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MfDOUfl DAVID ROBERTS & SON, Auctioneers and Valuers, OORWEN and DENBIGH. (Established 1861). Telegraphic Address: n Auctioneers, Corwen. Telephone No. 9. BALA, NORTH WALES. Important Sale of Very VALUABLE ACCOMMODATION LANDS. MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTS & SON have been favoured with instructions to Offer for Sale by Public Auction, at the WHITE LION ROYAL HOTEL, BALA, on SATURDAY, MAY 28 th, 1910, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon (subject to Con- ditions of Sale then to be produced), all that vory Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY situate close to the Town of Bala, known as "Bala Parka and Lodge," with the Buildings thereon, containing alto- gether 64a. 3r. lop. or thereabouts of Fertile Pasture Lands, now in the occupation of Messrs, David Evans and John Price, Mrs. Pell and Mrs. Vaughan, and situate close to the Town of Bala. For Lithographed Plans and particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Corwen and Dol- gelley, or to Messrs. WM. -GRIFFITH, ADAMS & WILLIAMS. Solicitors, Dolgelley. 513el4 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. Denbighshire and Merionethshire. COBWSN AND CBRRIGYDRCIDION. MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTS & SON have been instructed to Offer for Sale by Publio Auction, at the OWEN GLYNDWR HOTEL, CORWEN, On FRIDAY, the 17tli day of JUNE, 1910, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon (subject to Con- ditions of Sale then to be produced), the following very Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES:- In the Parish of Corwen: PBHTBOXT, CORWEN. Residence and Out- buildings, 80 acres of Land and Sheepwalk. GLANDWR, CORWEN. Residence and Land. GLASDWB COTTAGE AND GARDEN. BBTNFJTTNNON COTTAGE AND GARDEN. In the Parish of Cerrigydruidion: WHITE LION HOTEL, Stables, &c., and Land. SHOP UCHA (Post Office). SHOP GANOL. LION BACH and TOP LLAN COTTAGES. Ty CocH COTTAGES and Land. TINYPAUT CEFNBBITH FARM. 29 acres. LAND by Fronaeg. 4 acre: Full particulars in fature advertisements and in Lithographed Plans, and particulars to be had from the AUCTIONEERS, Corwen and Denbigh; ANEURIN O. EVANS, Esq., Solicitor, Denbigh and Ruthin; R. VINCENT JOHNSON, Esq., Solicitor, Ruthin; F. J. GAMLIN, Esq., Solicitor, Rhyl; or from Messrs. PARRY JONES, FRANCIS & DAVIES, Solicitors, Denbigh. 514us CERRIGYDRUIPION, NORTH WALES. MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTS & SON will cfEer fer Sale by Public Auction, at the OWEN GLYNDWR hOTEL, CORWEN, On FRIDAY, the 17th day of JUNB, 1910.. at 3 o'clock in the afternoon (subject to Con- ditions of Sale then to be produced), all that Old Established FREEHOLD FAMILY ANr COMMERCIAL HOTEL known as "THE QUEEN'S HOTEL," situate in the centre of the Viilage of Cerrijrj j- druidion, midway between Corwen and Bettw a- ycoed, and Dear to the Birkenhead Wat er Wocks. The Hotel, which is fully lioensed, 18 one of the best known in the Principality, a nd contains Bar, Smoke Room, Tap Room, Oo £ :ee Room, Sitting Room, extensive Bed lioor is, Kitchens, Club Room, &c.; togeohor with Stabling, Coach House, and other Out- buildingd. GOOD FISHING AND SHOOTING ATTACHED TO rllE HOTEL. For further particulars and Photographs apply to the Auctioneers, Corwen, Denbig h, and Llangollen, or to ANEURIN O. EVANS, ES< J., Solicitor, Denbigh and Ruthin. 