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HOLYWELL. THE CYCLIsTs.-Thc members of this club met on Saturday last, and enjoyed a run together to Rhyl. The weather was very fine, and the run was much enjoyed by the enthusiastic wheelmen." 1ST FLINT AND CARNARVON VOLUNTEERS. The D Company (Holywell) will parade at the Armoury, on Saturday, the 3rd of May next, at G o'clock, for a March-out. Further orders will be given. ELECTION OF A MEDICAL OFFICER. A spocial general meeting of the subscribers to the Flintshire Dispensary will be held at Holywell on Wednesday next, for the purpose of appointing a successor to Mr. R. Musgravc Whitham, M.B., who has resigned the office of house surgeon to the institu- tion. Nauru W ALES ASSIZES.-The commission for the assizes for the counties of North Wales was opened at Carnarvon on Tuesday, by Mr. Justice Smith. There are six cases in the calendar, the offences being—Arson 1, fraudulent bankruptcy 1, burglary 2, bigamy 2. Two of the cases are from Anglesey, two from Carnarvon, and the remainder from Denbighshire. Robert Roberts, 26, and Edward Roberts, 22, for stealing ;a jar of gin at Denbigh, were sentenced the former to 16 and the latter to 10 months' hard labour. Thos. Wyatt, 52, for obtaining money and goods by false pretences at Abergele, sentenced to two months' hard labour. THE LATE AIR. ELLIS EYTON, M.P.—A mural tablet, of handsomely sculptured work, and con- taining a faithful profile bust, is about to be erected in Llanynys Church, near Ruthin, in memory of the late Mr. P. Ellis Eyton, the late member for the Flint Boroughs, who was born and buried within the above parish. The work was executed by Mr. Lunt, sculptor, Rhyl, at the expense of deceased's sister, Mrs. A. Parry Charles. LOCAL RATES.—The following local rates have been submitted by Mr. John Marsden, assistant overseer of the parish of Holywell, to Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace, and have been duly allowed by the same, viz.: -Poor Rate, Is. Id. in the pound, School Board Rate (supplementary), Id. in the pound, Highway Rate, 3d. in the pound, general Sanitary Rate, ld. in the pound, Bagillt District Lighting Rate, 4d. in the pound. SPRATT'S PATENT DOG FOOD COMPANY has issued a very interesting and readable pamphlet of 120 pages on dog diseases, entitled "Common Sense on Dog-treating. It also comprises chapters on dog distemper, rheumatism, rabies, accidents, &c., to the number of 27. This is a very complete hand- book for the dog fancier as well as to the large number of persons who take an interest in their favourite pets. The price of the book is 6d., and it may be had through any bookseller, or through the Spratt's Patent Company, Henry-street, Tooley- street, London. We beg to call attention to the advertisement in our columns respecting the High School for Welsh Girls, at Ashford, Middlesex. There are at present 114 children in the school, and the governors have resolved still further to increase the number. The applications for the Foundation and Intermediate Pay Scholarships are overwhelming, and the Governors will not be able to elect a twentieth part of those who apply. For the Higher Pay Scholar- ships the applications are also numerous; and the Lrovernois are exercising a careful discrimination, and only electing the most eligible candidates. SPECIAL SERmoz;s.A series of special sermons are this week bemg dehvered iuA t} Enirlish Congregational Chapel, the preachers bein«° on Monday evening, Rev. D. B Hooke, Rhyl'; on Wednesday, Rev. H. Barrow Williams. Wrexham; and this (Thursday) evening, the Rev. Thomai Nicholson,, Denbigh. On Tuesday, a getleral society was held, at which the several ministers in the the town took part. On Friday evening the preacher will be the Rev. D B. Evans, Mold on Saturday, the Rev. David Oliver, Holywell, and on Sunday evening, the Rev. Owen Thomas, M.A., the pastor of the church. TiiE PARISH CHURCH ACCOUNTS.-A meeting of the congregation of the Parish Church of Holyweli was held to-day (Thursday) for the purpose of receiving the accounts of the churchwardens as regards the Sunday offertories and the payments for church expenses during the past year- }lie Vicar of Holywell (Rev. R. 0. Williams, M-A-), presided, and the accounts were submitted by the churchwardens, Messrs. J. Garner and J. Carman. The total collections for the year amounted to Iï8 odd, of which sum £ 32 were special collec- tions for various societies. After payment. of all expenses, and the liquidal ion of a small balance of arrears from the previous year, the Churchwardens had a balance of 120 in hand at the close of the year. The accounts were closfly scrutinized, and eventually were passed on the motion of Mr. Holgate, seconded by Mr. Thomas. A motion that an abstract of the accounts be printed and circula- ted, made by Mr. Thomas Hughes, was not iseconded. FUNERAL OF MR. PIERCE LLOYD.