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t" Sales bj idessr«WDew & Son (if Btsgor, Llaidnfino S Carnaim -a T ESSRS W. DEW and SON will OFFER M for SALE by PUBLIO ^UOTION ai the BRITISH HOTEL, BANGOR, on FRI- DAY, July 3rd, 1903, at 3 o'clock. The in- terest ill the unexpired term of the lease granted on 164, HIGH STREET, OASTLE HILL, BANGOR Full particulars of the Auctioneers. HOLYHEAD, ANGLESEY. SALE of an Old Established and FREEHOLD FULLY LICENSED FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL with VAULTS ad joining. MESSRS WM. DEW and SON will OFFER iJ for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, on the premises, on SATURDAY, the 4th day of July, 1903, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon punctually, subject to conditions to be thPIl and there produced, all that Valuable FREEHOLD FULLY LICENSED and OLD ESTABLISHED FAMILY and OOM- MERiOIAL HOTEL, known as THE MARINE HOTEL," with the MARINE VAULTS adjoining, and the Commodious YARDS, STABLES, COACH- HOUSE, Large SHEDS, and OUTBUILD INGS. etc., etc., situated in Marine-square, Holyhead, all at present in the occupation of the Owner. The premises stand directly facing the Sea and Harbour, and practically adjoin the Land- ing Stage of the Holyhead and Dublin Mail boat Service. The Hotel commands splendid views of the Sea and Harbour, and the far- famed Breakwater (which i,s 1 miles long) is close to. The London and North-Wesuern Kailwav Station is conveniently near, as are also the Post Office, Market, etc. The property is in a good repair, and earlr possession can be arranged for. For further particulars apply to Mr John Close, Solicitor, Fall-street, Derby, or to the Auctioneers, at their Offices, at Bangor, Llan- dudno, or Carnarvon. 24858 COUNTIES OF CARNARVON AND ANGLESEY. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE FREE- HOLD FARMS AND TENEMENTS, COM- PRISING ABOUT 1027 ACRES or thereabouts, situate in the PARISHES OF CLYNNOG, LLANWNDA, LLANFAGLAN. LLANBEBLIG, TOWN OF CARNARVON, AND LLANGEINWEN. MESSRS WM. DEW and SON will jyi for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION at the ROYAL SPORTSMAN HOTEL, CARNAR- VON, sometime during the Summer, FREE- HOLD PROPERTY in the above Parishes. Particulars of Messrs Carter, Vincent and Co., Solicitors, Carnarvon and Bangor, or of the Auctioneers. 34941 FATRBOURNE, Near BARMOUTH. MESSRS WM. DEW and SON have been Jtii instructed to OFFER FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION a.t the Corsygedol Hotel, Barmouth, during the Summer, the valuable Freehold Farm, known as HEN-DDOL, and BEN-DDOL COTTAGE, comprising an area of 84 Acres or thereabouts. Particulars of Messrs Charles Russell and Co., Solicitors, 37, Norfolk-street, London, W.C. of Messrs J. Charles Hughes and Co., Solicitors, Dolgelley or of the Auctioneers. Sale by Hi T. W. Griffith Preliminary Notice. Ti/fR T. W. GRIFFITH will Offer for Sale at 1VI the MARINE HOTEL, LLANDUDNO, on FRIDAY EVENING, the 3rd day of JULY, 1903, at 7-30 p.m., the following Properties situate in or near Llandudno. That centrally situated Business Premises, com- prising SHOP, WAREHOUSE and BAKEHOUSE, situate in Warehouse-street, Llandudno, which is Leasehold, subject to a Ground Rent of £6 10s. The Rental beinsr £57 per annum. Nos. 7, 8 & 9, HOLLAND-TERRACE, Deganwy- street, the tenure of which is Freehold, subject to a Chief Rent £6 13s. 4d. per house, the Rentals of each being £5° per annum. Nos. i, 