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FOOTBALL. HOLYWELL v. ST. ASAPH.-The Holywell team journey to St. Asaph on Saturday next, the following will compose the team, goal, W. Pierce; backs, J. Edwards, and J. Ll. Williams half backs, R. L. Hughes, Hall, aud J. H. Hagae; forwaads, Gordon Jones, Jones, Croudace, E. J. H. Williams, aad Bromley. GREENFIELD ABBEY ROVERS V. ST. DAVID'S, FLINT. —These teams will meet at Greenfield on Saturday, and kick-off as near as possible to three o'clock. The following will represent the Rovers :-Goal, Hugh Hughes; backs, J. Jones and W. Jones; halt-backs, R. Hughes, F. McNamara and J. R. Petrie; forwards, E. Davies, Reece, Conlon and Jones. FLINT A TEAM V. HOLYWELL SECOND ELEVEN.— The above match was played on Saturday last at Holywell, and resulted in a draw of three goals each. MOLD RED STARS V. CEFNYBEDD BLUE STARS. These teams met on the ground of the former on Saturday last, when the home team were victorious by two goals to nil. GREENFIELD ADBEY ROVERS V. FLINT OAKENHOLT ROVKRS.—These clubs met on Saturday last for the first time this season on the ground of the former. The ground was in a wretched state, being almost covered with water. Nothing daunted The Paper- makers," who are evidently not afraid of water, decided to play for forty minutes, believing that time long enough for swimming about. Oakenholt kicked off soon after three o'clock, and both sides struggled hard to score under the most unfavourable conditions. The visitors were the first to score but the home team soon equalized, half-time showing one goal each. On restarting the home team pressed hard, and eventually were rewarded by having another goal added to their credit. Neither side again scored, and a very give and take" game resulted as above. It is to be hoped that the ground will be in better condition when the return fixture comes off, and that a full game may be played. These clubs being both connected with the paper trade, considerable good natured rivalry exists between them for the honour of victory. FLINT V. HOLYWELL.—This match was played at Flint on Saturday last in fair weather, but the ground was in an ill-conditioned state. Much speculation was ripe between the partisans of both teams as to the issue; previous encounters having ended in very even results. The game commenced at three p.m., when the Flint team having won the toss, elected to play downhill. Jones kicked off for Holywell whose right-wing at once assumed the aggressive, and the home backs negociated difficult passes. Holywell still continued to attack, the speed beginning to tell on them. Play for a time was confined to mid-field, after which the Flint left took smartly down, the final shot going outside. The ball was now transferred to the homesters right, the outside man centreing well to C. Christopherson who placed the ball beyond the custodian's reach. Soon afterwards the whistle sounded for half time. and Flint changed ends with one goal to nil. On the resumption of the game the home team played up with vigour, and at once made a determined onslaught on the Holywell goal. Good combination was exhibited by H. Griffiths and E. B. Christopher- son, and after a spirited run, the latter timely passed to Craig who scored. The fusilade was still kept up and another pass from the right was well accounted for by C. Christopherson. The same player was responsible for another soon after, and then a well directed long shot by J. Matthews on the extreme left took effect, The pressure was kept up and several corners were conceded, from one of which Craig headed a fine goal. Not to be denied the forwards came again and Christopherson was enabled to score number seven, when the whistle blew, leaving Flint easy winners of a somewhat one-sided game. The whole of.ttio Flint team from the goal-keeper upwards played a sterling game, as will be seen from the points the forwards distin- guished themselves. No less credit is due to the back division who defended grandly. For the losers J. Ll. Williams and Gordon Jones played pluckily, but they were minus five of their team and had to play substitutes. MOLD V. WREXHAM HIBERNIANS.—These teams tried conclusions at Mold on Saturday last, in cold though fine weather, and in the presence of a goodly number of spectators. Wrexham kicked off at four o'clock, and even play ensued until within ten minutes from the start, when the home custodian was called upon to repel a shot by the Wrexham centre, the attack being taken up by Cofferty, who drew first blood for the visitors. Immediately'upon the restart the Wrexham goalkeeper was called upon to save, and before three minutes had elapsed Lloyd opened an account for the Mold team with a well judged shot. A neat save by the home custodian and an easy chanco in goal mouth multed by Daley were conspicuous, succeeded by a determined attack by the Mold forwards, Malone averting danger. Each goal then received a visit, the strangers experiencing hard lines in not scoring, and again the defence of Malone and Bellington was severely tested. Some give and take play ensued in neutral territory, after which the Hibernian forwards in a combined effort succeeded in evading the opposing backs with the result that at 25 minutes from the start the Wrexhamites scored their second goal. The Moldavians then pressed considerably and as a result of a smart and combined attack, Morgan equalized with a lofty shot. Up to half time nothing further was scored, and the teams crossed over at two goals each. In the second half the visitors did the bulk of the pressing, adding three more goals to their account, thus winning an interesting game by six goals to two. The teams were as follows :— Wrexham Hibernians Goal, Price backs, Malone and Bellington half-backs, R. Roberts, M. Cofferty and Rowland; right-wing, J. Baike and Conlin left-wing, G. Danbar and J. Cofferty; centre, Daley umpire, Mr. M, Loftus. Mold: Goal, T. Roberts backs, P. Dykins and W. Harrison half- backs, T. Lewis, W. Evans and G. Harrison right-wing, L. E. Lloyd and J. B. Marston left- wing, M. W. Morgan and D. Parry centre, H. i\orth; umpire, Mr. E. Jones; referee, Mr. W. Ap Simon.