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THE MISSES LEAVITT, CLOHMEL-STKEET BEG TO ANNOUNCE THEIR ANNUAL Clearance SALLE. GREAT REDUCTIONS IN Fancy NEEDLEWORK i! a.L. v j ¡; l'J tJ 1. lJ WOOLS, Ladies' Underclothing, (-tC., &c. SHIP INN, 316 and 318, High Street Bangor. RICHARD WILLIAMS. PROPRIETOR. BREAKFASTS, Luncheons, and Dinners, are i.) always ready. Visitors to Bangor will be suited IIld charged a reasonable price IIIÐ this Estab- lishment. W. Jor SON, Back of St. Georges Crescent, LLANDUDNO LL kinds of INVALID CHAIRS ON HrRE. 21 HAND BARROWS FOR OR BIFfE. INVALID CHAIRS FOR SALE OR HIRE. 2192 T ~k S. ROBIRtcT Ironmongers, Plumbers, Decorators, III5S.S, nOT T ;r a- '¡"' WRRM&NM, PAPERH ANGINGS, OIL AND COLOUR W A REHOUSE HOU.) P, I E p I rt Is LLOYD TREET LL A N DUDN O. CLARKE'S 841 PILLS are warranted to cure, in either sex, all acquired or COlI- 6titnt;»Hal Bischargea from the Urinary Organs, Gravel, and Paats ill. the back. Free from Mercury. Established upvmjpda *f years. In boxes 4s. 6d. each, of all Oh^aists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout tha \V»r"M, or HIlt for sixty stamps by the makers. The Liacola 'tad Miuiaatl Counties Drug Company, Lincoln. THE MOST NUTRITIOUS COCOA. EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. lt9smk COCOA FOR BREAKFAST AND SUPPER. IMPORTANT TO LLANDUDNO HOUSEHOLDERS. OY7ING to the nnmerong letters we receive weekly desiring a LLANDUDNO DIRJUC- TORY 4 VISITOR forwarded, containing a List j of APARTMENTS & FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET, we have deciilr-e, to start a Column headed, rCOMjTORTABLE QûARTERS AT LLANLUENO and insert it in ProminentPosition in theDirectory every week. This will giv r roprietors of BOARDING; ESTABLISHMENTS and LODGINGHOUSES a good opportunity of bringing their Advertisements directly betore the nctica of Intending Visitors to Llandudno. We offer Specially Moderate Terms or Residents thus to advertise, as under :— 23 Words (five lines), the Season, for 25s. All the year round for 30a. Terms for one insertion and upwards at usual rates. —— -rx- PRINTING! i £ )OSTERS for Auctioneers, Tradesmen, J 1 B^iaara, Sales of Work, Lectures, Public Mawtinga, Concerts, Tea Meetings. Sails, Ac., in one, two or three oolours. Auctioneers' Catalogues and Particulars of Sales, Tradesmen'a Price Lists, Circulars, Memorandums, Note Heads and Cards, «;r;Mcejt Programmes and Tickets, Tickets oi Adm asion to Bazaars, Hales of Work, Lecturas, EwMrtticmeata. Public and Tea Msftin^'s, Bali Programmea, Mean Cards. every description of LETTERPRESS PRINTING KXZCUTKD WITH NEATNESS AND DESPATCH AND AT TUN Lowest Possible Prices AT Tn. Llandudno Directory PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT. I' CAXTON HOUSE, MOSTYN STREET LLANDUDNO. J THe jj'armer and Chamber of Agriculture Journal EVERY MONDAY.