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^iMtritjtannaa pjtafl* June 18, etc, at Wrexham, Hores, Messrs Frank Lloyd and Sons. June 21st, at Portm-adoc, Freehold Property, Mr Henry Roberts. June 26, at Bodorgan, Stock, Messrs Hughes and Jbn e s. June 28, at Pwllheli, Freehold Farm, Mr Ro- bert Parry. June 28. at, Blangor, Leasehold Land, Mr John Pritchard. June 29, at Criccieth, Ironmongery, Mr John Parry Jones. July 1, at Talsarnau, Freehold Property, Mr John Parry Jones. July 3, at Llanerchymedd, Sheep, etc., Messrs Hughes and Jones. rhJertbiannan, £ c. v By Mr. John Pritchard. Amended Advertisement. In Voluntary Liquidation. THE PARKIA BRICK COMPANY, Limited.—Important to Capitalists, Brick and Tile Manufacturers, Speculators and Others. MR JOHN PRITCHAT.D will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION (unless in the meantime an acceptable offer be made) at the Queen's Head Cafe. BJangor. FRIDAY, June 28, 1907, at 2 p.m., the Valuable LEASE of the Land, comprising the PARKIA BRICK WORKS, situate on the Menai Straits, about two miles from Carnarvon, embracing 9a. 3r. 27p., together with the foreshore lying in front thereof. Tenure, 60 years from November 12th. 1906. Dead rent, L29 per annum, merging into Royalties, The Lessee has the right to convert the whole of the Clay into Bricks, Tiles, Pipes, etc., and -as the place will be sold as a going concern, in- cluding the Plant, Machinery, Kilns, Sheds, Office, Cottage, Stabling, work can proceed immediately on completion of the purchase, and millions of Bricks turned out annually and dispatched by sea or by rail (a siding connect- ing the works with the railway at Griffith's Crossing). Plan and particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneer and Liquidator, Bodhyfryd, Ban- gor, or of Messrs Carter, Vincent and Co., Solicitors, Bangor and Carnarvon. c206a By Messrs Frank Llojd & Sons. 1000 HORSES. NEXT WEEK. NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. FRANK LLOYD and SONS' GREAT JUNE SALES. Tuesday, June 18: 200 High-Class Harness Horses, Match Pairs, and Hunters. Wednesday, June 19: 350 Hackney Show Horses, Cobs and Poniee. Thursday, June 20: 200 Powerful Town Mares and Geldings. Friday, June 21: 250 Light Lurry, Van and Young Parade at 10.30; a.! at 12 each day. Catalogues from t; Auctioneers, Wrexham. (Æewe, etc. c214a 'By J Mae MR JOHN PARRY JONES wedi ei gyfar- wyddo i WERTHU ar AUCTION, y« Ffair Criccieth, Mehefin 29, 1907, Amrvwiaeth Mawr o IRONMONGERY. y312a SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. MR JOHN PARRY JONES has been in- structed to SELL by PUBLIC AUC- TION, at the Ship Aground. Talsarnau, on MONDAY, July 1st, 1907, the FREEHOLD "PROPERTY, known is MINAFON, Ynys Talarnau. Full particulars to be had from Messrs Breeze and Co., Solicitors, Portmadoc, or from the Auctioneer, Penlan, Penrhvndeu- draeth. y313ft By Mr Robert Parry. OUNTY OF CARNARVON. PARISH of BODVEAN, Near PWLLHELI. Salo of FREEHOLD FARM. MR ROBERT PARRY is instructed to SELL By PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Crown Hotel, Pwllheli, on FRID A.Y, the 28th 4lay of June, 1907, at 3 p.m., subject to con- dition there and then specified, all that FREE- HOLD FARM, known as RHOSYFOEL, situ- ate in the Parishes of Bodvean and iLlannor, -containing by admeasurement 22 