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Marclmadoedd Cymrejg BANGOR, Friday, 11.45-a.m. MEAT, BUTTER, AND ECICS.-Fresh butter. Is 2d per lb. fresh eggs, 12 for a shilling Irish, Danish, and Canadian butters, Is to Is 3d per lb. beef, 7d to 9d per lb. mutton, 8d to lOd per lb. lamb, 8d to lOd per lb.; Veal, 7d to 9d per lb. pork, 7d to lOd per lb. ham, 6 £ d to 9d per lb. bacon, 7d to 9d per lb.; FISH, POULTRY, AND GAME. Chickens, 3s 6d per couple; fowls, Is 6d each; goslings, 5s 6d each; ducklings, 3s each hares, 3s 6d eaoL rabbits, Is each pigeons, Is 4d per brace pheasants, 5s per brace; partridges, 3s 6d per brace; wild ducks. 4s 6d per brace; ducks, 3s to 4s each; geese, 7d to 8d per lb. turkeys, 9d per lb. soles, Is 6d to Is 8d per lb. red mullet, 2s 6d ]>er lb. turbot, Is 4d per lb. brill, Is per lb. halibut, 9d per lb. lemon soles, 9d per lb. piaice. 5i to 6d per lb. whiting, 6d per lb. dabs, 4d per lb. gurneta, 3d per lb. hake, 5d per lb. mackerel, 4d per lb. skate, 4d per lb. cod, 4d to 6d pw lb. haddocks, 4d per lb. lobsters, 2s 61 per ID. white bate, 6d per lb. prawns, 3d per Jb. shrimps, lOd per quart. AMLWCH, Saturday.-Fresh butter, Is 5d per lb. fresh eggs, 10 for Is Irish, Danish, and Cana- dian butters, Is per lb. beef, 7d to lOd per lb. mutton, 7d to lOd; pork, 6d to 8d potatoes, £ d per lb. carrots, Id per lb. cabbages, Id each; grapes (foreign), 7d to IW per fb. tomatoes, 8d to lOd; apples, 3d; chickens, 3s 9d per couple; ducklings, 2s 6d each; rabbits, lOd; turkeys, 7s to lis plaice, 4d per 1.. cod, 4d; foreign beef, 6d to 8d; foreign mutton, 5d to 6d. CARNARVON, Saturday.—Fresh butter, pack- ing price, Is 5d to Is 6d per lb. pot butter, Is; oggs, 10 to 12 for Is: fowls, 3s 6d to 48 per couple; ducks, 38 to 4s each; geese, 5s 6d to 7s each; beef, 24d to 9d per lb. mutton, 7d to 9d; Teal, 5d to 9d pork, 5d to 9d potatoes, 9s per sack. DENBIGH, Wednesday.—Fresh: butter, Is 4d to Is 6d; small- pots, Is lid per lb. eggs, 10 to 12 for Is; potatoes, qd per measure, and 9s to 10a per hobbet; apples, Is lOd to 3s-per cwt. (126); fowls, o 3s 6d to 4s 6d per couple; ducks, 58 per couple; geese, 7d to 8d per lb. turkeys, 9,6; oat- meal, 21d per lb. beef, 7d to lOd per lb. mutton, 8d to lOd; veal, 6d to 9d lamb, 8d to lOd per lb. LLANGEFNI, Thursday.—Fresh outter, Is Id per lb. fresh eggs, 12 for Is; beef, 6d to 8d per lb. mutton, 7d to 9d; veal, 7d to 8d; pork, 6d to 8d; ham, 8d to Is; bacon, 5d to 8d; fat pigs, 4d; porkets, 14s to 18s; potatoes, 7s to 8s per sack oats 15to to 18s 6d per quarter; fowls Is 6d to Is 9d each; ducks, 2s to 2s 6d. PWLLHELI, Wednesday.—Fresh butter, Is 2d per lb. fresh eggs, 16 for Is; Canadian bmtter, Is 2d per lb. beef, 6d to 9d mutton, 7d to lOd pork, od to 8d; fat pigs, 3|d porkets, 14« to 17B each; potatoes, 6d per 91bs, 4s 6d per cwt. car- rots, id per lb., 3s 6d per cwt. turnips, ld per lb. parsnips, Id per lb. cabbages, lid to 2d each; celery, 2d and, 3d per stick; leeks, Id per bunoh; cucumbers, 6d to 8d each; tomatoes, 8d per lb. apples, 2d to 3d; pears, 3d. to 4d; chickens, 2s and 29 f d per couple fowls, 3s 6d and 311 9d; hares, 2s 'id and 3s each rabbits, lid and Is Id each pheasants, 3s 6d and 4s per brace; partridges, 2s and 2s 6d; ducks, 2a and 2s 3d; geese, 7d per lb. RUTHIN, Monday.—Wheat 9s to 9s 6d per hob- bet ;• barley, 7s 6d to 9s 6d; oats, 5s 3d to 6a per hobbet; fresh butter, Is Id to Is 3d per lb. fowls, 5a to 4. per couple; ducks, 4s to 58 per couple; eggs, 10 to 12 for h.

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