—ONE PENNY. nYSTS JOURNAL, in its 42nd year, is now pub J_ liahed at ONE PENNY weekly, and ia tha i if east, okeapeat, and best Agricultural Paper. It aoaWns all th« Agricultural News of the Week, the Latest licuketa, and numerous origina and inte- restitf artiolei oa Farming subjects by the leading Agrilfctaral Writers of the day. RH8IL1 SB IN TEX HANDS OP EVEBY FARMER. j4ay be ardared thrc7 gh any Newsagent, at the Railway Bookstalls, or will be supplied direct from the orlrlSE, 291. STRAND, LONDON, W.O. Stkootip-.wa peat free 1M 6d per annum. ALEXANDRA HOTEL. LAN DU DN o. FIRST CLASS HOTEL FOR FAMILIES AND COM- MERCIAL GENTLEMEN. Centrally Situated, only Two Minutes ironi Railway Station and Post-Ofiice. STOCK ROOM. BOOTS MEETS ALL TRAINS. MODERATE TARIFF. ENTIRELY Re-balit, Re-furaiahed, and Re-decorated, and wili b fouui to contain every modern fJ Comiort and Cuovetjiruce. MRS J ONES and ) Pror>piet™esses „„.w MISS RAINFOHD j Propriet.esbes. -1.M LLANDUDNO- V I N C E NT-S 1 HIGH-CLASS PRIVATE m FAMILY HOTEL, O ITU A TED in t*>e centre of the A?ARI>-S PAIIADS, f' 1 and p<'s8r5f»^8 the most extensive Vrutiiate on tile .t'Kr&uB; aiso an uninterrupted and coil; |~ ••j niawhng view 01 the Carnarvonshire Mountains. ^rivats Sitting Nooms Facing the Sea. l.O,FTY Arj) (4 El) 0 X "N L0 BILLiARD ROOMS, EXTEXSIYE TKNKIS COG IfrS. TARIFF (graduated according to tho eaaitou of the year) on application to 7i05z JOHN VIMGENTv Proprietor .t"A _n'<?'i-J_W.¡_. _'r. -yo t R s & & i {.B.M t n L- r nU!vi! L !U L L THE PROMENADE HOTEL AND RESTAURANT, ;15, SOUTH PABADB, LLaBODDIO: [OPPOSITE THE PIER.] RS XDIOIKXIST [L'TE OF BISMINGHAM.] FIRST-CLASS REFRESHMENT, LUNCHEON, DINING AND SUPPER ROOMS. WHERE Viands of the Finest Quality at most Moderate Prices, are Served at all hours. Special Accommodation Provided for Visitors- liiadles' Coffee o o i. i i English and German CONFECTIONERY, ICES, CREAMS and JELLIES Made to Order. BALLS, DINNERS, PARTIES, &c., Catered for at Moderate Charges. 7195jo ti'v.i>igu^"iu<.l.»,r ti i;wiwaag £ -£ LYNDHURST (LATE TRINITY BOARDING ESTABLISHMENT), TBHSTITIT-SQUAR EJ, Close to Staticn and Centre of PraaiensrJe. TDecently Refurnished, and under Entirely New and Experienced Management. LIBERAL TABLED. THIRTY BEDS. FOR TARIFF (MODEEATK), MRS HUG HE S 7525a PROPRIETRESS —>mb^—wwii1'rfamttii«rg«nwgiM»' ■« -—ibiw narii i» DE GANWY CASTLE HOTEL, Near Llandudno, ONE of the most beautifully situated Hotels in North Waies. it faces South sac — West, 's protected from North and East winds, and is close to the aea-abnr" and the Carnarvonshire Golf Links. Home comforts, Moderate charges. LAWN TENNIS, BOATING, FISHING, BATHING, And within easy reach of all Coaching and Railway Excursions. Under the personal eupei vision of Mrs TRITTON. Proprietress. A Resident Masseuse and Electrician, certified from the National Hospital," London OPEN AND CLOSED CARRIAGES FOR HIRE. ENMAC -NO, MACHNO HOTEL, pEN MACH NO, Near BETTWSYCOED. nsro. 11 COACH TOURS. THE above Hct-I is picturesquely sitaated in the Vale oi Peutnacnuo, about 4} miles off Bettwsycoed Station. JL First-class accommodation for Families and Tourists. brakes wili hi at oetcwsycoed Station from 9 in the morning until 6 at uight. The Vale of Penuaachno abounds in objecu ot interest, comprising rLlt: well- known Fairy Glen, Conway Falls, Pandy Mills, Old Roman Bridge, :■ And the Traditional DEVIL'S CHAIR, and magnificjut Mountain Scenery, RIVER BEING FREE IFOR TKOUT HsUiiNG. 