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Sales by Mr. William Freeman. I MARIAN PRYSAU FARM, CAERWYS. Sale of valuable Ponies, excellent Cattle, Breeding Sows, Stack of prime Hay, Alex- andra Trap, useful spring Pony Cart, Iron Ploughs, Iron Rick Frames, Corn Crushers, ditto Bins, Cattle and Pig Troughs, &c., &c. MR. WILLIAM FREEMAN HAS been favoured with, instructions from F. THORN, Esq. (who is changing his residence), to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, on the above- named Premises, on SATURDAY, THE 1ST DAY OF MARCH, 1884, The following valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLE- MENT3, DAIRY' VESSELS, &c Comprising—A very useful light colored chestnut mare pony, 13-1 high, rising five years, stealy to ride and drive, a four-year old bay pony, about 13.3, good action, quiet to ride and drive, excellent milch cow, to calve in April, 3rd calf, gives about 16 quarts of milk daily, a very promising in-calf heifer, 2nd calf, ditto strawberry heifer, two-year-old, two ten- months'-old heifers, one ditto bullock, brindle-colored in-calf heifer, a three-year-old white ditto, in-calf lst-calf, two young iu-pig sows, stack of about six tons of prime hay, Alexandra drag, two-wheeled basket trap, small pony ditto, a light-running spring pony cart, with harvest gearing, excellent chaff cutter, adapted to hand power, iron ploughs, wood ditto, corn crushers, ditto wood and zinc bins, quantity of sacks, rick cloths, cattle, sheep and pig troughs, ladder, iron boiler, water barrel, iron rick stands, set of brass mounted pony harness (nearly new), lady's saddle, various bridles, bits, &c., set of strong shaft gears, quantity of potatoes, barrel churn, by "Hathaway," Chippenham, staff ditto, tin milk dishes, brown ware pans, sieves, &c., kitchen dresser and plate shelves, two iron bed- steads, sundry iron and lead spouting, and other miscellaneous effects, to he viewed at time of sale. SALE TO COMMENCE AT ONE O'CLOCK. Auction Office, Red Lion Hotel, Holywell. CHINA HOUSE, BRYN FORD-STREET, HOLYWELL. Sale of Modern and Useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Books, various Out-side Effects, efce. IR. WILLIAM FREEMAN, IS favoured with instructions from Mr. EDWARD "WILLIAMS (who has disposed of the business), to Sell by PUBLIC AUCTION, ON WEDNESDAY. MARCH THE 5TH, 1884, A large portion of the EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Comprising An excellent sweet-toned pianoforte, chimney mirror in gilt frame, mahogany dining table, hair- seated sofa, ditto chairs, various oak and other tables, carpet, fender and fire irons, pictures, capital kitchen dresser and plate-shelves, large cupboard, sofa, hardwood chairs, round, deal and oblong tables, dinner and breakfast ware, copper kettle, brass candlesticks, set of pewter dishes, meat safe, fender, iron stool, tin and brown ware, oak bed-room suite, comprising—chests-of-drawers, dressing table and wash-stand, dressing glass, towel rail, chairs, carpet, feather bed, palliasses, iron and wood bedsteads, toilet ware, &c., &c. THE OUT-SIDE EFFECTS Will include a strong four-wheeled water barrel, large beam scales and weights, large slate butter slap, two sack trucks, wire flower stand, water casks, pig troughs washing and mangling machine, sundry harness, various SHOP FIXTURES, bacon rack, quantity of bottles, two portmanteaus, long tables and benches, brown ware and crockery, and other miscellaneous effects, which may be viewed at time of sale. SALE TO COMMENCE AT ONE O'CLOCK PROMPT. Auction Office: Red Lion Hotel, Holywell. Sale of Valuable and Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, a Modern Six-Barrel Brewing Plant (equal to new), chiefly by Pontifex and Wood, London, with Barrels, Kils. and Firkins; excellent Whitechapel; handsome Cob Silver and Brass Mounted Harness Riding Saddle and Bridles