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HOLYWELL. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of this Board was held at the work house on Friday last, the following guardians being present:—J. Scott Bankes, Esq. (in the chair), John Henry, Esq. Naauerch—Rev. Watkin Williams Newmarket Rev. David Williams; Holywell-Rev. J. E. Jones, Messrs. Joseph Garner, 0\?en Jones, J. Kerfoot Evans and Samuel Davies Ysceifiog—Mr. John Williams and Mr. Win. Thomas; Flint-Mr. Thomas Jones and Mr Richard Evans N urthop-Mr. Astbury. Clerk—Mr. E. J. Davies Master—Mr. Thomas Hughes. Mr. Bankes alluded to a statistical statement prepared by Mr. Roberts, Clerk to the Ruthin Board of Guardians, with reference to the accom- modation for lunatics, &c. The document was well prepared, aud would be of some purpose, now that the enlargement of the asylum was being con- sidered. Mr. Roberts' paper will not just now be made public, but most likely will be read at the next Poor Law Conference. MONETARY. The following cheques were granted the Relieving Officers for the relief of the out-door poor :— Mold £14;) Holywell 140 Whitford. 80 MASTER S REPORT. The master reported that the number of inmates in the House last Board-day, was 1G0 admitted since, 10; discharged, 8; present number, 162. 100 vagrants were admitted as against 107 at the corresponding period last year. WORKHOUSE APPRENTICES. In accordance with the wish of the Board, the boy, John Jones, aged 13, who was allowed to go on a month's trial to Mr. Isaac Hall, clogger, of Brymbo, appeared before the Board, and stated that he liked the place. His employer stated he would require the boy to be bound for seven years. —In answer to Mr. Bankes, the boy said he was quite satisfied with his place. Some of the guardians were of opinion that seven years was too long, but it was explained that that was the general length of time, that apprentices had to serve in that trade. The terms were that the boy's employer find him with board, lodgings, clothing and pocket money. —Mr. Bankes What money will you give him.- Applicant Sixpence per week the first year, and an increase of sixpence for every additional year, and 4s. the last year.—The Chairman suggested that the boy should have .)s. a week the last year. —The applicant said he could not give that; but he would give him 4s., and he said he did not get anything when he was apprentice. -Rev. Watkin Williams Suppose you die-what will the boy do ? —Applicant There would be another good partner" left behind to look after the boy (meaning his wife, who was present.) It was decided that the boy should go.—The other boy, Edward Jones, aged 13, who had also been on a month's trial with Mr. Robert Williams, hairdresser, Denbigh, appeared, and lie also liked his place.—The Chairman asked the boy's employer was he a sharp lad. Applicant: I suppose I must do the best I can with him, I have not seen rightly what he can do yet, as he has been unwell since he left the work- house, but I amwilliugtotake him.—TheChairman: What are your arrangements ?—Applicant: To have him bound for seven years, during which time I will find him with food, clothes, lodgings and some pocket-money. I will give him sixpence per week the first year which would be increased year after year and 3s. Gel. the last year, and by the time he would be free from his apprenticeship, he would be able to start business himself, as it requires very little capital in our trade. My parents paid X20 premium before me when I was bound, and I did not receive wages but I was only bound for six years, and had to keep myself.—Rev. David Williams Why do you want the boy to serve seven years when you only served six years yourself? —Applicant: Because I will have to keep him, and when he is free from me he is at liberty to commence business himself.—The Rev. D. Williams: You don't expect to see the boy open shop in the Borough of Denbigh do you ?—Applicant: He can start next door to me if he likes (laughter). It was agreed that the boy should go, the applicant to find him with board, lodgings, and clothing and wages at the following rate-Cd. the first year and an increase ot Gd. per week afterwards, 3s. (id. being the wages for the last year. The Chairman At our last meeting our Clerk intimated that notice should be given to the Wrexham & St. Asaph Boards of Guar- dians that we were about to apprentice these boys. At the time I thought it a piece of red-tapeism, but I now find I was wrong, and Mr. Davies our Clerk was right. The boys were detained at the workhouse until the following day to take part in the Govern- ment examination, and it was resolved that clothing be given to each boy on entering into their places of business. TOTE OF CONDOLENCE. The subjoined is a copy of the vote of condolence as recorded on the minutes of the Board, to the Dowager Lady Mostyn Upon the motion of Mr. Henry, seconded by the Rev. Watkin Williams, the following resolution was unanimously agreed to and a copy thereof was ordered to be forwarded to Lady Mostyn, of Mostyn—" That this Board being conscious of the great loss it has sustained by the death of the Right Hon. Lord Mostyn, is desirous of expressing to Lady Mostyn and family its most sincere condolence on their late melancholy bereave- ment. As a nobleman occupying a prominent social position, and particularly as