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Sale by Messrs. Wm. Deip and Son. MOSTYN HALL. COUNTY OF FLINT. Attractive Sale of valuable Carriage and Cart Horses, Milch Cows, Store Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry, Implements in Husbandry, Harness and Saddlery, Carriage, Stacks of Hay, Straw, Potatoes, &c. Also the Cellar of Curious, Rare, and Choice Old Wines. MESSRS. WM. DEW AND SON ARE instructed by the Representatives of the JLA. late Right Honourable Lord Mostyn, to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at Mostyn Hall, on THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, THE 1ST AND 2ND DAYS OF MAY, 1884, The following superior LIVE and DEAD STOCK: 10 Handsome and powerful Cart Horses and Colts. 50 Welsh and Scotch Wedders and Ewes. 16 Cross-bred Milch Cows. 13 Two-year-old Bulijcks and Heifers. 12 Yearling ditto. 6 Calves. 4 Berkshire Open Sows and Boar. 6 Three-months-old Porkers. Pair of valuable carrriage horses, poultry, geese, docks. An assortment of carriages, comprising a large break, chariot, barouche, phaeton, White- vhapel, and four-wheel dog cart. A collection of implements in husbandry, comprising carts, patent c tedding machine, single and double K 8, scuffler, cultivator, harrows, horse rakes, field rollers, a collection of superior harness, Baddlery. and gearing. About 20 tons of magnum bonum. 8kye blue, and Scotch champion potatoes, 60 hobbets of wheat, about 30 tons of well-harvested hay of 1882 and 1883, about ten tons of wheat straw, &c. Also the cellar of curious, rare, and choice old WINES, comprising "Harley" and "Coats" brown sherry, bottled in 1791, 1796, and 1845, grand old Madeira, bottled by "Griffitb" in 1778, 1794, and 1815, and ditto, bottled by Days" in 1845; rum, bottled in 1761; cherry brandy, bock, sauterne, &c. Luncheon will be providod by Mr. Smith of the Mostyn Hotel, Mostyn Station. SALB TO COMMENCE AT ELEVEN A.M. PBOMPT, Catalogues may be had at any of the principal Hotels in North Wales; of Mr. EVANS, Farm Bailiff, Mostyn Hall the AUCTIONEERS, Bangor, Rhyl, and Denbigh. COUNTY OF FLINT. Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878. CAERWYS FAIR CAN BE HELD ON Tuesday, April 29th, 1884 (Thai is, if no Infectious Dtsease breaks out within Two Miles from the said Borough). PETER BROWNE, CHIEF INSPECTOR. Chief Constable's Office, Rhyl, April 16th, 1884. MR. W. G. EVE LEI G H L. Mus., T. C., L., HAVING been appointed Organist and Choir- H master to the Parish Church, Holywell, is prepared to take pupils in the town and neighbour- hood. Choral Societies and Choirs trained at moderate terms, which may be had at his residence, WBLL STBEST, Holywell. FLINTSHIRE DISPLNSARY7 A SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the Subscribers to this Institution, will be held at the BOABD-BOOH, Bagillt-street, Holywell, on WEDNESDAY, the 30th April, 1884, at Noon, for the purpose of electing a HOUSE SURGEON. W. T. COLE, Secretary. Board-room, Holywell, April 17th, 1884. FLINT BRICK & TILE CO., WORKS, FLINT, NORTH WALES. DESCRIPTION of Goods always in Stock Common Building Bricks, Best Rock Bricks, Red Pressed Bricks, Stable Bricks, Arch and Closier Bricks, Plinth and Split Bricks, Red Floor- ing Tiles, Checquered Tiles, Garden Tiles, Gutter Tiles, Bearers, &c. Goods made to any pattern. Prices and terms on application to the Secretary Thomas Eaton. ST. W INEFRIDE'S CONVENT, WELL STREET, HOLYWELL. BOARDING and DAY SCHOOL for JD Young Ladies. Course of instruction:— Thorough English Instrumental Music; Singing (Tonio Sol-fa taught thoroughly) Drawing