—On Saturday afternoon, the remains of Mr. Pierce Lloyd, who, as we stated in our last issue, had been in business as a master plumber and painter, in Holywell, for he past 4G years, were interred in the family vault at Zion Cemetery, and the respect in which he was held as an old inhabitant of the town was shown on every hand, the shutters of business premises being closed, and the blinds of private houses drawn on the day of interment. The funeral was a very large one, and besides the immediate relatives, including Messrs. Henry Lloyd, Manchester, and Thomas Lloyd (sons), Messrs. D. W. Parry, Holywell, Joseph Garnett, Gorton, near Manchester, and Thomas Bell, Afonwen (sons-in-law). Almost all the tradesmen of the town were present. The members of the Tower of Cambria Lodge of Druids also attended the funeral, the late Mr. Lloyd having been for many years a devoted member of the Order, and having for a long period held the respon- sible position of District Treasurer. The service at the house and also at the grave was performed by the Rev. E. Evans, Wesleyan Minister, who also on Sunday evening preached a touching funeral sermon at Pendref Chapel, of which chapel the deceased had been a member during his long resi- dence in Holywell. A WELsn LITERARY IMPOSTOR.-At the Beau- maris Police Court, on Tuesday, Robert T. Williams, who is known by the bardic title of Trebor Mon," a native of Holyhead, but recently residing at Holywell and Rhyl, was charged with having obtained various sums of money from a number of people in the parishes of Llanddona, Llanidan and Llanedwen, in Anglesey, under the pretence that he was publishing a book containing the history of that island, and also of Elaint Cybi and his churches." From the evidence given by several witnesses, it appeared that the prisoner had gone about to the principal residences in Anglesey, and solicited money from the servants and others, in some cases representing that the book which he was publishing had been awarded a prize out of a number sent in for competition at the recent National Eisteddfod in Cardiff, whilst in others he stated that it had been successful at an Eisteddfod held in Holyhead. The bait which he held out to his dupes was, however, that the work would contain a complete history, with engravings and diagrams, of whatever family seat he visited. To the servants of Colonel Hampton Lewis, of Henllys, the great inducement was that the book would contain an engraving and a history of that seat. A similar invention was made at Cornelyn, the residence of Mr. Massey, and also at Plas Newydd, the seat of the Marquis of Anglesey, and the Friars. Those servants who were Welsh were informed by the prisoner that the book was to be published in Welsh, whilst to the English-speaking servants he repre- sented that it would be printed in the English language, but invariably the price of it was to be one shilling, it was to be delivered post free to all subscribers within a week's time, and was to con- tain as much and as similar matter to what was contained in Mr. Pennant's Tours in Wales," recently published by Mr. Humphreys, Carnarvon. The prisoner had further stated that the book was in the press, and was within a few days of being published. In some instances he stated that the work was being brought out at Mold and Carnar- von, but witnesses representing publishing offices at those places were called to prove that nothing was known of any work belonging to the prisoner. The case in the first instance was gone through by the borough justices, but subsequently their worships sat as county magistrates to hear charges relating to similar offences committed by the prisoner outside the borough. The prisoner, during the hearing of the cases, impudently cross-examined the witness upon trivial matters of detail, but would not attempt to deny the evidence given. The prisoner was remanded. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of this Board, being the first meeting of the Board for the ensuing year, was held at the Workhouse, on Friday last, when all the elected guardians with the exception of two were present. The asterisk denotes new guardians. Appended is a list of those in attendance :—John Scott Bankes, Esq. (chairman), John Henry, Esq., Rev. T. Z. Davies, Rev. Walter Evans. Caerwys *Mr. William Evans; Cilcen—Mr. J. Lloyd; Flint —Messrs. Thomas Jones and Richard Evans; Gwaenyscor—*Mr. Thomas Roberts Halkyn- Mr. Thomas Parry Holywell—Messrs. Owen Jones, J. I £ Evaus, Samuel Davies, Joseph Garner and *Isaac Hughes; Llauasa-*Messrs. Enoch Lewis and John Owen Mold-Messrs. John Corbett, E. P. Edwards, Edward Jones, Gwern- affield, and E. Jones, Buckley; Nannerch-Rev. Watkin Williams; Nerquis-Mr. Wm. Griffiths; Newmarket-Rev. D. Williams; Northop-Messrs. James Reney and Wm. Astbury; Whitford— Messrs. R. W. Hughes and Edward Williams; Yseeifiog Mr. John Williams. The Clerk sub- mitted his agenda, viz. :—1, Election of Chairman 2, the Relievirg Officer's Books 3, the Election of Vice-chairmen 4, the Election of Committees 5, the general business of the Board. THE ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN. The Rev. Watkin Williams proposed that Mr. Bankes should be re-elected their Chairman for the ensuing year. He (Mr. Williams) felt sure that all the guardians would agree with him, that a better chairman they could not get than Mr. Bankes (hear, hear.) He thoroughly understood the business of the Board, and upon all occasions had most ably discharged the duties of the chair, and he had very great pleasure in proposing his re-election. Mr. William Astbury, very warmly seconded the proposition, which was carried most cordially and most unanimously.- Mr. Bankes in returning thanks for his re-election as chairman of the Board, said he was exceedingly obliged to all the guardians for the courteous man- ner in which they had behaved towards him during the past twelve months, and he thanked them for the honor they had again conferred upon him in electing him as their chairman. On the whole he was pleased with the way the business of the Board was carried on, but he thought a few alterations might be introduced which would still improve matters. He considered it of great impor- tance that the whole Board should be present when the Relieving officers' books were gone through, so that each case of out-door relief should be thoroughly discussed, and that great care should be taken to encourage thrift amongst the poor. To accomplish this he should like to see the Guar- dians pay more attention to cases of out-door relief, whether or not they were individually connected with them, & he would respectfully suggest that the School Attendance Committee should endeavour to arrange their hour of meeting so as not to clash with that of the business of the general Board, and to imitate the example of the Sanitary Authority by coming a little earlier. Another matter he would also wish to see rectified was with reference to the Union Con- tracts, and he thought it would be of advantage if two or three Holywell Guardians be requested to select the goods prior to the business of the Board, which would prevent the guardians being divided when the general business was going on. Regarding the granting of relief, he was of opinion that in the case of an able-bodied widow with one child she ought to maintain it, and as far as possible the house should be offered to every person under the age of sixty years, and who had no person living with them. In offering those few remarks he regretted that they had lost the services of one of their old members—one who had had considerable experience as a Guardian, viz. Mr. Alfred Parry, but ho trusted that the newly appointed Llanasa Guardians would make good his place. After a few more practical remarks Mr. Bankes concluded by thanking the Guardians for the confidence they had placed in him during his term of office, and said that he would still endeavour to discharge the same to the best of his abilities. THE BERKSHIRE SYSTEM. The Rev. T. Z. Davies asked the chairman what about the continuance of the Berkshire system for the relief of tramps, he had seen in some of the newspapers that this mode of relief had been sus- pended in Berkshire.-Tlic Chairman said that he had noticed the report referred to by Mr. Davies, but he did not think it was correct. They were then only trying the plan, but he was told that it worked very satisfactorily in some places. -Several of the guardians remarked they did not see the benefit of relieving tramps in that manner. The Master said that the tramps did not like the system at all and that they actually tore their tickets when they got them, andtnereby disqualifying themselves from calling at the relief -tation^.—1The Rev. Walter Evans said that thev were afraid to beg publicly.— The Chairman said that the system was to prevent relief being indiscriminately given. The matter then dropped. ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRMEN. The Rev. Watkin Williams proposed and Mr. Samuel Davies seconded that Mr. James Reney be appointed senior vice-chairman, as an amendment Mr. John Henry moved that Mr. Edward Williams, who he thought was a very efficient gentleman, and well able to discharge the duties of vice-chairman, be selected. Mr. Enoch Lewis seconded Mr. Henry's motion. The Chairman thought that for the sake of past services, Mr. Reney ought to be made senior, as he fully deserved it.—The Rev. Walter Evans suggested that they elect two vice-chairmen each to take the duties alternately in the absence of the chairman.—Mr. Samuel Davies was of opinion that Mr. Reney had a claim to the senior vice-chair.— Mr. Owen Jones suggested that they elect a senior by show of hands.—The majority were in favour of Mr. Williams occupying the senior chair, and he was therefore elected. Mr. Williams thanked the guardians for the honour they had conferred him by appointing him to the office of senior vice- chairman, but at the same time he did not in any way covet the post, and was quite willing to withdraw in favour of Mr. Reney if he was required to do so.-On Mr. Reney being asked whether he would object to acting as junior-vice-chairman, he ex- pressed his willingness to do so-and was accord- ingly proposed and seconded to the office, by the Rev. Walter Evans and the Rev. Watkin Williams respectively.—The Rev T. Z. Davies desired to know what the Board intended to do regarding the time of meeting of the School Attendance Committee.—The Chairman thought it would be advisable to leave the matter in the hands of the Committee and let them decide whether they transact their business before or after the Board. It was however decided on the proposition of Mr. John Henry that the matter be left to the discretion of the committee to fix their own time, which was carried.—Mr. Henry expressed his intention of resigning the chairmanship of the Rural Sanitary Authority, ani he begged to pro- pose that Mr. Bankes take the chair.—Mr. Bankes said he would be glad to serve under Mr. Henry, and he desired him to remain in the chair.—Mr. Henry's motion was seconded by Mr. E. Williams. —Mr. Bankes thanked them for his election and intimated that he would with Mr. Henry's assistance try to fulfil the duties of chairman to the satis- faction of all, and if in the next year the same progress could be made as in the last, he would be satisfied. —Mr. Henry was re-elected chairman of the Assessment Committee and the Rev. T. Z. Davies chairman of the School Attendance Committee.—It was decided on the proposition of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. R. W. Hughes that Dr. Davies (Holywell), be appointed Medical Officer for the Whitford district. APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEES. The following is a list of the new committees; the Chairman and Vice-chairmen of the Board to act as ex-officio members of each committee, save those of the Assessment and Rural Sanitary Authority. Visiting Committee :-R. Sankoy, Esq., John Henry, Esq., Rev. Walter Evans, Mr. Thomas Parry, Mr. John Corbett, Rev. David Williams, Rev. Watkin Williams, Mr. R. W. Hughes, Mr. John Williams and the guardians of Holywell Parish. Days of attendance to be Wednesdays preceding the Board-days. Finance Committee :— Rev. Walter Evans, Mr. John Henry, Mr. Enoch Lewis, Mr. John Lloyd, Mr. John Corbett, Mr. Edward Jones, Mr. Thomas Jones (Flint). Mr. William Astbury, Mr. J. K. Evans, Rev. Watkin Williams, and Mr. Samuel Davies. Days of attendance, on Board-days (subject to notice). Union Assessment Coiiiiiiiiiee :-Mr. John Henry (chairman), Rev. T. Z. Davies, Rev. Walter Evans, W. B. Buddicom, Esq., Mr. R. W. Hughes, Mr. J. K. Evans, Mr. John Corbett, Mr. Edward Williams, Mr. John Lloyd, Mr. Thos. Parry, Mr. William Astbury, and Mr. E. P. Edwards. Days of attendance on Fridays at 11-30 as follows:—May 9th, July 4th, September 12th, November 7th, 1885-January 16th, March 13, together with special meetings when required. Rural Sanitary Committee :-John Scott Bankes, Esq. (chairman), John Henry, Esq., W. B. Buddicom, Esq., Richard Sankey, Esq., Rev. Walter Evans, Mr. J. K. Evans, Mr. Edward Jones, Mr. Samuel Davies, Mr. Thos. Jones, (Flint), Mr. Enoch Lewis, Mr. John Corbett, Mr. Owen Jones, Mr. James Reney, Mr. E. P. Edwards and Mr. R. W. Hughes. Time of attendance every Board day at 11.30. The powers of the Guardians, as Rural Sanitary Authority have been delegated to the above Committee under section 201 of the Public Health Act, 1875. School Attendance Committee Rev. T. Z. Davies (chairman), W. B. Buddicom, Esq., Rev. Walter Evans, John Henry, Esq., Rev. D. Williams, Mr. John Lloyd, Rev. Watkin Williams, Mr. J. K. Evans, Mr. Thomas Jones, Mr. James Reney, Mr. Edward Williams