acres or there- abouts, of good Land, with good Farmhouse and aimple Out-Buildings recently repaired. The Farm is very conveniently situated within 3 miles of the Town of Pwllheli. Further particulars may be obtained from J. H. S. Roberts, Esq., Solicitor, Penygroes and Carnarvon, or from the Auctioneer, 5, Salem Terrace, Pwllheli. v343a By Messrs Hughes and Jones. THE SMITHFIELD, BODORGAN STATION. MESSRS HUGHES and JONES invite En- tries for their next PERIODICAL SALE afc Bodorgan Station, which will take place on WEDNESDAY, June 26th, 1907, at 1 p.m. Bodorgan and Amlwch. c BULL HOTEL YARD, LLANERCHYMEDD. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS, BUTCHERS, CATTLE DEALERS, Etc. MESSRS HUGHES and JONES have been instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUC- TION, in the Yard of the Bull Hotel, Llanerch- ymedd, on WEDNESDAY, July 3rd, 1907, at 11 a.m. (Fair Day), a good number of SHEEP and LAMBS. Further Entries for this Sale will be received on our behalf by Mr Henry Jones, Bull Hotel, Uanerchy medd. Bodorgan and Amlwch. c643a By Mr Henry Roberts. PORTMADOC. SALE of DESIRABLE FREEHOLD HOUSES.—To be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION by HypR HENRY ROBERTS, at the Commercial IT I Hotel, Portmadoc, on FRIDAY, the 21st June, 1907, at 2.30 p.m. <subject to con- ditions to be then and there produced), the fol- lowing FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES — Lot 1. Preswylfa, 52, New Street, Port- madoc. Rent, j320. Lots 2 to 6. AD thoee Newly-Bluilt Houses, Noe. 1 to 5, Eryri Place, portmadoc. Gross Rentals, B61. The Property will first be offered in one Lot, ,And if not eo sold, in separate Lots. For furtheT particulars apply to the Auc- tioneer, or to Mr WilTiam Hughes, 1, Embank- «»ent Road, Pwllheli, and Mr W. Morris Jones, Solicitor, Portmadoc. c624a Established 1872. TY GOMER I'R CYMRY. 29, UNION STREET, j (Yo agoe i'r Landimg Stage), LIVERPOOL. Ymofynweh am gyfarwyddyd oreu i Gomer Roberts, Passenger Agent (Cymro Dot;, cyn tain eich arian am docyn i Canada a'r Unol I>»laethaa. Oø mynwoh fod yn ddoeth, gwnewch hyn. Cyfarfyddaf y rhai fydd dan fy ngofal at en dyfodiad i'r dref Llety Cartrefol. Cofiwcb y eyf,-iriad :-GOMER ROBfEETS (Cymro Dof), 29, Union Street, LiTerpool. Trea Store* i ctdw haflPKage- D. W. JR. O00B^~BILLPOSTEB, LLANFAIUFECHAN. All Billpofting and Distributing Personally Attended to. DANEDD t.tL/ M YMWELA Dr JONES, D.D.S., Surgeon JL Dentist, Craig Owen, BANGOR 11 (yn agos i'r 'Railway Station), a Llangefni, yn 16, Lledwigan Road, bob dydd Iau; yn Ebenezer, Llanrug, a Llanberis y dydd Mawrth cyntaf ar oi Sadwrn tal; hefyVi yn Ebenezer boreu Mawrth cyn tal Llanberis, o 10 tan 12; yn LI an er chy medd, o 10 tan 1, efo Miss Druid House, ac yn Amlwch o 2 tan 5, Mr Hughes, Stationer, dyddiau Ma-. :h, dorphenaf 2, 30, Awst 27, Medi 24, Hydtei 22, Tfcchweddi 19, Rhagfyr 17; yn BethescU y dydd Mawrth cyntaf aT ol Setlo; yn M»QgoI mfe dydd opd dyddiau Mawrth a Iau* gix isitu. CATTLE and Horse Slaughterer.—Skins for pay. All included.—Hope, James Court, Carnarvon. y800a TAILORING. —I Wanted several good TAILORS, permanent employment.— Anthony's, Pwliheli. c635a HOUSEKEEPER required, small family.