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Special Value for the Year SCOTCH AND IRISH WHISKIES, PORT, SHERRY, CHAMPAGNE, CLARET, &Ci| AOV oi Superb Unsurpassed Quality, great Age, /O/ and Unequalled Value. — /al»/ An Immense Stock to FAMILY choose from. —— /TO ALE, families and the /.A in Corked and Screw Trade suppeed. Stoppered Bottles. — /%j/ ^BLEPHONE BASS and MARSTON'S No. 48. BURTON ALE. /V7 It is good OLD ENGLISH Cheer. The Beverage 01 Health and good Digestion. It is Pure, Beer-Healthful Beer-brewed from chosen Malt and Hops. The Old Vaults, Denbigh, GH WILLIAMS Tailor and Draper, Hall Square, Denbigh, kqpi to Intimate that he has just received a iplendid oeleotlon Over Coatings, Suitings and Trouserings for the Season Choice Selection of Fancy Veatings In all the Latest Designs, HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, Hall Square, Denbigh. THOMAS DAVIES, WHOLESALE & FAMILY BUTCHER (ESTABLISHED 1840), 2, VALE STREET, DENBIGH, Bupplies only Best Quality Beef, Mutton, Lamb, and Veal (Pork, Sausages, and Brawn, when in Season), at) Lowest Possible Market Prices. Careful Pereonal Attention given to every Branoh of the Business. Pure Welsh Mountain Wether Mutton a Speciality. Home-Cured Hams and Bacon. Home-Rendered Lard. Orders Promptly Attended to. Shop Open Daily. NOTE THE ADDRESS 2, Yale Street &)! Denbigh. TELEPHONE No. 16. 1L- Ask for CAMBRIAN TABLE WATERS. Manufactured direct from the only Artesian sparkling Spring at RUTHIN. telephone No. 15. JOHN KELLETT, LICENSED VALUER AND APPRAISER. Valuations made for Probate. Valuations of Land, Farming Stock, Furniture, &c., &e. PLA8 NEWYDD, LLANFAIR. RUTHIN TRY TUIM MFREE PRESS" FOB ALL KINDS Oil PRINTING OWENS' Waterproof Composition. ESTABLISHED 1886. Used and Recommended by Sporting Gentle- men as STILL TIIE BEST For Shooting, Fishing, Golt. Walking Boots, Harness, &0. Gives Durability and Wear to all kinds ot Brown or Black Leather. Sottem and Prevents Leather from Cracking and Allows Polishing with Blacking afttr its use. Tins, 6d. and Is.; Large Tins, Post Free, Is. 3d. Cairiage Paid on Six or Twelve la. Tins Sold by DICK'S, DENBIGH, and principal Grocers in Denbigh, St. Asaph, Ruthin, and District. SOLE MANUFACTURER: JAMES OWEN, 29, Dyson Street, Walton, LIVERPOOL. 107ftoo I T. R. R U TT E R, Tailor and Outfitter, 25, High Street, Denbigh. NEW GOODS FOR THE SEASON. I Felt Hats, Caps, lies, &0. The New Olympic Shirts gin Art Shades, with Collars to match* Cottella Shirts, &c, at Reasonable Prices. —— I Agent for Burberry's Famous Sllo-ans," &0. J DREADNOUGHTS" FOR 1910. All Steel, British throughout, MADE FOR SAFETY-SPEED—COMFORT. Humbers, Singers, Rovers, Enfields, I Raleigh, Triumph, &c., &c. We are the SOLE AGENTS in this District. .2 or 3 Speed Gears to order. Lists and all information on application. MOTOR BIKES or CARS can be supplied by same Makers. District Agents for Dunlop" Motor Covers, Tubes, &c., in sto ck also Michelin," Continental," Palmer," &c. Repairs at shortest notice. Danlop, Stephney, Spare Wheels. Capel, Car less, and Leonard Petrol Oils, Greases. Cheapest and most reliable. Call and see them at ii Same Old Spot: BULLER, DENBIGH. WADSWORTHS TUNERS Visit DENBIGH Every Week. Same Charges as in Rhyl. SEND TO WADSWORTH'S, WATER STREET, RHYL (TEL. 44), For CATALOGUES OF PIANOS by BROADWOOD. BRINSMEAD, BECHSTEIN, GEO. ROGERS, I CHAPPEL, COLLARD, SAME8, WADSWORTH. Oar 25-Guinea Piano at 103. 