1 Tickets may be had at all Railway Stations. Fare for tlu trip, 2s e ica frotn Bettws to the Ebcel. Urake will return to meet trains for the coast. Lunch prepared at the Hotel. 6097E fV. UAYDls DA VIES, Proprietor. ROYAL HOTEL, CAPEL CU1IG Jb irst-class I amily and Posting House. BEST VIEWS IN WALE 9 OOT>FI8IDNG on all the IAKE3, FREE of CHARGE, to Visitors staying at the Horol, BOATS MAY BE USED FREE OF CHARGE. BOATS kept on the Capel Curig and Ogwen. The Hotel being nearest to the Ogwen. GUIDES AND PONIES Snowdon, Glydara, 1108 Siabod, and Garnedd Llewelyn; also Oonveyances to Llanberia, Beddgelert Bango andCarnarvon. A Orden by Pott for Private Conveyance. from the Royal Hotel, Oapel Onrlg, to Bettimy-Clood Station punctually attended to. M. Roberts, Proprietress. vsa,, s mOUR No. 8.—By Rai-" to Bettwsycoed, thence by Coach to Capei Cnrig, ROYAL HOTEL, from the 11.2 a.m., 3.5 p.m., and6 p.m.,allow tag time to see the Swallow and CySng W ater Falls returning t.hesarne á&Y (O L \v r .r" BAs. iN OltI'll VVALr-6. 40 is ot K a. The late Residence of Lady Krshine. THIS first-class Family Hotel in most beautifully situated ia its own finely-wooded Park, in the Bay of Colwyn, commaL.diDg eplenrlii] viewa; within a short drive of Oouw«y «tr,d Llandudno, and a few minutes' walk to the Beach and Station. Sea, I' a-. hing. Post Horses and Carriages. LAWN TENSM. Billiards. A most deairable Winter Residence meeiy sheltered, al20 htaled thron«hont with hot air. 5730w J. PORTER, Proprietor. -¡'nP.r:rr"'J" f nrmniUMii IIIIIHiiH MOON'S HOTEL, ,j. p i. ¡¡ LLlfiSUBSa. .a;¡. I' ill ø c.n ro S." u Q I o U) c+- IJ) 0 ro 0 C) IT, j Ul (l) 0 ro i-. 0 *n-n Li I ü (T) Q. MINUTE'S WALK FROM CENTRE OF PROMENADE AND STATION. MB JIOT POP173.AB PRIVATE H<ft)r<I"IJ. NEW BILLIARD AND RECREATION ROOMS. PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SI'TINTG ROOVtS, ALSO NUMEROUS AIRY AND WELL-APP. INTED BEDRO )MS. GOOD BATHROOM. AC OMMODA. TION FOR CYCLISTS. Charges M oderate. W. Wi&tih Proprietor. THE QUEENS HOTEL, L I. A X D D !> N 0 FIRST-CLASS FAMILY HOTBL Is. the Gsatre cf tits Promenade G T X-I 13 S B FIVE MINUTES from the RAILWAY STATION. __M\-4,<MI- f < i X LI A On, meets all Trains. For Terms, apply to THE MANAGER. 11 'W A V E CREST (En Pension). CENTRE OF GRAND PARADE. FACING lŒOD.E"A'['t) ',it. lt Ii:ï;1 HIGHLY 'OMi 7531 -tli- bI"J" THE Llandudno Cocoa House & Temperance Hotel, 66, MOSTYN Hi'RKUT. ilASOTIHO. DINNERS DAILY FROM 12 TO 3 o'clock Good Accommodation for Tourists and Cyclists. Baths, d-c. PARTIES CATERED) FOJ*. 