— Apply, stating wages, etc., to No. 795, "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. y795a 1 WANTED by Young Laundress, several families' WASHING references given. -A,idre& E. S., "Bangor Herald" Office, Ban- gor. 22h A PPRENTICE Wanted to Ironmongery l-l. Trade. Good opportunity for a Smart Youth.—W. A. Jones, Ironmonger, Colwvn Bay. b!22 "\r N Eisieu, MORWYN at waith ty, ac L hefyd yn gallu waitio ar ymwelwyr.— Ymotvrser yn ddioed a Mrs Williams, Derlwyn, Morlcy Road, Llandudno. y809 X17ANTED July, TWO BEDROOMS and 7 7 SITTING-ROOM, pleasantly situated; terms moderate and inclusive.—Apply, 3. Pen- ywain-place, Roath Park, Cardiff. cl83a CYCLE AGENTS to take orders in spare time. Large profits easily made, outside ordinary employment.—Send for trade terms and full particulars. Mead Cycle Company; Agency^ Dept., 6052, Liverpool. yc230a €1 OMMISSION for Sale of Tobacco to Trav- J ellers calling upon Grocers in Anglesey. Only smart, men with established connection need apply. — Address, "Tobacco," No. 212, "Holyhead Mail" Office, Carnarvon. h2l2 INCOME TAX RECOVERED when paid on B property, deducted from dividends, etc., on Incomes undet £700. Accounts prepared for exemption or abatement. Write Newall, Harrop and Gibson, 17, Dale Street, Liverpool. Established 1850. c600a AGENT'S Wanted by an old established London Firm to cail on Mills. Ironworks, Colleries. Prewers, Contractors, Farmers, Job- mrust-ers. Constant employment for whole or f-pan" time. Energetic men can realize a hand- some income. —. Address, Manager, 8, Nigel Road. Forest Gate, London. y311a .J mtdq. ]Vf EW POTATOES' for Sale at Wholesale prices.—Apnlv, A. G. Evans, Bangor. y7983 LURRY ar Wert.h, dim gwaeth na newydd, am hanner pris.—^Pritchard, Tremadoc. y799a | UEIINSEY Tomatcos for Sale.—A G. Ev- ans, Fruit and Potato Salesman, Ban gor. c647a AR Werth. Dan FAKDD ardderchog, un mawr Yorkshire, un Taniworth Croes.— Yraofyuer, W iiliams, Madryn Arms, Chwilog. I y806 POLES for Sale, suitable for Flagstaffs and Scaffolding, from 12 to 37 feet long; I also Flugs.-Thomas, Sailmaker, Hirael. Ban- gor. so- PIANOS, Ograr.s, and Harmoniums Tuned; Tuners visit periodically all parts of the country.—The North Wales Music Co., Ltd., Bangor. y229» PURE-BRED Young BOARS, Middle White Yorkshire; Sire and Dam from Duchess of Newcastle's pedigree herd. —< Etryn Eden, Carnarvon. v815a PI)'RTDINORWIO, Near Baaigor, N.W.— JL To be Sold. a Charming Semi-Detached HOUSE. For particulars apply Eifion House, Portdinorwic. y816a ON Sale, LANDAU, nearly new, In a splen- did condition light; made by Cowburn, Manchester. Bargain.—Apply, Jones, Sports- man Yard, Carnarvon. c621a FOUR-IN-HAND COACH ready for work, JtU first-class. JB30 only-room wanted. Cash or easy terms. —- Marston's Carriage Works, Ltd., Bradford Street, 'Birmingham. c629a S TOCK-TAKING SALE: Pianos returned S from hire from 15 guineas Organs and Harmoniums from 5 guineas; great bargains during Sale.-The North Wales Music Co., Ltd., Bangor. y228a STOCK-TAKING SALE; Pianos returned S from hire by Broadwood, Collard, Justil. Browne, Ralph Allison, Gors and Kallmann, and others, greatly reduced during Sale.—The North Wales Music Co., Ltd, Bangor y227a THE NORTH WALES MUSIC CO„ Ltd., Bangor. — Great clearance Sale, before .n Stock-taking. Pianos, Organs, and Harmon- iums returned from hire; .great bargains for 11 cash or monthly payments.