6d. a month is the Best Value in the Trade. Cash Price 20 Guineas. >1 1 ■ 1 Hi. ■■ 19XO SELECTION. If you are looking for SUITABLE GIFTS, you can be supplied with the Latest and certainly the Best of everything in LOEWE, B GOODS, BB in Pipes, Holders, Cases, Vestas Boxes, Smokers' Cabinets. Tobacco Jars, and al you may require, suitable for Gentlemen and Ladies. Inspect our Stock of Seasoned Cigars, FBESH CIGAIltETTIC, S in Packets or Weights. r There is no equal in North Wales for Quality 'I and Price of our Foreign and British Cigars. SAME OLD SPOT: DULLER S, I Portland Place, DENBIGH. [ESTABLISHED 1874.] HELSBY'S Photographic I Studio, 30, Vale Street. Enlargements. Picture Framing HELSBY'S, DENBIGH, G. H. JONES, PAINTER AND DECORATOR, < 11, BROOMHILL LANE, DENBIGH, Bega to thank the Public for their support in tb0 past, and hopes, by good attention to Business, to merit) a continuance of their esteemed Orders. Estimates given for all classes of Decorating Work. -0 1 PEBBONJOI AXWBHMOH (iIVJJ TO Oawcai I PURVEYORS TO H.M. THE KING AND H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF *VALBS- I I ? I I BY APPOINTMENT. [ r I ^GlSTEBt0' I BY APPOINTMENT. ELLIS'S TABLE WATERS. The Best in the World." R. ELLIS & SON, LTD., RUTHIN, NORTH WALES. Established 1825 Telegrams- BLIJO, RUTHIN." Telephone-No. 1, RUTHIN. Liverpool Office and Stores 23 and 25, BAKER STREET. Telephone Number: 214 ANFIELD TOHN ROBERTS. Large Assortment of NEW MOURNING GOODS for Costumes, Dresses, and Millinery. Ladies' Costumier and Gents' Tailor a Speciality. Dressmaking and Millinery under experienced management. Large Stock of Ladies' and Children's Under- clothing always in Stock. NEW BLOUSEs-Latest Styles for the Season in J Large Variety. Laces, Gloves, Umbrellas, etc. The Leading House for Houshold Linen, etc. j Note the Address:- 1, CASTLE STREET, RUTHIN. Hand Brewery, J 17, Well Street, RUTHIN R. ROBERTS, Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Merchant, Brewer and Malste bega to oall the attention of the Gentzy I and Publio to his oelebrated Home-Brewed ALES (pure Extract of Malt and Hops), which may be supplied in Casks of 36, 18, and 9 gallons at the following prices :— 36 gls. 18 gls. 9 gls. XXXX (Mild) 60s. 25s. 12s. 6d. XXX (do.) 42s. 21s. 10s. 6d. XX (do.) 36s. 18s. 9s. 6d. j B.B. (Bitter) 60s. 25a. 12s. 6d. P.A, (do.) 42s. 21s. 10s. 6d. GnineBs's Extra Stout; Barclay and Perkins, London Stout; and Bass & Co's Burton Ales in Cask and Bottles. Finest Scotoh and Irish Whiskies and Ports, Sherries and Champagnes of well-known brands. Musical- Mr. Alex Bellamy, Member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians. ORGANIST AND CHOIR MASTER or St. Mary's and St. David's Churches, RECEIVES PXJPIIiS FOB ORGAN, PIANO, etc. PUPILS VISITED AT THEIR OWN HOMES. TERMS UPON APPLICATION. Rose Villa, Denbigh. 8m Miss Cecilia Anwyl, MUSIC TEACHER, Denbigh and Liscard. Intending Pupils should communicate with 81, Devereux Driye J Lisoavdi 1329u.c MR. W. A. LLOYD, F.I.G.C.M., A. Mus. T.C.L. Organ, Piano, Singing, Harmony, Counterpoint, &c. Musical Instruments Supplied of the leading first-class Firms. PIANOS FOR HIRE. 4, Market Street, RUTIN. Miss E. ANDERSON, Teacher of tlie Pianoforte. PUPILS VISITED. I GLANDWR HOUSE, RUTHIN, «g!6 B.S.A. CARS FOR SALE and HIRE. 1 APPLY TO :— T. OWEN WATTS, Penisa, Glascoed, St. Asaph (SOLE AGENT FOR N. WALES). All other Makes Supplied, Tyres, Accessories, &c. Telegrams: BODELWYDDAH. Telephone; 12 ST. A urgo -i8Q Pioneer Sweet Shop. If you want the VERY BEST obtainable in Sweets, Chocolates; and Toffees pay us a visit. We have a splendid selection of dainties from the well-known sweet firms of Barker and Dobsons, Turner and Wainwright, and other high class firms. Also a varied assortment of High Class Confectionery. Don't Forget the Address:- 