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ian DIM BLAENDAL. RHODDIR BENTHYG ARIAN YN BREIFAX Maws aymiau mawr nel fach (dim 11a.i iam Mtt AS NODYN ADDAW Y BENTHYC IWR YN UNIG. fiefydlwyd er'a 40 mlynedd, Ao yn awr yn rhodoi benthyg dras 70,000p yn flynyddol. Mwddir many lion, telerau benthyg, .810 wwhyw wybodaeth angenrheidiol yn ddi, gad ond ymofyn yn bersonol nea dor", tjthyi at liEGJtiGE PAYNE A'I FEIBtOK t CREftCENT ROAD, RHYL, 8afydlwyd 19!0. 1J6 in l olAly AitlAN JO I 0 lOp i l,000p ar y laierau Cas- lynol am gyfnodau byr. P. P. S. C..P..P. 0- Ifl tola 500 "n i37 10 i yn oL.. 11 i 0 400 460 0 C 1j „ „ 16 7 6 &00 „ „ 542 10 6 80 „ „ 22 10 0 600 „ „ 675 0 i iG „ 33 15 0 700 „ „ 785 10 6 50 „ „ 56 5 0 800 900 0 100 „ 112 10 0 900 „ „ 1012 10 t 100 226 0 0 1000 1125 G » DIM ElliIEU MEICHNIWB NA SICRWYDD. TeJir tilm arian a fenthycwyd. Anfnnfc w riuglen yn rhydd gyda tnroad y post rwnH anion caii am dano at y Manager, 24 BANGOR STREET, CAERNARFON. jZ&oa Mae'1' MD EITHAS FENTHYGIOL GEMDLAETHOL j wedi ei sefydlu a'i ohofrestru o dan ddeddf Seneddol i wneyd benthyciadau preifat heb furfiau Swyddfa Fenthyciol. i bob dos- parth (Gwryw a Benyw) OiOp. I iOOOp. AR ADDEWID YSGRIFENEDIG I AD- DALU at unrhyw angen achlysurol nea ddefnydd- Lad pereonoi; i gychwyn busnes, dodrefnu eich ty, i brynu stoc tra mae'r farchnad yn iael, neu i daiu'r rhent neu'r trethi. Anionir yr wian drwy'r post es dymunir. Gellwch. gael jtfian vn breifat yma, gan fod ymwel- iadau yn uaiangen, ac nid oeji emu tyst- Ivthyrau Ni wrthodir ceisiadau gwirion- eddol. GeiUr talu'r bentbyciad yn ol yn tool, ehwarterol, neu hanner blynyddol, neu OB dewisir gdii y bcuthyciad aros alian i fyny i bum' mlvuedd If wy dalu oud y Hog yn nnitr. Ni chyme fir pelider i ystyriaetn. Mae!g.tog a'r ad-daliadau yr isaf yn Nghym- ( ru a Lloegr. Cedwir pobpeth yn breitat, a deliU yn eytii a phawb. Dymumr ar i !«nthycwyr aydd yn talu llogau afresymol owwn fteoedd ereill wneyd caxa atom m pan j gellix clirio benthyciadau sydd yn setyll » gwneir benthyciadau mwy am lo^u i.. Ni dhyst ddim am ymhoh, ond ga« ar- breim, yn Saesneg neu Gymraeg, am ein AHEBOL, 10, DEAN STREET. BANGOR, SOBTOKATION ^TBEET, MANCHESTER. Sefydlwyd 1887. Telephone City 4370y2. NEW YEAR is APPROACHING WHRN EXTRA CASH NEBDED. IF ARB SHORT, Wi.V WORRY, whan we advance Clo to .),vOO to ALL rTTAaagR on your OWN Signature, at LOW 3TM16T and Bwy. Repayment? J10 Loan, from 3e. Jt50 Loan, from 10s- J8100 Lo*n, from 20». «ekly- Montkiy and Quarterly Repayments taken S^XrTAf^Addren SAMUELS and S £ 7vj;^N^ohambees DALW)N STREET, iiANSHES 1 h»tv- Tel. g&3i Cantwd. CELARING-OHOSS BAINH Vy JjsTTABLISHED 1870. LIVERPOOL BRANCH: 8, DALE STREET. Head Office*: 28, Bedford Strand, London, W.C., and .v^nopsgate Street Within, Londen, i- iscan-ches: Cardiff, Le^. Bradford, Dublin, Etc. A<-ets, £ 1,607,949; Liabilities, £ 1,236,871; Surplus, £ 371,0 iii. LOANS of £ 30 to £ 2000 granted at a iJThouS' notice in Town or Country, cn personal security, jewellery, precious shares, and furniture, without re- Wgtki and Shares bought and sold. U B £ rtenU allowed on Current Account Balances.. 