Chairman of the Board of Guardians of the Holywell Union, his Lordship's demise will long be felt. Ever punctual in his attendance and courteous and painstaking in the discharge of his duty, he rendered invaluable services to the union, and the Guardians feel assured that in thus expressing their sentiments they are but giving utterance to those of the public generally," and the following is a copy of its acknowledgment from Colonel the Hon. Roger Mostyn—"I am requested by my Mother to acknowledge the document conveying the vote condolence from the Holywell Board of Guardians, and she thanks the Board for its sincere sympathy." LIST OF ATTENDANCES. It was resolved that the Clerk be requested to prepare returns of the attendances of the Guardians at the Board meetings, also those of the Assess- ment Committee, and likewise those of the Sanitary Authority. SURCHARGE. Mr. J. O. Roberts produced certificates from the School Attendance Officer and Medical Officer, proving that the 1, v Humphreys, whose case was mentioned in the report of the last Board, was unable to attend sehool, and hence the disallowance of the sum of 7s. Gd. by the district auditor. It was resolved that the Clerk forward the same to the Local Government Board. THE DEAF AND DUMB CHILDREN. A letter was read from the Local Government Board respecting the cases of the two children named John E. Jones and Anne Foy, together with a copy of a letter from the School Attendance Com- mittee of the Borough of Flint, on the subject which stated that the statement made that the parents in both cases were able bodied men and earning good wages was incorrect. The father of Jones is partially paralysed and earns very little wa«-es and the father of Foy had deserted his wife and children several months ago and could not be found.' The children wore wandering about the streets, and unless something was done, the committee would not be answerable for the conse- quences.—A few words were spoken respecting the case by Mr. Thomas Jones, who had to leave the room before the case came before the Board. He Mr. Thomas Jones, maintained that neither of the families were in receipt of out-door relief. Jones though partially paralyzed made good wages, and the Foy family were in receipt of out-door relief when Foy himself was at home, but since he had absconded no out-door relief was applied for.—The Rev. W. Williams thought it best to offer them the house.—The Chairmau thought it was a case of private charity, and the Clerk was instructed to write and state that the Board could not move in the matter. DEATH OF AN OVERSEER. The Clerk informed the Board of the death of Mr. Wm. Williams, assistant overseer, for the parish of Flint, aud the necessary instructions were given for the election of his successor that day month (see our advertisement columns). RURAL SANITARY AUTHORITY. The fortnightly meeting of this Authority was held at the Workhouse on Friday List, the following ineml'prs being pi-r,t,nt, Johii Henry, Esq., n, (chairman), J. Scott Banlces, Esq., Rev. J. E. Jones, Messrs. Owen Jones, J. Kerfoot Evans, and Samuel Davies. BAGILLT NUISANCE. The Clerk read a letter which he had received, together with a bill of costs, charges, payments, and expenses incurred by Messrs. Kelly and Keene, solicitors, Mold, for proceedings taken against the London and North-western Railway Company The Bettisfield Colliery Company, Limited The Right Hon. Lord Hanmer The Trustees of the late Lord Hanmer; Messrs. Walker, Parker, and Co., and Mr. Jackson, in connection with the above nuisance which existed when Mr. Zophar Humphreys was sanitary inspector. Messrs. Kelly and Keene deferred sending in the account until the whole business had been terminated. The cause of delay being consequent, through suspending the pro- ceedings several times pending negotiations, which were then going on in connection with the general system of drainage in Bagillt. Mr. Z. Humphreys left with them an account of close upon 110 and they had not included it in their payments as they did not know what the views of the Authority might have been with regard to it. A sum of .£3 was given him by them to cover his travelling expenses which was included with the other pay- ments in the account. The sum-total of the bill was 177 Ss. Sd. It was unanimously resolved that the Bill of Messrs. Kelly and Keene be paid, but it was considered that inasmuch as JE3 had been paid to Mr. Zophar Humphreys for travelling expences, no other claim could be legally made by him, as what he had done came within the province of his duty as Sanitary inspector, for which he received an annual salary.—A claim of L8 3s. 10d., from Messrs. Morecroft and Winstanley, Liverpool re Caerwys Waterworks, was also ordered to be paid CONNAH'S QUAY WATER SUPPLY. A letter was read by the Clerk from the Connah's Quay Gas and Water Company (Limited), request- ing that the Directors may be furnished with a copy of Dr. Williams' report on the water supply at Connah's Quay.—The Clerk stated that he thought it advisable that before sending a copy of the report he should have the authority to do so. After some conversation, it was resolved that a copy of the report be sent, but that the Authority considered an interview with the Directors of the Company would be useless, as the Authority were powerless to enforce what the Company desired. RE-APPOINTMET OF OFFICERS. The Clerk stated that the terms of office of the officers of health and sanitary inspectors for the Mold and Holywell districts had expired. There were no complaints laid against any of the officers and it was decided to re-appoint them.