Horse Clothing, &c. (nearly new); Set of Shaft Gears, &c., &c., at the CROSS FOXES HOTEL, FLINT, BY MR. WILLIAM FREEMAN, WHO is favored with instructions from Mr. JOSEPH JACKSON (who has disposed of the business to Mr. Wigan, of Liverpool, Brewer), to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, Y ON MONDAY, THE 10TH DAY OF MARCH, 188t, A large portion of his very valuable and modern Furniture, &c., briefly comprising 14 mahogany dining-room chairs, six ditto in horse-hair, handsome full-octave trichord pianoforte in walnut (nearly new), chimney mirrors in gilt, ornamentalt clock in marble, various bed-room furniture, kitchen and dairy utensils, linen, plated goods, a very large variety of dinner and breakfast ware and other miscellaneous effects. SALE TO COMMENCE AT 11.30 A.M. Further particulars in posters and advertisements. Auction Office, Red Lion Hotel, Holywell. PWLL-Y-LWLAN FARM, BRYSFORD. Useful FARMING STOCK, comprising dark brown Cart Mare, hack chestnut ditto, two good dairy Cows, capital Donkey, in- pig Sow, several couples of Fowls, part stack of clover and rye grass Hay, ditto oat and barley Straw, about 14 hobbets of Oats and Barley, three tons of Swedes, and several hobbets of skerry blue Potatoes, useful Implements, Saddlery, miscellaneous Household Furniture, &c. MR. WILLIAM FREEMAN IS favoured with instructions from Mr. DANIEL BELLIS, (who is leaving the Farm), to SELL BY AUCTION, on the premises above described. the useful Farming S_ and Household Furniture, ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12TH, 1884. Further particulars in posters. PANTON HALL FARM, HOLYWEL L. Valuable LIVE & DEAD FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS &c. Comprising Sixteen Head of Cattle, including excellent Milch Cows in full milk, to calve at early dates, twelve months old very promising Heifers and Bullocks, and young Calves, Two very useful Cart Horses, a promising young Pony Filly, about three tons of Potatoes, about 16 tons of Swedes, and Yellow Toped Turnips, part stacks of Hay, large stack of Oats, <1k inch wheel Cart, Winnowing Machine, by f Davies. Oswestry, Iron Ploughs Tron and Wood Harrows, Ridging Plough, tron Land Roller, 4 Horse Iron. Drag, Chaff Cutter, new Heel Rake, Cart Ropes, Pikels, and a variety of useful farming effects. Dairy Utensils, Household Furniture in old oak, &c., TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION BY MR. WILLIAM FREEMAN ON MONDAY, 17TTI DAY OF MARCH, 1884. As above described. Further particulars in posters, &c. Sales by JJfr. J. E. Davies. ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY, MARCH 3RD AND 4TH, 1884. Highly important Sale of 26 Fat and Store Cattle, also the entire flock of 250 Shropshire Down Sheep, 6 Horses (with their Gears), 13 Pigs, about 100 head of Poultry, also the whole of the Agricultural Implements, Pro- duce, and Household Furniture, at GLEDLOM AND TY'N Y CAEAU FARMS, Fifteen minutes walk from Nannerch Station, on the Chester, Mold and Denbigh Railway. MR. J. ETBAVIES HAS been favoured with instructions from TUDOB V. DONNELL, Esq. (who is leaving the Farms), TO SELL BY AUCTION, On the premises as above, ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY, MARCH 3BD AND 4TH, 1884, The whole of his Live and Dead Farming Stock and Household Furniture, comprising- CATTLE.-14 Ripe Fat Bullocks 2 In-calf Cows, (early note); 9 strong Store and In-calf Heifers and Bullocks and 1 niue months' old Bull. SIIEEP.-120 Shropshire-down in-lamb Ewes, (commence lambing on the 10th March) 50 ditto, ditto, in-lamb Hoggets; 6 ditto, ditto, ripe fat Ewes; 63 ripe fat Hoggets; 3 pure-bred Shrop- shire-down Rams and 6 Ram Lambs. HonsEs.-3 useful Cart Horses; 2 half-bred Colts and a useful Hack and Harness Mare. PIGS AND POULTRY.