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Farewell Concept. PRESENTATION TO MRS PRESTON. On Tuesday evening a coscert was held in the Schoolroom, Llandyrnog, to bid farewell to Mr and Mrs Preston and family. The room was crowded to the doors, and all the proceedings passed off splendidly. The entertainment was opened with a most laughable sketch entitled A Dear Bargain," reported under Monday's proceedings. The Rector of the parish, Rev W G Williams, addressing the audience, said that there would now be a short interval, during which a very pleasant ceremony would be performed in connection with Mr and Mrs Preston. We are all a little sad to-night because this i9 the last of Mrs Preston's popular concerts. To our great grief Mr and Mra Preston are leaving the parish, and we are here to wish them good- bye this evening. We cannot let them go without some little mark of our respect and affection. They came into the parish abont eleven years ago, strangere, I expect, to most of us they leave it known to all, and beloved by all. They have identified them- selves with everything that has gone on in the parish, never sparing themselves in anyway. Mrs Preston has gone in and out among us, welcomed everywhere for her bright and happy disposition, visiting the sick, relieving the needy, sympathising with all. I will give yon an instance of her goodness of heHt. There is a little farm on the hill side where a crippled boy lives. One winter, at. Bryn GlwyJ, they had been having a little children's enter- tainment, with a small Christmas tree as the centre of attraction. On Christmas afternoon Mrs Preston and Miss Dorothy walked up the hill, took the little tree with them, and by means of it and the presents on it and the fairy lights, enter- tained the cripple boy and his brothers for an hour, and made that day a day of joy and gladness to them all. It is by little acts of this kind that Mr and Mrs Preston have come very near to us. What I personally owe to them I can never say nor ever forget. They have been my friends, and my mother's and my father's before me. And you, by your presence in s-ich large numbers here this evening, show that they are your friends also. And then there is Mr Preston, senijr. I don't know what we shall do without him. He is known far and wide for his generosity and readiness to help every good cause. For the last three years he has bpen Churchwarden, and chairman of our School Como ittee, and has been a real help in both capacities. We shall miss him very much from the parish. I hope he will come and see us often. -Now as to the prondiatiou-our good friend and squire, Mr ftigby, will speak to you about that, and tell you what Mrs Preston has chosen with the money collected. All I will say is that the present is an unanimous and spontaneous one. Everybody wishes to give to it, rich and poor, Nonconformists and Chuichpeople, and I have great plea- sure in handing to Mra Preston a list of I the subscribers, 81 in number. I hope she will keep it, and when she read3 it will know how many real friends ehe has made and is leaving in Llandyrnog. We wish her and all connected with her every happiness and prosperity in their new home (applause). I will now call upon Mr Rigby to make the presentation on behalf of the parish, Mr Rigby, on rising to make the presentation, was given a rousing re- ception, and said that the Rector had made an exceptionally good speech had spoken from his heart, and had voiced the feelings of the parishioners. There remained little to add to the words of the Rector. The Preston family had been living in the parieh for eleven or twelve years. They were fin English family, and when they had come to live in the parish the parish- ioners had given them a true Welsh welcome. During the period they had lived amongst them they bad found a warm place in their hearts (applause). Pro- ceeding, Mr Rigby said that English people soon found out that Welsh people had toes, and some of them very big ones, which were easily trodden on (laughter), but he was sure that no one in the room could say that any of the Bryn Clwyd family had committed that offence during the twelve years they had resided in the parish (applause). And now they were leiving them, and he, as their repre- sentative, had great pleasure in presenting Mrs Preston with that beautiful article as a high appreciation of her good work in the parish. The article was a true Welsh article, and Mrs Preston had for that reason chosen it herself. He would now call upon someone to remove the curtain which covered this article, and when this was done they could all see what a lovely piece of furniture it was. [The present proved to be a very antique old Welsh oak dresser, which was greatly admired by all.] Proceeding, the speaker said that this was an article which Mrs Preston could always have with her, and he hoped she would take it with her to her new home in England and that it would remind her of the many, many happy days she had spent in this Valley. He would like to say a few words about Mr Preston and Mr Preston senior. They had both been very willing to help in every work in the parish, and were always foremost in such work. He hoped that when her holidays came around Mr and Mrs Preston and family would pay them a viait, and he felt sure that they would again be given a true Welsh welcome (applause). Mr Preston, in returning thanks, said that he desired to thank them all most sincerely for all the kind words that had beeu said about himself and Mrs Preston and the family that evening, and he also wished to thank all the subscribers. He could assure them all that they would always value the beautiful piece of furniture, and would always remember their kind friends at Lhndyrnog (loud applause). Mrs Preston, was received with loud and continued appliuse, and in most touching words and with great feeling, thanked them all for their kindness. Her heart was too full to allow her to say much, and she could not find words to describe her feelings. She was glad that they had allowed her to choose her present, for she could have wished for nothing nicer than this trne Welsh article, and it would always remind her of her kind friends in Llandyrnog and of the pleasant days she bad spent amongst them, and she would always value and cherish the gift (loud applause). Pro- ceeding, Mra Preston said that she hoped to come back some day to fee them all again, and she would conclude by again thanking them all from the very bottom of her heart (applause). The second part of the programme was then proceeded with, and was opened by an excellently rendered glee by Mr Jones and party, which was loudly applauded. Miss Beril Jones gave a sweet rendering of a song, and was encored. A recitation by Mr John Thomas was well received. A duet by Mr John Williams and Miss Jones, both of Pentre Mawr, was loudly encored. A song by Miss A Prica was sweetly rendered. This was followed by a most laughitbie sketch entitled Our At- H ma Day "-mothrr, Miss MacMarry daughter. Miss M Roberts, Mill Farm servant, Miss Jones. All three did their parts splendidly, and Miss Jones, as servant, caused roars ot laughter with her quaint ways. Mr Jones and party again rendered a glee admirably, The pro- gramme concluded with a whistling competition fjr ladies and gentlemen. This was the source of much amusement, and the great pains the ladies took to 1 place their lips in the proper position to | whistle the Welsh National Authem was | very funny. The 1st prize for ladies went to Miss Jane Williams, Pentre Mawr, and the 2nd to Miss Jones, I Llangynbafal Rectory. Mr Rigby, Pentre Mawr, secured the 1st prize for gentle- men. and Edward Williams, Llangynhafal, the 2nd. Cheers were given at the close for Mrs Preston and all who had taken part in the p< rformance. Mrs Preston regrets not being able to thack each subscriber personally, and wishes to thank all through the medium of the Press.


- ST. ASAPfl.


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