—Music Company, Bangor. y226a FREEHOLD PROPERTY. TWO NEW HOUSES at Hiehgate, Pen- 'rallt, Pwllheli, each consisting of 3 Bedrooms, Parlour, Kitchen, Scullery, anod Spacious Hall, also good Garden. Further particulars may be obtained from OWEN PARRY, Ysgubor Wen, Pwllheli. y796 IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS Every Mother who values the Health and Cleanliness of her Child should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In Tins, 4-bd ajid 9d. Postage Id.— Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, 118, Broad Street, Reading. Agent for Carnarvon R. Roberts, Bangor Street. Llandudno: J. Winter. Den- bigh Harrison-Jones and Co. St. Asaph J. Emrys Jones. Bangor: J. Bowen. Portmad- oc Ifor J. Jones, M.P.S. All Chemists. ellS a YCLE.-Marvellous Bargain. Gents new 1907 Coventry Machine, highest gTade; fitted with Clincher Tyres, Crabbe roller lever front and back rim brakes; the very latest Perrys black ballbearing freewheel; plated rims, coloured centres; black enamelled and lined' frame, mudguards, mag- nificent machine, not soiled, complete with gas lamp, bell, pump, efpanner, etc., £ 4 9s 6d. Great bargain, worth double, will send on ap- proval any distance cash sent.—M. House, St. Madge, Pitman Road, Weston- J super-Mare. c182a MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES and BEETLES greedily eat Harrison's "Reiiabie" Rat Poison. Cats and dogs will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Prices 6d, Is, 2s 3d, and 3s 8d, Post- age 2d. G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, 118, B*oad Street, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agents tor Carnarvon J. H. Jbnes, The Lastly Pharmacy. Llandudno: J. Winter. Denbigh Harrison Jones and CQ. Bangor J. r Bowen. Llanrwst: A. Parry. Pwllheli: J. B. Jones. AH Chemists. yl'58a ROOFING FELT, Ie lOd, 41. bl, per roll of ROOFING FELT, S3 10d, 4«, &«, per roll of 25 yards; Black Varnisi, 81be. for Is Red Oxide Paint, 71bs. for la 6d, including tin; Wire Nails, lOe 6d, Cut Na-ils, 10B par cwt.—Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. I GALVANIZED CORRUGATED SHEETS, all warranted sound, 3ft., 9d; 4ft., la; 5ft., Is 3d; 6ft., Is 6d; 7ft., Is 9d; 8ft., 2s 9ft., 2s 5d; 10ft., 2a 8d each. Ridging, 3d per ft.; Spouting, 3!d per foot.-Butler, Bell Works Wolverhampton. BARBED FENCING* WIRE, in i cwt. reels, 224 yard's,7s per reel; plain Galvanized Wire, in 1 cwt. bundles, 700 yards, 128 per cwt; Wrought Iron Standards, la 3d each.— Buttle r, Bell Worts, Wolverhampton. Estab- lished 1828. e565a "-Yr Herald Cymraeg" t.iitiW ia 1864, amd oularrw; feat 1111 IS", 1878, 1887, 18. 1811) IMPORTANT TO ABTXRTXMR&, Si OLDE", LAROEST, CHEAPEST, wl TKMm it &U ilme Wehh wid ko 'ey I#x THM LAROEST dRCULATIO^ tof w, paper printed in tiw aymri- umm XVXRY fJUfiSDAY, ONS FEOTF, J as"* no vc ognmiili- jitow~ ar r QØsDb. CORNER SHOP and HOUSE to Let, in Main Road, Old Colwyn. — Appty, Charles Hannah, Pharmaceutical Chemist. COMFORTABLE ROOMS in Carnarvon within five minutes of Station and Castle. Terms moderate.Apply, 802, "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. c802a APARTMENTS.—Comfortable Apartments reasonable terms; good cooking; one minute from promenade.—Apply, Mrs Roberts, Islwyn. Mostyn Avenue, Llandudno. r225 HOPE BANK BOARDING HOUSE, COL- WYN BAY. C.T.C. Headquarters. Homely Apartments with or without Board. Terms moderate.