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Ruthin Police Court.



RUTHIN NEWS ITEMS ) over a Quarter of a Century Ago. [FROM THE Free Press, SEPTEMBER 24TH, L 1881.J Ruthin news 27 yeara ago did not bulk v lararfly in the estimation either of the public or the Press. Amongst the doings of the week, corresponding with this week in September, 27 years ago, we find the following The tradesmen met and agreed to close their shops at 7 p.m. from September to March 31st."—No such privilege in those days as weekly half holiday There was a grand concert at the Town Hall, with a fashionable audience, and the principal vocalist was 4 Miss Lloyd, of Rhagatt, the sister of Mr Lloyd, of Rhagatt, who was a beautiful singer and greatly sought after in the Vale in those days, for all musical projects. At the Board of Guardians meeting," the Chairman of the day was Mr H Powell Jones, of Greenfield, who long ago joined the great majority, and of the others pre- sent only three, two members and the clerk, are now alive, namely, Mr Charles Goodman Jones and Mr Henry Williams (the latter still a member), and Mr R Humphreys Roberts, the clerk. There were 182 paupers in the house, and 66 vagrants had been re'ieved in a fortnight and cheques issued for £9:1: relief. The principal topic of disenpsion was whether the Llanrbaiadr district Medical Officer, Dr James Caithness of Denbigh, knew Welsh enough to be continued Medical Officer in that country Histricl. Dr Caithness (alas, long since "passed beyond," and a monument to whom marks his resting place in the churchyard at Whitchurch) was a Scotchman, but he had quickly acquired a knowledge of Welsh, and in this particular discussion he received the championship of a thorough Welsh- man and a man of great influence at the Board-the late Mr Jchq Jenkins, who urged that it had been proved that Dr Caithness was sufficiently acquainted with Welsh to discharge his duties," and at the subsequent meeting he was re-elected. At the Petty Sessions in that particular week there was only one case, but it was sufficiently important for the defendant, John Jones, Lon Fawr, to be sent to the Quarter Sessions for a savage assault on and attempted robbery from James Mclntyre, of Acre, Llanarmon. The men were drinking together, prosecutor got very drunk, and was found in the back- yard at Park-place, having been kicked until he was insensible and covered with blood. The chief police witness was "Inspector Humphreys," long since gone. Then" the annual Volunteer prize shoot- ing" was recorded, in which the arrange- ments were made by that instructor of commanding presence and voice of power, who could tell a good story and recount deeds of valour in which he and equally plucky comrades had taken part for England's honour and glory-namely, Sergt Major Watts. In the competition for the Colonel's prize Corpl W Franeis was 1st and Sergt Charles Aldrieh 2nd. In the gentlemen's prize, Private Wiiiiam Jones came first, then followed Bandmaster Sergt John Edwards, Corpl Peter Evans, &e. The all-comer's prize winners were:— 1st, Corpl P Evans; 2nd, D H H Lloyd and 3rd, Osbert Edwards; whilut the ladies' prizes of £12 were won by D M Robert Lloyd, Privates William Jones, Edward Evans, Surgeon T G Jenkins, Sergt C Aldrieh, &c. "Tne County Court" was held this particular week, the presiding Judge being Mr Horatio Lloyd (not then Sir "), Judge Moss's predecessor, who seemed to have bad only one case to occnpy his attention, I in which Robert Williams, of the Waterloo Inn, claimed s65 frorn a relative, the whole thing arising apparently over a family squabble. The two lawyers who appeared have both passed away. One was Mr Ll Adams, the well-known Clerk of the Peace, and the other Mr Oabert Edwards, who then occupied a conspicuous position in the town, of which he was subsequently Mayor, but alas he in later days fell on evil times," became overwhelmed with debt, and at a subsequent period came within the meshes of the law.—The case in question was of an amusing character, and amongst other things the principal party was examined as to whether he remembered if he was drunk or sober. He replied Don't I just though, I do middling well; I was as sober then as I am now." The roars of laughter in court appeared to indicate that there was a query as to his then condition. However, the case was settled with a verdict of X5 for the plain- tiff, but defendant got a set-off of Y,3 8s. In that particular week a special meet- ing of the Town Council" is recorded when the Mayor, who the late Dr William Davies Jones, was congratulated on his recovery from a recent illness. The cnly two names of persons present familiar are Lewis Jones" (the well-known Ruthin Bard) and U William Jones." The most important topic of discussion was the price of the Gas Company was charging for gas to light the public lamps. The Council complained that the Company wanted J6132 19810d for lighting 72 lamps from September to May. Anyhow the Company and the Council squared the matter by the Company taking aClO off the previous bill and offering them some advantage as to the upkeep of the lamps. How does this com- pare with the charges to-day. The gentle- man who was Secretary of the Gas Company then (Mr David Jones) is, happily, with us to-day, and still ably manages the Com- pany's finances.





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