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HALKYN. WESLEYAN MEETING.—On Thursday evening and throughout Good Friday last. the annual preaching meeting was held in the Wesleyan Chapel, and was attended by large congregations. The ministers who occupied the pulpit at the several services were the Revs. Wm. Thomas (Mold), and Hugh Jones (Liverpool). DIABOLICAL ACT.-A few days ago a most atro- cious deed was committed a t the, Westminster Consols Mine, near the above village. A new rope had been attached to the turn-tree, and some miscreant cut it just where it was fastened to the kibble. The men were on the point of descending the shaft and getting into the kibble, which on being moved in- stantly fell to the bottom of the shaft. The cut in the rope was made underneath the knot and could not easily be detected. A more dastardly outrage could not be imagined. INFLUENCE, AFFECTION, AND KINDNESS" was the subject of a lecture delivered by the popular Miss M. A. Williams (Blaenllechau), at the Pantygo Baptist Chapel, on Wednesday evening. The chapel was crowded to excess, and the chair was occupied by Miss M. Glover Davies, Holywell. The proceeds of the lecture were in aid of the chapel funds. We understand that the talented young lady will lecture in various places in the neighbourhood in the course of the next few days. Votes of thanks were accorded the lecturer and Miss Davies for presiding in such an able manner, and the meeting terminated. NATIONAL SCHOOL. A very successful concert took place in the above school on Wednesday even- ing last, for the benefit of the bell-ringers of the Church. The performers consisted of the members of the Church Choir, kindly assisted by Miss Jennie Owen, and Messrs. Lambert and Mansbridge. Miss Owen was in excellent voice, and sang her three songs in splendid style. In response to the numerous encores, she sang 4 The miller and the maid,' and the Sailor's letter,' in addition to the songs on the programme. Mr. Lambert sang with great taste and finish. Mrs. Curtis gave the audience a treat in the song Lock ahoy.' A trio, The Psalm of life,' by Mr. and Mrs. Curtis, and Mrs. A. H. S Cooper (Springfield), was re-deman- ded. Miss Helen F. Evans (the Rectory), and Miss Redfern, were very successful in their songs, the latter young lady singing Ehren on the Rhine,' in response to a hearty encore. Mr. H. Evans (the Rectory), was loudly encored for his rendering of Whyte Melville's hunting song, 'Drink, puppy drink,' and gave in good style, A motto for every man.' Messrs. Mansbridge and Parry were also successful in their songs. The Choir sang their two glees with great taste and expression. A pleasing feature of the entertainment were the two songs by Misses Davies and Roberts. The latter possesses an excellent voice for her age, and should, with care- ful training become a very good vocalist. Mr. Bryan acted as accompanist. Appended is the programme: Part I—glee The bells of St. Michael's tower,' Choir song (comic), 4 Far, far away,' Mr. Mansbridge song, The children's home,' iss Jennie Owen song, The message,' Mr. ■Uamberfc song, < Westbury fair,' Miss Helen F. Evans .song, 'Daddy,' Misa Jennie Owen song, The boatswain's, story,' Mr. R. Parry; son|, '/Uychau Aberdyfi/ Miss M. Roberts; part song •Gently gliding o'er the stream,' Children. Part II.—Woe, Gipsy chorus,' Choir; son"- • Drink puppy drink,' Mr. H. S. Evans soug°'« Auntie Miss Jennie Owen song, 4 Only onoe more Mr Lambert; song, Dream facn,, Miss M. Rodfern song (comic), The Frenchman,' Mr. Mansbrido-e song, Please have you seen my dolly,' Miss Ch. Davies part song, Echo song,' Children. Finale, 'God save the Queen.'












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