Painting; Plain and Fancy Needlework. French, taught by Natives. German by Professor Junod. Dancing, Mrs. Edwards, of Chester (Lessons every Friday). APOTHECARIES HALL. HOLYWELL. JOHN CARMAN, FAMILY AND DISPENSING CHEMIST BEGS to call attention to the following list of approved Family Medicines, &c., which he can with confidence recommend. CARMAN'S INVIGORATING SALINE, This Saline compound is recommended for Bilous constitu i tions, Heartburn, Headache, Sea sickness, &c. In bottles In. 9d. each. QUININE WINE TONIC, a bottles ls. and as. each. CARMAN'S INFANTS CARMINATIVE, An agreeable Medicine renowned for its efficacy in prevent- ing or removing the disorders to which Infancy is liable, such I as Convulsions, Wind, Gripes, Difficult Tee thin &c &c. In bottles 7ad., Is. ljd. and 2a. 9d. each. CABMAN'S COUGH LOZENGES. CARMAN'S TIC PILLS. CARMAN'S WORM POWDERS. CARMAN'S PERSIAN ESSENCE, A delightful and refreshing perfume. In bottles Is., is 6d and 2a. 6d. each. CARMAN'S COMPOUND ANTIBILOUS AND FAMILY PERIAENT PILLS. CABMAN'S CELEBRATED lIAIB RESTOREB, In bottles is. 6d. each. EXTRA STRONG SEIDLITZ POWDERS, Is. per box. PATENT MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, TOOTH BRUSHES, SCENTED SOAPS, AND OTHER TOILET REQUISITES. MINERAL AND iERATED WATERS. Pulma Water, Friedcriekshall Water, Hunyadi, Janes Water or any other Foreign Mineral Waters not in stock obtained at a few days notice. HOMOEOPATHY, A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF Tinctures, Globules, Pilules, and Triturations. HORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES. PILS, PAINTS, & COLOURS, OF THE BEST QUALITY AGENT FOB THE— AQUA CRYSTAL SPECTACLES. LICENSED TO SELL METHYLATED SPIRIT. ANY ARTICLE NOT IN STOCK PROCURED WITH THE LE \S7 POSSIBLE DELAY THE BLUE RIBBON LIFE, ACCIDENT, MUTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL INSUR- ANCE COMPANY LIMITED.—" The Total Abstainers Own Life Assurance Co." requires Agents, Ordinary and Industrial.—Apply to the Managing Director, Head Office, Colmore Chambers NewhftU street, Bizuiiu-beim. 0 ^Sale by Messrs. Churton, Elphick Sf Co. IMPORTANT ANNUAL SALE BY AUCTION AT BODRRYDDAN, NEAR RHYL, A First-class Station on the Chester and Holyhead Railway, and about One Mile and a Half from Rhuddlan Station, on the Vale of Clwyd Railway, by JMESSRS CHURTON, ELPHICK AND CO. ON THURSDAY, THE 24TH DAY OF APRIL, 1884, OF 160 Very ripe FAT SHEEP. 20 Shearling Shropshire-down EWES. 13 Shropshire-down RAMS. 4 PIGS. 24 FAT BULLOCKS and COWS. 4 First-class Pure-bred Short-hom Pedigree BULLS, and 2 Other Short-horn BULLS. The whole the property of Major RoWLEY CONWY, One week's keep allowed. Any Stock left longer than a week will be charged for at the rate of Is. 6d. per head a day for Cattle, and 2|d. each a day for Sheep. Lunch on the Table at Eleven. Sale at Twelve punctually. N.B.—Catalogues may be had of Mr. BELL, Agent, Bodrhyddan, Rhyl; or the AUCTIONEERS, Messrs. CHUBTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS and RIOHABD- SON, Chester. *fSoR SALE BY PRIVATE TENDER—TWO _T COTTAGES and GARDENS, situate at New Brighton, near the Boot, Bagillt.