—The Rev. J. E. Jones complained that the officers of health did not attend to the poor as well as they did to those that paid them.—Mr. Samuel Davies said that he always had found them very attentive to the poor, and he begged to repudiate the rev. gentleman's statement.—Mr. Bankes thought that the Authority should protect their officers.-The following gentlemen were re-appointed: —Dr. Williams (Mold), on the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. J. K. Evans; Dr. Williams (Holywell), ou the motion of Mr. Samuel Davies, seconded by Mr. Owen Jones, as medical officers of health for the Mold and Holywell districts and Mr. J. J. Williams (Holywell), on the motion of Mr. J. K. Evans, seconded by Mr. Bankes, who remarked that he was a very efficient officer; and Mr. E. W. Joaes (Mold), on the motion of Mr. Bankes, seconded by Mr. Samuel Davies, and to whom a similar compliment was paid. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor reported that he had visited during the last fortnight the following places and where nuisances existed ordered their immediate removal. Bagillt, Greenfield, Mostyn, Ffynnongroew, Gwes- pyr, Llanasa, Gwaenyscor, Whitford, Newmarket, Caerwys, &c. RHEWL WATER SUPPLY. In accordance with the instructions of the Authority, the Surveyor had made a special journey to the two sources of water supply proposed for Rhewl Mostyn, and as he had previously stated his decision was in favour of taking the supply from Ffynnonhaiarn, Tre-mostyn, in preference to abstracting it from the Bryneithin source. From information glea ned on the spot both on his last and previous visits the Surveyor said that everyone agreed in confirm ing the opinion he had arrived at, that a plentiful supply of water could be depended upon at all times from Ffynnon-haiarn. MeetingCol. Mostyn, the day previous to this meeting, and also the Woodman of the estate (Mr. Molyneux), who lived on the spot, he enquired of them as to their experience of the Ffynnon-haiarn supply, and both fully confirmed his views by a statement that to their recollections the supply had never failed. Col. Mostyn further stated that it was not to their interest at the Hall to have Ffynnon-haiannupply interfered with; but as it was the only source where pure and healthy water could be got from, he was most anxious that nothing should occur to deprive the people of Rhewl of a share of it. He thought it was absurd to offer a supply from Bryn- eithin pool, and a strong objection would be raised to any such proposal. The Surveyor stated that Mr. Charlton had made a somewhat similar state- ment and he thought in the face of all that, if Rhewl Mostyn was to be supplied with water, that he should advise them to decide in favour of Ffynnon-haiarn. If the Authority should decide that day, the Surveyor would be able by the next meeting to produce a plan and estimate of the cost to lay before them for their approval.—The Chair- man desired to know whether they had not better select Ffynnon-haiarn, which was a never-failing supply.—The majority of the members were in favour of the Surveyor's scheme.—Mr. J. K. Evans was of opinion that it would be better to let Mr. A. Parry hear that statement.—The Chairman: You have examined both sources?—The Surveyor: Yes, I have.—After further discussion the Surveyor's scheme was adopted on the motion of the Chairman seconded by Mr. Scott Bankes. CONNAH'S QUAY DRAINAGE. The Surveyor reported that the London and North Western Railway Company's solicitor respect- ing the agreement in connection with these proposed works and enquiring the cause of delay, and he had received a letter which was read. As the fine weather was coming the Surveyor enquired would it not be advisable to hare the loan required to carry out these works arranged as early as possible so that tenders could be invited without delay, as the plans and estimates were ready and had been so for some time.—Mr. Bankes thought there was nothing to do but to procure the loan.—The Rev. J. E. Jones asked was the amount named enough to cover the scheme ?-The Surveyor replied in the affirmative. It was ultimately decided on the motion of Mr. Bankes, seconded by Mr. J. K. Evans that the loan be applied for. BAGILLT DRAINAGE. The main sewer at Bagillt had been completed to within 30 yards of the Bettisfield-road, where it was proposed to end, and the side drain up to the turnpike road near Hanmer's-row had nearly been finished. Pipes had also arrived to carry out the drainage of Tabernacle-row and Rose-place, both of which places would ibe reported completed by the next meeting. Mr. Crondam, of the Bettis- field Colliery, had also promised to meet the Sur- veyor at Hanmer's-row next week to arrange the drainage in connection with the side-drain referred to, and had further promised to have the work at- tended to immediately afterwards.