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——" sst a Richmond's Gas Cookers. 8 Hired out by most of the Leading Gas Companies and Corporations. A i.i' y W ^=ts==SSBSSSS^ CEWLAT,E -z!u mom 0 ;16 maN S COOKER COOL AND CLEAN. A Complete Dinner for 8 People can be Cooked in 20 Minutes at a Cost of -|d- in Gas. in RICHMOND'S COOKERS secured GOLD MEDAL Swansea Exhibition, 1898. j do- Sheffield Exhibition, Nov. 1898. j HIGHEST AWARD Manchester Building Trades Exhibition, July, 1898. | TWO HEBOEST I RICHMOND'S RICHMOND'S "GORDON." "KITCHENER." A P4rr#rfpiglhiryL*i CR 0 WM PLATE sco.'PA I Some of their Advantages. i. Removable Oven and Hot Plate Burners. 2. All Inside Fittings Removable. 11!5 3. White Enamelled Steel Crown Plate and Enamelled Steel Inside Linings. 4. All parts interchangeable, 5. The Easiest to Clean and Repair. 6. Most Economical in use. Perfect for Roasting, Grilling, Baking, &c. 0 Oirei? 3509000 in Use. Testimonials ffom U set's. Mr THOMAS HILL, Darlington-street, Egremont, Cheshire, writes:- November 15th, 1898. Gentlemen, Having had one of your No. 160 stoves in use now twelve months, and having baked close upon £ 200 worth of confectionery in it I cannot help expressing my great satisfaction at the way it has turned out all classes of goods. No trouble, no spoilt articles, and the stove looks as good as when new. After a week's trial I am sure no one would like to be without it. I bake seven shelves of goods at one time, each shelf being 2oin. by 2oin., and get good results all over. 96, Zetland-street, Southport. Messrs RICHMOND AND CO. I have much pleasure in testifying to the excellence of your Gas Cookers, having had one since September last; it has fulfilled all its require- ments-Bread Baking, Grilling, and all varieties of Cooking. It is a boon to householders, and abolishes the discomfort and uncertainty of coal Cooking Ranges." Yours truly, JOHN DIMOND, Chairman of Gas Committee. Leyland-road, Southport. Messrs RICHMOND AND CO. Gentlernen, Your Stove that we still have in use is perfectly satisfactory, nor would we change it for any other make." Yours truly, H. BOSTON. 25, Hawkshead-street, Southport. Messrs RICHMOND AND CO., LTD. Gentlemen, Having used one of your Gas Cooking Stoves for ten months daily, I can safely recommend it to any person wanting a new stove. Its baking of bread cannot be surpassed. Its loose jets can be taken out, cleaned and re-placed, in a few minutes the con- sumption of Gas with THIS Stove being very small. With regard to the roasting of meat I consider it perfect; also the grilling and toasting is better and quicker than by the ordinary fire." Yours truly, H. BECKETT. Havard House, 99, Hawkshead-street, Southport. Messrs RICHMOND AND Co., WARRINGTON. Gentlemen,—" Having used one of your Gas Cookers for some time past, I have great pleasure in stating that I am delighted with it. It does its work well. I have recommended it to several of my friends, and they are allwell satisfied. For bread baking the Cooker is excellent." I am, yours sincerely, Mrs L. MILLINGTON. i, Park-road, Southport. We are pleased to testify that the Richmond Gas Stove that we have had for some time has been no trouble, and has given every satisfaction. We should not like to be without it" L. G. EMMETT. 38, 39, and 40, Market Hall. Messrs RICHMOND AND Co, LTD. Sirs, I have great pleasure in testifying to the efficiency and cleanliness, in fact, everything which you represent your Stove can do. I have found it a great boon at my place, and have recommended it to many people. A few minutes after using it, it is as clean as when I first had it, and is, without doubt, the best Stove I have as yet come across. Yours respectfully, W. SHUTTLEWORTH. Boot Warehouse, 98, Zetland-street. Messrs RICHMOND AND Co., LTD. Sirs,—" We have had one of your Gas Cooking Stoves about six months and like it very well. It bakes bread and pastry splendid also roasts joints well, and the griller is perfection. Now that the warm weather is coming we shall be further benefited." Yours truly, GEO. DIMOND. 19, Seabank-road. Messrs RICHMOND AND Co., LTD, Gentlemen,—" I have had one of your Stoves in use for some time, and find it quite satisfactory both in roasting, grilling, and baking, either pastry or bread." Yours faithfully, Mrs J. BRAMWELL. ji, Forest-road.. Gentlemen,—"I have had one of your Model' Cookers in use for upwards of six years, and am pleased to say that it has given every satis- faction. The use of the Stove has proved most economical, and effected a marked saving on the coal fire for cooking purposes. I have recently been supplied with a larger Stove, and find the various alterations on the earlier patterns add considerably to its usefulness." Yours truly, W. H. ROBERTS. Testimonials ftfom Gas Engineers. r H. MORLEY, Esq., Engineer and Manager, The Cardiff Gas Light and Coke Company, writes :— Messrs RICHMOND AND CO., Warrington. Gentlemen,—The sample Cooking Stoves you sent a few weeks ago are in my opinion a great improvement. The whole of the burners on the Hot Plate as well as