—Mrs Davies, Proprietress. 11120. AR Osod, gvda nioddiant uniongyrchol, BUSNES DREIFIO, IARD G-WESTTY, a Thai allan, gyda chwe acer o dir da, yn ymyi gorsaf wledig. Rhent resymol i den ant cym- hwys.—'Ymofyner, Armstrong and Co., Car- narvon. v805a PORT OF CARNARVON. TO be Let by Auction, at the Harbour Office, Carnarvon, on Saturday, the 6th day of July, 1907, at 12 noon, upon Lease for day of July, 1907, at 12 noon, upon Lease for such terms, and upon such conditions, as will then be declared, a Plot of GROUND (the pro- perty of the Trustees of the Harbour) situate on the North East side of the Dock, adjoining the Victoria Mill. For further particulars apply at the Harbour Office. W. BOWEN JONES, A.M.Inst.C.E., Surveyor to the Trustees. 2nd April, 1907. c557 rittn. LOANS GRANTED ON RMM. —JB5 to £ 50*3.—Lo^v. £ 5, repay, £ 6 12s 6d; loan BI0, repay, XII 5a loan £20, rep-jy, JE22 ICte; loan £ 50, repay, £ 33 15a; loas £50, repay, 256 5fl; lo&n P,100, repnv B112 lOi.- Applv W. JACKSON, 70, Piysiouti Grora, MANCHESTER. ?M7» CYMDE3THAS ADEILAHU CRICCIETH, Sefydiwyd yn 1875. — Y maa gan y Gymdeithaa nchod twm da o ARIAN i'w rhoi a1:ar. ar Dai neu Dixoedd, am 5, 10, 15, nen 20 mlynedd. Llog rhesymol, a theleraa esmwyth. Hefyd lie da a dyogel i roi Arian ar log.— Ymofyner a'r Ysgrifenydd, O. T. EVANS, Rhianfa. PFORDD RW-YDDAP I FENTHYCA Y ARIAN. Anfonwch am hysbyslpn, yn rhad, gan nodi y swm sydd arnoch ei ang- en. Ni ddisgwylir Ual os byddwch yn waei, c ne, olq -LLviat- 3.iq|Udq. pp.Cojpp.vA\3 'Ep..Œ uaS '9 NMJ:+ iru satrains qetj '00093= } ÃuÃI i 55 -qqfta& o ut-lle nan 'nuijXMS lJ.;)! i-e n;>u thaliadau isaf yn Lloegr a Chymru. Cymerir taliadau miisol. Rhoir sylw buan i ymgeiswyr o'r ardal hon. Deuir a'r arian i'ch tai. Tolir benthyciadau sydd yn bod yn Darod allan.— BRITISH FINANCE CO., 82, Market Street, 1AXCHESTER. y115 | TO £ 5000 ADVANCED by Private oyuy Lender on Simple Promissory Notes. I isjj Bills of Sale taken and absolute privacy guaranteed. First letter of application receives prompt attention and intending borrowers are waited upon by a representative who is em- powered to complete transaction on terms mutually arranged, NO CHARGE beine made unless Business actually completed. Special Quotations for Sort Loans. Write in con&Unoe to C. WELLS, Corridor Chamber*, Leicester. 65a MONEY LENT AT FIVE PER CENT. PER ANNUM from £ 10 to £ 5000, on Mortgage and Life Policies, also on Simple Promissory Note, at a very low rate of inter- est, repayable by Monthly, Quarterly, or Half- Yearly in stalmente, to responsible Household- ers, Capital may remain at interest only. Strict privacy guaranteed. Distance no object. Genuine applications never refueed.-Write for free prospectus, enclosing stamped and ad- dressed envelope, to the actual lender, JOHN ROSE, 29, Buckingham-road, Tue Brook, LIVERPOOL. Branches: 148, High-street, BANGOR, and 67, Mostyn-street, LLANDUD- NO. Established 1887. y219 DIM BLASNDAL. I RHODDIR BRNTHYG ARIAN YN BREIFAT Mewn symiau mawr neu fach (dim llai na lOp) AR NODYN ADDAW Y BENTHYCWR YN UNIG. Sefydlwyd er's 40 mlynedd, Ac yn awr yn rhoddi benthyg dros 70,000p yn flynyddol. Rhoddir manylion, telerau benthyg, neu un- rhyw wybodaeth angenrheidiol yn ddi-dal ond ymiofyn yn bersonol neu drwy lythyr a GEORGE PAYNE A I FEIBION, 