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Correspondence. [We do not identify ourselves with the opinions expressed by our corresponclents.1 FLINT SANITARY MOVEMENT. To the Editor of the Flintshire Observer." Siiz,-An anonymous letter appeared in your last issue, written in defence of and signed "An Ex- Town Councillor." To a great extent it is really an unmeaning and unintelligible composition. He says that "He, in company with other gentlemen has visited the Alms Houses, and although they have neither back doors nor privies, are in a better sanitary condition than some of Mr. Hall's or other parties houses." So much for the writer, and other gentlemen who have accompanied him to these poor people's dwellings, numbering some 11 or 12. Did they make no enquiry as to the sanitary requirements of these poor people, as they profess so much sympathy for. I ask, where were they to go but to the neighbouring houses. When the affair came before the Health Committee, I sugges- ted, knowing as I did, how these poor people were circumstanced, in their present insanitary state, that when they became vasant they should be closed. Did that imply permanently ? With all our town and sanitary improvements, I am sur- prised that the matter has not been taken up before, surrounded as they are now by some of the best houses and shops, and abutting one of the principal approaches to the town. The writer says: The first of November is looming in the distance, and I suppose Mr. J. Hall, junr., is anxious to set himself right with the poor electors." Does he mean the paupers (who would vote for me if they cculd), or his own party who did their utmost against me the last time, and miserably failed. Returned or not, it will never deter me from advoca- ting what I think would be for the welfare of the town at large, as opportunity presents itself.—Yours truly, J. HALL, JUNR. Flint, April 7th, 1884. •

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