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SKIP INK 3te end 318. High Stree Bangor. VflCKAKD -^TXLlilAMS' • PROPRIETOR. VKl- Luncheons, and Binnars, are w/ly. VtAitors 1c Baujior will be s r^socfcbie yrioe "»■ tfewc 'ln w. J O r 3 Q K 1 Kaekoi «t. Ge's Cr:v3cant, L lJ A N C 1: D :1 0 ¡ ¡ chairs^ hire. A HiKU BAUROWrf FOii SALfi OH HIRE. INVALID CHAIK8 FOR BALE OB HIRE. 2192 1 I a B.OEESXS, Ironmongers, Plumbers, I Decorators, < .J (/ù ,_Ii t'&i (¡\') 1 8, €*&», IFSJF.T* A^ £ > HOT) ,7 '3C r.i' PAPEliHANGlNGS, OIL AND COLOUR A 1-1. E H 0 U S E a QUo^- REPAIRS. lov.-> street liandudno. • ClAHSS'S t¿¡ Iæe wrantcd to euro, in either set. all acquired or con- I Btitrticnal f!¡"cÏ1:trges from tha Uu-iry Organs, Gravel, and Pains in the back. Free ir-im Mercury. Established cpwaris of 30 years. In boxeu 4s. 6d. each, of all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World, or sent for sixty stamps by the makers, The Lincoln tlnd 1fidland Counties Drug Company, Lincoln* E MOST nutritious COCOA. E P P S'S: bwateful-cowifortinq. COCOA FOR BREAKFAST AND SUPPER. TO GARDENERS AND FLORISTS. j TF you want a first-class Weekly Gardening A Paper which contains only sound, practical, and useful information on all subjects oonnected with the Garden and its Management, and all cur- rpnt Hartoicultuial News, read THE OARDBNING WORLD, whioh is published every FRIDAY MORNING, i PivICE, 11. l'C:3T FREE, ld. SOLD BY ALL NEWSAGENTS. 1 17, CASPHERINE-STREET, COYENT GARDEN, EO. 1 /Y" THE FARMER AND CHAMBER OF AGRICULTURE JOURNAL. EVBRY MONDAY—ONE PENNY. THIS JOURNAL, in its 42nd year, is now pub- -L lished at ONE PENNY weekly, and is the laro-eat, cheapest, and best Agricultural Paper. It contains alt »ha Agricultural News of the Week. the Latest MwkeW, and numerous original and interesting articles on Farming subjects by the leading Agricubural Writers of the day. SHOULD BE IN THE HANDS OF EVERY FARMER. May 1ta ordeved through any Newsagent, at the Railway Bookstalls, or will be supplied direct from I tal the OFFICE, 291, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. Sabscripftion, post free, 6s 6d per annum. IMPORTANT TO LLANDUDN j HOUSEHOLDERS. OWING to the numerous lsttars we receive weekly desiring a LLANDUDNO DIREG• TORY Sf VISITOR forwarded, containing a List j of APARTMENTS & FURNISHED HOUSES I TO LET. ws ha.78 decided to start a Column headed, 'COMFORTABLE QDARTERS AT LLANDUDNO litn1 insert tin ProcuinentPoaitiou in theDIrectory fcT?•?'/ week. Thia will Iziv- rroprietora of BOARDING ¡ ESTABLISHMENTS and LODGINGHOUSE8 a good opportunity of briuging their Advertisements Sicily botere the notice of Intending Visitors to no We of{ir opecially Moderate Terms or Residents thus to advertise, as aader:- 23 Worcis (five lines), the Season, for 25a. All the year round for 30u. Terms for one insertion and upwards s.t. naaalratea. ;400. PRINT! N.S: f jOBTERS for Auctioneers, Tradesman, k. Bazaars, Sales of Work, Leotarea, pnh'.ie Meetiuga, Concerts, Tea Meetings, Pl1, &c., in cue, two or three colours, /uctioneera' Catalogues and Particulars of f{c.i33, Tradesmen's Price Lists, Circulars, jftnrrtccf.adumf, Note Heads and Cards, ,,o-ace" t Programmsa and Tickets Tickets of A dm Buion to Bazaara, les of Work, Lsctsres, EntL Pqodo and Tea Meetings, Ball Progrtiniicaes, Mean Cards, &d f-Y deMrip;;ioD of lETTERPnESS PRNTIHC XX*.CtjTKD *T ■ A T N E S: AND D E S P A TCH NT AT THE Lowest Pf.