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Sales by lJfr. William Freeman. ) PRELIMINARY NOTICE OF SALE 1\ ] AT THE j PAWNBROKER'S WAREHOUSE, ] TOP OF FEATHER STREET, FLINT, OF FORFEITED PLEDGES BY AIR. WILLIAM FREEMAN, ON MONDAY & TUESDAY, APRIL 7TH & 8TH, (And if necessary, the following day), SALE TO COMMENCE EACH DAY AT TWO O'CLOCK. PUBLIC HEALTH ACT, 1875. HOLYWELL UNION. RURAL SANITARY AUTHORITY. BYE-LAWS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT: I.-Tlie above Rural Sanitary Authority have (subject to the approval of the Local Government Board) made certain Bye-Lawp in pursuance of the powers conferred on them by the Public Health Act, 1875, and an Order of the Local Government Board, dated the 9th day of OCTOBER, 1877. 2.—A printed copy of the proposed Bye-Laws will continue deposited, for inspection by any Rate- payer, at the BOARD-ROOM, of the said Sanitary Authority, at the WORKHOUSE, near Holywell, for one month from the date of publication of this notice. 3.—At the expiration of the said month the said proposed Bye-Laws will be submitted to the Local Government Board for approval. 4.—The Rural tDitary Authority will supply a printed copy of the said proposed Bye-laws gratis to any ratepayer. E. J. DAVIES, CLIQUE. 13th March, 1884. NOTICE. UNION OF HOLYWELL. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE COMMITTEE FOR THE PARISHES OF CAERWYS. CILCEN. GWAEXYSCOR. HALKYN. LLANASA. NANNERCH. NERQUIS. NEWMARKET. WHITFORD. YSCEIFIOG. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in reference to each of the above Districts, that: — y 1.—The above School Attendance Committee have I (subject to the approval of the Education Depart- ment), made certain Bye-laws in pursuance of the powers given to the School Attendance Committee, by section 74 of the Elementary Education Act, 1870, as amended by the Elementary Education Acts, 1876 and 1880. 2.—A printed copy of the proposed Bye-laws will continue deposited for inspection by any Ratepayer at the Board-room, at the Holywell Union Work- house, .being the Office of the School Attendance Committee, for One Month from the date of the publication of this notice. 3.—At the expiration of the said month the said proposed Bye-laws will be submitted to the Educa- tion Department for approval. 4.—The School Attendance Committee will supply a printed copy of the said proposed Bye-laws gratis to any ratepayer. Datad this 21st day of MARCH, 1884. E. J. DAVIES, CLBBX. • 1 THE COMPOUND SPIRAL PATENT. METALLIC SPRING AND PISTON RING FOR ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF STEAM ENGINE PISTONS, PUMPS, STEAM HAMMERS, &c. THE Speciality of this packing is that it has a direct vertical and a direct horizontal thrust, both thrusts being obtained by one spring, or series of compound springs, neither thrust being depen- dent upon the other. The combined spring is all made out of one wire or rod, but if desired, or in case of breakage, can be made or joined in any number of sections. There are no sharp bearing points, all the bearings being long flat vertically, and curved horizontally to the same radius as the inside of the piston rings. Improvements of such importance cannot fail to be fully appreciated by Practical Engineers. DURHAM, CHURCHILL AND Co., 23, LEADBNHALL t STREET, LONDON, E.C. REPRESENTATIVES WANTED IN THIS DISTRICT. FLINT BRICK & TILE CO., WORKS, FLINT, NORTH WALES. DESCRIPTION of Goods always in Stock I) Common Building Bricks, Best Rock Bricks, Red Pressed Bricks, Stable Bricks, Arch and Closier Bricks, Plinth and Split Bricks, Red Floor- ing Tiles, Checquered Tiles, Garden Tiles, Gutter