—Mr. Samnel Davies brought under the notice of the Authority the state of a water source, near-the gate of the Upper Works, Bagillt, to supply- the public with water. The last Company (The Speltse Company) which had occupied the works, had utilized the water for their own purposes, and by so doing had deprived a large portion of the public from obtain- ing water, and great complaints were made. The company had also contaminated the 'water "},y pot- i ting red hot iron, &c., in it, which nm&, the water J almost unfit for human use. The supply was ab- < stracted from a well called Ffynnon-y-Rb^dyn. There was a stone with Messrs. Walker, Parker's in- itials, and this Company had thoroughly repaired the well; but from what he had heard it had bees tam- pered with, and he desired the Surveyor to officially inspect the supply and its source and report on the same at the next meeting. He had made enquiries prior to coming to the meeting, and discovered that it had been a public water supply before any of the former companies had occupied the works.—Mr. Bankes thought the owners of property should remedy the evil. Mr. S. Davies was of opinion that water for supplying the public should be under the supervision of the Autbority.The Chairman asked Mr. Davies could he assist the Surveyor with any evidence as to the insufficiency of the supply ? --Mr. Davies answered that lie could.—The Rev. J. E. Jones said that by what Mr. Bankes said the Rural Sanitary Authority had nothing to do with it. Mr. Bankes was of opinion that people ought to look alter their own property and if they meddled with everyjprivate thing that came to their ears they would never come to an end.—It was, however, agreed that the Surveyor inspect the place officially and report thereon at the next meeting of the Authority. THE UNION WATER SUPPLY. The wells at the workhouse had been completed and the pipes from the vagrants wards had been laid nearly up to the reservoir at Milwr, which had also been commenced, the progress made being altogether very satisfactory, MOLD DISTRICT REPORT. Mr. E. W. Jones, reported that he had visited Connah's Quay, Buckley, Bryn-yr-ball, Mynydd- isa, Llong, Cilcain, Nannerch, Coed-yr-hendre, Rhvdymwyn, and Nerquis, and where nuisances existed had issued orders for tli, ir removal. SCHOOL BOARD MEETING. The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Monday afternoon last, the following members being present: -Mr. J. Kerfoot Evans (chairman), Mr. Isaac Hughes (vice-chairman), Revs. D. Oliver and E. Evans, Mr. R. Baldwin and Mr. Isaac Roberts Clerk-Mr. E. M. Evans Attend- ance Officer-Mr. Eliseus Jones. INCREASE OF SALARY. A letter was read from Mrs. Jones, the head mistress of the Bagillt Girls' School, in which she asked the Board to grant her the same terms of remuneration as were given the mistress of the Halkyn Street Board Schools, for the past year namely, the school fees one-half the grant earned, and E25 guaranteed and she trusted that the Board would see the reasonableness of her request.—The Clerk said that the School Management Committee had raised the mistresses' salary.—The Vice-chair- man was of opinion that the present expenditure in salaries should not be increased but it could be done by deducting from one official's salary and adding to the salary of another.—The Clerk mentioned that the Board could give a gratuity to Mrs. Jones for the money she had earned for the Board In the way of Government grant.—Mr. Isaac Roberts thought she was only asking for her rights.—After some discussion, the decision of the School Management Committee to grant Mrs. Jones an increase of £10 was agreed to. AN EXPLANATION. Mr. John Davies, wheelwright, Whitford street, appeared before the Board to explain the reason why his child, Ellen, had not regularly attended school during the past month. He said his wife's mother was very ill and his wife was obliged to attend to her, taking the children with her. During the time his wife was with her mother the children attended the Carmel School, and hence the non-attendance of his child Ellen at the school at Holywell. Legal proceedings were intended to be taken against him but after this explanation the Board pardoned him on condition jthat he endea- voured to send his child regularly to school hence- forth. THE NEW OFFICE. A letter was read by the Clerk received from the Education Department, together with the plans and specifications of the new School Board office, of which they thoroughly approved.—The Chairman remarked that that was the first plan ever received from the department unaccompanied by some dis- agreeable comments (laughter), and those plans were drawn without the assistance of an architect. —The Clerk said that the next thing to be done was to obtain a loan of Xloo as suggested by the Finance Committee. The erection of the office would not involve the expenditure of that sum, but the Commissioners did not lend sums of less than ilOO for long periods. It was ultimately decided to borrow the sum mentioned. NOTICES OF REMOVAL. Notices were ordered to be issued to the care- taker and landlord of the School Board office, in Panton Place, pending the completion of the new office, which would be finished in the course of about three months. VOTE OF THANKS. It was unanimously resolved that a vote of thanks be accorded to John Roberts, Esq., M.P., for his kindness in forwarding a donation of £10 towards procuring prizes to be given to the children at the annual prize distribution. The Clerk was ordered to forward a copy of the same to Mr. Roberts. A USEFUL SUGGESTION. The Rev. David Oliver suggested an idea of how to impress upon the parents of the children the practicability of sending their children to school. Some parents thought it was great hardship for them to be compelled to send their children to school when they did not thoroughly understand the meaning of the different clauses in the present Code. To remedy this he thought as long as the Board had Lio in their hands, they could make an effort to make the question of education more popular than it was, by holding a public meeting for the distribution of prizes, so as to enable the children's parents to be present, and have addresses delivered by qualified gentlemen upon the system of education in the present day.