527e2l LLANFAIR EISTEDDFOD,, THURSDAY, JUNE 16th, 1910.' Musical Adjudicator H. EVANS, ESQ., F.R.C.O., lHv crpool.1 1) Chief Mstle Voice Choir (nob under 30 in number), 11 Grossing the Plaiyi (" Croesi'r Anial "), T. M. Price. Prize,, Clo Oa. Od. 2) Male Voice Choir (20 to 3, j ip number), "The Sailor's Chorus" ("Cydgan y Morwyr "), Dr. Parry. P f jze, JB5 DB. Od. Full List of Subjects may be had from the Secretary, J. D. ELLIS, Tt 16 Stores, Graig' fechan, Llanfair D.C., near 1 Ruthin. Price, Id. By Post, lid, 273uc rl SERVANTS' 7 REGISTRY [oonduofr )d by Mrs..Aidrich, STATIONER,' RUTHIN. LESTAJBLIS HED 1870.] Mrs. W OOLLEY, 8E RVAN TSI REGISTRY, I Ruthin Bo ad, Denbigh. WANTED, good Plain Cooks or Cook- Generals for Rhyl, St) Asaph, and near Mold. small familic s, wages .£18 to £ 22; House Parlourmai da, Housemaids, and Generals for Denbig n, Ruthin, and Liverpool Kitchenmaids and Between-Maids. Dis- engaged: Good W orking Housekeeper, also Girls with knowledg e of dressmaking as Nurses or Sewing Maids. [ESTABLISHED 1887.] MRS. PIPER, SERVAKTS REGISTRY, 10, CLIFTON. TERRACE, DENBIGH. WANTED Experienced and Plain Cooks, Cook-Geuerals, Parlourmaids, House Parlourmaids, Kitabenmaids, Generals, and Farmhouse Servants. jl6 MISS WILLIAMS, SERVANTS' REGISTRY, 1 Post Office Lane, DENBIGH. WANTED, Experienced and Plain Cooks, Cooks, Generals, House-Parlourmaids, Honaamaid-Waitress, and Between-Maida, Farm Servants, and Young Girls for light homework. Disengaged: Experienced Nurse able to take young baby, 2$years character; alio Second Housemaid where 3 or more are kept, or Housemaid were Between-Maid is kfpt, IjjetN goodeharacter. ..1 Bales by Messrs. T. and W. Loathes Agricultural Hall, Ruthin. MONDAY, MAY 23rd, 1910, at 12 o'clock. MESSRS. T. & W. LEATHES will con- duct their Weekly Sales of Fat and Store Stock throughout the Year. TiyrESSRS. T. & W; LEATHES will hold .U. E their next Sale of FAT and STORE CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, and CALVES at the above Mart. Entries respectfully solicited up to the hoar of Sale. T. & W. LEATHES, Auctioneers, Agricultural Hall, Ruthin. AT AN EARLY DATE. SALE OF FARMING STOCK at TAN- LLAN FARM, YSCE1FIOG, near HOLYWELL. T. & W. LEATHES, Auctioneers. Agricultural Hall, Ruthin. 542u.c. Sale by Messrs Frank Lloyd and Sons. 1000 HORSES. 60 Guineas Prizes. GREAT JUNE QUARTERLY SALES in the North Wales Repository, Wrexham* FRANK LLOYD & SONS invite Entries for:— June 7th and 8th.-Harnes8 Horses, Hackneys, Show Horses, Cobs and Ponies. June 9th and 10th.—Waggon, Lurry, VIlrD, and Young Horses. Prize Lists ready. Entries close Monday, May 30th. 525e21 -— — — Sale by Mr. Chas. P. Sheffield. FRIDAY, MAY 27TH, at 11. MOLD (20 minutes from Chester). _OU Great Prize Store Sale of 500 Oattle and 500 Couples, including some grand Entries specially reserved for this Sale. CHAS. P. SHEFFIELD, 55le21 Auctioneer. A A GARDEN FETE will be held at PLAS CASTELL, DENBIGH, On THURSDAY, JULY 7th, 1910, in aid of the Oenbigh Cot of Dr. Rarnardo's Homes. [ Further particulars In due cturse. | 519uc t LLANRHAIADR. A SALE OF WORK will be held (by the kind permission of Lady Billson), at THE HALL On TUESDAY, AUGUST 9TH, j Further particulars later on. SCELOLASTIN. Fairholme School. PRINCIPAL.—MISS FOULKES. Pupils prepared for Examinations. Private Lessons given in Mnsio (French, and Painting. 97d05 DENBIGH COUNTY SCHOOL The GOVERNORS of the above SCHOOL OFFER FOR COMPETITION the following SCHOLARSHIPS [To Boys from Elementary Sohools in the County School District, via:— 1. Open. 2. Confined to Boys from Rural Schools; and 3. Confined to Boys resident in the Borough of Denbigh. For further particulars, conditions, &e., apply to the Clerk, A. FOULKES. ROBERTS, Swan Chambers, Denbigh. W. Parry Williams. LIFEBELT BRAND Pure Coffee. Freed from Caffeine. Full relish of the COFFEE without its injurious effects. THOUSANDS WHO COULD NOT DRINK COFFEE now find a new pleasure in life in Coffee freed from Cansine. No sleeplessness, no cerebral excitement. Sold in ponnd, half-pound, and quarter pound Tins at Is. 9d. per lb. SPECIAL. H P.W." Blend of Finest India and Ceylon Teas at Is. 6d. per lb. II Plas Bennett n Cheese. FRESH BUTTER and NEW LAID EGGS .from the best Vale of Clwyd Dairies. 44, HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. Telephone 47. 549a20.Mll CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS 16 words, onoe 6d., three times .1 24 words, 9d., 1I.5c1. 32 words, 1«., •' 3s. 40 words, Is. 3d. 2s. 6d. And so on, adding 3d. for every dditional 9 words. V This Scale only applies to PREPAID advertioemen Situations Vacant. ENERAL WKNTED, Willing to waib. G Apply Mrs. Davies, Royal Oak Tem- perance Hotel, Denbigh. *e21 ANTED, strong GENERAL. Ago dver 20. Sywell Villa, Ruthin, *e21 ANTED, aTParisYCLERK and SEXTON W for Llanfair D.C. Apply, Rev. Canon Basil M. Jones, Llanfair Vicarage, Ruthin. *e21 ANTED, on May~i8th, respectable young Girl as HOUSEMAID. Age 16 or 17.— Apply Miss Roberts, Llanddulas Rectory, Abergele. *e28 W"ANTED, BETWEEN-MAID, about 17— Apply Mrs. Clough, Ty Mawr, Denbigh. e21 WANTED, early in June, a good Plain COOK.—Apply Mrs. Wynne Edwards, Pla« Nantglyn, Denbigh. f4 Situations Wanted ITUATION Wanted aa HOUSEKEEPEll. k) Small family. Apply R. Post Office, Mold. *e21 -=-:1 Wanted. WANTED, SHOP in good central position, for Confectionery business, in good Market Town—North Wales. Apply" 538," FREE PRESS Offioe, Denbigh. e28 ANTED, FAMILY WASHING by a re; spectable person.—Apply "H," FREE PRESS Office, Denbigh. *524e28 BOOK DEBTS Purchased. Cash down, Any district. W. Jackson, 26, Corporation Street, Manchester. 46al4.11 tlliT v. For Sale. FOR all classes of PORT, 3HERRY, BRANDY, RUM, GIN, WHISKEY, and CLARET, to suit everybody at Wallace Jaokson's, London House, Ruthin. *e30 BEEF 1 BEEF 11 Finest quality guaran- teed. Sirloins and Ribs. Any weight out, 6Jd. per lb., carriage paid. Write for Prioe List. Special terms to large consumers. Ross Bros., Butchers, Ruthin. 127uo FOR SALE, by Private Treaty, BHUALLT STORES, RHUALLT, ST. ASAPH.— JC STORES, RHUALLT, ST. ASAPH.— Apply Mr. A. 0. Evans, Solicitor, Denbigh, or Mr. T. H. Jones, Pistyll Farm, Rhuallt. *e21 NEW BATH For Sale, 5-ft. long. Co9fe over £ 2. Apply R. W. Lloyd, Park Street, Denbigh. u.c TO BE SOLD, by private treaty, four desirable FARMS, conveniently situated in Vale of Clwyd. Apply D. Thomas, Plas Is&, Ruthin. f4 WEDDIN & GIFT. —Lady offers magnificent 7-Guinea SERVICE A1 quality plate (stamped), comprising six each Table Dessert Spoons, Forks, Tea and Eggepoons (36 pieces), unsoiled. Accept 25s. Approval willingly. Write B.H. FREE PRESS Office, Denbigh. *e2l FOR SALE, Ralli Cart, Cob, and Harness, Apply, Tyddyn-y-Parc, Denbigh. e28 ARDEN SEEDS of every description.— Wallace Jackson, London House, Ruthin. -e30 I7IOR SALE, by private treaty, two Freehold Cottages, being Nos. 11 and 13, MIDDLE LANE, Denbighl with large gardens attached. Apply to Messrs Parry Jones, Francis, and Davies, Solicitors, Denbigh. no VALE OF CLWYD TO BE SOLD OR LET, six roomed HOUSE, consisting of dining room, drawing room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, together with washhouse, kitchen garden, &c.; li miles from Eyarth Station. Apply Garner, Rutbin. u.c. AFFORESTATION. 1 nn nnn LARCH, SCOTCH, SPRUCE, ±UU,UUU ABIES, DOUGLASI, MYRO- BELLA, QUICKS, PRIVETS, ready for immediate removal, and in first-class order. Robert Hughes and Son, Nurserymen, Ruthin. 1Q1 H DIJNLOP, PALMER, CLINCHER 1V LU TYRES. Also Covers, 1910 pattern 3s 3d. each, guaranteed. Air Tubes with valves, 2s. 3d. each, guaranteed. Wheels, Free-Wheels, Chains, Pedals, &o. Sale List Free. W. A. GORTON,: MANUFACTURER, WOLVERHAMPTON *f18 To Be Ltet o LET, the SPREAD EAGLES INN, RUTHIN. Fully licensed, with exoellent Yard and Stables, &o. Immediate possession may be had.