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eaafau Seneddol Newydd.

,Ymosodiad Penffordd gan Grwydryn.

Ssgenlnso Plant yn Methesda.

A 3oddiad Trafaeliwr c Golwyn…

Cael Dyn wedi Boddi yn Llanfairfechan.

ILlythyr Nodedig Eunanlsiddiad.



QLOBK FUKM8RING COM PAN1 COMPLETE HOUdE FXJBStBHERS, WholePIe aDd Retail. 12,14, IS, and 18, EMBKOKE-PL&.OE, LIVERPOOL. T7HJKNISH FOR CASH OR ON THE JP HIKB-PURCHASK SYSTEM AT CASH PRJOES. The &LOBK FURNISHING COMPANY, the oldest ortabliahed, and by tar the most Furnishers on the Hlre-Pnrchase System in the Provinces. supplv every reialsite for the complete Furnishing of Cottage* Hotel,or JfiDaion Considerably cheap than the majority of those flnas who aellfor cash only This we are able to do through bavins a very large capital atoommand,and being the bona fide manufacturers ot the principal goods we sell. SO SECURITY REQUIRED, NO EXTRA EXPENSES, ON OUR HIRE-PURCHASE SYSTEM fair AND equitable manner in which ear business is saxriea on, and our reaaonaDle terms and low prices are so well known throughout the North of England and Wales as to render further comment unnecessary. General terms, which however can be altered to suit the convenience of purchasers; payment Weekly, MonthJy,1>r Quarterly. j Amount of Purchase &]0 Pay meat PER Week Is 8d &20 DaOd „ £ 00 10s Od £ 100 17s 6d &aGO to aesOd, An inapectionot our stock will at once satisfy intending PURCHASERS that we give better value and offer easier pay- ments than any other house furnishers on the Hire-Pur- chase System in the Provinces. All goods are Delivered Free in OUR own or private vans and no expenses of any kind are incurred by customers Furniture sent to any part of England or Wales. CAUTION.—As some firms adopt various mch as copying our prospectuses, Sec.,—with the evident intention of inducing the public to believe they are con- tacted with us, please note our address. FURNISH FOR CASHØR ON THE BIBB. PUKCHA8E SYSTEM. Prospectus, Large, Illustrated Catalogue, Prase Opinions and Price List, sent post free on application. Please mention this paper. Business Hours, 9 a. m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays,9 a p.m. GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY, 14,16 AND 18, PEMBROKB-PLACE, LIVERPOOL Railw tv Fares allowed to Country Customers. S. WINIFRED'S CHURCH OF ENGLAND JPublic Day and Boarding School FOR GIRLS, BANGOR, N. WALES. Visitor THE LOlID BISHOP OF BANGOR. Provost: REV. ARTHUR TALBOT. Lady Warden: MISS A, M. COLERIDGE. Hon. Chaplain: The Very ROT. THE DEAN OF BANGOR. Headmtata'ess: MISS B. L. WELOHMAN, LL.A. THIS SCHOOL offers an Education preparatory JL to Cambridge Local, R.A.M., and South KENSINGTON Etauniiiatione, with definite Church teaching. Teams for Boarders FROM) 31 Guineas per an- num Day Pupils, 9 Guineas Day Boarders, 15 Guineas. 1045 MOUNT HOUSE SCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN, UPPER BANGOR. Principal: MISS GIBBS (Assisted by Resident and Visiting Teachers). THIS SCHOOL offers a Thorough Education to 1 JL Girls and Juniar Boys. Modem Methods. Certificated Teachers. Gymnasium. Tennis. School Library. KINDERGARTEN DEPARTMENT under a CERTIFICATED (Froebel) MISTRESS. A CLASS FOR BOYS, ag18 to 12, has commenced. Prospectus au application to the Principal 11738 tmm — — yiOLIN WESSONS. MISS ISABEL HEWITT and MISS MAR- GARET HEWITT give LESSONS at Own or Pupil's Residence. Penmaenmawr, Conway, Llandudno, and Col- wyn Bay visited. Bodafon, Upper Bangor. 14837 QRGAN, PIANO, and THEORY. Mr QELARLBS MELLODEW LEES (member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians) has Vacancies for Pupils in the above subjects. Pu- pils prepared for the various Local Examinations. Schools attended.