1 Miss P. JONES, PIONEER SHOP, LOVE LANE, DENBIGH. LET US THINK That it is possible for us to buy exactly that kind of Hosiery which we like. When our Customers think this they are on the road to having their requirements satisfactorily settled. Comfortable half Hose for wear on long Spring walks is our Speciality. W H WILLIAMS, 39, High St., Denbigh. David Thomas, Plasisa, Ruthin, Licensed Valuer AND Estate Agent. Valuations for Tenant right, Farms, Mortgage Probate. Dilapidations, Fire Loss and Furniture. Stook-taking and annual Valuations of FARMS and other CONCERNS undertaken for private and Income Tax purposes, and Balance Sheets prepared showing Prcfit and Loss. INVENTORIES carefully prepared and examined. 1173016^.09 Market Hall, Ruthin. LLEW. JONES. BUTCHER. Best quality WELSH MUTTON and LAMB at Lowest Possible Prices for Cash. Meat sent carefully packed and carriage paid to all farts. Present prices of Mutton Gd. to 9d. NOTE THE ADDRESS Market Hall, Ruthin, FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS. 462gl6 J. T. LLOYD, Traction and Thrashing Machine Owner, Haulage Contractor, and Licensed Valuer and Appraiser, I Corn and Flour Merchant, Plas Meredydd, Gyffylliog, RUTHIN. I J. T. Lloyd has pleasure in announcing tha he has taken over Gyffylliog Mill, aDd has secured a Practical Miller to take charge thereof, where everything trusted to his care will be thoroughly looked after and worked efficiently. Also he is dealing in all kinds of Flour, Corn, Bran, and Offals at prices that will astonish Customers. Thanking his Customers for past favours he L solicits a trial. Drying and Shelling- Oats. too PLEASE NOTE! BUYERS would do well to Compare our Prices and Quality before purchasing, We hold a LARGE STOCK OF Oats (ISKIEES), Bran, Flour Meal, Linseed Meal, and all kinds of FEEDING STUFFS. SPECIAL QUOTATIONS GIVEN TO CASH BUYERS. Groceries and Provisions: ONLY THE BEST KEPT IN STOCK. PRICES AND SAMPLES FORWARDED ON APPLICATION. R. OWE" & sor, 51 and 53, HIGH ST. & STAR SHOP, DENBIGH. Warehouses DIAMOND BUILDINGS. Tel. 36 H. MILLER, Opposite N. & S.W. Bank, 8, Vale St., DENBIGH. Agent for—Swift Cycles, from X6 lOe. O. JE12 12s.; Premier and Iris Cycles; also Ne Hudson and Elswick Cycles, 98 to 212 15s. £21. Cash or Hire. Manufacturer of the famous Roy& Central Cycles, from L8 cash; or Boys' £4 10s. cash, Mailoarts and Go-Carte for Sale or Hire. Numerous Second-hand Lady's and Gent'gi Cycles for Sale or Hire. [Brazing, Enamelling, and Vulcanizing. All kinds of Repairs done to Motr and Cycles Mangle Rollera Turned AND Lawn Mowers Ground- ADDRESS 3. VALE STREET. DENBIGH. H. PARRY JONES (Successor to MB. ROBERT ELLIS), Penybryn, Crown Lane, AND Coronation Buildings, DENBIGH. H.P.J. supplies only Homo-Fed Meat of every description. A large selection of Home Cured Hams and Bacon always in Stock. Home Rendered Lard. The Finest Quality of Sausages supplied when in eeaeon. Prime WELSH MUTTON and LAMB a Speciality. All Orders sent, carriage paid and oarefuHy packed, to all parts of Great Britain. Prices on Application. PLEASE NOTE ADDBESS. Penybryn, Crown Lane, and Coronation Buildings, DENBIGH, 52uo Try H. MILLER for all kinds of TOBACCO, fresh in weekly. Brands of Ogden's, Wills', Lambert & Butler's, Smith's, Player's, Higsatt's, Cigarettes, Tobacco, and Cigars. Pipes, Pouches, Cigarette Cases, Cigarette Holders, &c., &o. VAM 31.tEET. DSNBTfJET v'r T. H. Roberts, Tailor and Draper, RUTHIN. GRAND NEW STOCK OIP., PATTERNS I for the PRESENT SEASON In the Latest Designs in 1\ Ladies' and Gents' Materials. 1 Patterns and Estimates, UPON APPLlCUlOIf St. Peter's Square Ruthin,