and Mr. William Thomas. Parochial Sanitary Committees were appointed for Mold, Bagillt, Llanasa, Gwaen- yscor, and Newmarket, the meetings to be called as required. THE WORKHOUSE SCHOOL EXAMINATION. The following returns were received from Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools (J. C. Clutterbuck, Esq., D.C.L.), in connection with the late examina- tion of the Union Schools- The total number of children on the books was 63; and the number presented for individual examination was 35, the rest being two young; passed in reading, 34; writing, 32; arithmetic, 30 and passed in all the three subjects prescribed by the Education Act of 1876, 28. The followin 7 is a list of extra subjects (including religious instruction) —Scripture, good; mental arithmetic, very fair; substance of reading, good spelling, fair; meaning of words, good; dictation, good geography, fair; industrial work, good, with the exception of the arithmetie, in which there is room for improvement. The school continues in a satisfactory state, and the discipline is excellent." The guardians considered that the report reflected great credit on Miss Hughes, the efficient school-mistress. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported that the number of inmates in the house last Board-day was 162; admitted since, 2 discharged, 9 present number, 155. The number of vagrants admitted during the past fortnight was 105; whilst 109 was entered in the books for the corresponding period of last year. FINANCIAL. The following cheques were granted the Relieving Officers: .u. r Mr. J ohn Hughes (Mold) £ 170 I Mr. J. O. Roberts (Holywell) £ 155 Mr. J. F. Hooson (Whitford). xgo I MAINTENANCE OF PARENTS. Letters were read by the Clerk in connection with the maintenance of parents, and the necessary instructions were given. ATTENDANCES OF GUARDIANS. The following is a copy of the return of at- tendances of the Guardians for the past twelve months, including the attendances at Sanitary and Assessment Committees — Names of Guardians. g-J 'o'3 ,■§ o |*3 fin &Q oe-s s> S 2 5 go O <! John Evans 8 0 0 0 John Lloyd 3 0 0 5 Thomas Jones 15 0 0 0 Richard Evans 14 0 0 0 John Davies 3.. 0.. 0 0 Thomas Parry 13 0 0 8 Joseph Garner 19 0 0 0 Rev..T. E. Jones 13 0 8 0 J. Kerfoot Evans 17 0 16 0 Owen Jones 22. 0 20 0 Samuel Davies 23 0 15 0 John Dawson 7 0 0 0 Alfred Parry 12 0 11 0 John Corbett 1 25 0..2 E. P. Edwards 1 24 0. 3 Edward Jones 1 22 0 0 Edward Jones (Bistre) 0 24 0 o Edward Peters 1 22 0..0 Rev. Watkin Williams 19 0 0 0 William Griffiths C 22 0 0 Rev. David Williams 18 0 0 0 James Reney 22 0 19 0 William Astbury 19 0 0 4 Elward Williams 11 0 0 9 R.W.Hughes 11 0 9 0 William Thomas 12 0 0 0 John Williams 23 0.. 0..0 Ex-officios- J. Scott Bankes 19 0 19 0 John Henry 22. 0 21 ..14 Rev. Walter Evans 16 0 14 13 Rev. T. Z. Davies 20 0 0 .11 W. B. Buddicom 4 0 4 4 St. John Charlton 2 0 0 0 A. l'. Lloyd. 0 5 0 0 COUNTY COURT: TUESDAY.—Before Horatio Lloyd, Esq., judge. There were only 76 cases, including new plaints and judgment summonses entered for hearing at this court, and those iu which the accounts were not disputed were heard by Mr. Pugh, the registrar of the court before the arrival of the judge. ENTERING A JUDGMENT. Mr. Wm. Davies (who appeared on behalf of Messrs. P. M. Evans and R. J. Williams) called attention to a case of Fox and Parry v. Lloyd) which had been adjourned from time to time, the summons in the first instance having been made returnable in the month of April, 1883. Owing to repeated adjournments some little irregularity arose, and it was found that the judgment was not recorded in the books, although the defendant had agreed to pay off the debt by instalments of £ 5 per month. The mattter was brought nnder his Honor's notice in January last, and he then pro- mised that he would look into his private minute book as to the order which was made.—His Honor said he had done and found that there was no entry in his book. The case being one of judgment by consent, he made no record of it.