2 and 3, VICTORIA-BUILDINGS, Vaughan street, which are Freehold, subject to a Chief Rent of £10 per house, th, Rentals being £70 each house. The DETACHED HOUSE known as PLAS IDAL" situate in Charlton-street, the tenure being Leasehold, for 09 years, from February, 1893, at a Ground Rent of £8 10s. per annum, the Rental of the house being £60. The SEMI-DETACHED VILLA known as LLYS ARTHUR," in Caroline-street, Llandudno, which is Leasehold, for 99 years, from September, 1895, subject to a Ground Rent of £6 IOS. per annum, FOUR FREEHOLD COTTAGES and LAND, situate in Pant y Wenol, near Bodavon, Llandudno the Gross Rentals being £20 16s. per annum. Fcr further particulars apply to Messrs. CHAMBER- LAIN and JOHNSON, Solicitors, Llandudno or to the Auctioneer, Town Hall Chambers, Llandudno. Telephone 0299. 24946 Sale by Messrs Robt. 4 Rogers Jones Preliminary Announcement. H A FO DUNGS, LUANG ERNIE W. MESSM ROBERT and ROGERS JONES beg to uiinourio:- thait they have received mstruo- tiers from Colon-! SANDBACH to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION early in JULY, 1903, without reserve, the ENTIRE HERD of Pure Pedigree Slack Welsh Cattle, Horses. Implements, etc., etc., ei which further particulars will appear in due coarse. Uanrwst, May 20th, 1903. 24871 Sale by Mr Gavin Low. GREAT IRISH STORE CATTLE SALES. THURSDAY, 25th June, SECOND GREAT SUMMER SALE at AUCTION MART, 50, PRUSSIA -STREET, DUBLIN, of 1300 Head for- ward conditioned HORNED and POLLY BULLOCKS and HEIFERS for Fattening and Jk»e<firfcg pur-Doses, Grand HEREFORD and ANGUS CROSSES, Well-bred Young STOCK, etc. Owtalognes on application. Every facility given QPWS-Channel Buvers. GAVIN LOW, I Lire Stock; Salesman, etc., 24568 50, Prussia-street, Duiblin. Sale by Mr H. Parry Jones Preliminary Announcement. RECTORY, LLANFAETHLU. ANGLESEY. MR. H. PARRY JONES, has been favoured with instructions to SELL BY PUBLIC AUC TIO, all the In and Out-door EFFECTS, on the Eremises as above. Full particulars, dates, &c., will c furnished later. Exchange Buildings, Holyhead. 24939 Money Lent Privately. IN Large or Small SUMS (nor under £ 10), ON PROMISSORY NOTE ONLY, To Farmers,; Shopkeepers and j Private Residents. REPAYMENTS ARRANGED TO SUIT THE CONVENIENCE OF BORROWERS. TERM'S ard FULL PARTICULARS supplied FREE OF CHARGE on spplnntkm either per- sonally or by letter to George Payne, ACCOUNTANT, 3. CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL. 24966 Messrs Pritchard & Porter. BfRYNLLWYD, LLANIDAN, LL AN FAIR P n IMPORTANT SALE OF THE SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, ETC. MESSRS JOHN PRITCHARD and PORTER aire instructed to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION on the Premises as above on TUESDAY, June 23rd, 1903, commencing most punctually at ELEVEN a.m., the Superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising a Highly-finished Light- oak Dining-room Suite in. Costly-woven Brocade Utrecht Velvet. Oaik Telescope Dining Tablle, Hand- game Sideboard (Light-oak picked in Black), Light- oak Dinner Waggon, Superior Turkey Carpets, Brussels Carpets, Well-made Rosewood Drawing- room Suite, Pier Glasses, Cottage Pianoforte, Costly Windsor Drapery Mahogany and Iron amd Brass Bedsteads, Mahogany Duchesse Todlet Taibles, Useful Maple-wood Wardfrobe, Services of Glaes and China, Plated Goods, a Well-built Light-running Governess Car by Lloyd (Liverpool), an Excellent Landau by Wad'e (Liverpool), Single Sets of Plated Harness, Lady's and Gent's Saddles, Part Stack of Hay, Corrugated Sheets, Slate Cisterns, and other Effects. On View MORNING of Sale. Catalogues may be obtained on application to the Auctioneers, Bodhyfryd. Bangor. 