—Apply to J. Davies, Boar's Head, Ruthin. f4 LLANRWST.—To Let Premises known as JLj GLAN CONWAY CAFE, on main thoroughfare, overlooking Old Bridge. Ex. cellent opportunity for energetic people. Apply Williams, The Library, Llanrwst. HOUSE~TO LET, with a Garden, at 65, Henllan Street, Denbigh.—Mrs. Fred Williams, 65, Henllan Street, Denbigh. *f4 rno BE LET, the LOCK-UP SHOP with JL Bakehouse and Storeroom at Townsend, Denbigh, now in the occupation of Mr. Rhys Thomas, Grocer and Provision Dealer. The above Shop is most conveniently situated for business purposes, having a good frontage to the main road leading from Denbigh to Rhyl and Euthin. Immediate possession can be obtained. Apply to Mra. Johnson, Colomendy House, Townseod, Denbigh. 544e21 Lost and Found. LOST from Tanytalleu, i'reujtiruciioi), WELSH EWE black face pitch mark "D.E." on left side, *e21 OST, two WELSH EWES with their Lambs from Brynclwyd. Pitch-mark 14 G. M." Police been advised. Thomas Edwards, Brynclwyd, Nantclwyd, near Ruthin, will be obliged for information. f lfl Miscellaneous. PHOLSTE RING .-Chairs, Sofas, &c., LJ &c., recovered with Leather Tapestry. Blinds made and fitted. Moderate charges. Atkinson, 11, Leicester Terrace, Denbigh. e21 To Builders and Contractors. TENDERS are ivited for the erection of a HOUSE at Brookhouse, near Denbigh, for Mr Richard Jones. Plans and specifica- tions may be seen on application to the under- signed. Lowest or any Tender not necessarily ac- cepted. LEWIS, Architect and Surveyor, e21 Denbigh. -x. HIRAETHOG SHEEP DOG TRIALS will be held at BRYNTRILLYN On THURSDAY, JUNE 9th, 1910. Over ,£20 in Prizes, I also SILVER CUP and MEDALSi For Entry Forms apply to the Secretary, *or JLnwjr M0RRIS ROBERTS, Cefn FforeBt, Llansannan, 51Bua Abergele; rjlAKE IT gERIOUSLY. Consider for yourself whether a Pre- paration which has a Reputation in its own country and among its own people everywhere should weigh with you as a proof of its True Value and Curative Properties after twenty years of Growing Popularity, or an alien medicine, prepared by unknown foreigners, giving no name to its com- position, and only mystery to guide you THE QUESTION OF H EALTH. This is a matter which concerns you surely at one time or another especially when Influenza is so prevalent as it is just now. It is well to know what to take to ward off an attack of this most weakening disease, to combat it whilst under its baleful influence, and particularly after an attack, for then the system is so lowered as to be liable to the most dangerous of complaints. Q^WILYM "PJLVANS' QUININE jglTTfiRS Is acknowledged by all who have given it a fair trial to be the best specific remedy for dealing with Influenza in all its various stages, being a Prepara- tion skilfully prepared with Quinine and accompanied with other Blood Purifying and enriching agents, suitable for the Liver, Digestion, and all those ailments requiring Tonic strengthening and nerve increasing properties. It is invaluable when suffering with Colds, Pneumonia, or any serious illness or prostration caused by sleeplessness or worry of any kind, when the body has a general feeling of weakness and lassi- tude. D ON'T D BLAY. CONSIDER IT Now, Send for a copy of the pamphlet of tes- timonials, which carefully read and consider well, then buy a bottle at your nearest Chemist or Stores, but see when purchasing that the name U Gwilym Evans" is on the label, stamp, and bottle, for without which none are genuine. SOLD EVERYWHERE. In bottles, 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. each. Sole Proprietors QUININE BITTERS MANUFAC- TURING COMPANY, LIMITED, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES.

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