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University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire, Cardiff. (Coleg Prifathrofaol Deheudir Cymru a Mynwy.) I/ECTURES OX MIDWIFERY, COMPULSORY IN THE THEORETICAL TRAINING OF MIDWIVES 1 A COURSE of instruction for the Theoretical ?JL Training of Midwives, under the Midwives Act, 1902, will be held at the College Buildings, Newport-road, Cardiff, in the October Term of Session 1916-17. The Courses include twenty-four lectures. twelve tutorial demonstrations and a class of examinations for certificates. The first lecture in the Michaelmas Term will be held on Friday, October 6th, 1916, at 3.15 p.m. The fee for the Course will be £ 2 2s., but in the case of students from the contributing counties-of Glamorgan and Cardiff, a reduction of 10s. 6d. will be made in the fee. The Education Committee of the Glamorgan County Council grant twenty-one free student- ships each year (seven each term) and pay the fees of twenty-four students each year (eight each term). The Cardiff City Council Education Committee grant twelve free studentships (four each term). The railway fares of the Glamorgan Free Students are paid by the County Council. Further particulars of the Glamorgan Free Studentships may be obtained from the Clerk to the Glamorgan County Council, County Hall, Cardiff, and further particulars of the Cardiff Free Studentships may be obtained from the Director of Education, City Hall, Cardiff. August, 1916. D. J. A. BROWN, Registrar. Coleg Aberhonddu. CYNHELIR Arholiad i. dderbyn Myfyrwyr i'r Coleg nchod ar y dyddiau a ganlyn- MEDI r6eg, x8fed a'r igeg. Cyferfydd Pwyllgor y Coleg dydd Mercher, Medi 2ofed, am 11.30 o'r gloch. T. LEWIS. AT EIN GOHEBWYR. Mewn Llaw.—Hanner-canmlwyddiant eglwys Siloa, Cwmerfyn (anerchiad)-S. Roberts, I/lan- brynmair-Y Caplan J. Edwards, B A.—Y Drysorfa Gynorthwyol.