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DENBIGH. ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. The preacher next Sunday will be the Rev Tom Evans, M.A., B.D., Bala. OLD AilE PENSIONS OFFICER. At a meeting of the Denbigh district old age pensions committee, Dr Lloyd being the chair- man, held on Wednesday, Mr Gwilym Parry, the Liberal Agent of West Denbighshire, was appointed as secretary of the committee. WELSH AMATEUR CUP DRAW. The draw for the Welsh Amateur Football Cup was made at Wrexham on Wednesday, Denbigh being drawn against Ruthin in the preliminary round at Ruthin, the to be played off on or before October 31st. PRESENTATION. At a concert to be held at the Church House, Denbigh, on Monday night, a presentation will -be made to Captain Thomas on his departure for Lampeter, being got up by those associated with him in his work in the Henllan-street Mission. THE LATE REV. R. 0. WILLIAMS. Denbigh readers will regret to hear of the death of a former well-known townsman, namely, the Rev R 0 Williams, Vicar of Holy- well, and son of the once famous town clerk of Denbigh (Mr Richard Williams). An obituary rotice appears in another column. TRAIN ALTERATIONS. Numerous changes in the times of the arrival and departure of local trains will come iato force on October 1st. Further particulars will be found in the time table in our next issue, but meantime we may mention that the time of practically every train in the direction of Rhyl has been altered. MISS (LOUIE JAMES. Miss Louie James, who is very well-known as a vocalist of considerable ability., has been singing at Rhyl Pavilion this week. She has scored a tremendous success at Rhyl, and on eaok.appearance received a most hearty and well deserved encore, so that she has had to fitag no less than fix songs at a single concert. Ucdoubtedly she has a bright musical career in-front of her. DENBIGH TERRITORIALS. The shooting for the Morris Tube cup took place during last week, concluding on Friday evening. The following were the prize winners:—Conditions: Seven rounds at 16 yards in the Drill Hall, night shooting. 1 and •cup, Pte G W Wainwright, 34 2, Sergt J 0 Thomas, 32 3, Sergt-Instructor J Pays, 32 4, Sergt W Williams, 31; 5, Pte E Jones, 31; 6, Bandmaster C M Humphreys, 80; 7, Pte E Jones, 30 8, Pte T A Davies, 2i; 9, Corpi T E -Llovd, 28; 10, Colour-Sergt T Roberts, 27 11, Pte T Batten, 26 12, Corpl C Boycott, 26. SPECIAL MUSIC: ORGANIST'S YUND. We venture again to direct the attention of our English Church readers to the special effort to augment the organist's fund, which has claims upon all who enjoy the helpful and beautiful musical services provided. We there- fore draw attention to the performance of Garrett's Harvest Cantata in St David's Church, by an augoaented choir, on Sunday evening next, and the fact that the collections at the English services throughout the day will be devoted to the English Organist's Fund. We anticipate a large congregation on Sunday night, and, we hope, a correspondingly large collection. TERRITORIAL ARMT APPOINTMENTS. In the4th (Denbighshire) R.W.F. the under- mentioned officers, from the 1st Vol. Batt. R.W.F., are appointed to the battalion with rank and precedouce as in the Volunteer Force -Lieut-Col and Hon Col T A Wynne-Edwards, Major and Hon Lieut-Col E J Swayne, Major A E Johnson, Capts J Jenkins, J C Davies, W R Wilson, G R Mayos, S D Meredith-Jones, J B Bury, F B Clouph, T Sanson, T 0 Bury (to be superoumerary, Lieuts T J Reuw, C Morris, B W Griffith, B Roberts, Seo-Liea^ J A Davies, Qr-Master and Hon Capt T Surnnal (April 1st). In the 5th (Flintshire) R.Wi'F., Capt E S Clarke to be i%fajor (July 1st). COUNTY SCHOOL SUCCESSES, At the meeting of che Seuate of the Univer- sity College of Wales at Aberystwyth, held on Monday, amougst other entrance Scholarships and exhibitions awarded, on the results of ex- aminations, Mr Richard Owen Jones, youngest son of Mr Jones, grocer, Llanrhaiadr, and a scholar at the Denbigh County School, was awarded an open exhibition of Another buch award has been made by the Senate of Bangor College to Mr T R Knowles, son of Mr David Knowles, Vale-street, Denbigh, In his case