-3 prime Fat Pigs (nice weights); well-bred in-pig Sow, and 9 store Pig's; about 25 couple of pure-bred white Dorking Fowl; about 25 couple of barn-door Fowl; 4 Greose and 2 Ganders 8 Ducks and 2 Drakes. PRODUCE.—Stack of prime clover Hay stack of Wheat Straw stacks of Oat and Barley Straw; about 200 tons of Swede Turnips and Mangolds; about 20 tons of Magnum Bonum, and Skerry Blue Potatoes and .Champion Sets 80 lbs. home-grown Swede Seed, also several hundred bushels of Seed Barley and Oats, together with the whole of the Modern Agricultural Implements and gears. Also the whole of the excellent and modern Household Furniture and miscellaneous Effects at Tyn-y-Caeau, appertaining to parlour, gun room, kitchens, and three bedrooms. The Auctioneer begs to call the attention of in- tending purchasers to the above stock. The cattle have been liberally fed on cake and corn. The flock of sheep are healthy, robust, and in excellent con- dition and Mr. Donnell (who has bred the flock on the farm) has never had a single case of rot amongst them. Lunch at 10.30, Sale at 11 o'clock on Monday at Gledlom, and at 1 o'clock on Tuesday at Tyn-y- Caeau. Descriptive Catalogues may be obtained from Mr. DONNELL, or at the principal Hotels in the locality, or of the AUCTIONEER, Grosvenor Place, Mold. ,orb V LEESWOOD, FLINTSHIRE. Sale of a FREEHOLD PUBLIC-HOUSE and Premises, by Order of the Mortgagee. MR. J. E. DAVIES BEGS to announce that he has been instructed to offer for Sale by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the BLACK LION HOTEL, Mold on TUESDAY, THE 11TH DAY OF MARCH NEXT, At 3 for 3.30 p.m., subject to conditions to be then produced, all that fully-licensed and well-accustomed PUBLIC-HOUSE, called the Oakley Arms," situate in Leeswood, near Mold, with stabling, coach-house, piggeries, garden and croft, with the appurtenances thereto belonging, containing in the whole la. 2r. 37p. or thereabouts, all of which are now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Humphreys. This eligible house is well and substantially built with the best fire-brick, has an extensive frontage to the road and is pleasantly and conveniently situated for business purposes in the very centre of Leeswood. The internal arrangements are excellent. The garden is well-stocked with fruit trees, and the Croft affords admirable Building Sites, with good front- ages. Further particulars may be had on application to H. G. ROBERTS, Epq., Solicitor, or to the AUCTIONEER, Mold. VHOLYWELL PAKISH CFIURCH. RESTORATION FUND. £ s. d. Amount already announced. 1026 1 6 FURTHER SUBSCRIPTIONS. Robert Platt, Esq Oldham 100 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Heys Jones and friends, o" 0 0 London .) ° F. L. Fishwick, Esq. 5 5 0 Mrs. C. Davison, Farifeld, Counab's Quay 5 0 0 Mr. S. Holgate 5 0 0 Mrs. Boyson, London 5 0 0 Collected by Miss Leadbeater. 3 0 0 H. Lupton, Esq., Bradford 1 1 0 Mrs. Lupton, ditto 1 1 0' Mr. David Griffiths, Currier 0 10 0 Mr. T. W. Sibeon 010 0 Subscriptions will be thankfully received by the Rev. R. O. WILLIAMS, M.A., Vicar, Messrs. JOHN CARMAN and JOSEPH GARNER, Churchwardens, or at the NORTH AND SOUTH WALES BANK, and the ONAL PROVINCIAL BANK, Holywell. HE BOOK OF HEALTH AND REMEDIES X or Medical Treatment simplified. Send full details of your case, aId the Book giving the Special Remedies that will restore you to Health, with medical advice, free of charge, sent on receipt of two stamps.—Address, SECRETARY, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. 