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| DENBIGH. ( MARKET DAY, Wednesday.—Pair Days, Second t Tuesday and Wednesday in each month. ITUOISFBAN of Births, Mar/iages and Deaths.— 1 Mr. Gwilym Parry, Chapel-place. I VALli OK CLWVD Cricket, Crouquet Tennis Club— Secretary, Mr. Guy Conran, Brondyflryn. J DENBIGH Provident Society and Clothing Club.— ( President, Rev. D. Davies; secretary, Mr J. H. T Palmer. ( COUNTY OOUHT.—Offices, Hall-square. Registrar, I Mr. R. Humphreys Roberts; bailiff, Mr. iiiomas J Roberts, Bryntirion. 1 NVATEH AND GAS COMPANY.—Chairman, Mr. P. H. J CHDIIIHRETI; secretary, Mr. W. Ewart Brock office, The Fron. T IN FIKMAKY.—Chairman of Committee, Colonel A. ( Mesham house surgeon, Dr. A. D. Brunwin lady I superintendent, Miss E. E. Ellis; secretary, Mr. J. 1 Parry Jones. 1 POLICE STATION.—Town Hall; Lock-up, Love- lanc. Supt. Hugh Jones, Love-lane Sergt. John Harvey, Lock-up, Love-lane. Police Officers John Evans (Henllan), John Rogers and J. Salisbury. Fila; BRIGADE —Head-quarters, Hall Square S Captain, R. W. Lloyd, P ,rii-street Lieutenants J. Morns Davies, Love-lane, and W. G. Helsby, Vale- 1 street; secretary, Mr. \V. G. Helsby chief en- I gineur, Mr. H. Miller, Vale-street. THE GOAIUHANS for Denbigh Parish on the St. T Asapii Board of Guardians are Messrs. Hugh ( Williams, \V. H. Hughes, 1'. C. Jones, John Ellis T Jones, and Robert'Lloyd (Henllan Urban), BANK-—National anI Provincial, MR. H. E. 1 Hughes, J.P., manager North and South Wales, J Mr. William James, manager. -Building Society, 1 secretary, Mr. William Parry. J PuiMUosr: LEAGUE for fenbigh and District.— Ru ing Councillor, Col. Mesham Dame President, T Miss Griffith, Plas Pigot; hon. secretary, Mrs. E. ( J. Swayne. I TECHNICAL SCHOOL.—Managed by a Committee representing the County and Town Councils and 1 County School. CO* respondent Mr. R Humphreys T Roberts; secretary, Mr. Win. Price, Bron Haul. WJSSX DENBIGHSUIHE and Denbigh Borough T Constitusional Club, High-street and Love-lane. ( Chairman of Directors, Col. Mesham secretary, 2 Mr. B. Bryan steward Mr. Charles. TJJUEE.N" VICTORI A Jubilee Nursing Institution, Local 1 Branch.-—Lady Superintendent, Mrs. Humphreys 7 Roberts hon. secretary, Miss A. Wynne Edwards I resident nurse, Miss >»illiams, Postoliice-lane. T FamE RRAI>IN« and Recreation Rooms, CoiIee, { Billiard Rooms and Puolic Bath.—President. Col. R. ♦ Lloyd Williams vice-presidents, Miss Townshend, Aiiss Gold Edwards, and Mrli. Tumour; hon. ♦ secretary, Mr. J. L. Jones, lH, Love-lane. Open 1 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. PROVIDED or Council) SCHOOLS. — Love Lane Boys: r Headmaster, Mr. E. J. Roberts; Pron Goch Girls Headmistress, Miss Davies Fron FFL-oeh Infants Headmistress, Miss E. R. Jones Henllan ( School: Headmaster, Air. W. J. Griffiths; Infants: ♦ Headmistress, Miss Clarke. U'T.NSTTTURIONAL UNION, Love Line.—President, Mr. Cottom; vice-presidents, Mr. Hugh Williams, ) ?\1r, R. 1). Hughes, and Col. Heaton secretary and j borough registration agent, Mr. T. Jonas-Williams, ? La, p Lane; registration agent for Denbigh, Ruthin ( and District, Mr. B. Bryan. 2 RESIDENT CLERGY and OSlcialu, &c.—Rev. D. Davies, B.A., rector, The nectory; Rev. T. Walter 1 Lloyd B.A., Clergy House, Vale street, and Rev. D. T J. James, B.A., Llergy House, curates. Church- | wardens: St. Mary's, Mr R. Humphreys Roberts T and Mr. David Williams; St. David's, Mr. Dalton ( and Mr. Buller. Organists: English, Mr. Alec » Bellamy; Welsh, Mr. W. M.Pierce. RESIDENT NONCONFORMIST MINISTERS.