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: F'ootball Notes and Matches.


F'ootball Notes and Matches. WALES V. IRELAND.—This match was played on Saturday at Cardiff. Wales won by 1 goal 2 tries to 2 touchdowns and 1 touch in goal. NORTHERN WELSH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION.—The final tie in the above association was played at Rhyl on Saturday, between Bangor and Denbigh teams, the former winning by three goals to one. In the first half the Bangor men were hardly pressed, high wind being against them, but they held their own with much determination and good play. After change of ends they scored three goals to their opponents' one, also secured in the second half. OSWESTRY v. DRUIDS.—These clubs on Monday decided the final tie in the Wales and Border Counties Challenge Cup competition on Wrexham Racecourse, in the presence of between 4,000 and 5,000 spectators. The game was a very exciting one throughout. In the first half neither side scored. In the second half Oswestry scored once. and the Druids not at all, leaving the Oswestrians victors by one goal (J. Evans) to nil. HOLYWELL ROVERS V. A TEAM.—A match was played on Good Friday between the Rovers and a picked team under the captaincy of Mr. Joseph Hooson, on a field at Ffordd-fer. Hooson won the toss and defended the town goal. The play was commenced with vigour, and the Rovers succeeded in gaining the first point about five minutes from the start, and scored three more in rapid succession From a free kick by J. Eachus, J. E. Jones, dribbled the leather' towards the Rovers' quarters, and after a series of dodges eluded their backs and scored the first goal for his side. No further points were recorded to the credit of either side up to half- time. Change of ends gave the Rovers a slight hill in their favour, and they forced the plav. Subse- quently Hooson's team was credited with another goal. kicked by R. Jones. The Rovers afterwards C, had the game entirely in their hands, and scored a decisive victory by eleven goals to two. J. Eachus played well for the losers no aloo did their custudiau, and of their forwards J. E. Jones (right wing) was best. Teams:—Goal, R. Jones; backs, Kenyon and W. Jones; half-backs, A. Ellis, T. W. Roberta and E. Williams; right wing, F. Bramwell, W. J. Evans; left wing, R. Jones and E. Jones (captain) centre, W. T. Charlton. The other team was com- posed of:—Goal, J. Hooson; backs, J. Eachus and T. Conlon half-backs, Jos. E. Jones, E. Jones and W. A. Jones; right wing, J. E. Jones, Thos. H. Denton; left wing, R. Jones and J. F. Jones; centre, R. Jones. CAMBRIAN WANDERERS V. HOLYWELL ROVERS.—A match was played between these clubs on Easter Monday afternoon, on a field at Ffordd-fer, which attracted more than ordinary interest. The match was arranged for the purpose of devoting the gate- money. after defraying the expenses, to the funds of the Flintshire Dispensary, and judging by the number of tickets sold and the receipts at the field, the persons who organized the match will be able to hand over a tolerably good surplus to the funds of the useful institution. The receipts would, doubtless have been much greater had the elements been more favorable for out-door exercise, a bitterly cold wind prevailing and occasional showers of rain falling whilst the game was proceeding. The Wanderers won the toss, and posted themselves at the town goal, and for the first few minutes they appeared as though they would give the Rovers some difficulty in keeping their ground free from invasion. The Rovers, however, played well together, and before half-time was called they had lowered the Wanderer's colours, and scored one goal to their favor. Change of ends did not improve the fortunes of the Wanderers, who had almost all along to play on the defensive against the plucky assaults of the Rovers, who added two more goals to their credit before the match ended. The Wanderers played under considerable disadvantage from want of practice, and also from the fact that some of their best players—former members of the Holywell Club-failed to appear, and their places had to be hurriedly filled up. The match ended by three goals to nil for the Rovers. The teams W3re Cambrian Wanderers: --Goal, T. Hughes backs, H. Askew and D. J. Thomas, Bagillt; half-backs, David Williams (captain), J. Eachus and H. F. Jones; forwards, W. E. Jones, George Evans, A. Caradoc Williams and J. H. Jones, Greenfield; centre forward, G. D. Edwards, Everton umpire, T. C. Griffiths. Holywell Rovers-goal, R. Jones backs, W. R. Kenyon and W. Jones; half-backs, G. Hughes, A. Ellis and E. Williams; forwards, W. J. Evans, E. Jones (captain), W. F. Bramwell and Robert Jones centre forward, W. T. Charlton; umpire, J. W. Hughes. Referee, Mr. J. J. Williams. During the afternoon the Battalion Band of the Flintshire and Carnarvonshire Rifle Volunteers (under the leadership of Bandmaster Edw. Jones), played a selection of music on the ground, having generously given their services gratis. — —




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