7532 REEVES-HUG TIES. HOLLY BANK, Boarding Establishment and Private Hotel, -v<r A I d 18 A IS ST « 85 IS'ff, Midway etweeu the Railway Station and Esplanade (One Minute's walk from Parade. THIS Establishment baa been built with a special vi3w of ensuring the ootnfort of Vip^ors, t< replete with all modern improvements, -.ht Sanitary arrangements being perfect, and tna just be ei much enlarged. A LIBERAL TABLE 18 tnahjtained, and a good SMOKE-ROOM provided. FOR TARIFF, dec., APPLX TO 7016w Mrs Samuel Roberts, I roprietress. -.w.D;a-f.-?.I -u.hù THE 'WATERLOO HOTEL, BETTWS-Y-COED Close to the Waterloo Bridge and a Jew mmutcH walk from the Railway Station (turn to the left at the top of Stition Road). Excellent Stabling and Lock-up Coach Houses Posting in all its branches. Lai,ge Lawn Tennis Grounds. COACHING to LLANBERIS AND BEDDGELERT DAILY in connection with the L. and N. W. Railway Co. GOLF! !-An excellent 9-bole Golf Course has been opened in connection with this HOTEL, and is FREE TO VISITORS. BILLIARDS. Foi Tariff of Charges apply tn L. B. McOulloeh, Proprietor. LLANDUDNO WEST. PEE 33 0; X. D BUILDING PLOTS FOR SALE IN THE ABOVE CHARMING; SITUATION, With Option of Buying by Deferred Payments FIRST-CLASS VILLA SITES Between Gloddaeth Street and sugges-ted:Site fon New Church. FOR PARTICULARS APPLY TO Messrs Smiths Gore and Co., Surveyors, 9731 jo1 16, Whitehall Place, Westminster^ S.W. PLAS MAWR, CONWAr" § n A THE OLD ELIZAllfHAN PAL A CE; PVV?V»tfl vvvi>»i»nv» "Open Daily. 7044tw 1 r ASK p1 0 ill B&.f c.J ¡¡.. Q z" Q 0 f-4 4 Eo< ..c w (Q $.0- ;i J ""t d I IS" -'iT: :rC 'õ | p u ?1 £ DIRECT FROM a J5 The STRETTON HILLS MINERAL WATER CO., « sSC 8 <D"W"2«s: PRIN""G, CHURCH STBETTON. j S H R 0 P S IDI RE. FSQII ALL WINE MERCHANTS, CHEMISTS, STORES, AO. a a "I I CHOICE PRESENTS, I H. READING (Williams &. Co.)" 1 JEWELLER and SILVERSMITH. A Large Stock of Watches, Clocks, Electron-plate, Goldi and Silver Goods at most moderate prices. | Gold Rings from 3S 6d ectsh. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO REPAIRS, WHICH ARE DONE EX^ERIEITCED WORKMEN. Ctaester ISoiase, fflostym-street^SJaiftdis^ao.. -4:1..1:.2,1"<l;" JOSEPH WILEY AND BON) Glass, Chma, and Earthenware IVfeichant, 91 & 145, MOSTYN-STREET, LLANDliJNQ. A COMPLETE STOCK i kept at these EBtablishmenta, euita^ for FurnieiuEg from DZ; Drawing room. Specialitiesia now gwtm to Toilet and Dinner Ware. Glass at -rL the Daefal and Ornamental. w ever* the Daefal and Ornamental. w ever* Prices quoted and S&mplea supplied upon Applioaiion. -0+- SOLe. AGNT8 FGR THE. IVORY PORCELAIN ENAMELERfi IN COLOIilK WITH THE ARMS OF WALES. I ESTABLISHED TEtsa'ai^a 1 8 7 3 TBOHP, BUILDER, LLANDUDNO I EDWARD THORP 4 SONS, •I OLNERS-. BUILDERS, AND CONTRACTORS BRETON WOt,"t<.S, LLOYD-STREET, LLANDUDNO (OPPOSITE THE BOARD SCHOOLS). ESTIMATES QlVim FC,R NEW WORKS, ALTERATIONS, ADDITIONS AND nuD»mn IN ALL BRANCHES -in TOWN or COUNTRY. ALL KI«D8 OF BUILDING 2a FOR SALE. JMAIUjUSAiLS Funerals Completely Furnished on the Shortest Notice ——WM———■iw|j WWWIMf 591Q. LLANDUDNO. -4. j THE üRAIG-Y-DON BOARDING HOUSE I Accommoili&iioii for STo Visitors. I I Fine Views of Bay and Great and Little Ormesy I MODERATE TERMS. I 309511 Misses Middleton and Wood;