—Wesloy- » an., Rev. H. Lloyd Jones (Superintendent), and 1 Rev. J. Lloyd Hughes. Independents, HêV. James Charles. Calvinistio Methodist, Capel Mawr, Rev. T Evan Jones. C. >1. Henllan street, RaT. T. Henry Jones. Calvinistic Methodist Statistical Secretary, T Rev. Joseph Evans. Baptists, Rev. Thos. Griffiths. ( English Chapel, Rev. D. E. Jenkins, pastor. Inde- ♦ pendent chapel, Oreen, Rev. Thomas Jones. Fron J C.M., Rev. J. Tudno Williams, M.A. I TUB CASTLE. The fine old rnins, the resort of J thousands of visitors, afford magnificent views of the Vale of Clwyd. Open daily. Fee to visitors, 2d. I The Castle is managed by a local committee. Pre- sident, Mr. J. P. Lewis vice-president and Chair- man of Committee, Mr. Keepfer secretary, Mr. B. T Bryan. The La tlakeeper, Mr. W. Roberts, resides opposite the Castle. NORTH WALES LWNATlc ASYLUM.—Chairman of Commtttee, P. P. Pennant, Esq. medical superin- .1 tendent, Dr. LI. F. Cox assistant medical officers, T Dr. W. \V. Herbert and Dr. Frank G. Jones steward and clerk, Mr. William Barker matron, F jiLs 1. Niven; Church chaplain, Rev. D. Davies ( Nonconformist chaplain, Rev. Joseph Evans Catnolic chaplain, Rev. Father Williams, S.J. BOROUGH MAAISTRATK8 (Resident). Robert Owen, 1 Esq. (Mayor), Col. H. Lloyd Williams, J. Harrison 7 Jones, U. H. Roberts. J. Davies, f, W. Bowdage, | T. A. Wynne Edwards, J. R. Htifhes, M.D., R. E. t Hughes, James Hughes, A. Lloyd Janes, and { Charles Cottom, Esqrs. clcrk, Mr. J. Parry T Jones. Meetings are held on alternate Fridays ( special meetings on Tuesdays. 1 RIFLE VoLuwrEERB. Armoury and Drill Hall, J T,S>OTO' COMMANDANT, Oapt. 1°. CLOUTFH LA- 1 structor, Sergt. J. L'ays Surgeon, Dr J. it. Hughes. T naiialion officers resident in the district, Col. T. A. T naiialion officers resident in the district, Col. T. A. Wynne I'M wards, V.D., Colonel commanding the | Battalion J. Swayne, also Lievit-Col. C. 1 b. Mainwaring, Lieut-Col. R. Lloyd Williams, 2 Lieut-col. R. Gregson Ellis, and Lieut-Col. B. Gregson Ellis. 1 CATHOLIC CHURCH AND SCHOOLS.—Priest, the Rey. T Father Williams, .J St. Beuno's College Head mistress of the School, Miss Carpenter. The Rev. T Father Williams chairman and cerrespondent of the ( Managers. t't BLIC SCHOOLS. —County School: Headmaster, ( Mr. D. H. Davies, B A. assistant masters, Mr. 1 W. F. Allen, M.A., Mr. Hugh-Jones, B.A., Mr. W. 7 Askew, B.CO and Mr. Livermore cnairman of the 1 local governors, Mr. J. Harrison Jones; Tice-chair- T man, Rev. James Charles secretary to the loeal governors, Mr. A. Foulkes-Robeits. —Fairholme ♦ Young Ladies' School Principal, Miss B. j'oulkas. ( NATIONAL NON-PKOVIBKD ") SOBCOLS.— 2 Lenton pool: Boys, headmaster, Mr. Vf. M. Pierce; 7 Gals, headmistress, Miss Watkms Infants, head- I mistress, Miss Circles. Managers: Foundation managers, the Rector, the Rev. D. Laties, *x-*jfiev i Col. N. Lloyd Williams, Mr. J. P. Lewis, and Mr. C. Cottom for County Council, Rer. Joseph ETana ( for Denbigh Town council, Mr. Sam T. Miller. ? Correspondent for the Managers, the Bcotcr. DIINBIGII DISTRICT GKOUPEU &CUO..LB.