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1t' oy Messrs, T. & Leatnt:3, Agr!rv:Jrt. ;»al Hall, Ruth'n. $ MESSRS. T. & W. Leathes will hold their -T-& nex', ale at the above Mart on y Taesi^v Next, January 1st. 1907. at 10 o'clock prompt. t Tpecial entries inc ude a grandlbt of Prime y, C"i tJp, Dairy Cows, Store Bullocks and lit, Lto, C. v S-, ai d Pipe Fat beep of every ties* ription. Bacon 8r.d Pork Pigs. 1; IE. 5. wilI be giv. L for the best pair cf f-, i u or P :k*i^gr at te above Sale. At t lie cjriclution of the Sale' the Au'it'o: -ei s vvil.' present the Cupa and Prizes vCi. il the:r Christmas Sale, as well as the v. le prizes TO the largest Buyer and Seller t. ir Stilts- during the year 1906. T. & W. LEATHES, /9 Auctioneers, Rathin. :Plaz tower bridge, Ll,,nbedr, RutMn, FRIDAY SEXT, JANUARY 4:th, 1907. LE of 20 Head of Cattle, viz.:—6 Dairy L, Cows ibpring Caivers), six 2-year old L-U c!, zi and, one ?>hort-horned Bull, 8-; "IT • bailing Bullocks and Heifers, .rp (aged), Brown Ditto, 4 year •.j >c- ,9. is; 4 Store "igs, Crops (to go s and V I a, large Stack cf latity o: Lat and Oat :des, (f Mangolds; thu wfac; c eful > cultural Imple- ir. '1 H, t i c. t- ie to Comn ice at 12 ;'olock* prompt. TP,R.sis-CASEI. T. & W. LEATHES, Auctioneers, Alcp -cultural Hall, Ruthin. 758d29 TYDDVN ISA, RH&Wl,. SALE of Farming Stock, Crops, Imple- k3 ments, etc., Early in JANUARY. T. & W. LEATHES, 3u.c. Auctioneers. T. DAVIES f j' I BUTCHEIi. 2, Vale Street, Dei*i igh, Bupplies Befit Quality Vale of Clwyd Beef Mutton, Lamb, Veal, and Pork. at lowest possible Market Prices. Careful Persona attention given to every Branch of the Business. -:0:- Welsh Mutton and Lamb a Speciality. Orders promptly attended to (Shop Open Daily). NOTE THE ADDRESS S23 YALE STREET (Corner of Hall Square). NOTICE. THOIAS DAVIES begs to inform his Customers and others who are on the National Telephone that they are now onnected with the Service- No. 2x2." WHEWAY S i S.P.Q.R. Stores, 45, Vale Street, j DENBIGH, Tor Reliable Goods at Reasonable I' Prices. Satisfaction guaranteed in all Classes, viz. ¡ Tea and Dinner Services, Voilet Ware, Glass of every description, Earthenware, Pannings, Plower Pots, Galvanized, Wicker and Enamelled Ware, from all beat makers, Agents for the Royal Vitreous, and Vitrified Semi I Porcelain and Carlton China. M tto :—Small Prcfit and Quick Returns. T. H. Roberts, Tailor and Drapet RUTHIN. GRAND NEW STOCK OP 10 PATTERNS for the PRESENT SEASON In the Latest Designs t- Ladies' and Geiits" 1 Materials. Patterns and Estimatep l UPON APPLICATION St. Peter's Square, Ruthin. BOBT. MOSTYN (Late JE 3Sg ROBERTS), For do BEST VALUE in WATCHES, CLOCKS, AND JEWELLEKY. The Noted Shop for LUCKY WED ING RINGS (Useful Present given with each Ring). t large variiiy of Electro-plate and Silver Goods suitablt: fur Weo ang and Birthday Presents. All Repair:- reoeive prompt and personal attention Special attontion paid to Country Orders. NOTN THB ADDRESS Greenwich House, Upt>er Clwvd street. RUTHIN 438n25 ■ —^ -j% TEETH; 1 HANLON's, LTD., Dovedale, King's Avenue, Wellington Road, Rhyl <TEEJ £ FHC^F: No. ,T4. 1 UH. HANLON At-tends Personally f DENBIGH, at Mr. HEliSBY'S PhcSf.grapner, Vaie Street, every Wednes- c vy. il.3ti a.m. to 5 p.m. i BUT BIN, every Pair Day and 3rd Mondays, if at Mr, Ge- .s. monger, Clwyd Street. CQRWt N. Fir L Friday and Fairday, at Mr. Saruatl JOJCS, Cvnfecticnfr, Bridge Streut. Uitifioia' T ilb x Specittuiy ] .()¡d v ^v"'rt*d and Remodelled at Jlo ierate Prices u.c J ales by Messrs. [Frank Lloyd and I SODS. | ST. ASAPH SSKLLTHF^EIJII. OpeniDg Sale for the ew, Year. THURSDAY, JANUARY 3rd, 1907, at 12.30. RANK LLOYD & SONS will Sell:— 80 to 100 Fat, Dairy, and StorelCattle. 