Tiles, Bearers, &c. Goods made to any pattern. Prices and terms on application to the Secretary Thomas Eaton. NORWICH UNION. FIRE INSURANCE SOCIETY. Established 1797. Surrey Street, Norwich. •50, Fleet Street, London, E.C. 18, RoyalExchange, London, E.C. President: HENRY S. PATTESON, ESQ. Secretary C. E. BIGNOLD, ESQ. The Rates of this Society are exceedingly moderate, and the Insured are free from all liability. This Office is distinguished for prompt and liberal settlement of claims, t4,500,000 having been already paid for Losses by Fire. Total Amount insured exceeds £ 200,000,000. Losses caused by Lightning or Gas covered. AGENTS in all principal Towns, from whom Prospectuses and Information as to mode of effecting Insurances may be obtained. LOCAL AGENTS:— FLINT-MR. T. B. TAYLOR. HOLYWELL—MR. E. WILLIAMS. MOLD—ME. ROBERT BARKER. RHYL-IR. WALTER DAVIES & J. F. SARSON. Norwich, March 2;Jth, 1884. ST. 'VINEFRIDE'S CONVENT, WELL STREET, HOLYWELL. BOARDING and DAY s c H o ox for JL) Young Ladies. Course of instruction:— Thorough English Instrumental Music Singing (Tonic Sol-fa taught thoroughly) Drawing Painting; Plain and Fancy Needlework. French, taught by Natives. tjermau by Professor Junod. Dancing-, Mrs. Edwards, of Clhesti-i- (Lessons every Friday). 'I 'HE BOOK OF HEALTH AND REMEDIES X or Medical Treatment simplified. Send full details of your case, and the Book giving the Special Remedies that will restore you to Health with medical ndvice, free of charge, sent on receipt of two Stamp,. -Address SECRETARY, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. hale by Messrs. Churtony Elphichfy Ct. j FLINTSHIRE AND DENBIGHSHIRE. J Lmportant Sale of Valuable Freehold Properties, situate in and near NORTHOP, PENTRE, near MOLD, PADESWOOD, and HOPE, in the county of FLINT, and at LLANARMON- IN-YALE, in the county of DENBIGH. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK AND CO. HAVE received instructions to SELL BY JLI AUCTION, at the BLACK LION HOTEL, MOLD, on WEDNESDAY, THE 2ND DAY OF APRIL, 1884, at One for Half-past One o'clock p.m., punctually, in the lots set forth in the printed particulars of sale, or in such other lots as may be determined upon at the time of sale, and subject to conditions to be then produced, the undermentioned VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES, viz AT OR NEAR NORTHOP. The old-established and fully-licensed INN, known as THE RED LION," with extensive outbuildings, yard and garden; the POST OFFICE, Nine COTTAGES, and a piece of valuable GARDEN LAND, situate in the village, and upwards of 30 acres of fine PASTURE and ARABLE LAND, situate within five minutes' walk thereof, in the occupation of Mr. Alfred Hulme and Mr. Richard Morris. AT LLANARMON-IN-YALE. A valuable and compact FARM, known as RHIEW YALE," with the house, outbuildings, and about 34 acres of LAND, in a ring fence, in the ooeupation of Mr. David Parry. AT PENTRE, NEAR MOLD. Two pieces of valuablo old PASTURE LAND, known as parts of BLOMFIELD MEADOW, situate close to the Gas-lane Crossing, in the occupation of Mr. John Davies and Mr. Edward Roberts, containing in the whole 5a. Or. 18p., or thereabouts. AT PADESWOOD. Two COTTAGES, with outbuildings, gardens and crofts, close to the railway station, with frontage to the turnpike road, in the oocupation of Mary Lewis and Ellen Rowlands, containing in the whole Oa. 3r. 24p., or thereabouts. AT HOPE. A desirable DWELLING-HOUSE, with out- buildings, garden, and Three Pieces of fine old PASTURE LAND, in the occupation of Elizabeth Griffith, containing 2a. 3r. 34p., or thereabouts. Also, Two COTTAGES, with pigstyes, outoffiees, and gardens, in the occupations of John Piuroe and Joshua Evans. N.B.