—For terms as to the above, Organ Recitals, etc., apply to Haven House, Con- way. J 17545 BALA COUNTY SCHOOL. Headmaster:— J. C. EVANS, M.A., Formerly Powis Exhibitioner and Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford, and late Assistant-Ma ter a.t Christ College, Brecon. Mathematical and Science Master:- A. L. TURNER, B.A. {London^, Formerly Master of Stratford on Avon Graiunar School and Rochester Mathematical School. Drawing, Book-keeping, etc. :— O. R. OWEN (London University). NEW BUILDINGS admirably fitted with every convenience for Boarders. Preparation for the Universities, Civil Service, Preliminaries of the Law and Medicine, and the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, and good Commercial Course. Bogs attend the place ef worship selected by parents. i BOARD AND TUITION (inclusive charge), £36 per annum. Recently Scholarships have been obtained direct from School at the University Colleges, Lampeter College, and Clifton College, also there have been several Matriculations, including Two a.t London Uni- Ten (in 1ST Division). DISTINCTIONS IN OXFORD LOCAL EXAMINA- TIONS. Amoag the Seniors 2 Certificates of Exemption from Responaiona (the First Examination at Oxford University) 7th place, in all England in English; 2ND and 50bh, England in English 33rd place Re- figious Knowledge. juniors.—7th, 13th, and 24th, in Greek 7th, 17th, h, and 58th, in Latin 11th, 36fch, 32nd, 42nd, and 58th, in English; 36th, in Mathematics; 24th and 25th, in religieua Knowfedge. For particulars apply to Headmaster. MANCHESTER GRAMMAR SCHOOL. PE 4ø PER TERM. THE NEXT TERM BEGINS TUESDAY, JANUARY 17th. 1899. EXAMINATION, MONDAY JAN i!i UARY 16th, 1809, at 9 a.m. Prospectuses, Forme of Application, etc., nmr be had at the School. A Boarding House in connection with ocuooi 11 situated in Higher Broughton. OWEN W. COX, Receiver. ST. SpPilMOT PREPARATORY. SCHOOL. 1.1 JKISQ ML, LOWATER G^QJLLTFWIAHAGH School), I THH SPRING TERM will commences MONDAY, January 2nd. References kindly allowed to J. A. Gpeen, Esq., 2-JA^JJS1TEP8LT3R MISS Mason, RA., County STOHORF fOT Girls; W. Glynn Williams, JSeq., M.A., CBTMTY School for Boys. 17600 Estabished 1807 1 ARTISTIC AND |-v GENERAL lRINTINu Promptly and Neatly Executed at Reasonable Prices, at the NORTH WALES CHRONICLE Printing Works, Caxton House, High Street, I BANGOR. MFTY NEW FOUNTS of the Latest Faces have lately been added to the JOBBING DEPARTMENT, which makes it now one o the LARGEST PRINTING PLANTS IN WALES. All the Machinery ARE DRIVEN BY A Powerful11 Otto' Gas :Engine, Which have been adapted t< run at the Quickest Speed Possible. All Orders carefully attended to. Auctioneers' PRINTING Executed with Neatness and Despatch. Particulars of SALE "With or without Plans. POSTERS Of Concerts, Bazaars, Sales, &c., PLAIN OR IN COLOURS. Church and Chapel Printing ot every Description. Programmes 8f Tickets. In Memoriam Cards, Ball Programmes, Menus, &c. ELECTION ADDRESSES. Colonr & Ornamental Printing PAMPHLETS Of Every Description in English or Welsh. Head Pubishing Office. North Wales Chronicle Omce, High St., Bangor. Branch Publishing Offices Directory Office, Upper Mostyn Street, Llandudno. Clorianydd Office, Bridge St., Llangefni. Postal Address North Wales Chronicle Office, Bangor. Tdegraphic Ad&re*§ Chronice," Bangor FELEPFGNE 1(.. r t I A C H AU D 1) A N 0 I) D YN DDISYMWTH GAB T)TT"\['P{?"P» Q Atalia Bydredd. Rhwvstrau e Xj U X1 x JuijLl O tynti. Gwareda rhag Anhunedd bymudir Neuralgic Headaches a'r XT «.•, ;T7 \] hull boenan gieuol eraill gan Bun- i l JT1 El V 111 Nervine. YrboU fferyllwyr, Is lie, '1 Oherwydd pydredd eang mewn dau gilddant dioddefais boetiau dirdynol am ddau ddiwrnod. Gymbellwyd ft i roddi treial ar Neninø. Qwnaetfaam byny. I fy m&wr hyfrydwob, ciliodd y boen yn gyflym aUwyr. Byth er hyny yr wyf draohefn a thraohefn wedi derbyn yr eamvvytbad mwyaf oedd yn boaibl oddiwrth boeo tost yn eegyrn y pen drwy gyraeryd pedwar ueo bum dyferyn (ar lvrmp o Biwgr gwyn) o Bonter's Nervine."