—Tenders to be sent to Mr. JACOB DAVIES. New Brighton, Bagillt. ^TENDERS are invited for the purchase or A lease of 7*14 or 21 years of all those FOUR COTTAGES, Garden, Ground and Quillet (together or separately), now in the occupation of Messrs. Thomas Edwards and Daniel Hushes, and the TWO ADJOINING COTTAGES, alf situate at Pen-yr- hwylfa, Holywell, North Wales, near the well- known Milwr Mine. Tenders are to be sent to Mr. PABTON PARRY, 31, Prospect Row, Woolwich, of whom particulars may be obtained. oit VRYDDYN SCHOOL BOARD. TENDERS are invited for the ERECTION of a BOARD SCHOOL at Black Diamond. Plans and Specifications to be seen at Mr. Gibbon's office, Coed Talon, near Mold, on and after MONDAY, April 7th, 1884. The person whose tender is accepted will be required to find approved security for the comple- tion of the contract, and to pay the cost of the same, as well as the solicitor's fee for drawing up the agreement. Tenders to be sent in under cover, and endorsed Tender for Board School," not later than April 28th, 1884, to Mr. JOSEPH RIGBY, Abbot's Hayes, Chester. The Board does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. JOSEPH RIGBY, PRELIMIS' Clerk to the Board. y PRELIMINARY NOTICE. "TOWER OF CAMBRIA LODGE," I No. 498, ORDER OF DRUIDS, HOLY WELL. THE ANNIVERSARY GALA DAY Will be held in a convenient Field in the Strand ON WHIT-MONDAY NEXT. Fall particulars will shortly appear. Lodge-room, Cross Keys Inn, Holywell. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. COURT "LLOYD MOSTYN," No. 983, ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS, HOLYWELL. THE Members of the above Society intend having a GALv DAY ON WHIT-MONDAY NEXT. Full particulars, will appear shortly. V 1884. FLINT CASTLE LODGE, Independent Order of Odd-Fellows, M.U., FLINT. THE ABOVE SOCIETY WILL HOLD THEXB ANNIVERSARY ON W HIT-TUESDA Y NEXT, JuM^rd, ATHLETIC SPORTS, &c., Will take place on a well-appointed course in the afternoon. Several valuable prizes will be offered for competition. Programmes may be had after the 20th MAY, from the SECRETARY, on receipt of lid, in postage stamps. JOHN FOULKES, SECRETARY, MOUNT STREET, FLINT. KANE HOLIDAY, 1884. THE ANNUAL GRAND GALA DAY OF THE LOYAL LORD MOSTYN LODGE, < WILL BE HELD ON MONDAY, AUGUST 4TH. Special attractions will be provided, of which due notice will be given. Musical BENSON'S MUSICAL BOXES BOXES OF SPECIAL MAKE AND QUALITY, AT WHOLESALE PRICES, Patent I I long playing" Man- doline Tromolo, Piccolo, and J63 Os. Od. Sublime Harmony Boxes, also with Bells, Castagnettes, and Zither accompaniments, and interchangeable Barrels. to THE LARGEST STOCK IN LONDON, ON VIEW AT THE STEAM FACTORY, 62 AND 64, LTJDGATE HILL. £ 150 Os. Od. f Illustrated Catalogues Free. I V Sale by Vi-. floycl. MONDAY, APRIL 21st, 1884. HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE. 420 Lots will be offered, including 130 Head of Cattle, 20 Horses, 120 breeding Sows and Pigs, Poultry, 100 Sacks of Beans, Barley, 200 Measures of Potatoes, Patent Cheese Vat for 50 Cows, the whole of the Implements for a 500 acre farm, Gears, Dairy Vessels, Furniture, Bacon, Hams, &c., &c., at T PLAS UCHA, WIIITFORD, MOSTYN, HOLYWELL, situate 1i miles from Mostyn Station, on the Chester and Holyhead Railway, 4 from Holy- well, and 5 from Caerwys. I MR. LLOYD HAS been favored with instructions from Mr. R. J. ROBEBTS (who is retiring from farm- ing) to SELL BY AUCTION, in his farmyard, at Plas Ucha, on MONDAY, THE 21ST DAY OF APRIL, 1884, At 11 o'clock, the whole of his valuable FARMING STOCK and Effects, TO BE SOLD IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER At 11.0 o'clock, the 148 lots of Implements, will include 3 waggons, '8 carts, 1 combined reaping and mowing machine, 1 self-delivering reaper, nearly new, 8-horse power steam engine and box, two- horse power for chopping, 2 straw cutters, turnip pulpers, mash waggon, new winnowing m -hine, 1 flat roller, 1 Cambridge roller, 6 sets of iron Trows, 4 Llanypwll wheel ploughs, 2 turnip scv tiers, 2 ridging ploughs, 2 capital corn drills, 2 turnip and manure drills, chain harrows, cultivator, corn bins, sheep racks and troughs, straw cribs, weighing machine, ladders, iron and wood hurdles, together with 50 lots of various farm tools. TRAPS, &c.