the award was of 920, and it will be remembered that he last week also gained a County exhibition of £ 25. Another Denbigh- shire scholar, namely, Mr Moulsdalo Williams, of Wrexham County School, gained at Aber- ystwyth the Principal's scholarship of £ 40. ANNIVEHSAfiT SERVICES. Tne anniversary services in connection with the Capel Mawr C.M. Chapel-vere held on Sunday. There were crowded congregations, the special preacher being the R-v Thomas Jones, Khostyllen, one of the best known preachers in the Calvinistic Methodist Con- nexion. At the evening service the ohapel was packed, the benches placed in the aisles as well as the seats on the,floor and in the gallery being filled and several having to stand. After the sermon Madame Laura Evans, the well- known prima donna of Welsh sopranos, give a very impressive rendering of hymn 6C5 in the Calvinistic Mgchqdist hymn books Dros bechadur buosbiarw," to the the tune, Rhyd Groes." The colleetions during the day in aid of the Chapel funds amounted .to a very handsome sum, vku, £ 83 odd. WAIF SATURDAY. It is hoped that te-day, (Saturday) the,people ef Denbigh, as in past years, will generou-ily support the icE6use of Dr Bdornardo's Komes, this day being set apart for collecting purposes, when boxes will be brought round tor dona- tion;. The public should bear in mind that there are over 8,000 children to be fed and clothed in the Homes. No destitute child is ever refused .admission, and tfcose at present inhabitating the homes are of all ages and from all parts af the country. Thousands of those who have passed through Dr Barnardo's Homes are now successful citizens of the Empire. Theee are no fewer tha-n 1,150 bliod, deaf and dumb, crippled, or otherwise disilbled children to be cared for, and everyone- should feel it a duty aaoi a pleasure to,glxe somethitig towards the upkeep of this most useftfl institution. # DENBIGHSHIRE .EDUCATION. At a meeting ef the Denbighshire SducatioE Committee, at Chester, on Friday, the follow- ing awards were made :—County exhibitions on .£30, J H Mackie (ftuabon), and T L Heywood (Wrexham) county exhibitions of £ 2%^ Arthur William VVilliame (Wrexham), aud T R Knowles (Denbigbl; two exhibitions of C25 jreserved from last year., Margaret Jane Salisbury (Wrexhaaa Girls' School), an(f H H Jones (Denbigh). The Chairman remarked that the west end of the county had done well. 'The success of Denbigh bchcol had been re markable; they bad as many as seven pupils <who passed the honours stagø, which, he .thought, was as high as any school in Wales. The Rev T Lloyd said one-eighth of the aac- roesses in Wales had beeu .obtained by Denbigh- shire pupils, which was very satisfactory. 3PJRE. About a quarter to one on Monday afternoon the Denbigh Fire Brigade were called out by &-a vigorous ringing of the fire-bell to a fire which had broken out in one of the drying rooms at Mr A Lloyd Jones, Tannery, Bridge-' atreet. They turned out very smartly in answer to the call, with the hose handcart, in charge of Capt J Morris Davies and Lieuts W G Helsby and Roger Pryce. It was seen that the fire had in that short time gained a good hold on the wool, &c., and that the roofing of the room was well alight. There was a goed supply of water from the water mains in Bridge-street available, and by very good work the got the fire under control in a remarkably Ehort space of time, and it was almost extinguished half-an-hour after the first alarm had been given, but considerable damage had be?n done to the building and the stock inside. Tho quarterly meeting of the members of MOTHERS' UNION. Denbigh branch of the Mothers' Union takes the form of divine service in St David's Church, I which id being held this (Friday) afternoon. NORTH WALES JUNIOR CUP DRAW. Tae draw for tha North Wales JunioriFoot- ball Cup was made at a meeting of the North Wales Coast Football Association Council held at Conway on Wednesday evening. Denbigh Town was drawn against Rhyl Reserves at Denbigh, and Denbigh Chuich Guild was drawn against Ruthin at Ruthin, The matches are to take place on October 24th. CLOTHING EXPERT At a meeting of the Territorial Force Associa- tion Committee for the County