500 Fat Sheep, Pigs, and Calves. 741d29 Sale by Mr. G. F. Byford. OPEN G 8 fi L.P. E C P. 1907. Vale of Clwyd Auction Mart, Ruthin (RUTHIN FAIR DAY), TUESDAY, JANUARY 1,t, 1907. GRAND Entries of Prime Quality Fat Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs. Presentation of Silver Cups to the Largest I Buyer and Seller oI Stock for the year 1906. Sal. at 10 a.m. G. F. BYFORD, d29 ) Auctioneer. S~> e eN CrR-S. P- S-heffield. Tenant-Ri* Valuations. Chas. P. Sheffield, j EXPEnTtTENAIGHT VALUER Farmers about to leave tb holdings would do well to place their Claims in MR. SHEFFIELD'S hands, he ha.\ ;t:g had 15 years practical experience as a far-ul-r and valuer. Distance no object. Prompt and Personal attention. Correspondence Invited, Valuations for all Purposes at Moderate Fees. Auction Land '• lo, HIGH STREET, MOLD. Agency Offices ) SIIIIFFIELD, r Telegrams: Telephone: 20. 475uc IbERVAWT^ as H T v I onduoted by Mrs. Aidncii, STATION Kt s 4: Mrs ()o L LL I SERVANTS R(J i 1 hi Ruthin Road. Denote ANTED, Good Plain Cook for near VY Londuu, also foy Denoigh and Cheshire. Cock-Generals lor Liverpool, Denbigh, St. Asaph, and ur Ruthin, good wages, House- Parlourmaids for Ruthin and Denbigh, good Housemaid for near Denbigh, sm..ll family Strong Girl as Kitchenmaid for St. Asaph, Generals, Hotel and Farmhouse Servants. Mrs. PIPER, SERVANTS' REGISTRY, i 10, Cniton Terrace, u,-i biah TTTANTED, Experienced and Plain Cooks; Sewing Maid, age 25 to 30, with some knowledge of waiting on invalided lady. Parlourmaids St. Asaph, C20 to 122 Aber- gele, 122 to JE24. Housemaid. with Between- maid, for Altrincham. Good Kitchenmaids and Generals and Farm House Servants. Also a middle aged woman as Woiking Housekeeper for a Farm House near Denbigh. MISS WILLI A MS, KJjjiiiiS 1 K Y, 1, Post Office iirtiie, DENBIGH. T\7"ANTED Experiecced and Plain l'ooks, Parlourmaids, and Housemaids, House- maid Waitresses, Cooks-General, and General- Farmhouse Servants; also Young Girls for light house work and Working Housekeepers —Disengaged Working Housekeeper, Cook General. Housemaid, Under-Houaemaid, and Between Maid. Musical MlbS CECILIA ANWYL, of Denbigh and lihyl; Professor of Muslcf Late Student of the German College of Music, Liverpool. Prepares pupils for the Associated Board of the R.A.M.; the Incorporated Society of Musicians, aud the Trinity College. London. Pianoforte, Harmony, Theory, Ac. Miss AHWTL makes a speciality of preparing Candidates for the above Examinations. Schools visitod. DENBIGH: WEDHBSDAYB and SATURDAYS. tb. ASAPH FBIDAYB. Terms, apply THE HOLLIES, RHYL. 756338 Mr. W E BELOtltiU, M.A., F.B.O.O., A.K.O-M-, IRGA MIST 0 1 ST. ASAPH CATHEDRAL, Asecciate Royal College of Mubio for Teaching Singing, f Visits Denbigh and Ruthin. PIANOFORTE THEORY. SINGING, SCHOOL ATTOHDBD. S Ue1i in the Associated board and Trinity Coll'>te» also Mus. B, 1899,1900-01. F.R.C. O 1899,1900-010-2. 2860. MB. w A. LLOYD, F.G.C.M-9 A. -Mui;. X.C.L., TEACHER OF MUSIC, 4, Market Street, irig MppliM i Pianos, Organs, A jffjarkenium. hr. I 0', by the best inakerb on ullawrose ohoop and teltable value. District AS theI 19 (Jasson Positive Pipe Organ, now reG*\oiaed as the best substitute tor the Reed or A Organa in places of worship. Prl08S £ 50 to £ 300. JInstrumeatsalio by first-elass makers onl 1 All Uuttruueau guiunuiteed in perfect ooadittoay and of exceptional value. 1 IR. w. D. EVANS'S Ci?lAWI3T) stbimg 13ALMM UliABON This well known and successful Band is again OPEN TO BOOK eugagMswits 101 Bails. ooirMtot At. buaaos, OW t Lateat Masio, First ciase Masiciane; Pianists -Upl)ilect. Foi terms, litihus, and vacant dates I apiiiy ( Mir. W. D. 1.VAAS, Pianist, ] :i8CO' .l(;IlEF AIR, BIJ"O or Mi. rt. bMli'H, Uornefciet, YE OLD JEXSY 4 JOMia^HOTKL LLASGCtASH. 