0 L D MEDICAL HAL L, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. SAMUEL JONES (LATE F. E. TURNER), DISPENSING AND FAMILY CHEMIST (QUALIFIED BY EXAMINATION), BEGS respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and the Inhabitants of Holywell and the districts surrounding that he has entered upon the business so successfully carried on at the above address by the late Mr. F. E. TURNER, and trusts by personal and prompt attention to merit a con- tinuance of the favors bestowed upon his predecessoi < PRESCRIPTIONS AND FAMILY RECIPES Dispensed with the greatest care and promptitude. DRUGS AND CHEMICALS Of the purest quality. ALL GENUINE PATENT MEDICINES KEPT IN STOCK. ORANGE QUININE WINE Prepared according to the Pharmacopoeia, particularly adapted for delicate persons. PURE COD LIVER OIL, NEARLY TASTELESS. Antibilious, Aperient, Compound Rhubarb, Quinine, Ton and other Pills. R A D FC 0 E The painless and perfect cure for hard and soft Corns, Warts and Bunions. Free from any irritant or injurious ingredient. Radicor is a new dis- covery, and is most remarkable in its unfailing effect. Has been proved by many to be a positive and safe remedy. After a few applications the Corn may easily be removed, leaving the skin soft and smooth, as in a healthy state. Full directions accompany each bottle. Price, 7 £ d. and Is. ltd. each. Apollinaris, Friedrichshidl, Vichy and other Natural Minera Waters. MINERAL AND iE RATED WATERS IN STOCK. EXQUISITE PERFUMERY AND TOILET REQUISITE TURKEY AND HONEYCOMB SPONGES. OILS, PAINTS, COLOURS AND VARNISHES. HORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES. SHEEP DIPPING POWDERS, &c., &c. THE OLD 1\1 E D I C A L H ALL, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. Sale by Mr. J. J. Evans. s MR. J. J. EVANS, DRAPER AND AUCTIONEER, Will Sell the remainder of his Stack BY PUBLIC AUCTION ON FRIDAY & SATURDAY, MARCH 7th and 8th, And following Fridays and Saturdays until the whole of the STOCK is cleared, commencing on Fridays in the afternoon from two o'clock to four, and evenings from six o'clock till nine. Saturdays six o'clock till ten. Auction Mart, London House, Holywell. SARAH LLEWELYN, DECEASED. PURSUANT to an Order of the High Court of JL Justice, Chancery Division, made in the Matter of the Estate of Sarah Llewelyn, deceased (Davies v Browne, 1883, L78), the Creditors of Sarah Llewelyn, late of Rhyl, in the county of Flinf, Spinster, who died on the 5th day of July, 1882, are on or before the 25th day of MARCH, 1884, to send by post prepaid to Mr. Folliott Sandford, of Belmont, Shrewsbury, in the county of Salop, the Solicitor of the Defendant, Peter Browne the Administrator of the Estate and cuocts of the deceased, their Christian and Surnames (including those of partners) their addresses and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, a statement of their accounts and the nature of the securities (if any) held by them or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said Order. Every Creditor holding any security is to produce the same before Mr. Justice Kay, at his Chambers, Royal Courts 1. Justice, Strand, London, on FRIDAY, the 4th day. of APRIL, 1884, at Twelve o'clock at noon, being the time appointed for adjudicating on the claims. Dated this 22nd day of FEBRUARY, 1884. H. F. CHURCH, Chief Clerk. E. H. BIGGIN, Of 81, Chancery Lane, W.C. Plaintiff's Solicitor. yjft PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. A p k GRAND BAZAAR AND SALE OF FANCY WORK WILL BE HELD IN THE NEW ASSEMBLY HALL, HOLYWELL, During the first fortnight of the month of JUNE, 1884. The proceeds to be devoted to the purchase of the Freehold and the renovation of the ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHAPEL, Holywell. Contributions will be thankfully received by REV. OWEN THOMAS, M.A., PASTOR. AIR. HENRY JUDD, TREASURER. MR. THOS. H. WATERHOUSE ) „T «, Mb. P. HARDING ROBERTS j tLoN- bECS- Further particulars will shortly appear. TO BE LET, A COMMODIOUS PUBLIC AND CLUB ROOM, AT THE KING'S ARMS HOTEL, HOLYWELL, MEASURING 32 feet long by 28 feet wide, well-lighted, and in excellent condition, and admirably adapted for the holding of Public Meetings, Concerts, and Entertainments. Terms reasonable.