—Printed particulars of the Property with any further information, may be obtained from Mr. GEORGE BELLIS, Land Agent, Mold; Messrs. BOYDELL, TAYLOR and FLUITT, solicitors, Chester and Flint; or from the AUCTIONEERS, Chester. OLYWELL UNION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all Persons having Claims against the Guardians of this Union are requested to send in their accounts to me, the undersigned, at the Board-room, at the Workhouse, not later than Eleven o'clock a.m., on T U B S D A Y the 1st day of ApRIL PBOX., and to attend there personally, or by their authorised agents, on SATURDAY, the 5th day of APRIL Paox., between the hours of Ten and One, to receive their amounts due to them. Any Bills not so sent its will not be entertained. By order of he Board: E. J. DAVIES, Clerk. Board-room, March 21st, 1884. ALLIANCE ASSURANCE CO. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, 46,000,000 < (Of which:6550,000 is paid up). FIRE RESERVE FUND UPWARDS OF 1600,000. cam OFFICES: BARTHOLOMEW LANE, LONDON, Chairman SIR MOSES MONTEFIORE, BART., F.R.S. ecretary ROBERT LEWIS, ESQ. WELSH B R A N C H HIGH STREET, WREXHAM, Chairmats THOMAS BARNES, ESQ. Fire Insurance of every description transacted on moderate terms. For Prospectuses and other infor- mation, apply to the:above Office, or to any of the Agents of the Company. E. LLEWELYN LLOYD, A Secretary, Wrexham. TOFT TOB TANYARD. JOHN HOLMES, GENERAL DEALER. WHITFORD STREET, HOLYWELL, BEGS to thank the public for the support he has received since he has taken over the above business and to intimate that he is still open to buy HORSES, COWS, CALVES, SHEEP AND DONKEYS, either dead or alive, for which he will pay full value, and will fetch them from any distance up to TEN MILES round Holywell. N.B.—Letters or Telegrams promptly attended to. ESTABLISHED, 1854. EVANS, RICHARDS & CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GENERAL DRAPERS, UPHOLSTERY, CARPET, & MANCHESTER* WAREHOUSEMEN, LONDON ROAD, LIVERPOOL. MOURNING OUTFITS, FUNERAL UNDERTAKERS. IN consequence of heir continually increasing Country Orders, both Wholesale and Retail. EVANS, RICHARDS ft have made e|xn iwl arrangements in order to more fully develop that department of their trade, and are now in a posi- tion to execute all Country Orders with economy, promptitude, and despatch. Orders amounting to 21 and upwards, are forwarded, Carriage Paid, to all parts of North Wales. Tmm-CA= BEFORE DELIVERY. ESTIMATES GIVEN, PATTERNS SENT POST FREE ON APPLICATION. EVANS, RICHARDS, & Co., have much pleasure in announcing that- they have, in view of pttpowaItj'^11^11',Jnade Ter7 exten»ve CASH the lea*n8 Novelties from LONDON and PARIS, and the undermentioned Departments are replete with new and fashionable goods, offering decided and genuine bargains throughout:— ° SEALSKIN MANTLES, FUR-LINED CLOAKS, FUR CAPES, JACKETS, BONNETS, HATS, COSTUMES, SILKS, DRESS MATERIALS, FLANNELS, DRAPERY, BLANKETS, SHIRTS, LACES. SCARFS, RIBBONS, OUTFITTING, TRIMMINGS, GLOVES, HOSIERY, CARPETS CURTAINS, BEDSTEADS, BEDDING, &c., &c., &c. EVANS, RICHARDS AND CO., LONDON ROAD, LIVERPOOL. Sale by Mr. Lloyd. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. MONDAY AND TUESDAY, APRIL 21ST AND 22ND, 1884 (and Following Day, if required) at PLAS UCHA, MOSTYN, HOLYWELL. Highly Important Sale of Agricultural and FARMING STOCK, &c., comprising 140 HEAD OF CATTLE—Including 30 grand young dairy cows in full profit, 25 fat and rearing calves, 15 prime fat bullocks and heifers, 30 outlying stirks, and bullocks, 2 shorthorn bulls, and 38 yearling heifers and bullocks (by pedigree sire). 