-One stylish dog cart, 1 useful shandry, 1 low trap. BEANS, BARLEY, &c.-At 12 o'clock, 100 sacks of beans, 50 sacks of barley, 200 measures of potatoes, a few early potatoes. 112 PIGs-At 12.30, Three sows with 32 pigs, 15 breeding sows and gilts, pedigree boar, fat pig, 60 strong store pigs. GEARS, HARNESS, &c.-At 12.45, Five sets of chain gears, 5 sets of thrill gears, 4 sets of ploughing tackle, 2 sets of harness, 2 riding saddles and bridles, head collar, &c. Immediately before the Cattle-PATENT CHEESE VAT, -Cluett's patent cheese making apparatus, suitable for 50 cows, and curd mill (new). 130 CATTLE.—To be sold at 1.30 o'clock. 30 Grand young Dairy Cows, 25 Fat and rearing Calves, 2 Two-year-old Stock Bulls, 3 Fresh young Barrens. 30 Two-year-old outlying Stirks and Bullocks, 38 Yearling Heifers and Bullocks (by pedigree sire). 2 Do. Bulls. 20 RORSES.-To be sold at 3.30.-A grand and well-known team of 7 powerful young waggon horses and in-foal mares, 4 two-year-old cart colts. 2 stylish cobs about 15 hands, 2 cobs about 14.2, 3 half-bred colts, including a roadster entire cob by Alonza." By permission, the property of H. A. Cope, Esq., Holywell, a valuable brougham horse or weight carrying hunter, five year old, about 16'1, a very promising bay colt, three years old. about 15'1. POULTRY.—50 Head of Poultry, 3 geese, 1 gander, 3 ducks, 1 drake. q DAIBY VESSELS.—100 lots of Dairy Vessels and Furniture to be sold at 3 o'clock by Mr. Evans; 25 pair of cheese vats, 6 patent milking cans, milk carriers, cheese stools, 2 patent cheese presses, capital churn, milk seive, steins, salt chest, curd breakers,4 &c. BACON AND HAMS.—Several lots of excellent honte- cured bacon and hams. 1 FURNITURE.-Magnificent- ■oftfr chpffdnior glass dated 1697, 2 oak hall- large and nearly new -howeekK"i tables, chairs, screen, beds and bedst% jtffiiffiliwfl clothes-maid, washing machines, Trains for sale leave Wrexham at 8"6 and 11'15, Chester 9'25 and 12 o'clock, arriving at 21fostyn at 10-14 and 12*48. The Auctioneer wishes to invite special attention to the above large and important Sale. CATALOGUES BEADY. Refreshments at 10 o'clock. Sale will commence puotually at 11 o'clock. Office-Eyton House, Wrexham. If 0 BE SOL D—Ten Tons of MAGNUM JL BONUM POTATOES, for immediate use or for planting.—Apply at TWLL FARM, near Holywell. 0 & '5 A -L PATENT I I MEDICINE. /V m tyJJ At, N, 1 T. HU G H E 8 PATENT DIURETIC MEDICINE. FOR all Disorders of the Kidneys—indicated by .1' Pains in the Loins, Lumbago, violent Head- aches, Pain and difficulty in passing Urine, high coloured and acrid Urine, suppression of Urine and Dropsy. DosE.-A Wine glassful every night and morning 1 I 1 XT Gr H E S 9 T. ][I U G H E S PATENT ASTHMA MEDICINE. INVALUABLE in Chest complaints generally, I where there is tightness of the Chest and difficulty of breathing, ccugh with little or no ex- pectoration,—particulary serviceable in all Asthma tic attacks. DOSE.—One Tablespoonfui when the Cought's troublesome, or when there is great -ujUculty at breathing. PRICE, 2s. 6]). PER BOTTLE. V T. HUGHES' HERB AND FRUIT SALINE The most valuable Saline yet offered to the world This Saline is prepared only from the PUREST ESSENCES of FRUITS and HERBS, containing NO MINERAL INGREDIENT WHATEVER, and can be taken without the least fear of doing harm by the most delicate Invalid. DosE.