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Family Notices



DENBIGH. BooKBINDING. -Book i Neatly and Cheaply Bound by Mr. E. M. Jones, Eclipse Book- binding Works, Por land Place, Denbigh. uc SPECIAL CHRISTMAS WINE. T. and S. H. Ashford have in stock some Special Christmas Port Wine at Is. per bottle, which is in ex- cellent condition. d22 ON VIEW AT BULLER'S the finest selection to be sean anywhere in Christmas and New Year Cards. Private Greeting Cards, Presents, Games, Diaries, Calendars, &c., &c. Please call and inspect. same at Buller's Portland Place, Denbigh. d22 NEW GAME. "Every Christmas season produces a new card game of the Pit species, and this year the Mazawattee Card Game is THE sensation It is produced at the nominal price of Id., and is made up of pictorial representations of Kings and Queens of England. The game is so played as tq, provide a fund of amasemunt combined with an indelible knowledge of dates and the foundation of English History." ACCIDENT. Mr Robert Edwards, carrier, Lenton-pool, was proceeding down Vale-streat with a horse and lurry, yesterday (Thursday), when, owing to the slippery state of tha road, the lurry started to tkid, and Mr Edwards, in trying to check its progress, came violently in contact with the poles outside Mr T Pierce Hughes' shop. The bottom pole broke in half, with the result that cross-bar came down upon him and caused a severe gash on the forehead. DANCE. The annual dance in connection with the Denbigh Philharmonic Society was held at the Town Hall. on Friday evening. There was a vary large company present, and a most enjoyable eveDing was spent. In face of the fact that the Denbigh Infirmary Ball had been held the night previous, the floor was in excellent condition. The musio was supplied by Mr C M Humphreys' Band. Light refreshment was supplied during the evening. THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. The holidays passed off extremely quiet in Denbigh. On Christmas Day the usual services were held, and in the afternoon and evening a competitive meeting was held in the Drill Hall. There was also a football match in the afternoon. Boxing Day was very dull, there being nothing on only a football match It is a pity that there is not some concert or something of the kind held on Boxing Day, as there is nowhere to go to to spend the evening. The want of somewhere to go to was keenly felt by many. CHRISTMAS SERVICES. At 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. Holy Communion was celebrated in Welsh and English at St Mary's and St David's Churches, whilst morning service was held at both Churches at 10.30. At 5.30 evensong was sung at St D<*vid'a Church in English, whilst at 6 evensong was said at St Mary's in Welsh, followed by carol singing, un4e, the leadership of Mr W M Pierce, the organist. All the services were of a joyous nature, and were largely attended. St Mary's Church had been tastefully decorated.—A service was also held at the English Presby- terian Churoh, when the Rev D E Jenkins, pastor, officiated.-At 10 a.m. a prayer meeting was held at the Pendref (Wesleyan) Chapel. C DAY AT THE ASYLUM. Christmas day was well reooguised at the Asylum. The various halls and wards of the Institution had been most tastefully decorated, and presented a very gay appearance. The Patients enjoyed a hearty dinner of roast beef and plum puddings, and also in the afternoon a delicious tea. In the evening the usual Christmas dance was held, and a large crowd, as visitors, partook in the evening's enjoyment whieh took place in the spacious new hall. During the interval, Masters John Henry and Gwilym Jones, Hall-square, gave a song accom- panied by the mandoline and banjo. A song was also rendered by Dr Cox; after which a duet was given by Miss L Hall and Mr C M Humphreys. Mr J Lloyd Williams acted as aooQBipanist during the evening. Following upon this, the usual distribution of sweets, oranges, &c., to the Patients took place. A most ebjoyable evening was brought to a close with the singing of the National Anthem. THE SNOW STORM. The prospects of a white Christmao" were realised this time, for on Christmas morning the roofa were white owing to the snow and hail which had fallen the night previous. After the fall a slaarp frost bad set in, and the roads in Bome places were quite slippery. The day was very cold, and in the evening there was another heavy fall, which continued for the best part of the night. On Boxing Day the ground was thick with snow, and the prospects for the football match looked extremely gloomy. But the oommittee and groundsman of the Denbigh Town Club had the snow cleared UD and carted off the playing area. About 2 o'clook it looked as if their labour had been in vain, for another heavy fall was experienced. This, however, did not last long, and it soon cleared up again. During the evening snow fell again in a blizzard, and covered the ground to the depth of three or four inches. Snow- balling was in full swing. The roads on Thursday wera vary slippery, and it was nith difficulty that people were abie" wjilk, let, alone the horses, Snow and again fel|,» during Thursday, and afterwards a frbaw set in i

The Centenary of tha Infirmary.…

Capel Mawr Competitive Meeting.

Infirmary Ball.