those and the other fittings inside the oven, being easily detachable and interchangeable, is a decided advantage, as any of these parts can be readily cleaned, and when worn out or defective can be replaced at a very trifling cost, thus reducing the cost of maintenance very considerably-in fact, the Stoves even after many years in use can be put in a complete and perfect order, and practically made almost equal to new at a very small expense. With such prominent advantages, we have decided to let them out on the Hire System, and although we have only had the samples on view a short time, a good number of applications have already been received, and I have no doubt as their advantages become more widely known we shall have a large demand for them. THOMAS BEDFORD, Esq., County Borough of Stockport Gas Department, writes Gentlemen,—In answer to your letter of the 17th inst, re your Cookers, I have to state that they have given general satisfaction to our con- sumers, and we have not had a single complaint as to any defects. I consider they are a very suitable stove for hiring out purposes, the loose top burners being a distinct advantage when the stoves require cleaning. j{^HN READ, Esq., Gas Company's Offices, Tunbridge Wells, writes :— Gtawmen>—* am very pleased to be able to state that we have supplied and let Cut on hire a good number of your Gas Cooking Ranges, also Gas Fires and .?!-oves, and I may add that they have in all cases given great satisfaction to our lstomers, who express very favourable opinions of the efficiency of the oven anc* hot plate, and the convenience afforded for keeping all parts clean. Mr EDWIN TAYLOR, Master, Cnion Workhouse, Tranmere, writes :— Gentlemen,—It affords me much pieabllre t0 certi^ ,tliat the Stove as supplied by your firm in June last has "lven !ihe greatest possible satisfaction. It has been in constant use I? „ admirably. I shall be pleased to show it to any of your custom61"5 ° desire to see it in working order. LEONARD G. HALL, Esq., Manager of the Gas Works, Rhyl, writes:— Gentlemen,—I have had so many people thanking me for inducing them to take your Gas Cookers, and expressing their entire satisfaction with them, that I feel I ought to let you know how gratified we are at the result of your Gas Exhibition held under our patronage here. Very few Stoves had been fixed here prior to that exhibition, and it was decided to let them out on the hire system. Large numbers of the householders (numbering between 60 and 70) took the Stoves from the Commissioners, and have since testified to their unbounded satisfaction in them, as you know from the repeated orders I have sent you. Many will-and do-purchase them outright. Your Stove is an admirable one for standing the strain of constant use in the kitchen. Many people in the town have the Stove fixed in the scullery, and use the kitchens, which are very roomy, as living and also sleeping rooms, which would be impossible were the kitchen range working. Please send on without delay 4 No. i6o's, 4 No. 140'S, 4 No. 12095. C. V. BENNETT, Esq., Wells Gas Light Company,.writw:- Gentlemen,—Without qualification your Gas Cookers as supplied tc this company are satisfactory in every respect and eminently suitable for letting out on h re. Our continued business with you for these ranges is the best evidence of their efficiency that I can offer. THOMAS SMITH, Esq., Town Hall, Darlington, writes. C, Gentlemen,—I have pleasure in stating that this Corporation have a large number of your Gas Cookers hired out, and they are giving every satisfaction. The burners being movable are a decided advantage over the fixed burners inasmuch as they afford hirers an opportunity of exercising a certain amount of control over the consumption of gas.. Their being movable also reduces cost of repairs. D. GILLESPIE, Esq., Secretary of the Sedbergh New Gas Co., Ltd., Yorks, writes :— Gent.,—Having during the last two years fixed a considerable number of your cookers, including several of you Me cookers have much pleasure .l,p; All the our customers > with them. Oi their immunity Some of our Recent Succes. TVl^l During the past 12 months Richmond's Cookers have made the recoru XT. had Sucb a tremendous Sale in Manchester, where all tht Dlvmnnf l-i At Plymouth, the merits of our Cookers have determined the Gas Comn- 1 Ij'OIUilIII# fifteen years. ¥5/-kg 1 At an Exhibition we recently held in Bournemouth, more Richmond r«ni-o» DOlirnemOUin. makers who had been on Hire had been able t „k01 to sell in eu, CA1 mHrirl m* At Cambridge, when Richmond's Cookers were put on Hire, more b jnsines- w„ Wim or luge. been done in several yea j.s done ln on° TVT D„! rk.lL4-/x1K» The Sales at New Brighton prove that Richmond's Cooker* arf. r.r„rKT> I New Brighton. 0ver 300 RishWsPCooker, have been fixed l^ers a. ..1. MMIIWIII UIH——— nrrin -u::).. The Unparalleled Success of RICHMOND S COOKERS justifies the Residents of J^lciTicludTio u% ApPlyina for I RICHMOND'S COOKERS ON HIRE. PP) 6 » T T ('32. Queen Victoria Street, London EC j RICHMOND & CO., LIMITED.(^fa'SagtLM^