24991 PUB LIC HALL, CGLWYN BAY~ IMPORTANT AND ATTRACTIVE SALE OF VALUABLE OIL-PAINTINGS AND WATER- COLOUR DRAWINGS, BEING A PRIVATE COLLECTION. REMOVED FROM LANCA- SHIRE FOR CONVENIENCE OF SALE. MESSRS JOHN PRITCHARD AND PORTER iVL will SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION on THURSDAY, .Inly 2nd, 1903, and following Day, if required, at TWO p.m. prompt, a Valuable Collection of PICTURES, selected with great taste and sound' judgment, among which will be found examples in Oil by Jack Wilson, Vicat 001e, J. A. O'Connor, W. Malsready. R.A., Thomas Oreswick, R.A., Richard Wilson, Verboekhoven, R. P. Bon- nington. etc; and in Water-colours by Clorkvwi Staaheld, R.A.. David Cox, Copley Fielding, Gus- tave Dore, and other noted Painters in Oil and Water-colour. On View WEDNESDAY, July 1st—TWO p.m. to FOUR p.m. Catalogues of the Auctioneers, Bodhyfryd, Ban- gor, and at the principal Hotels in the neighbour- hood. 24975 MENAI BRIDGE SMITHFIELD. MESSRS JOHN PRITCHARD and PORTER'S NEXT SALE will be held MONDAY, June 22nd, "1903, at ONE p.m., and will include 49 ripe wiel-fed Bullocks, Cows, and! Heifers; Two Fat BuUte., Two Jersey Cows (one in Oaif), 140 ohoioe Fat Yearling Sheep, Ewes, and Lambs. The Auctioneers invite special attention of Butchers to this Stale, as the quality of the Stock entered is exceptionally good. Bodhyfryd, Bangor. 25007 NEAR BANGOR, GLANAETHWY, on the BANKS of the MENAI STRAITS. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION (unless in JL the meantime an acceptable offer be made), to- wards the endl of July, a Lovely Detached MARINE RESIDENCE in a. sheltered position. Four Enter- taining with Ten Bed and Dressing-rooms, Domestic Offices, Electric Light (Private Plaint), Telephone, Sanitary Arrangements good. Kitchen Garden, and oharming Ornamental Grounds running down to the Beach, Private Landing Place, good Anchorage for Yachts. Also, near George Hotel, Bangor Ferry, aboht Five Acres of Valuable Building LAND, over- looking the Straits. — Apply, John Pritchard and Porter, Auctioneers and Agents, Bangor. Sales by Mr F. A. Dew. AT THE COLWYN BAY HOTEL, COLWYN 7 BAY. 19th JUNE, 1903. At Seven p.m., PICTURESQUE DETACHED GENTLEMAN'S RESIDENCE, known as "PENRHOS LODGE," Garner of CONWAY and MARINE-ROADS, COLWYN BAY, Now and for many years in the occupation of the Owner, Mr JAMES SEDDON. The House stands in its own Beautiful'ly-laid-Out Grounds of an ACRE, thereabouts, in extent, with Well-grown Timber Trees and! Shrubs, Tennis Lawn, Flowec and Kitchen Gardens, Stables, Coach-house, Conservatory, etc. Further Particulars and Plans may be obtained from- Mr F. W. STUBBS, Solicitor, Oolwyn Bay; or from the AUCTIONEER, Colwyn Bay and Con- way. from the latter of whoan, cards to view may be obtained. 24837 By direction of the Executors of the late Mr John Roberts. TOWN OF COLWYN BAY. Very Important Sale of Highly Valuable Com- mercial and Residential FREEHOLD PRO- PERTIES, all well placed in this the most enterprising, progressive and favoured Town and Watering Place on the North Welsh Coast, including that most centrally situated com- modious and handsome modern Hotel known as "THE HOTEL METROPOLE." \;1 R F. A. DEW is instructed, as above, to SELL 111 BY AUCTION at the Hotel Metropole, Cclwyn Bay, on FRIDAY, the 26th of JUNE, 1903, at 7p.m. (subject to Conditions to be then produced), the following extremely VALUABLE FREEHOLD COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL PROPER- TIES, viz. :— Lot 1.