—Apply to the Proprietor at the Hotel. OFT TOB TAN YARD. JOHN HOLMES, GENERAL DEALER. VTUT-ORD STREET, HOLYWELL, BEGS to thank the public for the support he has received since he has taken over the above business and to intimate that he is still open to buy HORSES, COWS, CALVES, SHEEP AND DONKEYS, either dead or alive, for which he will pay full value, and will fetch them from any distance up to TEN MILES round Holywell. N.B.-Lettei-s or Telegrams promptly attended eo. *fTHE BLUE RIBBON LIFE, ACCIDENT, X MUTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL INSUR- ANCE COMPANY LIMITED.—" The Total Abstainers Own Life Assurance Co." requires Agents, Ordinary and Industrial.—Apply to the Managing Director, Head Office, Colmore Chambers, Newhall street, Birmingham. E LONDON AND WESTMINSTER SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, 4A, DEANE-STREET, LIVERPOOL. THE Association beg to call the attention of consumers of HOUSEHOLD REQUISITES to their Large Stock of Necessary and Useful Articles. DURING the month of March all Fancy Goods will be sold at greatly Reduced Prices, in order to make room for Spring Goods. THE ADVANTAGES offered by the STORES are VERY, VERY GREAT, being still 20 PER CENT. BELOW THE GROCERS' PZICE3. A BONUS will be Given to the Purchasing Members at the end of each half-year. 0 Ø'" FREE DELIVERY in the City and carriage paid to all Stations on all Orders for S2 and upwards. THE LONDON AND WESTMINSTER SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, 4A, DEANE-STREET, LIVERPOOL, Near St. John's Market. IMPORTANT TO BUTTER MAKERS. SAVES TIME, LABOUR AND MONEY! TOMLINSON & CO'S BUTTER POWDER I (ESTABLISHED 25 YEARS.) FOR PRODUCING GOOD BUTTER ALL THE YEAR ROUND. rpHIS Powder produces superior Butter at all X seasons of the year, Firmer, Sweeter, and in less time than by any other process. It entirely removes all unpleasant flavour of Cake, Turnips, Mangolds, Dead Leaves, Wild Garlic, &c. A little put into the Milk will greatly increase the yield of Cream. Brings Butter in a few Minutes at all Seasons. This Powder is perfectly harmless, and when it is used pic Butter will keep twioe the length of time than when made without it, or with auy other preparation. Sold in Boxes, Gd., Is., 2s. 6d., and 7s. 6d. sample Boxes, the Is., 2s. 6d., and 7s. 6d. sizes sent, Parcels Post Paid, on receipt of amount in Stamps. Sole Manufacturers,— TOMLINSON & IIAYWARD, LINCOLN. TESTIMONIAL. From Mrs. HACKETT, Hallgate's Farm, Cvopston, Leicestershire. I have used Tomlinson Jc Co's Butter Powder in my Dairy for more than 19 years, and have seldom been without a supply during that period I always use it when Butter making, and find it answer every purpose it is recommended for. It removes all strong taates from the Butter caused by Cows eating Turnips. Cakee, Mangolds, Dead Leaves, or Bitter Herbs, it also greatly shortens the time of Churning, making it a pleasure when it would otherwise be a labour and when this excellent Powder is used, I am assured the Butter is firmer, sweeter, and better than when made without it during all seasons of the year. In hot weather it u invaluable. ANTED a strong active YOUNG MAN! T T accustomed t'o a Bakehouse, and to assist in Grocery Shop—Apply at SHOP-Y-GROSS, IIoLYWRLL. IkrfjtrANTED a CERTIFICATED MASTER for TT the Ffynnongroew Undenominational School, near Mostyn. One having a knowledge of Welsh preferred. The salary will include the whole of the Government grant and school pence (subject to arrangement).—Apply to Mr. E. LEWIS, Mostyn Quay. OUIND at Greenfield Hall, on Sunday last, a JL BROWN DOG. If not claimed in four days it will be destroyed. #7^0IL SALE.—About Four Tous of First-class .1? MEADOW HAY.