-Two Teaspoonfuls, in Half a Tumbler of cold or tepid water, before and Tea; somewhat smaller Doses fcr Children. 4W Be careful to use a dry spoon, and keep the bottle tightly corked. PRICE, 2s. 6D. AND 4s. 6D. PER BOTTLE. PROPBIETOR- T. HUGHES, BRYNFORD, HOLYWELL. AGENTS— HOLYWELL—Mr. Joseph Hague, Italian Warehouse. —Mr. Jones (lateF. E. Turner), CheTui st. BAGILLT—Mr. Gratton Thomas, Chemist FLINT—Mr. Michael Jones, Chemist and Druggist. MOLD-Robert Williams, Chemist. RHYL—Mr. Davies, Chemist. -Afr. Foulkes, Chemist. CONN AH'H QUAY—Mr. K. Ll. Jones, Medical Hall. LAMPETER—Mr. Roderick Evans, Chemisi and Druggist. mdeby Messrs. R. D. Roberts Son. Sale of Valuable Freohold and Leasehold Properties in the Parishes of Holywoll and Flint. MESSES. H, D. ROBERTS & SON, WILL SELL BY AUCTION, UN THURSDAY, THE 1ST DAY OF MAY NEXT, AT THE TOWN HAL L, FLINT, At Two p.m. precisely, in such lots as will be announced in our next issue, the following VALUABLE PROPERTIES :— FREEHOLDS AT FLINT. TWO PIECES OF LAND situate near to the town of Flint, containing respectively Two acres and 3a. 2r. 6p. or thereabouts, called "Lady's Two Acre" and" Caeau Tarlton." Valuable beds of clay are known to exist under these lands from which bricks and tiles of superior quality are now being manufactured by the Flint Brick and Tile Company. This property will be sold subject to, and with the benefit of the existing Lease of the Clay there- under for an unexpired term of sixteen years or thereabouts, and which Lease reserves an annual minimum rent of JE30, and royalties (merging in such minimum rent) of one shilling- per ton of clay, and two shillings per thousand bricks. THREE COTTAGES situate in "Nailor's Row," Flint, in the occupation of Captain Pierce and others. A VALUABLE PLOT of building land adjoin- ing "The Redan" Inn, in the thriving town of Flint. A COTTAGE AND GARDEN adjoining The Volunteer Arms," Flint, in the occupation of Mr. John Tomley. FREEHOLDS AT HOLYWELL. All that capital PIECE OF ARABLE LAND called" Adwy Amod," containing 4a. Or. 24p., and four several pieces of land near thereto, containing together 3a. 3r. 31p. with the mines and minerals under the same respectively, all situate in the parish of Holywell, and on the old road leading from Holywell to Halkyn. The Minerals under these Lands are believed to be extremely valuable, as they adjoin the "North Henblas Mine Company's Sett," and strong veins of LEAD of superior quality .have already been discovered therein. The Lands in Flint and Holywell Parishes arc very favorably situate for the erection of Villa Residences, and command charming and extensive views of the estuary of the Dee and the Cheshire coast. LEASEHOLDS AT HOLYWELL. All the remainder now to come (being 39 years) of the Lease of the several Messuages, Cottages and Gardens known as MOUNT PLEASANT, GREENFIELD, producing a net rental, after payment of ground rent and other outgoings of X69 per annum. For further particulars apply to Mr. H. A. COPE, Solicitor, Holywell, or to the AUCTIONEERS. Auction Oiiices, Wellington Chambers, Rhyl, 16th April, 1884. V PARTMENTS WANTED by a Gentleman in ix oi near Flint. State terms, and address,to the Office of this Paper. ANTED-MAN to attend to Garden, Horse, l T &c. Good cottage and garden.—Apply, Mr. GRIERSON, Bryn Tirion, Bagillt. ANTED a good plain COOK, in a small T Y family, in the Country.—Apply, A.B." at the Observer" Office. LET—A nice ROOMY-HOUSE, at JL Brynford.—Address, BKYNFOKD RECTOBY. HE COWDALE, HOLWAY.—LEY FOR JL CATTLE: Good Pasturage and Water.