entral Mostyn Street, AND TEMPERANCE HOTEL, LLOYD-STREET, U1 sk. n 4m. ILX C-t x*. o • Proprietor Richard Williams. FIRST CLASS CONFECTIONERY. SPBCIAL ACCOMMODATION FOR CHOIR AND PICNIC PARTIHB. 8666 h.A 1 THE WATERLOO HOTEL, BETTWS-Y-COED Close to the Waterloo Bridge and a few minutes' walk from the Railway Station (tarn to the left at the top of Station Road). Excellent Stabling and Lock-up Coach Houses Postina in all its branches. — # La-rge Lawn Tennis Grounds. COACHING to LLANBERIS AND BEDDGELERT DAILY in connection with the L. and N. W. Railway CO. GOLF '—Ab excellent 9-hole Golf Course has been opened in connection with this HOTBL, and is FREB TO VISITORS BILLI ARD S. Ot Tariff of Charges apply tn i -t), o 1-i Proprietor v- -Jd. For COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS. Dq. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S IGHLORODYNE a TKJI Special Senice COrpl. in the recent J ¡.. gpBCXKO Aøhanti Expedition. I bought a .:a amall bottle just before leaving London for Weat Africa, and having DT83ITT1KT terorted s<S»e of my comrades with DB. J. COLH8 BBQWKB Tl equal sncceas (though some of them n MS-~—~ wereTery bad). I should be very glad virs^iw^¥fireT»Y to QBNEBAL BOARD of HEALTH, to recommend it to anyone about t» S°tte SOLE I§: SgJrtS winfmhM nan-T hem mibllahed. it la evi- D1ABBHU5A. To 3. T. Davenport. djent that any statement to tie effect THB n.LTTSTBATKD LONI>OK guttm^mBt^da^nticri^thPr. HKWS «>f Sept. «, 18B6. m»»: TkH. J. COLLI8 BBOVSl'l Bwwue » Chlorodyne mutt btfaUt.— "if i ware ariced which single medicine | J OHLORODYNB rapidly cuts •pp. J. COLLI S B B OWNB-S I ahort aU attacks of 1/7 C HLOROD YNE -Vice ChM- JaShito the exclnsion of Mothers, "TOPZLBBSY, SPASMS, M wF i 11 yf' S.ASS"TwSr onTT^fq I shonid »av OHIiOBODTW*. Inerer jjj COLIC, PALPITATION, publicly in Conrt that Dr. J. COLLI» tr&Tp) witnont it. and its general wvrtkuia BROWNE was UNDOUBTEDLY the "Sef or a large HYSTBBIA. INVENTOR of CHLORODyNEttfa»t rm^iber ofeimple tonuJi the whole story of the defendant Free- ^■mm0nJl«.Wrm" TBPOHTAKT CAtTTION.—The ^hiSb^nswomto^ 1 IMMENSE SALE of this REMEDY ■ ssw§'a^iagss'uBNAKs > r\E J- COLLIS BEOWN2 8- Sib»—I wish to ffive pubuc observe Trade Mark. OfallChemwts. Lk \J CHLOBODYNE is the TBTTB m0ny to the infinite y&lne whioh tout Sole Manufacturer, i ATEXTBAL<fl^1'^ CANCBB. 1 JN TC50THACHB. aaBPMATiaM. pcored to sereral members d thai W. Great Russell Street, W.C. LLANDUDNO WEST BUILDING PLOTS for SALE IN THE ABOVE CHARMING SITUATION, With Option of Buying by Deferred Payments. FIRST-CLASS VILLA SITES Between Gloddaeth Street and 8us;gr>sted Site for New Church FOR PARTICULARS APPuY TO Messrs Smiths, Go,e Co., Surveyors, 43:10 16, Whitehall Place, Westminster, S.W _L' 'r' "1&1" TAwy Touak 99 LllfERa is ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE, BILIOUSNESS, TORPID LIVER, INDIGESTION, 0 CONSTIPATION, Km M Small Pill. JjH SALLOW SKIN, SKB 1 I Small Price. f¥ IJ c 1t DIZZINESS, r ▼ W Small Dose. w FURRED TONGUE. ONE AT NIGHT. Be sure they ere CARTER'S. i MOON'S HOTEL, 1 LIAIDUDMO ¡ )m I œ 0 rd tR o CD rl C" t4 L 't' e. o i 0 ONE MINUTB WALK FROXCENIBB >F PROMENADB ANb STATION mfi jvsoit popular private hoiel NEW BILLIARD AWD RECREATION BOOHS.