3, CRESCENT, ROAD, RHYL. Sefydiwyd 1870. y-36 If you are in want of Money, Coneiilt r W. CAMERON. IF you are pressed by creditors and want Cash to meet them, Consult W. CAM- EBON. IF you have been served with a writ and want Cash to pay the debt, Consult W. CAMERON. IF you have an execution against you, Con- milt W. CAMERON. IF you have articles of value and want to Borrow on same, Consult W. CAMERON. ryou want Money, no matter for what pur- pose, Call, Write, Wire, or Telephone W CAMERON, 50, LORD STREET, It LIVERPOOL. Telegrams, ''Finance." Telephone No 1197. Communications frota any part of the United Kingdom immediately attended to. c30y35 THE CHARING-CROSS BANK, Est. 1870. CARDIFF BRANCH 73, ST. MARY ST. Assets, £ 1,136,249. Liabilities, £ 796,788. Surplus, £ 339,461. LOANS of JB50 to £ 5000 made on any class of security. TWO-AND-A-HALF per cent. interest allowed OR current accounts. Deposits of £.10 and upwards received on terms as undeT 5 per cent. per ann., subject to 3 months' notice of withdrawal. 6 6 „ 7 „ „ 12 Special terms for longer periods. Interests paid quarterly. The Terminable Deposit Bonds pay nearly nine per cent., and are safe invest- ment. Instead of paying large Dividends to Shareholders, we pay fair rates of Interest to our Depositors, and by so doing have earned the position that we undoubtedly hold in the Public confidence. We have been established fo-r 37 years, and our unique posi- tion in the Blanking World to-day testifies to the success of our business methods And to the satisfaction of our customers.—Write or call for Prospedus.-A. WILLIAMS, H. J. TALL, Joint Managers. a639 (Sefydiwyd 1887.) MAE'R GYMDE3THAS FENTHYCIOL GfENEDLAETHOL w«di ei sefydlu yn ar-benig ac wedi ei Rhestru yn umol a Deddf Seoeddol i Roddi Arian allan yn Breifat heb ffurfiau y SwjrdSfa Fenthycicl i bob Doepartb (Gwryw a Beoyw), 0 lop i lOOOp, AR ADDEWJD SYML MEWN YBGffilFEN 1 AD-DALU, at unrhyw Angen Bwysig: i Gychwyn BnaE/es, Dodrefeu eich Ty, i Dalu Rkent neu Dre-thi non at inrhyw bwrpaa Preifat. Gellir ad-daJn y swm fentiiycir trwy daliadau ysgafn, nea gellir en cadw allan o Un i Bum' Mlynedd, ar daliad y Llog yn unig. Gan fod genym Gyfalaf mawr bob amseT yn barod i'w fuddsoddi, c-aUwr. roddi bentbyg yn fuan ac yn rhad. Pellder dim gwahanseth. Mae'r lAog a'r Ad-d&liadam yr isaf yn Lloegr neu Gymrn. Deuir a'r Arian i Dy yr Apelydd os bydd angen, felly yn arbed I oostan teitihio. Sicriieix y gvfrmach Iwyraf, I a bydd ein bywwneyd ni a ci yn holkd I wyneb agored. Ni cbcwtia ddim i chwi, fe ar- ( beda. bunnoedd i ohwi wrtt apeiio un ai yn bersonol nea trwy lyttoyr am ein Hyflbyslen yn Rhad at Y GYMBEITHAS FENTHYCIOL GENEDL- AETHOL: 41, Carporatios Street, MANCHESTBLR; Deg MN f8 JIll Noapcrth Gogledd Cym^A J1 11, Dee. Stareei, BANGOR. glasnacbnL HOTEL, ,'ffiltit MT. PLEASANT. Near Lime St. Central -118t Class Tempea. 