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OF ally !en« 1\ ,t!ttc VMTE AN II. wtltilhl tW@J-r&"r 0tIn H. IRK L*% Tho ^MONEY-SAVMA BUDGET ro-eti ?mm AF*H.«THLT rr.EE'. Himtfrcihi of r-?v £ l«n < HS Bbl/ crerroimsry ht thnrn;-1.'t.tsiTsefn1. refyne ^nJIjC Wr^ ~a bttfr: (rr»w#W irMi H»i»mwtf »f ?•!» £ >, HtiT7x?n \2l1$% _f3E!v\ A Pw*»»u*%«, IMMiH. 0fs.44 twj procxie- Ik r.*»ucTiGxs ^VVTk. FW fH Will AL PW I C-"C. jc(i.1ft-4'lf I H i-AMW m.ew». wa rcHRs fr « «.«; —5*^ *ot.i» r.«L»», t*; «Ai«, «*«* VvWaa %3y*V\ ^*iiV.ofA /<? MLTK*-r<.A1 «l» CRUtTS, (A; »•■« »«t be *rt Jvj\ J^V* VgLg G««n>!rji-' W/'•» .,rr.. w *>l "*•' <« f/W*?v-5,\ VmI fcj* ,li.„f». PR^RA1 1 MONJTTS trial wir« akt PURC-HAH-. liL. i Yor p»nri(rt ft V» wHV*IK tM* rrvTj t \Y J AUft?gf! »« *rK» >«r tt kOVTr »**« j i 5 j.iv^n, try ^v?-<—»»■"«; J.jifcr/, »i.j.Miti^W'iy.i ™ Eh ?.">XB vjrtw **«< Vr»4«K »nt,)»;i»V»4 ftrtt K;"j J '■> Jf *M H irr"rtvw*. f*« oIljLjbiit!«Y^iil« V**) S fnrc C?>S7«''S; ■*IA' ,<<fTTx <#< gjjf t {, n )/. —:> »*itm*u c—s^og(r^*i(g K Wftsra c«m r**i5 r«w—1** j«t r»^«t! 1111 ■ | J?? C5« ?5?.?tR £ T ST. I^SL i.K £ |SY/ 11_. 1: J TOE WAY OF THE WORLD*Hf S is usually a shrewd c«mmon-scnsc way, particularly in the matter of {P m mcdicinal treatment. While it is always ready to give a sympathetic IjJ K hearing to new theoriea relating to pathology and medicine, it sticks M tenaciously to the good old-established preparations that have been S proved to possess the undoubted virtue of curing. Sixty years ago |P J public opinion found in BEECHAM'S PILLS a medicine for every form K of bilious and dyspeptic trouble, and though numerous methods of dealing with digestive disorders have been advanced since then it still A pins it's faith to the old efficacious medicine. Every year it expresses J its vote of confidence in BEECHAM'S PILLS by buying over K 6,000,000 boxes. Popularity is one of the undoubted indications of M quality. If you are suffering from any digestive disturbance remember M that BEECHAM'S PILLS are the most popular family medicine, the most popular because effective cure for digestive disorders in the dp IT worid. Thousands have derived benefit from them and the likelihood is tliat you will derive benefit aiso. The wisest course therefore I IS TO TAKE I I BEECHAMS PILLS. I S Sold ererjrwk»rw im h*x4H, writ* 1 ( £ 6 pills) & 2 9 (168 pills). I IBEUCtOSIS COFFEE. n RED WHITE ',I B swsm ea R? M w*&3. I &BLUt. I For 18reakfast & after Dinner. W^I'II yimviiTn M TTHffTCTIHI. TiiTCgiTfrTrffia^ 1 M00EKN ENTESPKISE ] m^ktrnih' most Fascinating aiui Prcfittble 1 Kt-tartainnient of to-dur the Jr CINEMA TOGRAPB poaajhl# na a Permanent Institutiou in flVØry Viilatje in the Kirufdcnn. A hi^hlr >i renave iuviwtinent. Initial ouUa/ "wall E From 20 I Detang Q1Úrlli mastered. Full instruction* given n programmes of R Latest FILMS at 111 xioraiei Kuttv« | Full particulars from | Tb» OTromaitjgraph SpuciaM»U» Tha Gaumont | CSe., 5-S, Sherwood 8tr««t, PiccwUlly. W. | AL. JUIUREX The '^ea' I^ower 1 Fastener a I >*AT7 Tailor, Outfitter or Florist I t SAMFLE 3 penny Mimp# direct from Patentee S I FUEE to to* Trade only. T. S. Stewart Sriitli, 1 ^aeoK^i^niy.'T.z^iHKr'A'asiBaavew JtUB'Lrv. p^-JI QUOITS UOITS R U LM rA thi. (lame ■*•1 » Mem. 9mu% ±»r*tm3*mA al «■ [V Villi LA wPAirNTLEWEJ^I HS^Oj »»wan«n«id8d Ky Medical Men NoStejlin Banl Mnrmrjk* Xfl««tlTe as4 Utht. ltquaUy eomfertabU im W IMP*' "IMtai. uan9|«i reolinisc poeitioa. ComuluUone