15 Honaxa-Including 4 grand young waggon horses, 2 in-foal mares, 2 splendid colts, and 7 cart and hack horses. 118 Sows AND PIGs-Including 18 breeding nowb and 100 store pigs. 200 Sacks of well-harvested Beans. 100 Sacks of Oats. 100 Measures of Magnum Bonum Potatoes. 100 Measures of Champion Potatoes. 200 Iron and Wood Hurdles. 80 Head of Prize Poultry. Together with the whole of the modern and im- proved Farming Implements, suitable for a farm of 500 acres, comprising 9 carts, 2 waggons, 2 mowing machines, 5 Llanypwll ploughs, 7 sets of harrows, drag harrows. 3 rollers, horse rakes, hay tedders, scuffiers, turnip pulpers, gears, harness, traps, &c. The whole of the Dairy Vessels which were pur- chased three years ago, they include a new cheese making apparatus by Cluett, patent cheese presses, cheese vats, milking cans, churns, &0., together with a portion of the Household Furniture. MH. LLOYD MOST respectfully announces that hit JOAS been favored with instructions from Mr. Richard Jones Roberts (who is retiring from fanning) to SELL BY AUCTION, in his farmyard, Plas U cha, Mostyn, Holywell, ON MONDAY & TUESDAY, 21st and 22nd ANUT, the whole of the above-named valuable farming stock and effects. Particulars to follow. Oftlces-Eyton House, Wrexham. V NOTICE. MR. MAURICE, SURGEON DENTIST, OF CHESTER, WILL ATTEND IN FUTURE AT NO. 4, BANK PLACE, HOLYWELL, Second and last Fridays of every month. Next Visit 28th March. V E. H U G H E S, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, OLD ANTELOPE HOTEL WELL STREET, HOLYWELL. WINES AND SPIRITS, OF THE FINEST BRANDS, IN CASKS OR BOTTLES. AGENT POB- WORTHINGTON'S UNEXCELLED BURTON ALES, D'ARCY'S DUBLIN STOUT, Which can be obtained in 9 gallon casks for the convenience of private families. BOTTLED ALES AND PORTER. Immediate delivery of orders guaranteed. AINTING. PLUMBING, GLAZING, GAS FITTING & PAPER ROGIRG. Established, 1838. PIERCE LLOYD & SON, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL, T> ESPECTFULLY thank their numerous XV customers for their past favours, and beg to solicit a continuance of their patronage. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED ro. Experienced Workmen kept in all Branches of the Trade. | i BSTIMATES GIVEN FOR EVERY DESCRIPTION OF WORK. ^HE CANCER~HOSPITAL BROMPTON, X LONDON (FREE: 1851). Office, 167, Picoadilly, W. (opposite Bond-street).—The only special refuge for poor persons afflicted with t&ia fearful disease, who are admitted free without letters of recommendation. Out-patients are seen on their own application, at Brompton, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, at Two o'clock. The extension of the Hospital at a considerable outlay, with a view to much greater accommodation for patients, as well as to provide increased facilities fer the study of the disease, is now completed. SUBSCRIPTIONS in aid of the General and Building Funds are urgently solicited. Hon. Treaaurer- GJIO. T. HEETSLET, Esq., St. James's Palaee, 8.W. Bankers— Messrs. COUTTS AND Co., Strand, W.C. -).k H. J. JUPP, Secretary. UDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY XT (LIMITED), < HOLBOR A n S, E. C. Every description of Life Assurance and Annuity Business framuted.