* PUBLiC AND PRIVATE SITTING ROOMS, ALSO NUMEROUS AIRY AND WELL-APPOINTED BEDROOMS. GOOD BAT-AOOM. ACCOMMODATION FOR CYCLISTS. Charges Moderate. W. Winch, Proprietor. THE PROMENADE HOTEL AND RESTAURANT, 15J SOUTH PARADE, LLt"NOUDNO. [OPPOSITE THE PIEP41 r': RS IDIOIKLIUsT [LATE OF BiR-biaNG 'V FIRST-CLASS REFRESHMENT, LUNCHEON, DINING AND SUPPER ROOMS WHERE Viands of the Finest Quality at most Moderate Prices, are Serve& tt all hours Vy Special Accommodation Provided for Visitors ladies' Coffee lmoom English and German CONFECTIONERY, ICES, CREAMS and. JELLIES BALLS, DINNERS, PARTIES &c., Catered for at Moderate Charges .f-IJ IWMYFAKMOOTEEr Conway Road, LLANDUDNO. THIS HOTHL is newly-built, from Designs by G. A. Humphreys, Esq., Architect, Mostyn, ¡, L Estate Office, Llandudno, and contains all the Latest Cc-citience& ELECT RIO LIGHT THROUGHOUT. I HOT and COLD BATHS, LAVATORIES, etc., on BACH LANDING. SPACIOUS COFFEE, DRAWING, SMOKE. AND BILLIARD 4k BOOMS. Families,' Tourists, and others patronisingthis Hotel will find every Comfort and Attantioa, with very Moderate Charges. C.T.C. Hotel. > • FULL LICENCE. GOOD. STABLISTG. Few Minutes from Station, Promenade, Pier, and Golf Lisks. Telephone, No. 113/ SAMUELHUGHES, Proprietor. 8555 (For last 13 years Secretary of Llandudno Pier Co., Ltd.). A& A W _111- FLAS MAWB, CONWAY -'Z; 4! THE OLD I rA ir- ELIZABETHAN PALACE Open Daily. I66Ø 86BB -I. 46 BAD SORES AND OLD WOUNDS. B This invaluable Ointment readily cures bad legs, bad breasts, and ulcerations of all kin3s, ■ Aiiy sore if treated by this celebratet Ointment will promptly yield to its wonderful healing K properties. Holloway s Pills should be ,iken to purify the blood. These famous medicines are n known throughout the world for their unrivalled efficacy. & RHEUMATIC PAINS, V For the «\ire of gout ?nd rheumatism or settled aches and pains it is most important that this W truly marvellous Ointment should be thoroughly rubbed over the complaining parts twice a day. L Its soothing influence will soon be felt, and a cute will quickly follow i.f the Pills be taken to lessen ■ the inflammation and purify the blood. P ENLARGEMENT OF THE LEGS, GLANDULAR AND I I OTHER SWELLINGS, .1 H In the reduction of all glandular swellings no remedy equals tJv's :coinparable Ointment; it ■ B prevents the formation of extianeous growths, and is an invaluable remedy checking all chronic ■ f discharges; when diligently rubbed into 'he parts affected, the won* case will yield in a H J comparatively short space of time. I I COLDS AND SOR& THROATS. | ■ For bronchitis, shortness of breath, cold, *.nd sore throats. tlii» Ointment may be considered N ■ as marvellous if most effectually rubbed intc- the suffering parts night and inking at *he C ■ same time a few doses of Holloway's invaluable Pills. A cure is sure to otten-l t1. is reatment. ■ I SKIN DISEASES. I m This Ointmtf-t is a certain remedy for all diseases èf t1)e ,.1,ill, -vhe'htfr sin»pie wi.vpUcated» ■ Scurvy, ringwonn, blotches, pimples, and other cutaneous (Hvw :e: aiv at once « radic.ati-d by this B invaluable Ungtient. B fht. Ointment and Pills are at I'HOMAS I s Lstr.:>li-r.m'nt, I 78. NEW OXFORD STREET (LATE 533, OXFORD STREET), 1 .ONDON } g also by nearly <-reiy respectable Vendor of M^diciiii iii P>»jx;-s''m; at is 2. 9< 4/. 6&t il IU. 22s., and 33*. each The 2s. *}< sue contains three ;ini<-s th«? -„-<iaiuitv of e si)i,;lle>t size jw fte' 6 d. size six; ti>e IU. size sixtren; the a??. M-nv-u'v-c >i- the }y <•!