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CLAIM FOR BENT. John Jones, Britannia Inn, claimed from A. W. Merridew, L6 for rent of a blacksmith shop. Defendant denied his responsibility, stating that plaintiff had agreed to accept another tenant, a man named Samson, and His Honour adjourned the action to the next Rhyl court so as to make Samson a defendant. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The annual meeting of this Board was held on Thursday last, the following guardians being present—Messrs. W. M. Clarke (in the chair), T. G. Dixon, J. Roberts (Geinas), Joseph Lloyd, W. Parry, J. D. Jones, T. Sleight, T. Winston, S. Perks, R. Davies, E. Angel, W. Bell, J. Knowles, B. Littler, R. J. Sisson, D. Edwards, J. Hughes, W. Ellis, R. Roberts, H. Parry, T. Morgan, T. Llovd, W. Williams, D. Thomas; clerk-Mr. C. Grimsley. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN. Mr. T. G. Dixon Before we go to the general business I must ask you to correct an omission which we made at our last meeting, in not pro- posing a vote of thanks to the chairman and vice- chairmen for the excellent work they had performed. I beg to propose that the thanks of the meeting be given to Mr. Pennant, Mr. W. M. Clark, and Mr. E. Morgan.—Mr. Dixon I beg again to propose Mr. Pennant as our chairman for the present year of the Board. He has attended here very regularly, and you will all agree that he has been a very good chairman.—Mr. Sleight: I have great pleasure in seconding.—The motion was unanimously carried. —Mr. Sleight proposed Mr. Clarke as senior vice- man, Mr. E. Angel seconded, and it was agreed to. —Mr. Clarke was deeply obliged to them for the great confidence they had reposed in him for many years past, and said he would use his best endeavours to retain the same.—Mr. J. Roberts proposed Mr. E. Morgan as second vice-chairman. Up to his present illness he had been a good attendant, and was a very good guardian.—Mr. Winston seconded and it was agreed to. THE SANITARY BOARD. The Chairman said it was for the Board now to decide whether they would all unite as a sanitary board, or appoint a number of gentlemen to act as heretofore.—Mr. Dixon said the committee had worked very well up to now, and he did not see why they should not continue in the same way. He proposed that this be so.—Mr. Bell seconded, and said it would be rather cumbersome to do the work with the whole Board.—Mr. J. Lloyd said as it was the wish of several gentlemen sitting near him, he would propose that the sanitary business be discussed by the whole Board. It was thought that the rate-payers of Llansannan and other places were not sufficiently represented on the committee. He simply made this amendment so as to ascertain the feeling of the meeting.-The Clerk said the business could not be conducted by the whole Board, because the guardians from Denbigh, the urban parish of Rhuddlan, &o., would not be allowed to vote.—The Chairman said it seemed to him that the business could best be done by a suitable committee.—Mr. Hugh Parry seconded the amendment, which was carried by a large majority. APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEES. The Assessment Committee waf; next- &"oirAed. —Mr. R. J. Sisson (the chairman of thecommittee) said as he was chairman of the Rhyl Waterworks Co., he often felt a delicacy as to fixing the rateable value of property-not that he was afraid to give his opinion candidly and straightforwardiy-but Caesar's wife should be above suspicion. He thought all his friends around him believed that he would not lend himself to anything that was not right- (hear, hear)-but there were outsiders who might think that it was to the interest of himself and others to keep up the rateable value of property. Before he could consent to allow his name to con- tinue on the list of the committee, he should like to have it put to the board to decide whether he was a fit and proper person to fulfil the duties, and if the board believed he was he would continue to hold office but if anyone present thought that under the circumstances he ought to retire he should be most happy to do so. Mr. Angel: Being on this im- portant committee, I, for one, should be sorry to lose Mr. Sisson from our meetings as chairman. I never saw a more unbiassed gentleman at this Board during the whole time I have sat here, and I assure you, during the time he has been our chairman, he has not shown any bias towards anything in any shape or form, and I beg to propose that Mr. Sisson remain a member.—Mr. J. Lloyd thought Mr. Sisson made a very wise remark in saying he was chairman of the Rhyl Waterworks Company, as there had been a great deal of writing in the papers in regard to this company. It was at Mr. Sisson's own risk if he took the office, and if he was prepared to face what was said, he did not see why he should not be a member.—Mr. Sisson: I do not care a straw about the outside world so long as those present have confidence in me.—It was unanimously agreed that Mr. Sisson should continue to serve on the committee.—The School Attendance Committee was next appointed, the following names being added :-Mr. E. D. W. Brouôhton, Mr. T. Sleight, Mr. Hugh Parry, Mr. B. Littler, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Thomas Parry.—The following new members were placed on the finance, contract, and vaccination committee:—Mr. W. Ellis, Mr. D. Edwards, Mr. J. Kendal, and Mr. B. Littler.—The visiting lunacy committee were re-appointed.





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