—After some further discussion, his Honor said there could be no objection to the judgment being then entered for the debt and costs, payable by instalments of J60 a month, the order to run from that day. A CASE DEFERPBD. Mr. H. A. Cope mentioned a case of Jones and Roberts against the Holway Consols Mining Com- pany, Limited, which had been set down for hearing at that court. He had that morning received a restraining order in the case, a petition having been filed for winding up the Company. He therefore applied that the case should be allowed to stand over until the Chester court on Thursday, and in the meantime the petition would have been heard. His Honor consented to the application, and fixed one o'clock on Thursday for the hearing of the case. AN AUCTIONEER'S CLAIM. Mr. Wm. Davies appeared for plaintiff in a case brought by Mr. Wm. Freeman to recover £ 5 18s. 6d. from Mr. Wm. Pierce, of Bagillt. Mr. Davies said the plaintiff was an auctioneer, residing in Holywell, &nd he was instructed by Mr. Jackson, formerly of the Cross Foxes Hotel, Flint, to sell his goods by ffcblic auction. The sale took place on the 10th of £ arch last, and at that sale the defendant bought goods to the amount of £10 18s. 6d. Ho read the conditions of the auction, one of which was that the auctioneer may require a deposit to be paid at the time of sale, and that the whole of the purchase money was to be absolutely paid on the day follow- ing the sale. He believed that there would be no dispute as to the goods nor as to the amount charged, but the defence which would be set up was that Mr. Jackson was indebted to Mr. Pierce up to the amount claimed from him. He had pointed out to Mr. Pierce that morning that the auctioneer was simply a bailee of the goods, acting for his principal (Mr. Jackson), and that he was bound to account to his principal for the value of all goods he sold. He had also suggested that judgment should be taken for plaintiff for the amount of the claim, but that payment should be deferred to enable Mr. Pierce to sue Mr. Jackson for the amount owing to him.—His Honor inquired whether plaintiff had any money in hand belonging to Mr. Jackson, and Mr. Freeman replied that he had not; he had unfortun- ately over paid him-Mr. Pierce observed that there was still a pianoforte unsold. He would agree that judgment should be recorded if Mr. Freeman would stay his hand until he had an opportunity of seeing Mr. Jackson.—His Honor gave judgment for the amount claimed forthwith, but stayed execution until after the next court, Mr. Freeman to retain any property he may have in hand belonging to Mr. Jackson. AN HONEST CONFESSION. Joseph Lloyd summoned Thomas Thomas, of Bagillt to recover a balance of account for grocery goods supplied. In looking over the account in plaintiff's book, his Honor observed that the balance was twice wrongly stated, a smaller amount being enterel than that which the account showed to be due.—His Honor (to plaintiff) How do you account for this ?-Plaintiff I don't know: I haven't got enough in my head, I suppose (laughter).—The plaintiff's book and the defendant's pass book also did not tally, and his Honor remarked: I shall go by the defendant's own book. If we cannot go by the pass book we have nothing else to go by.— Judgment was given for ;£1 18s. Id., payable in monthly instalments of 5s. A PLAINTIFF NON-SUITED. Edward Jones, of Mostyn, sued James Thomson, of the Lletty Hotel to recover the sum of 6s. 8d., for potatoes supplied. Mr. Thomson admitted having received potatoes to the value of the amount claimed, but pleaded a set-off of 1;1 16s. Od. for money lent &c., to the plaintiff. His Honor said the set-off had not been pleaded in proper time. There would be judgment for the defendant, without costs. A SON'S RESPONSIBILITIES. John Ellis, grocer, Holywell, summoned John Foulkes, of Rose Hill, to recover the balance due for grocery goods supplied to his mother, since deceased. Mrs. Ellis stated that she had refused to supply Mrs. Foulkss with goods, and that thereupon the defendant called in the shop, and said that he would be responsible for the amount, and he had also paid money at different times. The defendant denied that he had ever given a guarantee to pay the money, or that he had paid money on account in the shop. He was living at home with his parents, whom he paid weekly for his board and lodgings, but his father and mother were now dead. —His Honor adjourned the case for the production of an old account book showing to whom the goods were charged. A FICTITIOUS NOTICE. During the hearing of one case the defendant produced a printed notice he had received from plaintiff-an official looking document, requiring payment of the debt. In answer to his Honor, plaintiff said that he had received the notices from Newtown.—His Honor said that for using that notice he should adjourn the case and order the plaintiff to pay the defendant's costs. Those notices were used simply for the purpose of f righten- ing poor people, and making them think that they came direct from the court. In any future case where he found similar notices used he should adjourn it, and order the defendant's costs to be paid, nor would he hear the case at all until the coats were paid.




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