« fifty-two B times the quantity ol the sinalU-r -v'i.u .u.-o 1 '«">xet. B Full printed directions arc aftxeil e>ch P«»t an< 5V" au.i vsn. ha,a ^y lan-4«ag«. 11,3, Advice Gratis, ano\"e ad4rs.>3. daily, tho hour? of 11 iuid 4. or by letter. M L Full printed directions arc aftxeil t- r"t au.i vsn. in lan-4«ag«. 11,3, Advice Gratis, pt tbf, ad4rs.>3. daily, ii tho z. r. of 11 iuid 4. or by letter. M f ii~ C'HATSWORTH HOUSE. 4. Gloddaeth Crescent, Centre of Grand Parade .Pacing Sea LLANDUDNO. FliRST CLASS BOARDING AND PRIVATE HOTEL. MODERATE TADRXrr. me L L A N D U D N 0 v I N C E N T S HIGH-CLASS PRIVATE AND FAMILY HOTEL, BS and posaesses the most extensive Sea Fro*Ug& on the Parade: also an uninterrupted ant qm§ roandicg Tiew of the Carnarvonshire MountaiM. LbFTY AND WELL-ARRANGED SMOK»G roandicg Tiew of the Carnarvonshire MountaiM. < Private Sitting Rooms Facing the Sea. LbFTY AND WELL-ARRANGED SMOKJNG AND BILLIARD ROOM, EXTENSIVE TENNIS COURTS. x'ARIFF (gradaatad aocordinA to th* sesaea of the year) en application to 7605a JOHN VINCENT, Proprietor "FERNDALE" Boarding Establishment, xJrJ^.]srr>xjaD3sro, SEAR STATION AND OHJtTRB OF PARADE. W. PEARSON, Proprietor. s silt MAGHNO HOTEL, P-EN-M Near BETTWSYCOED. IsTo. 11 C OACH TOURS. THE »b«v6 H»tol is picturesquely situated ia tka Tale •! Pemmackn' ab«at 4| mile* off B«ttwayco«4 Stat First-clais accommodati»m f*r Families and T«*rists. Brakes will bs at Bettwsycoed Station froai know*™™8 MQight. Th#V,lla £ Penmacka# ftboamds 'i* objects of interMt, comprising w Fairy Glen, Conway Falls, Pandy Mills, Old Roman Bridge, And tbe Traditional DEVIL'S CHAIR, nd magnificent; Mountain Scenery BIVER BEI2TG- FSB FOM. TKOUT FISHING. Tickets may be had at all Railway Station*. Fare fo the trip, 8s each from Bottws t* the Hotel. Brak will return to meet trains for the coast at, tiae Hotel. W. HAYDN DAVIES, Provriettr WAVE CREST LLANDT-TDNO. r Boarding (En CENTRE OF GRAND PARADE. FACING lHODKB tTE TARI FF HIGHLY RIECOMMENDEI). a. THE CLIFTON Private and Commercial Hotel" BOAKLlNG ESTABLISHMENT & RESTAURANT. VAUGHAN STREET, LLANDUDNO. OPPOSITE STATION. ONB MINUTE FROM PARADE FITTED WITH EVERT MODERN CONVENIENCE Good Cuisine. Stock Rooms, Parties Cateredfor EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION FOR CYLCISTS. 87 Mrs K. JONES, Proprietress HOLLY BANK, BOARDING ESTABLISHMENT & PRIVATE HOTEL Vaughan Street, Llandudno, MIDWAY BETWEEN THE RAILWAY STATION AND ESPLANADE (ONE MINUTBS* WALK FROM PARADE). THTS ESTABLISHMENT lias been built with, a Special View of ensuring the Oomfort of Visi- tors^ to replete with all Modern Improvements, the Sanitary Arrangements being Perfect* aad kas iiifbt been mueh Enlarged. A MBERAL TABLE IS MAINTAINBD, AND A GOOD SMOKSROOM PROVIDED. FOR TARIFF, ETC., APPLY TO- UBS SAMUEL ROBERTS, Proprietress. P.O:A.:J.t: ici DEGANWY CASTLE HOTEL Half way between Llandudnt and the Junction. Directly facing Conway Cafatle and Bridges. 'II1e nearest Hotel to the celebrated Carnarvonshire Golf Links, and within easy distance of. the Nerth Wales Lws. C. JVENIBNT FOR ALL COACHING AND RAILWAY EXCURSIONS. BOATING. BATHING, TENNIS, BILLIARDS. GOLF Good Accommodation for Cyclists. Å ON APPLICATION TO A- Mils TEITTON, PROPRIETRESS. l