— Apply to MR^JINMNC ROGEBS, Liverpool Arms, Holway. VpHE GREENFIELD HALL LEY for Horses X and Cattle, will OPEN on May 12th. Terms as before. Payment for the Ley to be made before the animals are taken out. fO BE LET, a commodious HOUSE, SHOP and BAKEHOUSE, well-situated in Station- road, Greenfield. Immediate possession may bo obtained.—Apply to Mr. JOSEPH PETERS, Panton Place, Holywell. VM) BE LET, HOPE COTTAGE, PENYMAES, JL near HOLYWELL, containing two Sitting-rooms, two Kitchens, and five Bedrooms, with out-offices and excellent Garden.—Apply to Mr. EDWARD FOULKES, Well-street, Holywell. W5UBLIC-H0USE TO BE LET—that well- JL known and old-established fuli-licensed Public-house, known as the 11 BLACK HORSE," Buckley; this is an opening seldom to be met with in the trade, and to an enterprising tenant every encouragement will be given.—Apply, KELSTERTON BREWERY COMPANY, Flint. INTSIIIRE.-TO BE LET, with immediate JL possession, a desirable FARM called GLED- LOM," comprising about 134 acres of arable and pasture land, with suitable farm house and buildings. The farm is in good condition, and situated near the villages of Nannerch and Ysceifiog, and about one mile from Nannerch Station, on the Mold and Denbigh Railway.—For particulars apply to Mr. ISAAC TAYLOR, Land Agent, Flint. E OLD MEDICAL HALL. HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. SAMUEL JONES (LATE F. E. TURNER), DISPENSING AND FAMILY CHEMIST (QUALIFIED BY EXAMINATION), EEGS respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and the Inhabitants of Holywell and the districts surrounding that he has entered upon the business so successfully carried on at the above address by the late Mr. F. E. TURNER, and trusts by personal and prompt attention to merit a con- tinuance of the favors bestowed, upon his predecessoi PRESCRIPTIONS AND FAMILY KECIPES Dispensed with the greatest care and promptitude. DRUGS AND CHEMICALS Of the purest quality. ALL GENUINE PATENT MEDICINES KEPT IN STOCK. ORANGE QUININE WINE Prepared according to the Pharmacopoeia, particularly adapted for delicate persons. PURE COD LIVER OIL, NEARLY TASTELESS. Antibilious, Aperient, Compound Rhubarb, Quinine, Ton and other Pills. RADICOR The painless and perfect cure for hard and soft Corns, Warts and Bunions. Free from any irritant or injurious ingredient. Radicor is a new dis- covery, and is most remarkable in its unfailing effect. Has been proved by many to be a positive and safe remedy. After a few applications the Corn may easily be removed, leaving the skin soft and smooth, as iu a healthy state. Full directions accompany each bottle. Price, 7 }d. and Is. 1 }d. 2 2 each. Apollinaris, Friedrichshall, Vichy and other Natural Minora Waters. MINERAL AND JERATED WATERS IN STOCK. EXQUISITE PERFUMERY AND TOILET REQUISITE TURKKY AND HONEYCOMB SPONUES. OILS, PAINTS, COLOURS AND VARNISHES. IIORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES. SHEEP DIPPING POWDERS, &c., &c. THE OLD MEDICAL HALL, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. It is requested that our correspondents will favor us with reports of local events as soon after their occurrence as possible, so as to ensure insertion of the reports in the next issue. We shall be glad to receive timely intimation of any meetings about to take place. Letters intended for publication should be accompanied by the name and address of the writer, not necessarily for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith. We cannot undertake to return rejected MSS. The Observer is delivered at the Post Office in ample time to be forwarded on Thursday night to our distant subscribers.

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