—Parch ADBHBY C. PRICK, B.A. (diweddar Qvmrawd o'rColeg Newvdd.Rhvdvehain 1269u OHWAREL PANTDREINIOQ, BETHESDA. N EISIEU, Nifer o CHWARELWYR Profiadol ar y Graig ac yn y Lan. Ymofyner yn Swyddfa'r Chwarel, gyda WILLIAM HUGHES, 2954 Pm OruoIwTyitvrr. WANTED, a Good COOK-GENERAL, aJso tY HOUSEMAID WAITRESS. — Apply^Mra Piitchard, Tanycoed, Bangor. 2955 AMERICAN LINE. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. SOUTHAMPTON—NEW YORK SERVICE. SOUTHAMPTON to NEW YORK DIRECT. SATURDAYS, at Noon. HIGHEST CLASS of Accommodation for Sal- Li. oon, Second Cabin, and Steerage Passen- gers. LIVERPOOL PHILADELPHIA SERVICE. Every WEDNESDAY, LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA, Calling at Queenstown every Thursday. Passengers and Goods are landed at Philadel- phia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which has the Shortest and most Direct Route to all places in the Western States.—Apply to ^Rich- ardson, Spence and Co., Southampton OT ^Liver- pool, or to Local Agents:—Edward Jones, 173, High-street, Bangor; Hugh Hughes, 8, Market- row, Amlwch; H. J. Williams, ■-SQ, High-street, Bethesda; T. J. Williams, Meirion-terrace, Blaenau Festiniog; J. R. StMån, Statian-road, Colwyn Bay; W. Jones, :Rose Hill-street, Con- way; O. Jones, Old PoSt-office, Penygroes; T. Evans and Co., Station'Chambers, RhyL 8136 ALLAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. TO CANADA and the UNITED STATES. SAILINGS FROM LIVERPOOL. S.B. CALIFORNIAN, for Halifax and and St. John, N.B. Jan. 5th s.s. MONGOLIAN, for Portland direct. Jan. 7th SoS. CARTHAGINIAN, for St. John's, N.F., and Halifax Jan. 7th s.s. LAURENTIAN, for Portland direct Jan. 12th S.s. SIBERIAN, for Halifax & Philadelphia Jan. 21 SALOON FARE FROM JB11. SECOND CABIN, JB7; STEERAGE, B5. Through Tickets to all points at special rates. CANADA.—Handbooks, Maps, Rates, and Full Particulars free on application to Allan Brothers and Co., 19, James-street, Liverpool; or to M. Goldie, 217, High-street, Bangor. 16402 AM BO AT AJRG B A PHWAIIH A LL Y FR RWYMIAD RWCH AT N ixon a-J arvis GYFERYN A'R CL00 BANGOR Im'iXEY'S f ■■ REFINED! riWdBwj^m^ EASY'POlISHINC. BEST BLACK h. LEAD. SO YEARS' WORLD-WIDE REPffTATKHIL tMimStrt i* Her tMd Q*tm. '< -8 I Cure Fits } You are not asked to spend any money to | test whether my remedy does or dees not | care Fits, Epilepsy, 5t. Vitug's Dance, etc. I All yon are asked to do is to send for a ) FREE bottle of medicine and to try it. I ) am quite prepared to abide by the ruult. ) LB. 0. ROOT, a8 Endsleigh d'd'ns, London. I wvvovvvvvovvvvvwwwwevf RAPHAEL'S ALMANAC 1899 MW rm&j. Contains hints to Farmers and GardeDelti. Birthday Information. Whem to øell, spewiN late, oto., etc. Price 6d.—Fm^mu^ 4, Pilgrks- sfc., E. o. asid al gtafepOTS. 17164 M. ALLIANCE ASSURANCE COMPANY. ESTABLISHED 1824. Capital — FIVE MILLIONS. Invested Funds over 4 Millions. THB RIGHT Ho».iLORD ROTHSCHILD, CHAIRMAN ROBERT LEWIS, CHIn SSOBBTABT. OHID OFFICE BABTHOLOMEW LAN*, LONDON. IjIF £ J= World-free and Indisputable Assurances. Large Bonuses Expenditure low and limited. Seeurity Unexcelled Special Reinstatementand Nonforfeiture Plans! Special Reinstatementand Nonforfeiture Plans. FIRE Proposals and Enquiries attended to promptly. I 3urveys and Plans for Insurance of extensive pro- t perties made free of cost. ) Rates moderate Losses settled promptly. t BRANCHES at—among other places— LIVERPOOL: 30, Ezchange-strset, East; O. MOBGAN OWIS, Seoretary. WREXHAM 28, Higk-t-treet JOHN FBAHOI8, Seoretary. Prespeotoses, ete.. may be obtained from any of AM Company's Btraadmi ot Agents..16232


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