a. «% bwa prl<M HtU tnu-lBtht on htrmg Whit* ■ W ™"VJ 7nM. Tko* Woriu Iht C» a nam* tr* mkmt PMlfll 11 —»»•*• Allkimleol Ilaetie Good».Ii*l«;.eU 1W ffm u>Uif in* StTMjArmt i Nan.; Wh 1U'« M< AJP^ im tm*m* 1*'»True# Cs..Lil.. BhafUeWary Are* fj—«Br Owm. Ufa P»xUU»t. JimtKm tku Mt& LONDON"claVE"] GLOVE ARB COaPASrS SALE ] V^beMX V 9» Jany 27 t0 p-e5y 17 A SAT.3 PRICE LIST specially M S8X3 V" S< W prepared to a.s»ist custoraf rs in ■ I WW* MBI»" 8 thecoumry totakeadvaiuageof tit*opportunity will be sent iree. gL S f0"1- OSLY ADDKESSB.S 2^ J*5L L. SZLm « ciumtDE, tuwooa. t2 A H, HEW rraEET, w. I APPOINTMENTS VACANT, I Atcenls requhtó in unrepresented districts by the A lmperi,ui Cr.. Ltd., H 1 Estd. 187ft. Capiui £ IOO,000. Depts.:—Personst H Accidents; F.wpiovers' Liability for Acciuerils S U> Domestic Servants, Clerks and Shop Assistants: g Carriax*. Motor aao Driving Accidents; IJurjjl.ior 5 and R»it Glass; tlorae and Cattle insursncft. fi Claiua pawl, £ 400,0CC- Liberal ttrms a;'owcd. i Agmcv >lanai5W. !7 Fall East, London. "1. V"<tl "L'J.¡.r: tm bont grow OLD I BEa | v.. DERMA SOLVENT 1 I It kMfif 7-r* T«m>c, Hwdtfcjr, w»4. Im fr*«t g I hut, OosO> Kiel 11) > Fatlyt» H S Mfi %»> »ed<i C&woedMfeM, 9WS. wawt U*t.r 60KU* J h ewwoeneiimri *» Vdk*- &.S. V*f. JZ& Cost 1/—10/- g fil.V/- -S Prevent Kcrve Jar and^ ftflli|ifiCTftiS|jlSiV Bfctscrue an« Doubio ths^ .t m Life of your Bocto m Revolving Jjggkl| It m s 5.™ , -KEI) Wili f, W gg>;rv-sP £ ciALt)'^iiri'm PILLOWS ^ir^,S B7-»i».!NG CO. (i?c^t. KTyt. Spa'diatf FURNISH I I YOUR HOME I I TASTEFULLY AND I I SUBSTANTIALLY. H An inspection of our stock will I ■ convince you that ootufort and | B taste in tke furnishiug »f your | H rooms need not necessarily mean | B extravagant outlay. | OUR FURNITURE PLEASES THE EYE. f All goods sold by us are | manufactured in factories under a our own control and supervision, N from exclusive designs. We orw n thus guarantee to our Customers B a well made article <A useful as || well as artistic design and substantial manufacture. m I OUR PRiCES I SUIT THE POCKET. | By oontrolling our manuxactoriew |? we place the goods on the Market /< bearing one profit only—the H goods going direct from us, the manufacturers, to our customer, |j the consumer—bearing ouly the one profit and not two or three £ as charged elsewliere. k OUR EASY | PAYMENTS I SUIT YOUR INCOME || "— Terms can be arranged goods going direct from us, the manufacturers, to our customer, the consumer-bearing ouly the one profit and not two or three £ j as charged elsewliere. k OUR EASY | PAYMENTS I SUITYOUR INCOME || "— Terms can be arranged Ban w&v Pane t« suit wnvenienoe J Pj RAILWAY FARE ef oautomera. ff | ALLOWED T# U | COUNTRY ^r U I SUei'OMEftS. (i & Oarriag« f«*.iti to all part* yfi I SEND OR CALL 1 I FOR CATALOGUE. | w We rrill eirtid jou Fr»*i, by pfwt, *| ra I or you can have on i $8 J our large Illustrated Catalogue tj M j and Price List. It COStS you C la I nothing and wilt save you p pounds. p H fu«w,sh8nc i its5i teras 4«ir *itmm COMPANY. g (J. K. CEANT, Proprietor), H P £ M3ROKE PLACE, 1 l LIVERPOOL. 1 FI W 510$*»««(&LL STREET. FFIJ '■<* « '.F V- "S & 40 KfflH tSTRfCT S3 £ fcw.iv-K~i AW-SVHHIKJ KTB2ET. C-T I BILLIASD" TABLE aBEOBiw» £ jaM# Fi;il n/.<iv by RENKETT, LONDON lnciu ?Jyr.v.,ta1 cUHJ ¡}:¡;!5. G.1.fII pend.qt, Cur, \Urlr>r AI' to KA.OM "RJi & SONS. ■«.■?•Hi,i- 1: {J4 C<:I*);. !rW





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