502uc t IRELDIlNARY ANNOUNCEMENT, LLANDYRNO AND DISTRICT J-L A-a *-kT LUB. THE SECOND Annual Match will take place on the First Thursday in February (weather permitting). J. FOULKES, Secretary. aI D" Troop Denbighshire Hussars I.Y. and "DI Company 1st -V.B.R.W.F. GRAND MILITARY BALL, in connection with the above, will be held in the County Hall, Denbigh, Oil -.i hursciay, 13rd January, 1907. LADY PATRONESS: MRS. LL. E. S. PARRY (Pengwern). PRESIDENT « COL. T. A. WYNNE EDWARDS, V.D. Dancing to commence at 9 o'clock prompt. Tickets, including Refreshments (Wines and Spirits excepted), Ladies, 5s.; Gentlemen, 6s. Double Ticket (admitting Lady and Gentleman) 10s. Single Ticket (admitting Hussars or Volunteers io Uniform), 3s. Gd. Tickets can be obtained from Members of the Committee and Hon. Secretaries. Members of the Corps are requested to appear in Uniform. Proceeds will be given to the Denbigh Infirmary and Denbigh and Ruthin Nursing Institutions. E. BRUTON, R.S.M., D.H.I.Y., J. PAYS, SEBGT. INST. R.W.F., Joint Hon. Secretaries. 553u.c. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. YEOMANRY BALL. FIRST ANNUAL BALL of the B" Squadron Denbighshire Hussari I.Y. will take place in the COUNTY HALL, DENBIGH, On 31st JANUARY, 1907. E. BRUTON, B.s.M., 6uc Hon. Sec. SCHOLASTIC. Howell's School, Denbigh. 11HE Local Governors will entertain applications for the admission of Day Scholars, the terms beiag—Entrance fee 10s., and a terminal payment of Y,2 13s. 4d. in advance. Forms of application can be had from Mr. J. P. Lewis, Solicitor, Denbigh (Clerk to the Local Governors), and all applications must be sent to him on or before Monday, the 7th proximo. The Entrance Examination will take place at the School on Saturday, the 12th proximo, at 2.30 p.m. 755d29 Denbigh County School for Boys. L1HE SCHOOL premises include a Chemical and Physical Laboratory, a Lecture Room, and a Workshop, all excellently equipped with the best Apparatus. It is a Pupil Teacher Centre for the Denbigh ,1 and Ruthin Districts, and the only School in these two Districts that prepares Beys for County Exhibitions. these two Districts that prepares Beys for County Exhibitions. The Local Governors of the School Districts of Denbigh and Ruthin offer annually several Scholarships to enable Boys to attend the School, and also grant Bursaries to meet travelling expenses. Further particulars may be obtained from the Headmaster, D. H. Davies, Esq., B.A., or the Clerk, A. FOULKES ROBERTS, Swan Chambers, Denbigh. Fairholme School. PRINCIPAL.—MISS FOULKES. upils prepared for Examinations. Private Lessons given in Music French, and Painting. School Re-Opens WBDNBSDAT. SEPTEMBER 1tr11, 1906. 37d05 ST. ASAPH COUNTY SCHOOL (Endowed Grammar School, founded 1679) Chairman of the Governors; THB RIGHT RBV. THE LORD BISHOP OF ST ASAPH. vice-chairman PETBB ROBERTS, Esq., J.P. HBAD MASSBS: EDWIN MAINER, MJL (St. John's College, Cambridge), B." (1st. Division), London. Certificated and Registered Teaoher. CLASSICAL MASYHB: JAMES BOYD ROBBRTSON, B.A., 2nd Class Classioal Honours Moderations and Lit. Ham., late Scholar of St. John's College, Oxford; registered In Column B of the Official Begbtar of Teaohers. SONINCA MABTBB: WILLIAM T. THOMAS, B.Sc., late Scholar of Cardiff University College, Trained and Certificated Teacher. Diuwiaa MABTWB AND TOACZEII 0» VOCAL MUMO T. B. J Certificated Teacher. MAHTJAL INSTBUCTOB FRANK SMITH. THR School steads on elevated ground JL lo a position which commands a view of the piotureeque Vale of Clwyd, and