-Reversioxw purchased. The amount of Claims paid exceeda Five Millions. The invested Assets exceed Three and a. half l Millions. Whole World Licenses granted to Sea- men and others permanently engaged on board ship at an extra premium of 91 per cent. Limited Licenses for voyages not exceeding beyond 33 degrees north latitude, 10s. per oeat. The last ANNUAL AND VALUATION RKPOBTS cftn be obtained on application to the Secretary J AGENTS WANTEDr\ Apply to the Superintendent for Flintshire and Denbigh. CHAS. BLACKMORE, 22, Edward Henry Street, Rhyl; or to GEO. PHILLIPS, 30, Jfumforth-stroes, Flint. IUSICAL BOXES, 13 Os. Od. to 4150 Os. Od. BENSON'S MUSICAL BOXES OF SPECIAL lIUXE AND QUALITY, AT WHOLESALE PRICES, Patent long playing Man- doline Tremolo, Piccolo, and Sublime Harmony Boxes, also with Bells, Castagnettes, and Zither accompaniments, andl interchangeable Barrels. THE '1 LARGEST STOCK IN LONDON, ON VIEW AT THE STBA1C FACTORY, 62 and 64, LUDGATE HILL. Illustrated Catalogues Free. VPRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. COURT" LLOYD MOSTYN," No. 983, ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS, HOLYWELL. THE Members of the above Society intend having a GALA DAY ON WHIT-MONDAY NEXT. Full particulars, will appear shortly. CD^E LONDON AND WESTMINSTER SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, 4A, DEANE-STREET, LIVERPOOL. THE Association beg to call the attention of consumers of HOUSEHOLD REQUISITES to their Large Stock of Necessary and Useful Articles. DURING the month of March all Fancy Goods will be sold at greatly Reduced Prices, in order to make room for Spring Goods. THE ADVANTAGES offered by the STORES J. are VERY, VERY GREAT, being still 20 PER CENT. BELOW THE QEOCKBS' PRICES. CtJ* A BONUS will be Given to the Purchasing Members at the end of each half-year. 49* FREE DELIVERY in the City and carriage paid to all Stations on all Orders for £ 2 and upwards. riiHE LONDON AND WESTMINSTER 1 SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, 4A, DEANE-STREET, LIVERPOOL, Near St. John's Market. GUILDERS desirous of TENDERING for the JD NEW CHURCH, Flint, North Wales, can see the Plans and Specification, and obtain Bills of Quantities, by applying either to the Rev. E. BYRNE, Flint; or to us, on or after Saturday, April 6th. Tenders to be sent in before Twelve o'clock, on Saturday, April 12th, either to the Rev. E. BTBKB or to us. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. J. & B. SINNOTT, Architects. B k-chambers, Cook-st., Liverpool. pp %TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS.— J_ TENDERS are invited for the taking down of an old Cottage in the town of Holywell, and the erection of a new one, on the site of the said old Cottage. Plans and specifications may be seen at the Office of Mr. J. J. WILLIAMS, Pantgwyn House, Holywell, on and after MONDAT, the 31st inst. The Tenders are to be sent in to Mr. Williams on or before APRIL 7th, 1884. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. ITUATION Wanted by a Young Girl, aged 15, IO as Under Nursemaid or in the Kitchen.— Apply at the Observer Office. yVf ANTED in the neighbourhood of Flint or T V Holywell, to purchase the Freehold of from 100 to 150 ACRES OF FARM LANDS.—Com- munications to be addressed to R. J. WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Flint. OR SALE, a COW and FOUR HEIFERS, J' all near calving. Also MAGNUM BONUM POTATOES.—Apply to MB. BAKBWELL, Downing. OR SALE.—Several light well-built second- Jj hand two and four wheel PONY CARRIAGES, at very reasonable prices.—Apply JACKSON & SON, Carriage Builders, Wrexham. W50R SALE BY PRIVATE TENDER together J. or separately, all those FOUR COTTAGES, with Quillet and Gardens attached thereto, now in the respective occupations of Messrs. Daniel Hughes and Thomas Edwards, and situate at Pen'rhwylfa, Holywell, within ten minutes' walk of the Milwr mine. Tenders to be sent to Mr. PABTON PABBT, 31, Prospect Row, Woolwich. %JnjUND on Tyddyn Ucha Farm, near Whitford, JL FIVE SHEEP. Unless claimed within eight days from the issue of this notice, they will be sold to defray expenses. o BE SOLD (with minerals) or LET, six acres JL of GOOD LAND, at Flint Mountain, near Flint.