5 per annum. .•torrnr-ootic«. withdrawal, 6 per annum. ce of withdrawal, 8ubject to 12 months' 1lOtice of withdrawiÙ, 1 D.C. I>er annum.. gLcial terms for longer p«nod8. IvtSZ paid quarterly. Owing to thj SyUr»t^ TiXr7stmon debits tiu* compare fav0^1^fWfit^ck'or ThiefcSding ST1 /"the safety o capital. We have in «.• Ti io the sueoess of our busin Write to the satisfaction of our c WILLIAMS «<• call foT prospectus. — A- ,T-L^ ZuL H. J. TALLVSoint Managers. CASH ACCOMMODATION £ 20 TO 30 £ 1,000.. Tnt«Met 2s 6d in the £ for agreed period. figO reoay && 10b. £ 50 repay £ 5 5s. J2 £ y £ 33 15s. £ 100 repay £ 112 10s. W. JACKSON, 70, Plymouth Grove, Manchester. ft £ W\TO £ 5,000 ADVANCE by l*ri- 4-,Zi I vate Lender on Simple Promis- sory Notes. No Bills of Sale taken and ab- solute privacy guaranteed. First letter o application receives prompt attention, an mteriding borrowers are waited upon by a representative who is empowered to com- mlete transaction on terms mutually ar- Sa«ed, NO CHARGE being made unless Business actually completed. SPe(^l Quotations for Short Loans. Write in con- tdsnoe to T C. WEIvLS, Corridor Chambers, Leicester. MONEY LFNT AT SHORT JS OTIC K ADVANCES r.f large or q," 11 amount* A (from L10 ipwards) granted WITH- OUT DELAY OT, Promissory Note only. NO BILLS OF SALE TAKEN. MODERATE TERMS. NO APPLICATION FEES. Business Conducted Straightforwardly. Pull information supplied, either per- sonally o* bv po**t, free of cost, and all en- quiries TREATED WITH CONFIDENCE. Repayments ,rr,d to suit borrower e con- .-enffinoe.Appi' GE* > (-F VYUV q)NS 3, ORESCENT ROAD, RHYL. Established 1870 •jj | li>lLeLIAM'8, L-T-H'l- BlilBNIAD ac AHHOLYDD CSRDi>OROJ awv.TlHI TRWY Y HAYDN VILLA, C3QLWYN DAY rhm B ENTHYOA ARIAN YN RBEIFA1. SP. I 1,OOOP- GYFNOBAU PENODOL. NODYN LLAW YN UNIG. Yn ol y Telerau oanJynol: 5p i ad-d alu po 7 6 lOp i ad-dalu plO 15 9 20p i ad-daiu p2110 0 30p i ad-daJu p32 5 0 50^ i ad-dalu p53 a 0 IOOp i ad-daiu pl07 10 0 1000p i &Ki-dala pl075 0 0 Aid-.deLadau byohain yn cael eu dorbyn trwy drerfniant arbenig, neu oe mynir, geliir gacLaxd yr arian allan trwy dalu LAog yn hannerr blynyddol; pelider yn ddim rhwyetr; gellix ei weled yn bersonol unrhyw ddiwrnod yn Ngogiedd Cymru i ymgomao trwy drefmaaoit. Telir allan fenthyciadau preeemnol, a benthycir symiau uwoh yn ol Llog liawer iawn 11a.L GwarentiT cadw poob peth yn gyfrinaohol, pa un by nag wneir busnes a.i peiidio. Peidiwcii petrnso. Ym- ofynwch yn bersonol, next oe yn angiyfleua i alw yatDofynwcih trwy lytihyT, gan y gellir trefnu buisnee trwy'r Ilythyrdy. Gochci- wch dalu llog afreeymoi so &d-dahadou trymion xiwchlaw moddon, trwy ym- tr ofyn a Mr ELLIS ROBEiRTS, STATION CHAM- BERS, 16, BODFOR STREiET, RIITL. I BUY,, your | FURMSTURE From the 8 LAiSEST an- I MOST RELIABLE | FIRM, THE I LAiSEST an- I MOST RELIABLE | FIRM, THE I GLOBE FUHHISHING co. I <J. a QX4HT, Propriator), | PEMBROKE PLACE 1 I LIVERPOOL. I Discount for Cash | EASY TERMS of Payments f To Suit tha Ocnvanitnt* of 1 9 CUSTOMERS. I FREE DELIVERY TO ALL PARTS. 