within g minutes walk of the Cathedral and Railway Station. For particulars apply to the Headmaster, 01 to CHARLES G RIMS LEY, Clerk to the Governors. at. Aapb. 0'l6d School of Household Training for Girls leaving School. THE GEANGB HALFORD L.ANJSS, SMBTHWIOK. COOKERY, Laundry Work, Siok Nursing, Dressmaking, Needlework, Physiology, Hjgieoa, Household Management, Domestio Boonoaiy, and Kindergarten taught by Certificated Mistresses. iiii-w- iffliss BOSS, PBINCIPAI Welsh Girls' School, Ashford. SPR 140 TERM COMMENCES JAMX1ABY17UU 1907. A few VAO"W" foe Scholars at following kams For Children Welsh or Monmouthshire > parentage, .110 13e« Vl. per term; for Uhidren if Bogttsh parent^go, *1,2 per term. Children prepared tc* all leading Public Sxami nations. For Proapeoios and foil particulars apply to he Very Rev. Dean Brownrigg, 127, St. George's Road, Londooi S. W. 743jo } -=- ARE YOU RUN DOWN? IS YOUR DIGESTION POOR? IS YOUR SLEEP BROKEN ? Worry and overwork car; do much to bring about these conditions. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, GWILYM EVANS' QUININE IBITTERS, GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, THE VEGETABLE TONIC. THE BEST REMEDY FOR NERVOUSNESS. WEAKNESS, INDIGESTION, SLEEPLESSNESS, :LOSS OF APPETITE LOW SPIRITS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS THE VEGETABLE TONIC. Testimonial. 103, Gilfa Gynon, Twynyrodyn, Merthjr Xjdfil. Dear Sir, In May, 1901, I became ill from a very severe attack of nervous prostra- tion. Life was a perfect misery, as I was so depressed, dyspeptic, and weak. I have been treated by different NerVOUSneSS doctors, and tried nearly every patent Nprvnnonpw medicine, but derived a mere ,tem- I erVOUa ss p0Tary relief. A few weoks ago a NerVOUSneSS friend from Carmarthen advised me to tryGwilym Evans'Quinine Bitter*, and X purchased a large bottle, but had no confidence then iu its efficacy J Nervousness friend from Carmarthen advised me to tryGwilym Evans'Quinine Bitter*, and X purchased a large bottle, but had no confidence then iu its efficacy J to do me any good. I am glad to say the effect has been marvellous with me. I am now in almost perfect health. I shail continue its ui-e for a little while longer to prevent the illness returning. I can truly say that there is no tonic that I know of equa) to Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters, and you are at perfect liberty to publish this statement, as I think any person suffering from any oarvous diseases will find a true frivnd in Gwilyip Evans' Quinine Bitters if perseverod with. I am, yours, Ac-, HENRY TILLER. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS' GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS' GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS' THE^ VEGETABLE TONIC. Testimonial. 44, Llwydarth-road, Indigestion Maesteg. TnrlitrAot.ion Deftr Slrs'—OwUym Evans' Quinine indigestion Bitters is, in my opinion, one of the Indigestion best gifts given to humanity. I my- self have derived the greatest pos- sible benefit in stubborn eases of Flatulence, Indigestion, Loss of Ap- retite, and Weakness. I have proved Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters on my own person to succeed when all other remedies have failed. Yours truly, T. POWELL. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, GWILYM EVANS' QUJNINE BITTERS, GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, -THE. VEGETABLE TONIC. Beware of Imitations. See the name Owilym gyanit"I on the label, stamp, and bottle, without which none are genuine. Sold ey wkare in bottles, 2B 9d or 48 6d ynek,or will be sent, post free, on reseipt of stamps, direct lrom the bole irokrietoim- QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. Wanted I VI/AJNTiliD Oak Dressers and every description of old Oak and Mahogany Furniture, Pewter, pictures and China. Write or apply at Stanley Hall, Wynnstay Road, Ruthin. u.c. WANTED, a Heavy Siacond-hand Iron ''Y GARDEN ROLLER. State size, weight, and price to 697," FRIm PRESS Office, Denbigh. uo For Sale. FOR SALE Larch, Scotch and spruce Jb'ir, jj Austrian Pines, Privets, Quicks; all in first-class condition. Inspection invited. Prices and samples on application to Robert Hughes and Son, Nurserymen, Kuthin. m2.07 TO BE SOLD, Solid Old Oak~DRE!SSER, in good condition; also a SETTLE.— Apply Davies, Printer, St. Asaph. JS Apply Davies, Printer, St. Asaph. = OOD DONKEY. Trap andlJarness, all complete, For Sale. Also some good PIGS. Apply Nant Hall, Prestatyn. *d29 CTIVE in-foal. Black CART~MARE7T6 hands high, 7 years old, quiet, and a good worker on hard or soft ground. Price 214, or would let Mare go to good home and give foal for her keep. la, Teck Street, off Hall Lane, Prescot Street. Liverpool. ON SALE, FOREST TREES: About 100,000 Larch, 1J to 3-ft.; also Scoteh Fir, ii to 2-ft.; Spruce, 1-ft. te li-ft; Ash, Sycamore, Alder, Austrine-pine, Previts, Quicks, Common Laurels, Bushy Plants.- Prioea on application.—Apply to John Williams, Seedsman and Nurseryman, Brookhouse Nurseries, Denbigh. 573u.c. PEDIGREE-targe White PIGS For Sale. P Brawns, Gilts, and Sows. Apply Farm Bailiff, Tiresford, Tarporley. *jy5 UNDERTAKER writesSince I intro- U duced Marston'a light modern funeral stock my trade has increased wonderfully." 50 hearses, ooaches, Washinton cars, broughams, landaus, some equal new, bargains. Catalogues.-MA"Tow, 21 Bradford Street, Birmingham. Ve2 To Be Let rriO~LET,~No.~3, ALBERT TERRACE. JL Vale Street, Denbigh comprising on the ground floor: Front sitting room, back dining room, kitchen and back kitchen, good wash- house, separate; pigstye, and good sized garden. Second floor 4 bedrooms and a large attic, 2 w.c.'s, hot and cold water. Rent moderate. Apply to Dr. J. R. Hughes, Grove Place, Denbigh. 481u.o. Miscellaneous. STRAYE D to Blue Bell, Gwyddslwern, a Jof smooth coated Metriever BITCH. If not claimed will be sold to defray expenses. 752jl2 752jl2 LOST, on Christmas Day, a WHITE FOX TERRIER, with a black leather collar on, answers to the name of Rex." Informa- tion to Sergt Harvey, Poliee Station, Denbigh, leading to its recovery will be paid for. 761d29 ESULT of DRAW at the bmitby, Clawddnewydd:—No. 326, 232, 323, 7, 207, 361, 310, 515, 51, 241, 253, 179, 20, 133, 419, 199..d29 PWLLGWYN DRAW P-esult.-Ist, 9; 2.d, 206; 3rd, 178; 4th, 46 5th, 177; 6th 215; 7th, 256 j 8th, 77 9th, 117 10th, 246 11th, 157; 12th, 74 13th, 23 14th, 365; 15th 13; 16th, 387; 17th, 29; 18th, 304; 19th. 82 TO BUILDBBa. Denbighshire County ConnoiL New County Offices at Buthin. BUILDERS desirous of submitting TENDERS based on Bills of Quantities to be supplied for the erection of New County Offices to be erected at Ruthin, are requested to forward their names, together with a deposit of one guinea (which will be returned on the receipt of a bona fide Tender), to the County Architect and Surveyor (Mr. Walter D. Wiles), 42a, High Street, Wrexham, on or before Tuesday, the 1st day of January, 190. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. W. R. EVANS, ;nrc(T ir—r*r Clerk of the County Council. County!Offices, Ruthin, Deoember I2th, 1906, ?49j5 1 "Free Press" I SHEET [ ALMANACK. THE "Free Press" Almanack,3 containing Calendar and all Local and District Information is Away WITH THIS WillEK'S "Free Press."



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