—For particulars, apply to W. E. BRHBLL, Town Hall, Flint. LEY AT LLANERCHYMOR. THE excellent Pastures of LLANERCHYXOB FARM will be let as LEY for the coming season.— For further particulars apply at the WORKS Ornos, or if by post to Mr. EYTON, Iaanerchymor, Holywell. V)RESTATYN, NEAB RHYL.—FURNISHED X AND UNFURNISHED HOUSES—TO BE LET in Nant Terrace.—For particulars, apply to E. HUNT. V^OTTAGES TO BE LET at Is. Is. 3d Is. 9d., V and 2s. 3d., per week.—Apply to J. J. EVANS, Auctioneer. fO BE LET, a commodious HOUSE, SHOP and BAKEHOUSE, well-situated in Station- road, Greenfield. Immediate possession may be obtained.—Apply to Mr. JOSEPH PBTSBS, Panton Place, Holywell. *rO BE LET, HOPE COTTAGE, PENYMAES, JL near HOLYWELL, containing two Sitting-rooms, two Kitchens, and five Bedrooms, with out-offices and excellent Garden.—Apply to Mr. EDWABD FOULKES, Well-street, Holywell. /SOLYWELL PARISH CHURCH. RESTORATION FUND. £ s. d. Amount already announced. 1026 1 6 FURTHER SUBSCRIPTIONS. Robert Platt, Esq., Oldham 100 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Heys Jones and friends, ) nr n London ) 25 0 0 Mr. E. J. Davies, Saithaelwyd Cottage, Holywell 20 0 0 Miss Edith Isabel Davies, ditto. 5 0 0 Miss Davies, Observer" Office 5 0 0 Mrs. J. Kerfoot Evans, Frondeg 5 5 0 F. Fishwick. Esq. 5 5 0 J4re.. Davison, Farfield, Connah's Quay 5 0 0 Mr. S. Holgate 5 0 0 Mrs. Boyson, London 5 0 0 Collected by Miss Leadbeater 3 0 0 H. Lupton, Esq., Bradford 1 1 0 Mrs. Lupton, ditto 1 1 o Rev. Canon Morris, Eaton 1 1 0 Rev. D. Thomas, Garsington Rectory, Oxford. 010 0 Mr. David Griffiths, Currier 010 0 Mr. T. W. Sibeon 010 0 ADDITIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Miss Caroline Owen, Well-street. 3 0 0 Countw by: Miss Oldfield, Brynclwyd 4 0 0" Rev. W. Mayhew, Woodbridge, Suffolk 1 0 0 Mrs. Mayhew, ditto. 1 0 0 Mrs. Sarah Etchis, Manchester 0 10 0 Subscriptions will be thankfully received by the Rev. R. O. WILLIAMS, M.A., Vicar, Messrs. JOHN CABMAN and JOSEPH GARNER, Churchwardens, or at the NORTH AND SOUTH WALES BANK, and the NNÅL PROVINCIAL BANK, Holywell. HE BLUE RIBBON LIFE, ACCIDENT, X MUTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL INSUR- ANCE COMPANY LIMITED.—" The Total Abstainers Own Life Assurance Co." requires Agents, Ordinary and Industrial.—Apply to the Managing Director, Head Office, Colmore Chambers, Newhall is"t, Birmingham. PAWNING A PAIR OF TROUSERS FOR MEDICINE. JAHBSFRAXCIS THOMAS lives in Pontnewydd,near Pontypool Monmouthshire. He is now twenty-three years of age, living with his mother, a widow. Some eleven years ago, then a mere boy, he went to work in the coal-pit as a miner, in order to assist his mother in rearing her family of little chil- dren. Soon, however, the little fellow broke down in health but the necessities of the family seemed to require it, and he continued to toil in the mines, suffering all the time from the effects of indigestion, an agonising symptom being asthma, in sftch a troublesome form that the boy was unable to lie in bed. Working through the day, and resting as best he could in an arm-chair during Ithe night naturally undermined his constitution. Year by year his health grew.worse and worse, until at last, rheumatism came with all its dreadful agony. One joint after another became swollen and inflamed, so that he was obliged to stop work In this sad plight the now ypung man was confinedlto the house for two long years, suffering all that mortal could