—Apply Mrs. MARGARET PICKERING, Billings, Halkyn. jjpSs GREENFIELD HALL LEY for Cattle 1 and Horses will open as usual in May. A red polled Pedigree Bull from a celebrated herd, will be on the Ley. JT |tr^) B E LET—The "ROYAL OAK HOTEL, X Mold, a commodious family and commercial hotel, with a capacious billiard-room, excellent out- hotel, with a capacious billiard-room, excellent out- buildings, stablingandcoach-houses. A rare oppor- tunity. Immediate possession can be had.—Apply to WM, PIERCE & SON, Cambrian Brewery, Bagillt. BE LET, with immediate possession, BRON ï. HOLWAY, near Holywell, charmingly situated, and containing on ground floor, two entertaining-rooms, kitchen and the usual offices also, four good bedrooms and dressmgroom. Pleasure ground in front and kitchen garden at back.—Apply at the "Observer" Office, Holywell. — — Hor BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. JJOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. lIOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. lIOP BITTERS. JJOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. flOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. HOP BITTERS. TTOP BITTERS. PUREST, BEST, and CHEAPEST MEDICINE EVER MADE. NO DISEASE, or ILL-HEALTH can possible exist where HOP BITTERS are used, so varied and perfect are their operations. If you have nausea, want of appetite, flatulency, dizziness, and feverish symp- toms, you are suffering from COSTIVE- NESS, and HOP BITTERS is the Surest Cure. If your vital forces are depressed, if you have a feeling of general lassitude and weakness, are easily fatigued, perspire freely on going to sleep, are short of breath on every slight effort, and have a general feeling of melancholy and depression, you are suffering from GENERAL DEBILITY, and HOP BITTERS removes it all. If you have a sense of weight or fulness in the stomach: a changeable appetite, sometimes voracious, but generally feeble a morbid craving low spirits after a full meal, with severe pain for some time after eating; wind rising on the stomach, sour stomach vomiting and fluttering at the pit of the stomach, and a soreness over it; nausea, headache, or some of these symptons, you are suffering from DYSPEPSIA, and HOP BITTERS will permanently cure you. If you have a dry, harsh, and yellow skin, a dull pain in the right side, extend- ing to the shoulder blade and pit of the stomach; a tenderness over the region of the liver, and sometimes an enlargement of this or,-an and a sense of tightness and uneasiness in the neighbourhood of the stomach and liver; yellowishness of the eyes; bowels irregular, generally disposed to looseness; a hacking or dry cough; irregular appetite; shortness of breathing; feet and hands generally cold; tongue coated white a disagree- able taste in the mouth low spirits; blotches on the face and neck palpita- tion of the heart; disturbed sleep; heart- burn; disinclination to exertion-if you have any of these symptoms you are suffering from LIVER COMPLAINT, and HOP BITTERS will cure you. CLEANSE, PTJRIFY, AND RICHEN THE BLOOD WITH HOP BITTERS, AND YOU WILL HAVE ON SICKNESS OR SUFFERING. OR DOCTOR'S BILLS TO PAY, To be obtained of all Chemists and Druggists I SPAWNING A PAIR OF TROUSERS FOR MEDICINE. JAMKSFKAXCIS THOMAS lives in Pontnewydd,near Pontypool Monmouthshire. He is now twenty-three years of age, living with his mother, a widow. Some eleven years ago, then a mere boy, he went to work in the coal-pit as a miner, in order to assist his mother in rearing her family of little chil- dren. Soon, however, the little fellow broke down in health but the necessities oftlie family seemed to require it, and he continued to toil in the mines, suffering all the time from the effects of in dig stion, an agonisingsymptombeingasthma, in such a troublesome form that the boy was unable to lie in bed. Working through the day, and resting as best he could in an arm-chair during tthe night naturally undermined his constitution. Year by year his health grew worse and worse, until at last, rheumatism came with all its