—All that Detached Freehold Residence known as "DUCIE LODGE," Lawson Road, Colwyn Bay aforesaid. Lot 2.—Ditto ditto known as "DENHAM LODGE," Lawson Road, Colwyn Bay aforesaid. Lot 3.—All those Two Semi-Detached Freehold Residences known as TRIGFAN," and ARGYLE House" (late "Tudno Villa"), Lawson Road, Colwyn Bay aforesaid. Lot 4.—Ditto ditto known as "DURBAN," and ROKEBY," Lawson Road, Colwyn Bay afore- said. Lot 5.—All that Detached Freehold Villa Resi- dence known as NEADWOOD," Belgrave Road, CoJwyn Bay aforesaid. Lot 6.—Ditto ditto known as MURI- VANCE," Belgrave Road, Colwyn Bay aforesaid. Lot 7.—All that Semi-Detached Freehold Resi- dences known as ELLERSLIE," and the house adjoining lately known as "WILTON HOUSE," Belgrave Road, Colwyn Bay aforesaid. Lot 8.—All that Semi-Detached Freehold Resi. dence known as BROOK LEA," Bay View Road, Colwyn Bay aforesaid, 9.—All that well-known centrally situated com- modious and well arranged First-Class Hotel known as "The HOTEL METROPOLE," with the DWELLING HOUSE adjoining, known as FAIRHOLME." This Property has a ground area of 1888 sq. yards or thereabouts, with a frontage of 128-ft. 4-in. to Penrhyn Road, and 85-ft. 3-in. to Princes Drive, and embraces a large Modern Hotel with an impos- ing and artistic elevation, and every internal con- venience occupying the very finest commercial position in this rapidly increasing town which is ad- mittedly lacking in the number of its First-class Hotels. The purchaser will have the option of taking at a Valuation in the usual way the whole of the Hotel Furniture and Effects, and early vacant possession can be obtained if desired. The Goodwill will be included in the Sale of the Property. N.B.—Lot 10, A Plot of Building Land at Old Colwyn previously Advertised for Sale by Order of the Mortgagee HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN. Further Particulars and Plans from Mr J. PUGH EVANS, Solicitor, Colwyn Bay or fro the Auction-m eer, Colwyn Bay and Conway, from the latter of whom Cards to View may also be obtained. 24838 'LA." I 11 — Y mae Duw yn profi ein ffydd ni fõfagy gallwn ni brofi ed ffyddlandeb ef. I glodfori yn yr hwyr rhaid gweddaio yn y OOreu. Nid gwieled ydyw credu, ond credu ydyw gweled. Y neb y mae pechod yn ei gusanu y mae yn ei ddanmio. Nis gall un dyn sefyll yn gadam ar gredo ogwydd- edig. Sales by Mr A. E. Bickneli. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT BAGûR. IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES, FORMING vS'AFE AND DESIRABLE INVESTMENTS. M R A- K BICKNELL wil* OFFER FOR SALE at thS QUEEN'S HEAD OAFE, BANGOR, on FRIDAY, June 26th, 1903, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to Con- ditions to be there and then produced, the follow- ing Valuable FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD PRO- PERTn;8 — No. 13, MASON-STREET, HIRAEL, BANGOR. Leasehold Cottage. 2TT"^°' 14' MOUNTAIN-SQUARE, BAN- LOR. Freehold' Dwelling-house. Lot 3.-No. 40, GARTH-ROAD, BANGOR, Free- hold Dwelling-house. Loot 4.-No. 6, GLANDWR-TERRACE, GARTH, BANGOR. Freehold Dwelling house, Garden, Yard, etc. 5-~No. 5 BRYNTEG-TERRACE, UPPER BANGOR. Freehold Dwelling-house. Lot 6.