of Denbigh, held at Wroxhsm this week, Mr Hugh Williams, tailor and outfitter, Denbigh, was appointed as clothing expert to select uniforms &nd give advice in the consideration of esti- mates. We congratulate Mr Williams on his appointment, and feel sure that he will give every satisfaction. TO-MORROW'S FOOTBALL. Holyhead, the ex-champions and the runners- up for the championship last season of the 1st Division of the North Wales Coast League, are tha visitors to Denbigh to-morrow, when they will meet the Denbigh Town F.C. in a league match. Both teams have opened the season none too well, but an improvement is sure to be seen in the performance of both teams tomorrow, and a strenuously fought gamo will no doubt be witnessed. Denbigh will b) repre- sented by the followingSam Griffiths, goal; Llew Rees and J S Williams, backs R Hughes, T A Davies (capt), and T Davits, half-backs E E Davies, W E Hughes, J Ellis. Edwards, H Randies, and D Berwyn Davies, forwards. The kick-off will take place at 2 45 p.m., and it is hoped that a record crowd will witness what is sure to be one of the best games of the season. Mr E LI Williams, Bangor, will referee. THE BOWLING GREEN. The concluding rounds of a handicap, started t a fortnight ago, were played off yesterday (Thursday), the results being Semi final: D E H Roberts (- 4) beat Hugh Williams (-Zl 15-9; H Jones (-6) beat D Knowles (—6) 15-13. Final: Jones beat Roberts 15 -14.. A number of Mr Hugh Jones' friends had sub- scribed to make him a suitable preenb in recognition of the fact that he had been in -the finals for both the Presidents Prize and the Mesham Medal. Mr R Humphreys Roberts, after announcing the prizes in the handicap, made the presentation, for which Mr Jones thanked the givers, though he said that it was more than he deserved. A vote of thanks to Mr Humphreys Roberts, and another to the hon secretary (Mr W M Pierce) for his zealous discharge of his duties, closed the proceedings. During the afternoon Mr W G Helsby photo- graphed a group of members. A SPLENDID MAGAZINE. The October Windsor Magazine is a remark- ably varied autumn number, containing, com- plete in the one issue, a long story of romantic interest by Justus Miles Forman, a stirring adventure on the high seas by Louis Tracy, author <?f Rainbow Island and The Pillar of Light," and a remarkably interesting study of farm life by Mrs Stepney Rawson, finely illustrated by Gunning King Or her short stories, grave and gay, by Keble Howard, Norman Innes, Frances Rivers, Owen Oliver, and Reginald Turner make up a notable.fiction programme. And the articles of the number include one on "The Sheffield Musical Festi- val," accompanied by many portraits of the artists engaged. Sea-Training for Boys," and a vivid study of animal life by Charles G D Roberts. The fine art feature of the number deals with The Work of Mrs Young Hunter," and presents twenty-one excellent repro- ductions of the artist's pictures. DEAEg OF MR P P PRATT. Many of our readers, who were well acquainted with the genial personality of Mr P P Pratt, will regret to learn that he died on Tuesday of last week, at his seat, Crawley, Surrey. He ruptured a blood vessel some time ago, and was never strong since, though his death was & somewhat sudden event. The deceased was practically a Vale of 'Clwyd boy ,0 far as his early days were conoerned, and fur seme years was in the Bank at .Denbigh, aod rendered very valuable aid to many of the institutions of the town by his musical and dramatic services, being a young man of singular talent in that respect. After. leaving Denbigh he married a lady possessing a large fortune, and after her dsafch he in after years returned to this neighbourhood, takingc.p his abode at Brynllithrig, wfcere he converted a farmhouse into a small mansion. Here he for years dispensed lavish hospitality, and took a prominent part in public movements, in Rhyl and neighbourhood. He also took active steps in promoting the improvement of the breed of horses, with satisfactory results. -Soon after his second marriage Mr Pratt removed to England to reside in the vicinity of his wife's old home. MRS IILLA NEWELL'S BENEFIT. Thursday