dreadful agony. One joint after another became swollen and inflamed. so that he was obliged to stop work In this sad plight the now young man was confinedito the house for two long years, suffering all that mortal could endure. One physician after another was called upon to treat his complaint, but with no benefit, for the poor fellow continued to grow worse and worse. Hoping to find some means of reliof, a consultation of doctors was held. when it was decided that an organic disease of the heart existed in an incurable form, and that medical aid could not afford relief. He was given up to die. These yeari of expensive medical treatment had exhausted the little savings of the mother, and they had no money even to buy the necessaries of life. But a fond mother never gives up in despair. There was one spark of hope left. Someone had told her of a remedy that had cured so many cases-eyen when as hopeless as this one seemed to be-and the mother's love went out for her dear boy. But how to get the medicine was the question. Their money was entirely gone. The boy had a new pair of trousers that he had been too ill to wear, and the mother reasoned within herself, If the boy is to die he will not nead them. so that I may as well pledge them for medicine with an effort to save his life." Strange as it may appear, the bottles of medicine procured at the chemist's shop at Pontypool with the money obtained from the pawn- broker effected a cure in this hopeless case, which had been pronounced as incurable. But it is only just to say that if the chemist had known of the wants of the family the medicine could have been obtained without a visit to the pawnbroker. It is now nearly two years since this took place, and young James Francis Thomas has been working in the coal-pit underground ever since, earning extra pay for over-work, which he is able to perform. Of course he never had organic disease of the heart, as was supposed. The palpitation, rheumatism, and asthma, were mere symptoms of the real disease, which was dyspepsia, or indigestion, for which the remedy was specially adapted. Those who wish to commu- Dicate with this young man can write to him at the above address, and he will vouch for the curative properties of Seigel's Syrup, the article thataffecteithisalmostmiraculous cure. The following letter is from a chemist, who thought the facts should be made known James Francis Thomas, of Pontnewydd, near Pontypool, age twenty-three, collier, was ill for nine years, unable to do any work for three years, never lay down in bed for nine years, had to sleep in a stooping posture, was treated by nearly all the doctors for miles around, who generally stated his com- plaint to be rheumatism and heart disease of a chronic nature, and beyond all power to cure. When hope had nearly died out he was persuaded to try Siegel's Syrup; and to the delight of his relatives and astonishment of his neighbours, after taking half a bottle he could lie down in bed. After taking one bottle he went to work. Has now taken two bottles, and on with the third, and is quite well ar d strong. His mother is in raptures, and can talk of nothing else but this marvellous cure, and wishes me to make it known. It is requested that our correspondents will favor us with reports of local events as soon after their occurrence as ( possible, so as to ensure insertion of the reports in the next issue. We shall be glad to receive timely intimation of any meetings about to take place. Letters intended for publication should be accompanied by I the name and address of the writer, not necessarily for j publication, but as a guarantee of good faith. We cannot undertake to return rejected MSS. The Observer is delivered at the Post Office in ample time to be forwarded on Thursday night to our distant subscribers.

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