^sihle Prices A1 tHN i Llandudno Directory I aiNTiNG ESTABLISHMENT, CiXTON HOUSE, 87RF,RT LL No. Royal Hotel, Capel Curig. First-olass Family and Posting House. BEST VIEWS IN WALES. GOOD FISHING on all the LAKES, FRER of CHARGR, to Visitors staying tioto BOATS MAY BE USED FREE OF CHARGE. BOATS kept on the Capel Curig and Ogwen. The Hotel being nearest to the Ogwen. '-?2 GUIDES AND PONIES To Snowdon, Glydara,, Moel Siabod, and Garnedd Llewelyn also Conveyances o Llanberis, Beddgelert, Bangor and Carnarvon. All Orders by Post for Private Conveyances from the Royal Hotel, Capel Curig, to Bettws-y- Coed Station, mid punciuaily attended to. M. ROBERTS, Proprietress. rp.OUR No. 8.—B Rail to Bettwsycoed, thence by Coach to Cap Caiig, ROTAL HOTEL, from the 11."J a.m., "5 p.m., and 6 p.m allowing time to see the Swallow and Cyffing Watei* Falls returning DEGANW'i CASTLE HOTEL, Half way betweea Llandudno and the Junction, Dim,tly facing Conway Castle and Endges. sef we- The nearest Hotel to the celebrated Carnarvon shire Golf Links, jl within easy distance of the North Wales Links. 41, E CONVENIENT FOli ALL COACHING AND RAILW."7 EXCURSIONS. aV BOATING, BATHING, TENNIS, BiL{fiARD3, GOLF i Good Aoeommodatlffp fsr Cyclists. ARIFF ON APPLICATION TO MRS TRXTTON, ..i.Ý.L {..) 4J ..l..l" 3 PROPRIETRESS. PLAS MAWR, CONWAY r wr THE OLD -jo.. | _C.' —t ELIZABETHAN PALACE Open Daily. A 7044fw JOSEPH WILEY AND SON, Glass, Chiùa, and Earthenware Merchant, 91 & 145, I0STYN-STRFET, LLANDVDNO. A COMPLETE STOCK is kept at these Establishments, suitable for Furnishing from Kitchen A COMPLETE STOCK is kept at these Establishments, suitable for Furnishing from Kitchen £ Drawing room. Specialise is now given to Toilet and Dinner Ware. Glass of every Description the Useful and Ornamental. Prices quoted and Samples scpplied upon Application. SOLS AGENTS FGR THE I VORT f) 0 Ii (J IDL Al t; E N A M E LEES IN COLOUR WITH THE ARMS OF WALES, a—ana—caB—iimiii H m i rmrni iiiiiwi immnm. The World's Best Bicycle. X12 12 R15 158. £21. The Lozier-Brigham, Ltd., 24, 25, 26, 27, Orchard Street, Oxford Street, London, W Local Agents MR J. DAVIES, DEGANWY. MESSRS JOSIAH HUGHES & CO, BANGOR. 45n — Ill ■ III—■BMgaaMKWBMM^* ~m> LIVER. -4 READACH]. (9 Biliousness. Constipation. 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 S 8 S 8 8 8 8 5 8 8 ui 8 J 8 8 S P-JRPY.Y V.ZGF ,TABLE. 8 SUGAR COATED. t9 All Chemists Is. ld. 9 But be sure they are CARTER'S. A ffw' ,nre *<fun*erf&ited. It. i* not enough ft fV "Litt,eL*v*r ruts." "CARTEIt" is the important ic.rd, ah* cannot be genuine etttside wrapper, otherwise the 1'HIh within >, F"u",h" »•* 68 »«' SMALL PILL. 41BS^ V SMALL DOSS, ppjpusxe'SR, |\ 9 SMALL PRICE. itW J nSmni or 9 TT' -v MOON'S HOTEL, JLML JLJL JL JLjm A B U D 0 .L if IiJ.. o o m CD ro CD r 'v 0 CD o œ G¡ Q C -D CD .1 '—< o WALlx. ^ROMCENTRE ) PROMENADE ANb c- I'IC; •<rn^S 7fJOT Pop-&T:g"klm PRI VATE BT O NEW BILLIARD AND RECREATION ROOMS." PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SITTING BROOMS, ALSO NUMEROUS AIR? AND WELL-APPOINTED BEDROOMS. GOOD BAl^OOM. ACCOMMODATION FOR CYCLISTS. Charges Moderate. W. Winch, Proprietor. 0 W  VE CREST I-Ir4ANDTTDNO. Boarding CENTPI. OF GRAN TD PARADE. SEA, !'tIOIt) E ;'R'. -,1 ¡if ;r; ..?& R I F BIG HI; Y l{ECOJ M gNDED. 7531 .(õ:! -a'¡'i:{,;1;¡¡I;k<¿-¡.¡,û..v.¡r.I.QI,I,jl''r. THE Llandudno Cocoa House & Temperauce Hotel, 64;, M 0 f41- n E. L A, U 1) -V 0 DINNERS DAILY FROM 12 TO 3 o'clock Good Accommodation for Tourists and Cyclist? Baths, dcc PAIITIEM CATTBireiil} FOJt. 7532 REEVIDS-H lr1; i. -éX.a;a:G:J1lII'.R!