—The members expressed themselves in favour of the Rev. David Oliver's suggestion, and the chairman mentioned .9 that a lady be asked to give the prizes away. —The matter was referred to the School Management Committee INCREASE OF SCHOOL STAFF. The question of the staff at the Bagillt schools was referred to the School Management Committee. Miss Edith Matthews was appointed pupil teacher at the Spring Gardens Infant School, and it was resolved to advertise for an assistant master for the Bagillt Boys' School. THE MIGRATION OF CHILDREN. A letter was read by the Clerk which he had received from the Rev. Father Swift contradicting a statement made at the last meeting. Reference was also made to the question of the migration of children from one school to another, and on this subject a letter was read from the Vicar of Holywell, stating that he would submit the subject to the next meeting of the managers of the National Schools. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE OFFICER'S REPORT.. Mr. Eliseus Jones (attendance officer) reported that he had during the past month visited all the schools in the district, attended to all cases of irregularity reported to him, and had served notices upon the most delinquent of them. The general attendance of the district continued to be satisfac- tory. The infant department was numerically improving after the recent drafting to other schools, and hopes were entertained from promises given by parents, of having better attendance when the weather becomes more settled.—The Offecer men- tioned that no donbt that the members of the Board had all heard of the decision of the magistrates at the last Petty Sessions, respecting the attendance cases brought before them. Mr. Wm. Davies, solicitor, defended in the case of Mary Newall, Bagillt, and in cross-examination he was unpre- pared at the time to produce certificates to verify his statements as to age, standard and attendance of the child at school, signed by the respective teachers, consequently the case was dismissed, and from the want of the like evidence, the charges in three other cases were also dismissed. In future, he hoped to be prepared with full and complete evidence in all cases to be brought before their worships. STATISTICS. The statistical summary showed the average weekly attendance at the six schools for the past month to be 619, an increase on the corresponding period of the previous year of 42. The total number of children on the registers was 800, an increase of 22. THE ANNUAL REPORTS. In the report of the School Mangement Com- mibtee, an abstract of the reports of the Government Inspector on the annual examinations of the several schools was presented. With respect to the Spring Gardens Infant School, the merit grant being with- held, the attention of the mistress was called to the points requiting attention. An increase of the staff, as recommended by the Inspector, was ad- vised by the appointment of an additional monitor. The report of the Bagillt Infant School was con- sidered tolerably satisfactory, and it was recom- mended that Margaret A. Whalley, who had passed her examination satisfactorily, be appointed a pro- bationer in this department. Bagillt Boys and Halkyn-street Girls Schools' reports were consi- dered satisfactory, and the Halkyn-street Boys and Bagillt Girls School reports afforded pleasure to the committee, as they were both bordering on "exceHent." An assistant master was recom- mended for the Bagillt boys' school; and Mary E. Jones as a monitor in the Halkyn-street girls' schools.—The following were recommended for appointment as monitors in the Halkyn-street boys' school—John Milton Roberts, Hugh E. Price and A. C. Hughes, and an additional monitor was granted to complete the teaching staff in the Bagillt girls' school, the nomination to be in the hands of the head teacher for the approval of the Board. The committee in considering the question of school staff were of opinion that they should not confine them- selves to the minimum required by the Code of the Education Department, but rather that a small reserve of teachers be kept in hand, so as to keep up unimpaired throughout the whole of the year a sufficient staff to meet eventualities. By creating "a nursery of monitors" as it were the committee felt that an adequate staff could always be depended "rou at a minimum cost to the ratepayers. The ivtal grant earned by the schools for the year was 1496 8s. 5d., and the average attendance was 616. The revision of the scale of salaries for the coming year was deferred to a future meeting.








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