endure. One physician after another was called upon to treat his complaint, but with no benefit, for the poor fellow continued to grow worse and worse. Hoping to flnd some means of relief, a consultation of doctors was held, when it was decided that anorganic disease of the heart existed in an incurable form, and that medical aid could not afford relief. He was given up to die. These years of expensive medical treatment had exhausted the little savings of the mother, and they had no money even to buy the necessaries oflife. Butafond mother never gives up in despair. There was one spark of hope left. Someone haa told her of a remedy that had cured so many cases-even when as hopeless as this one seemed to be-oand the mother's love went out for her dear boy. But how to get the medicine was the question. Their money was entirely gone. The boy had a new pair of trousers that he had been too ill to wear, had the mother reasoned within herself, If the boy is to die en will not nead them, so that I mar as well pledge them for medicine with an effort to save his life." Strange as it may appear, the bottles of medicine procured at the chemist's shopat Pontypool with the money obtained from the pawn- broker effected a cure in this hopeless case, which had been pronounced as incurable. But it is only just to say that if the chemist had known of the wanta of the family the medicine could have been obtained without a visit to the pawnbroker. It is now nearly two years since this took place, and young James Francis Thomas has been working in the coal-pit underground ever since, earning extra pay for over-work, which he is able to perform. Of course he never had organic disease of the heart, as was supposed. The palpitation, rheumatism, and asthma, were mere symptoms of the real disease, which, was dyspepsia, or indigestion, for whieh the remedy was specially adapted. Those who wish to commu- nicate with this young man can write to him at the above address, and he will vouch for the curative properties of Beigel's Syrup, the article that affected^this almost miraculous cure. The following letter is from a chemist, who thought the facts should be made known :—James Francis Thomas, of Pontnewydd, near Pontypool, age twenty-three, collier, was ill for nine years, unable to do any work for three years, never lay down in bed for nine years, had to sleep in a stooping posture, was treated by nearly all the doctors for miles around, who generally stated his com- plaint to be rheumatism and heart disease of a chronic nature, and beyond all power to cure. When hope had nearly diea out he was persuaded to try Siegel's Syrup; and to the delight of his relatives and astonishment of his neighbours, after taking half a bottle he could lie down in bed. After taking one bottle he went to work. Has now taken two bottles, and on with the third, and is quite well and strong. His mother is in raptures, and can talk of nothing else but this marvellous cure, and wishes me to make it known. It is requested that our correspondents will favor us with reports of local events as soon after their occurrence as possible, so as to ensure insertion of the reports in the next issue. We shall be glad to receive timely intimation of any meetings about to take place. Letters intended for publication should be accompanied by the name and address of the writer, not necessarily for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith. We cannot undertake to return rejected MSS. The Observer is delivered at the Post Office in ample time to be forwarded on Thursday night to our distant subscribers.

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