¡-=œ:t'q.t1W" I I O L LY BAN K, Boarding Establishment and Private Hotel, | V 1\( (Ji iHI A X HT m i 9', MidTayetween the Railway Station and Esplanade (Ono Minute's wal.4 ftoro Parade, T1118 has been built with a special view of ensuring the comfort of Vie-tore, to replete with all modern improvements, the Sanitary arrangements being oertco,. and has just been mucn enlarged. < A LIBERAL TABLE is maintained, and a good SMOKE-ROOM provided. FOR TARIFF, &c., APPLY TO 7046W Mrs Samuel .Roberts, R ropriefcress* ^FERNDALEr^ 1 Boarding Jstablishment, X^lLA.lSriDXJIDXTO, NEAR STATION AND CENTRE OF PARADE. W PEARSON, Proprietor. 8115 THE CLIFTON Private and Commercial Hotel, VAUGHAN STREET, LLANDUDNO, CLOSE TO STATION. ONE MINUTE FROM PARAD FITTED WITH EiVBRY MODERN CONVENIENCE Good Cuisine. Stocle Rooms. EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION FOR CYLCISTS 8115 Mrs K. JONES, Proprietress. ——— A ijini ■!■■■! HI—MIM_ WOOLLEY'S HOTEL, Llandudno. LLANDUDNO WOOLLETS Private and Commercial Hotel t (LATE JACKSON'S), LLOYD STREET. —:— C.T.C. MODERATE TARIFF. BOOTS MEETS TRAINS. SEA VIEW. Proprietress :-A. M. WOOLLEY, late of the Tower, Aberystwyth. 8137 THE WATERLOO HOTEL, BETTWS-Y-COED Close to tho Waterloo Bridge and a few minutes' walk from the Railway Station (turn to the left at the top of Station Road). Excellent Stabling and Lock-up Coach Houses Postina in all its branches. Large Lawn Tennis Grounas COACHING to LLANBERIS AND BEDDGELERT DAILY in connection with the L. and N. W. Railway Co. GOLF 1 !-AU excellent 9-hole Goif n opened in connection with thia HOTEL, and is FREE TO VISITORS. BILL1 ARDS. FOA Tariff of Charges apply tn L. B. McCulloch, Proprietor I I III A L E A all DA E L I LAN D U D N O. J FIRST CLASS HOTEL FOB FAMILIES AND COM J MEBCIAL GENTLEMEN. Cental, Situated, M™, and Post-Office. bTOCK ROOM. BOOTS MEETS ALL TRAINS. MODERATE TARIFF* JgNTIBELT Be-bailt, and b9 t^nd to contain e„ry code™ MISS RAINFOflD Proprietress. jJr"' LLANDUDNO. v 1 N C E N T -S HIGH-CLASS PRIVATE AKD FAMILY HOTEL, SITUATED in tbe centre of the MARINE PABADB and possesses the most extensive Sea Frontage on the Parade; an uninterrupted and com vIew of the Oarnarvonshire Pr.Lvate -q .-ing it' Rooms Facing the Sea. LOFTY AND WELL-ARRANGED SMOKING AND BILLIARD ROOMS. EXTENSIVE TENNIS COURTS. x'ARIFF (graduated aocording to the season of the year) en application to 76051 JOHN VINCENT, Proprietor I: THE PROMENADE HOTEL AND RESTAURANT, 15, SOUTH PARADE, UANDJDJ ) 1. J."}, .4.) L;l 1 '¡J -.1 [OPPOSITE THE PIER.] MES DIOKIN" [LATE OF BIRMINGHAM. 1 | FIRST-CLASS REFRESHMENT, „ NC'lEO.V, DINING AND SUPPER RoOM WHERE Viands of the Finest Quality at most Moderate Prices, are Served at all hours Vy Special Accommodation Provided for Visitors' Ladies' Coffee lloom English and German CONFECTIONERY, ICES, CREAMS and JELLIES BALLS, DINNERS, PARTIES &c., Catered for at Moderate Cha MACHNO HOTEL, pENMACHNO, Near BETT WSYCQED. 3STo. 11 C c).A. C:a: TOTTHS. THE above Hotel is picturesqaely situated in the Vale of Penmachno, about miles off BetWaycoed Stat First-class accommodation for Families and Tourists. Brakes will be at Bettwsycoed Station fromd the morning antil 6 at Light, The Vale of Penmachno abounds in objects of interest, comprising the w known ."Fairy Glen, Conway Falls, raudy Mills, Old Roman Bridge, And the Traditional DEVIL'S CHAIR, nd magnificent Mountain Scen3ry, RIVER BEING FREE FOR TROUT FISHING. Tickets may be had at all Railway Stations. Fare fo the trip, 28 each from Bettws to the Hotel. Brak will return too meet trains for the coast at the Hotel. 