evening alj the Pavillion Theatre was set apart for a complimentary benefit to Mrs Lilla Newell, which was arranged by several influential gentlemen. On this occasion, as that of the Denbigh -Xn-firmary benefit, the room was packed, when the ourtain .ose, for the one act musical comedy The lean of a lover," which was,performed by Air Tom NewelJ, at Spyk.e &nd Mr8 Lilla, Nesrell as Gertrude, supported, by Messrs F Rosssll, E Delmore, T Heaiy and Miss AliCle This was foEowdd by the 3 act faroical comedy the "Varsity ^elle in which several songs were introduced. The characters in this piece, were as follow.: -Gaze Sptrkleton4The Belle) Mrs Lilla Newell; Mrs B irter ( JCofcher-in-law) Miss M Willmer Eric Stouy. Misb Aliue Don Maude Stony, Miss G Livock^ G eorge Barker Mr H Holloway Albert Perritt, Mr F Russell Runyard. Mr E Delmore; iheooritius Ward Sparkleton, Mr Walter IVGS, Professor Septimus Stony, Mr Tom Newell. The audience greatly eqioyed the oo £ aed.y,_ being kept in roars of laughter from beginning to end. Mr Tom Newell excelled himself as the Ptofessor" as ;did Mrs Newell in the character <' Gaw Sparkle- ton." Thereat of the oompaay also.act.ed well and altogether.23ade up a very enjoyable even- ing. C M. SIBLING FESTIVAL. Yesterday (Thursday) the annual singinr festival—Cymanfa Ganu-of the Calvinistic Methodists of the district of the Vale ef.ClwytL monthly meeting was held at the Capei Mawr Denbigh. Members attended from Qll the Chapels in the Vale and a very large choir had assembled together,, in addition to the other members who had congregated te listen io the singing. The conductor was the well-known r_1 composer and condncter, Mr David Jenkins, .Mus. Bac. (Oson), Aberystwyth, w&o kept the vast choir well in hand, so that they g-ave of their best during botb afternoon and evening meetings. The singing was excellent through- out, a fact upon wkich every individual member is to be congratulated, the conductor speaking very highly ef the work, which showed that neither time adr trouble had been spared in the practices in bringing the choir up te the high standard of efficiency which it attaiEed. The gentlemen who had trained the choirsters of the Denbigh Chapels were Messrs T R Jenes and H T Davies, and they had the satisfaction of knowing tba tlieir labour had been well rewarded. Mr T R Jones also acted as secretary to the festival, the other officers being Mr R Harris Jones, Ruthin (chairman) and Mr Robert Owen, J.P., Denbigh (trea- surer). Nearly all the tunes in the festival hymn book were sung, and it was a pleasure to nste how wall the voices blended in all the pieces sung. Miss M E Jones, Brynhyfryd, and Mr Robert Roberts, High-street, presided at the organ in turns, and both showed a perfect mastery over the beautiful instrument, which considerably enhanced the singing. His Worship the Mayor (Alderman Boaz Jones) presided at the evening meeting and delivered a brief address. At this meeting the anthems 41 Buddogoliaeth Calfari (David jjvans, Mus. Bao., Oxon) and Eiddot Ti, 0 Arglwydd, yw'r mawredd (J Kent) were sung with a majestic swing. The conductor, Mr David Jenkins, i gave a solo at each of the meetings. I HENLLAN SCHOLAR. It should have been stated in our issue of lasi week that Owen Lloyd Hughes, of Henllan gained the senior certificate of the Centra j Welsh Board with Welsh at the honours stage See other paragraphs for County and Univer. sity awards. THE FIRE BRIGADE. The Denbigh fire brigade turned oub yester- day (Thursday) evening for drill, under thE command of Capt John Morris Davies. Thej drove as far as Brookhouse, and tested the hose, and were accompanied by the Chairman of the Fire Brigade Committee (Alderman J Humphrey Jones) and Councillors S T Miller and F B Clough. It was decided to recom- mend the Council to obtain twelve lengths of new hose, and Alderman Humphrey Jones ad- dressed the men in a few well-chosen remarks and said the town of Denbigh ought to be proud of having such a fine body of men in the Fire Brigade. Councillor S T Miller also spoke and congratulated the Brigade on their general ability and appearance. .0

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