9K Night Telegrams: Shaftesbury Hotel, Liverpool. DYMUNA JJ JONATHAN A'I J1AB, STRYD FAWB, CAERNARFON, lylw at yr amrywiaetii mawr a newydd o Het- ixu Nwyddau Drapery sydd vu ei Tama-ob. dy. ac md brisian i981. DYMUNA J. H. ,JONES, (Mab Mr John Jones, Plas Llanfaglan) HYSBYSU E1 FOD WEDI PRYNU BUSNES MR PARRY, DRUGGIST, YX Y MAES, A'I FOD WEDI CAEL CYF- IÆSWAD 0 GYFFYRIAU O'R QUALITY GOREU, PA RAI A WERTH- IR AM Y PilISLt-U MWYAF RHES- YMOL. J. H. JONES, CHEMIST, Y MAES, CAERNARFON. y812 TIME AND TIDE WAIT FOR NO VIAX. SPECIAL ATTENTION Given to All Kinds of REPAIRS in WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWlILIlERY All done "D these premise,, by competent workmen. Good selection kept in Stock at the Lowest possible priowj. Note the Addrem:- JJ UGH QWE5, GREENWICH HOUSE, 337 aDd 339, illOO STREET, DANW& war DIGON o NWYDDA U NEWYDD. YB WYTHNOS HON ETO. Blouse am digon o i j ryfeddod, on 0 Blouse Sidan Du am 4/6 gwertk 616, Boas plu gtfjahanol liwiau yn rhad, Coleri (lacB) Travellers Sar/plvs yn rhad iawn, Eeiiau wedi eu trimio am 2 11g! gwerth /2/6, Hetiau iredi eu trimio yn ] llawn iawn am 2Ill!, Holland Dress Skirts am 1/11 gwerth 3/6, 2 Defnydaiau Dresses mewn amrywiaeth maior yn rlwd., Ychydig o'r carpets rhad Ilyny, Siwtiau i fesur o 42/- i fyny, y YR AFR AUR, CAERNARFON. y202 J^DWIN JJOBERTS, BILLPOSTER, 85, IiLYNDU ROAD, PENYGROES.- All Billposting and Distributing Personally -t-i-nded- to. t- 4J I' A VIES, -) A V I S, BILLPOSTER. I BELLMAN AND ADVERTISING CONTRACTOR, HIGH STREET, BLAENAU FESTINIOG. All Rillposting and Distributing Personally attended to. The boys will always love their home, The girls will never want to roam, If you have a PIANO. You'll always lead. a peaceful life, Free from every care and strife, When you've bought an ORGlN. 11 RICHMOND JONES will supply you with a First-Class PIANO complete with all the latest improvements, unequalled in the trade, for 10s 6d per month, delivered FREE on first payment. RICHMOND JONES will simp I v vou with a handsome ORGAN, stops,"swells, and mirror top complete 6s 6d per month, delivered FREE on first payment. Write for illustrated Catalogue sent FREE on receipt of postcard. BicimQnd Jones & Sons, THE PIANO STORES, 111 & 13 BERRY ST. (Top of BoJd St), c405a LIVERPOOL. I y< .II -) .;j" 01 £4uL nJí2c/ :J.-it èk e -vir" it, I jltLEyAU B 41 CLARKE'S a warentir i I wiella un o'r ddiau ryw pob daffye yn y Peiriannau Dwfr, yn nghyda Gravel a Pheena.u yn y Oefn. Y ooaent ya rhydd oddiiwrth Mer- awry. Sefydiwyd drOa 30 mlynedd. Mewn blychau 46 6c yr 1I:D, i'w csael pan Fferyriwvr a Gwea-thwyr CYN-iziau Bxemtiadig dewy'r Byd, neu anfonir hwy am 60 o Jytthymodaai gan y Gwueuthur w Y, The Lancoin and( MidhoJ Om"o Dom Qmp". IAR* .;¡. i I^asnar^ol -_J 19 ITEAD, CASTLB STRBBX, I J. CAERNARFON. Ca vmiwelwyr le cymfforddus a phob sylw ym y lie uchod am delerau rhesymol. Darperir ar gyfer partion priodasol. Gwlau cysurus a glan. Qtablau da a llQ i gad W bicyclew. MISS BHYNON DAVIES, yegi Percha. DIM YCHWANEG O WALLT GWYN trwy ddefnyddio yr AMERICAN HAIR RESTORER. Mae hwn yn *roi gwaJfc, gWYD i'w iiw natUTiol Mae yn berffaith saff i'w ddefnyddio. ) Pris, Is 9c trwy v Post, oddiwrth HGGH JONES, Medical Hall, y— Blaenau Ffestiniog. &A EARN BIG MONEY oeetti- B Ical or Mechanical Engineer. We train you by post for a good position in the uj| Electrical world, or for Electric Light j|| and Power, Motor Car or Tramway O work. Book free from Electrical Engin- n eer Institute, 413, Norwich House, South- H ampton Street, Holborn, London. H I s I CRAWFORD'S ¡ CREAM I ¡ CRACKERS. CRISP AND CPMEAMY.




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Annibynwyr Dinbych a FHint.

IAnnibynwyr lIeyn ac Eifion.

! Cymanfa Annibynwyr Weirion,

Cynghcr Gwledig y Valley.

Cynghor Dinesig Bethesda.