97 JV". HAYDN DAVIES, Proprietor Electric Lighting, Contractors to I „ m Llandudno Pier Co., Ltd. Electric Tran0?^sion Electric Motors, Electric Telephones, ESTIMATES and Electric Bells, &C., &e. Mormatiouw DOIMISTISOM, BAUBBn. CO ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER ENGINEERS, 18, Mostyn St., LLANDUDNO. Head Office and Works, MANCHESTER. A.JIMlI -.r.Æ"La- I" L V -L ■v;—^nj11j BAD SORE & AND OLD WOUNDS. 8 This invaluable C).;lllnient readily cu/es bad legs, bad breasts, and ulcerations of all kinh. I Aiy sort if treated by this cilebratec Ointment will promptly yield to its wonderful healing ■ "< properties. Iloiloway's l'ids should be '.ken to purify the blood. These famous medicines ae H known throughout the world for their unrivalled efficacy. II RHEUMATIC PAINS. • | For th* .,are of gout ?nd kheumatism or settled aches and pains rt is most important tHat tMs B truly marvellous Ointment should be thoroughly rubbed over the complaining parts twice a sJsiy. K Its soothing influence will soon be lelt, and a cure will quickly follow if the Pilis be taken to lessen B the inflammation and purify the blood. 9 enlargement OF THE LEGS, GLANDULAR AND I 11 OTHER SWELLINGS. I In the reduction of al! glandular swellings no remedy equals th's :o:nppr'ibl»' Ointmpnt; it fj prevents the formation of exiianeous ;;rowth«, a^d i:; an invaluable ren;eay jc checking all chronic B discharges; when dil'gently rublie:J 'he. p*rts affected, the *voi-' case will yield in a I X)inparatively short sp^ce of time. ■ COLDS AND SORu THROATS. U For bronchitis, shortness of breath, cold, md sore throats, thfs Ointnifnt may considered H at marvellous if most effectually rubbed intc- the suffering parts ni.vhf and nu.v.iir^, c»ki»>g at 'he I same time a few doses of Holloway's invaluable Pills. A cure is sure to iUU-uH Urn :rc.itincut. B SKIN DISEASES. I ihis 0;ntmenf is a certain remedy for all diseases of the ;kin, whether simjile K COLDS AND SORu THROATS. U For bronchitis, shortness of breath, cold, md sore throats, thfs Ointnifnt may considered H at marvellous if most effectually rubbed intc- the suffering parts ni.vhf and nu.v.iir^, c»ki»>g at 'he I same time a few doses of Holloway's invaluable Pills. A cure is sure to iUU-uH Urn :rc.itincut. B SKIN DISEASES. I ihis 0;ntmenf is a certain remedy for all diseases of the ;kin, whether simjile K Scurvy, ringworfli, blotches, pimpU-s, and other cutaneous dlsoriicrs, arc at otire eradicated by this B invaluable Unguent. H 1'ht Ointment and Pills are eld at jThomas IIoi-L^wav's E.»ts.i:i>v;c,eV- H 78, NEW OXFORD STREET (LATE 533, OXFORD STREET), I.OXDON jC ► As by nearly 'Tc'frespt'ctahle Vendor of Medicine, in Boxes and Pots, at IS t t 2- gd., 4s. 64 w Hr., 221., and 33J. each The 2s. gel. size contains three times the quantity of the stwallest siwj U the 4s. 6ii. size six the 1 ij. size sixteen; the 22s. «*e 'hirty-three and the 33.?. swe tiftj-tw H times the qti-antity the sn.ilkr >'ota a»d Boxes. K Full printed directions are affixtd le each Pot -tnd Box, aAd cam be had t* aw hengsage. I | ..B.-Advice Gratis. &t t&& Q.ÐO mw-raes, daily, beiwaea. the hbucs of 11 nad 4, M by letter. fl r ¡.