1 DINING-ROOM FURNITURE 8 DRAWING-ROOM FURNITURE 1 SEDR00M FURNITURE 1 Hundreds of lultM in all Oovorln^* I and Woods. ft WRITE FOR CATALOGUE. You will tivi Pounds by dotng M. | "-M GLOBE FURMISHINC co. j (J. R. ORAMT, Proprietor), I PEMBROKE PLACE, I LIVERPOOL. I GLASGOW -510 Sauohlshall ttrsst. g BELFAST-Nlgk- Stroot 1 "ä a a -,•% a r* y^ur "w" K«od la 0 9 Send Id. Mstup lor & eg lankyifaVP Free Sample oi fgj 1 BLANCHARD'S i I A^iOL STEEL PILLS i |H wir'. explsuiatorr Booklet and Ta»ti»rsonial» gj 5 Sold b'i all Chemist* 1/1 It p^r fox, or pesi free from g ■ Leslie Martyn,Ltd.34Daly{Dn-lane,L0gd03 HI T. W lLLlAMB. BILLPOSTER AND TOWN CRIER FOR LLANBERI8 DISTRICT. All Orde" Peroonallv Attended To. '<irtp-, OitaWyn, Warden Atveet. rJ*nK«rw IF YOU SUFFER! From any Skin or Blood Disease, such as Eczema, Scrofula, Scurvy, Glandular Swellings, Bad Legs, Ulcers, Abscesses, Tumours, Boils, Sores, Eruptions, Blood Poisoo, Rheumatism, Gout, &c., DON'T DELAY but at once start a course of Clarke's Blood Mixture (the World-famed Blood Purifier), and the experience of thousands whom it has cured, and cured permanently, will soon be yours. The Editor of the FAMILY DOCTOR," London's Papular Medical Weekly, writes We have seen hosts of letterx bearing testimony to the truly wonderful cures effected by Clarke's Blood Mixture. It is the finest Blood Purifier that Science and Medical Skill have brought to light, and we can with the utmost ..confidence recommend it to our subscribers and the public generally." SUFFERERS who are doubtful about their case should write to us, in confidence, fully describing their illness. We shall be pleased to give them the best advice free of charge. We will also send copies of latest testimonials. Write to-day. Address, THE SECRETARY, as below. THE WORLD fAMED REMEDY FOR ALL SKIN AND BLOOD Can be obtained of all Chemists and Stores, 219 per bottle, and in cases containing six times the quantity, III- or post free on receipt of price. direct from the Proprietors, THE LINCOLN AND MIDLAND COUNTIES DRUG CO., Lincoln. REFUSE SUBSTITUTES. r = JOSEPH JJOBERTS, GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, 14, POOL STREET, and TWTH1LL TEA MART, CARNARVON. THE NOTED SHOPS For Fragrant and Delicious Teaa For Coffee of Exquisite Flavour. For Mi'd Cured Hams and Bacon, Palt and Smoked. For Ripe GorgoDzcla, Cheddar, and cthw Cheaes. And Butter of the choicest quality. fresh Supply of Butter and Palethorpe's teuMges T-i- W-kiff.

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