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Pigion o'r 11 Drych."




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TA.TWS, MAIP, etc.


nadoodd Cymreig, &c.

Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

nadoodd Cymreig, &c. BANGOR, Friday, 12 o'clock. MEAT, BUTTER, and EGGS.—Fresh butter, 1/4 to 1/5 per lb. eggs, 12 for 1/ Irish, Danish, and Canadian butter, lOd to 1/- per lb. beef and mutton, 6d to lOd per lb. veal, 7d to lOd per lb. pork, 6d to 9d per lb. ham and bacon, 5d to 8d per lb. fat pigs, 3 £ d to 3^d per lb. FISH, POULTRY, and GAME.—Chickens, 3/- to 4/6 per couple; fowls, 3/- to 3/6 each goslings, 5/- to 10/- each; ducklings, 216 to 3/6 each; hares. 3/- to 4/6 each; rabbits, 2/- per couple pigeons, 1/4 per brace; pheasants, 5/6 per brace; partridges, 3/6 per brace; wild ducks, &1- per brace; ducks, 2/6 to 3/6 each geese, 5/- to 10/- each turkeys^ 4/- to 18/- each soles, 1/4 to 1/8 per lb. turbot, 6d to 1/2 per lb. brill, 6d to lOd per lb. halibut, 6d to 10d each; lemon soles, 8d to lOd por lb. plaice, 4d to 5d per lb. whiting, 4d to 6d per lb. dabs and hake, 4d per lb. gurnets, 3d Per lb. skate, 4d per lb. cod, 3d to 6d per lb. haddocks, 4d per lb. lobsters, 2/- each shrimps, 5d per pint. FRUIT and VEGETABLES.—Potatoes (new), ,r,d per lb. carrots, -lId per lb. turnips, Id per bunch parsnips, Id per lb. cabbages, 2d each cauliflowers, 4d each; celery, 2d to 4d per stick leeks, Id per liunch; grapes (English), 2/- to 4/- per lb.; do. (foreign), 6d to 8d per lb. tomatoes, 8d to 1/- per lio. apples, 3d to 4d per lb. pears, 4d to 6d per Ik AMLWCH, Saturday.—Fresh butter, 1/2 per lb. fresh eggs, 12 for 1/ beef, 6d to 9d per lb. mutton, 7d to lOd per lb. foreign beef, 6d to 7d per lb. potatoes (new), Ad per lb., 28 Ibs. for 1/ 5/- a sack carrots and turnips, Id per bunch cab- bages, Id each onions, Ild per lb. foreign grapes, 10d per lb. apples, 3d per lb. Welsh honey, 1/3 per lb. chickens, 3/6 per couple fowls, 1/6 each; ducklings, 2/6 each hares, 3/- each rabbits, lOd to 1/- each; ducks. 2/6 each; geese, 5cl to 6d a lb. 5/- to 7/- each; turkeys, 7/- to 9/- each. CARNARVON, Saturday.—Fresh butter, 1/2 to 1/3 per lb. fresh eggs, 9 to 10 for 1 beef. 6d to 8d per lb. mutton, 7d to 8d per lb. lamb, 7d to 8d: per lb. veal, 4d to 7d per lb. pork. 6d to 8d per lb. ham, 8d, 10d. and 1/- per lb. bacon, 4d to 8d per lb. potatoes (new), d per lb. car- rots, Id to 11d per lb. cabbages, ld to 2d each cauliflowers, 2d to 3d each; cucumbers, 4d to 6d each; grapes (English), 1/6 to 1/8 per lb. mellons, 4d to 8d each tomatoes, 8d to lOd per lb. apples, 2i,d to 3d per lb. pears, 2d to 3d each fowls. 1/9 to 2/- each; hares, 3/- to 3/6 each; rabbits, 1/- to 1/2 each; pigeons, 6d to 8d each; pheasants, 6/- to 6/6 per brace; partridges, 2/5 to 2/9 per brace turkeys, 1/- per lb. soles, 1/4 to 1/6 per lb. turbot, lOd to 1/- per fix brill, 8d to rOd per lb. whiting, 6d per lb. dabs, gurnets, and skate, 3d to 4d per lb. cod. 4d to 5d per lb. haddocks, 4d, 5d, and 6d per lb. DENBIGH, Wednesday. Wheat. 9/- barley, 8/- to 9/3; oats, 5/- to 5/9 per hobbet; beans, 10/- fowls, 4/- to 4/9 per couple; ducks, 4/- to 5/6; tur- keys, from 8!d to 9d per lb. geese, from 7d to 8d per lb. fresh butter, 1/3 to 1/4 per lb. do.. small pots, l/0i to 1/1;. do. large pots, lid to 114d per lb. eggs, 9 to 10 for 1/ potatoes, 5/- to 6/- per hobbet; oatmeal, 2d per lb. HOLYHEAD, Saturday.—Fresh butter, 1/3 per lb. fresh eggs, 8 for 1/- Irish, Danish, and Cana- dian butters, 7d to lOd per lb. beef, 7d to 9d per lb lamb, 8d to 9d perlb. veal, 9d per lb. pork, 8d per lb ham, 1/- per lb. bacon, 8d per lb. tat pigs 5^d per lb. porkets, 12/- to 18/- each • stores, 16/- to 22/- each; potatoes, 5a per 224 lbs. carrots, 9d per dozen bundles turnips, 6/- per load parsnips, Id per lb. cabbages and cauliflowers, 2d each; vegetable marrows, 2d to 5d each; grapes (foreign), 6d to 7d per lb. mellons, 5d each toma- toes, 2d to 3d per lb. peaches, 4d to 6d per lb. apples, 2d to 3d per lb. pears. 3d' per lb. oranges, 50 for 1/- chickens, 3/- to 316 per couple; fowls, 3/- each; gosling, 4/6 to 7/- each ducklings, 3/- to 3/6 each hares, 2/6 each • wmting, 2d each; dabs, Id oer lb. crabs, 2d to 4d each; black oats, 13/9 to 14/6 ;whita oats, 131- to 14/ hay, 50/- per ton. LL \NGEFNI, Thursday.—Fresh butter, 1/3 per lb. fresh eggs, 14 for 1/ beef, 6d to 8d per Ob. mutton, 7d to 9d per lb. veal, 7d to 8d per lb. pork, 6d to 7d per lb. ham, 8d to 1/- per lb. baron. 5d to 8d per lb. fat pigs, 3d to 34d per lb. porkets. 12/- to 16/- each; potatoes, 5/- to. 6/- per sack: oats, 14/- to 14/6 per quarter. PWLLHELI, Wednesda,y.-Frest butter, lid to 1/- per lb. fresh eggs, 9 for 1/ beef, 4d to 9d per lb. mutton, d to 8d' per lb. park, 6d to 8d per lb. fat pigs, 3d per lb. porkets, 12/- to 16/- each; potatoes (new), d per Mh. carrots and turnips. Id per lb. paisnips, 10 per lb. cab- bages, 1d to 2d each; celery, 2d and 3d per stick; tomatoes, 8d to 9d per lb. apples. 2d to 3d per lb. pears, 4d per lb. fowls, 3/- and 3/6 per couple hares, 2/6 and 2/9 each; rabbits, lOd and 1/1 each pheasants, 2/9 per brece; partridges, 4/6 per brace wild ducks. 3/6 per brace ducks, 2/- and 2/3 each geese, 6d and 7d per lb.

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