—No. 3, LION-TERRACE, PENRHOS- GARNEDD, Near BANGOR. Freehold Cottage. Lots 7 to 9.—'Nos. 5, 7, and 9, HENDREWEN- ROAD, GLANADDA, BANGOR. Three Lease- hold Cottages. 7> 8' 9- 10, VICTORIA- HENDERWEN-ROAD, GLANADDA, BANGOR. Five Leasehold Cottages. Unexpired of to years from March 6th, 1903. Ground Rent, £ 5 5s. 126> HIGH-STREET, BANGOR OGASTLE STORES). Excellent Freehold Business Premises, containing House, Shop, Yard and Garden. ti.Jmmte' wiiI appear in future advw- u ,Hi^h;s1fe,6t., Bangor. 24963 By Order of the County Court of Anglesey, holden at Llangefni, Holyhead, and Menai Bridge. AMLWCH, ANGLESEY. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PRO- PERTIES. II R A. E. BIOKNELL will OFFER FOR SALE BY AUCTION at the DINORBEN ARMS MOTEL, AMLWCH, on SATURDAY, June 20th, 190." at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to Special Conditions of Sale, approved by the Court, to be then produced, and to which the attention of purchasers is directed, the following Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES Lot 1.—No. 36, MACHINE-STREET, AMLWCH. A Freehold Dwelling-house now in the occupation of Mrs Sarah Stevens as a. weekly tenant. The Accommodation includes Two Rooms on Ground Floor and Two Bedrooms above, there is also a Garden at the back. Lot 2.-No. 38, MACHINE-STREET, AMLWCH. A Freehold Dwelling-hous>o adjoining Lot 1, now in the occupation of Mr Evan Roberts as a weekly tenant. The Accommodation includes Two Rooms on Ground Floor and Two Bedrooms above, there is also a Garden at the back and a W.C. Lot 3.-No. 52. SALEM-STREET, AMLWCH. Well-built and Commodious Dwelling-house and Premises at present unoocupied. The Accommoda- tion includes Spacious Kitchen in Basement, Two Parlours, Kitchen and Pantry on the Ground Floor Four Bedrooms and Boxroom on the First Floor' there is also a Yard', Garden at the back, Lounge Shed, and a W.C. This Property is well situated and affords a good opportunity for those in search of a Safe Invest- ment. For further particulars application should be madie to the Auctioneer, at Bangor, or to Messrs S. R. Dew and Co., Solicitors, Bangor. 24998 CEMAES. CYLCHWYL LENYDDOL A CHERDDOROL M E D I 23ain, 1903. CERDDORIAETH — CYSTADLEUAETH GORAWL: I'r Cor heb fod dan 30Rin mewn nifer a gano oreu "HaleJiwia i'r Goruchaf" (Beethoven), "Cerddor Tonic Sol-ffa," No. 58; vocal score, Hughes and Son; Short Bcore full accompaniment, Novello and Co., Lon- <ion, 3d. Gwobr, 5p a Medal Aur i'r Arweinydd. Q0R PLANT, heb fod! dan 16eg na thros 20ain mewm nifer, "Sabbath Morn" (Novello and Co London), No. 49 Novello's "School Songs," hen nodiarut a'r Tonic Sol-ffa lc yr un. Gwobr, lp 10s. PARTI MEIBION, heb fod. dan wyth na thros dldieu- ddeg, "Cydgiain y Morwr" (J. Parry). Gwobr, 16s. DEUAWD, "Exoelsior." 5s. UNAWD SOPRANO, "Pwy sy'n myn'd i'w fagn ef" (W. Davies). 7s. UNAWD TENOR, "Yr Hen Gerddor. H 7s. UNAWD BARITONE, "Cyrnru" (R. S. Hughes). 7s. Manylion yn rhestr y Testynau (Stamp lc). H. E. JONES, Board School, 3438 Cemaes- BENLLECHJREDWHARF, RHOSNEIGR. &c. A BRAKE will be run every FRIDAY AFTER- NOON between LLANGEFNI and one of tine above Sea-side Places, leaving the JLARKET VAULTS at 2.30 p.m. PARTIES AND SINGLE PASSENGERS ARE INVITED. Most Moderate diarges. J. v/Tlliams,. 5442 PROPRIETOR. V N EISIEU, APPRENTICE i'r Gwaith Gof A (Coach-Smith) ar unwaith. Lie da i ddyscni. 3439, "Clorianydd" Office, Llangefni. ° WANTED a Good GENERAL SERVANT. T Apply, Mrs Hughes, Plas Hyfrrd, Beaumaris. 3431 ( OF.