— » his com- prises all the Elementary Schools in Denbigh, Hen- J ilan, Nantglyn, Llanrhaiadr, Cefn, Llansannan, Llannefydd, Llandyrnog, Prion, Trefnant, Bylchau ♦ and Rhydgaled. The Managers are Mr. J. iiarri- ( son Jones, J.P., Trefeirian, Denbigh, ahairman; X Rev. James Charles, Denbigh, tieo-ehairman Mr. C. Cottom, J.P.; Vale-street; Mr. George Williams, ♦ Beacon's-hill; Mr. W. Marsden Daries, Cae Llew- 7 elyn; Mr. Boaz Jones, Eirianfa Mrs. W. Parry, i Clwyd Villa; d,r5. I). S. Davies, Plas Ca«tell Mr. I Ebenezer Evans, Nantglyn Rev. H. O. Hughes, i( Henllan; Rev. H. Humphreys, Rectory, Henllan ♦ Mr. W. Lewis, Gorphwysfa, Henllan Mr. John ( Roberts, Plas ueatou Farm; Mr. Bennett Jones, ♦ Hatod Cetn Plas Onn Rev. Isaac Jones, Nantglyn 7 Rev. D. D. Richards, Nantglyn; Mr. James tiuglies, 1 J.P., Cheltenham Villa ,dr. A. Lloyd Jones, J.P., 7 Brynyffynnon. Clerk, Mr. H. Humphreys Roberts, Denbigh. Attendance Officers, Mr. Roger Pryce, T Postollice-lane, Denbigh, and Mr. R. P. chambers, ( Abergele. 2 TOWN COUNCIL.—Mayor, Councillor Robert Owen Alderman John Davies, A. Lloyd Jones, Boaa 1 Jones, and James Hughes Councillors J Humphrey J Jones, li. Humphreys Roberts, H. D. Hughes, S.IM T. Miller, S. Lunt Griffiths, F. B. Ciough, J. T Morris Davies, T, Lloyd Jones, J. H. Wynne, Charles Cottom, and William Parry; town clerk, Mr. J. Parry Jones deputy town clerk, Mr. Edward 7 Parry; tieasurer, Mr. R. E. Hughes, N.P. Bank; 1 medical officer, Dr. Collins Lewis surveyor, Mr. 7 John Davies sanitary inspector, Mr. H. Lee Jones; borough accountant, Mr. Ellis Williams district T rate collector, Mr. William Price; poor rate and ( b-rough collector, Mr. Tnomas Batten; electi\e Z auditors, Mr Gwilym Parry ind Mr. Abel \nwyl; J mace bearers, bailiffs, etc., Mr. Owen Evans and 1 Mr Meyrick Evans; town crier, Mr. Frederick Roberts. The meetings are held on the tnird Roberts. The meetings are held on the tnird V Thursday afternoon in each month. T BOUJUGH LIBKBAL ASSOCIATION. —President, Mr. iliiani Parry vice-presidents, Messrs. Llement I Edwards, M.P., J. Herbert Roberts, M.P \V. J. Griffiths, Sam T. Miller, W. Marsden Davies, and Griffith Jones; treasurer, MR. Llewelyn Jones; 7 secietary and registration agent, Mr. Gwilym 1 Parry j financial secretary, Mr. William Price, Bron 7 Haul.—West Denbighshire Liberal Association ( Piesident, Alderman W. G. Dodd, J.P., Llangollen T vice-presidents, Alderman 0. Isgoed Jones, J.P., ( Llanrwst; Alderman William Grillith, Llanfair- T tallw,iarn; and Mr. Hugh Hughes, C C.. Penrhewl, I Llangollen treasurer, Mr. William Parry, Denbigh; I general secietary and registration agent, Air. Gwilym 7 Parry, Chapel-p ace, Denbigh.—Liberal (Jlub, High- street: Presidents, J. Herbert Roberts, Esq., M.P., 7 and T. Williams, Esq., Llewesog; acting president, I JAFR. Fred W. Roberts acting vice-presidents, Mr. J. It Holland Roberts and Mr. W. Oliver Davies; [ treasurer, Mr. T. W. Salusbury secretary, Mr. W. riice, Bron Haul. 7 HOWELL'S SCHOOL.- Chairman of the Governors: 1 The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of St. Asaph. r Clerk to the Governors Mr. J. P. Lewis, Solicitor, I Denbigh. Head Mistress: Miss Beloe, B.A. I (Honours), London, formerly Senior Mathematical | Lecturer at Westfield College, University of London. I Assistant Mistresses: Miss Margaret Gascoigne (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford), Miss A. E. Brewin (Sonierviile College, Oxford), Miss Faith Watson, I B.SC London (Koyal Holloway College); Miss M. ( D. Peel, B.A. (Victoria University), Miss M. S. Stowoll (Girton College, ambridge), Miss B Gril'lin, LR.A.M., and Guildhall Diploma; Miss I Netta Owen, L.R.A.M. (Howell's School, Denbigh), 1 Miss I\L. TI. L'aige (Lambeth School of Art and 1 Herkennor Scliool, Busbey); Miss Nona lilake I (Madame OHterberg's Physioal Training College), Miss JASZO* ska, Diploma, Swanley l allege, Kent. T Medical officer: Dr. R. James Hughes, Denbigh. ( Housekeeper: Miss Cooke. Matron: Miss Jean i Hussey.




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