-YN EISIEU, IMPROVER, ond yn gallu < PedoJi. — Ymofyner a Robert Owen, Smith, Llandrillo, Merioneth. TfT ANTED, Strong, Active GIRL of about 'f eighteen. One who has been General or Kitchenmaid in a good house preferred. No wash- ing.—26, Fa!bner-square, Liverpool. 3427 WANTED, ITCH I'INMA ID for Pencrai/g.w Must be a/ble to speak English, and assist ITI srai/ajJ washing. — Apply to Betsy Jones, Con- fectioner, Llangefni. 3426 OR SALE, a Lady's "Premier" BICYCLE. Ihoroughlv reliable and in first-class running «>i'ditioc. Gv ner no further use for machine. A bargain. — Address, "Premier," "North Wales I Chromde" Office. Bangor. 24702 A R WERTH, PUMP o OWN bach FOX TERRIERS o'r iawn ryw. E/nillodd eu Tad 4 first prizes. Y Yam allam o Fox Terries y Marquis of Anglesey.—Ymofyner ag O. J. Owen, Oefn Glas Shop, Llanfechell, Anglesey. 3425 p OTA FOES. —C. DURKAN,~the Market, Ban. KOr' has a sP'^i'did STOCK of DATES' and MAGNUMS' SEED POTATOES. Finest quality. WERTH, POB 5IATH o ESGIDIAU ar gvfer J TYMHOR dyfodol. Prisiau iawn i'r Prynwr a r Gwerthwr yn 3, Glan Hwfa-road, LJao- gefni. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, The Very Desirable and Compact FREEHOLD FARM called TYDDYNENGAN, LLANEILIAN, ANGLESEY, with largre well-built House and ample Outbuildings. This Property is situate adjoining the Main Road, and commands fine views of sea and country. The Land is of excellent quality, in good heart, and well supplied with spring and running water. Area: Nine Acres Three Perches, or thereabouts. —For further particulars apply to W. Jones, Auctioneer, Penysarn, Amlwch. LLANDDONA, ANGLESEY. rJ1 0 BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, the T HOUSE with One Acre of Land, called "GLAN-Y-DON," otherwise "PENTRANCE," situate o'ose to the Beach, and within Five Minutes' Walk of the Church.—Apply to J. Rice Roberts and Laurie. Solicito-s, Llangefni, or to Mr William W illiams, Plas Penmynydd. 3430 Nid yw dyn ag sydd yn ibyw yn hollol l bleser yn gwy'bod y pkser o fyw. Y mae Duw yn hoffi derbyniwr llawen yn ogystal a rhoddwr llawen. Os dymunech dyfu meddyliau hardd, gwnewch ddetholiad gofalus o'ch hadau. Y mae dyn yn dechreu "myned i lawr y foment y peidia edrych i fyny. M.C. NEW OHAPEL, LLANFECHELL, ANGLESEY. TENDERS invited for PAINTING and JL VARNISHING aforesaid, Chapel. Specifications open for inspection at the Chapel. Tenders to be delivered on or 'before 20th JUNE, 1903, to Mr JOHN JONES, Builder, M.C. Chapel, Llanfechell, Rhosgoch. R.S.O., Anglesey. 3429 TO BUILDERS. TWROELYN RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. TENDERS are matted for the ERECTION of a JL new C-ULVEIMUDRIDGE at the bottom of Allt Bwlch y DafathJ in the Parish of Penrhos- lligwy. Plans, etc., at R. L. EDWARDS, Esq., Boda,fon, Dulas, Amlwch. Sealed Tendera to be deliverecl not later than the 23rd inst., to Mr THOMAS HUGHES, Minydon, Menai Bridge. The Cauncil do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. 3444 T. O. THOMAS, Surveyor. GWAIR. — DAU GAE GWAIR i'w gosodl yn PENCYW, AMLWCH. Rhoddir caaiiatad i'r cymerwr Bori y Caeaa am Ddwu Fis wedi cario ymaith y enwd.—^Ymofyner a J. Elias Jones, Pen- maenraawlr. Gofynwch am Arrowsmith Clenlivet Whisky, Yr hen Chwisgi Ysgotaidd Gwreiddiol Sefydlwyd 1797. Byddwch sicr o gael Ohwiegi Arrowsmith. AT EIN GOHBBWYR, J.W.-Nid yw y "Clorianydd" ond ohwe' tu- dalen, felly "caffed amynedd," etc. Ai. ac A.—Yr wythnofl nesaf.

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