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Danbigh Christmas Market Continued…


Danbigh Christmas Market Continued from Page S. Messrs E B Jones & Co., general provision merchants, had their windows excellently dressed and abundantly stocked with Christmas provisions of the finest quality. The Christmas fruit, cakes, hams, and bacon were temptingly displayed, and the whole show reflected the highest credit on the energetic and popular manager-Mr R J Williams. Messrs E T Jones, Ltd., under the able management of Mr Fred Roberts, had a splendid display of general ironmongery aud lamps. A special feature of their show was a handsome oak mantlepiece, with splendid overmantie, which was a most beautiful article. Everything useful and ornamental in fancy ironmongery, &c., was to be found here. Messrs Bradleys' expansive windows were dressed in a most attractive manner, and reflected the highest credit on the manager-Mr R J Williams. There was a capital display of gents' clothing, over- coats, &c. Juvenile clothing, useful Gladstones and handbags were also shewn, which would make nice Christmas presents. A good representation of "Alley Sloper" was the cause of much fun. Messrs Harrison Jones and Co., the the oldest established family chemist in the town, had a grand show of perfumery, toilet requisites, kodaks, cut glass scent bottles, and other articles which would make fine Christmas presents. The grocery side of the business was stocked with the very finest of Christmas provisions, choco- late boxes, and innumeralble delicacies of the season. The windows were exception- ally interesting and reflected great credit on the firm. Mr Thomas, draper (next door to the Post Office), had his smart premises splendidly arranged with a display of new and seasonable goods, comprising gents', youths', and boys' ready-made clothing. The windows had bteu most tastefully arranged with selections of smart suits, overcoata, silk mufflers, gloves, neckties, &e. Thomas also made a speciality of fashionable cloths, which drew attention to the high class tailoring which is carried on at these premises. Mr Hugh Williams' tailoring establish- ment was seasonably stocked with the smartest and best quality cloths procur- able, and every requisite for gentlemen's apparel. Hats, caps, and ties were also made a striking feature of. VALE STREET. Mr Clwyd Pierce, italian warehouseman, had, as usual, a brilliant display of Christ- mas goods. The Crown-square window was well stocked with Christmas specialities, such as iced and fancy eakes, Mazawattee tea, and many other articles suitable for Christmas use and for presents. There was also a splendid assortment of Christmas fruits. In the Vale-street window there was a really fine show of tinned goods of the highest quality, and it is perfectly certain that the patrons of this well-known establishment could find all that their hearts desired for Christmas festivities, and also to present to their friends as Christmas boxes. Mr Barron's popular drapery establish- ment was dressed in a most. attractive style, and was muoh admired. In one window was exhibited all kinds of millinery, silk blouses, beautiful laces, gloves, and the other innumerable personal decorations dear to the feminine heart. In the other window was a splendid show of gents' haberdashery, collars, shirts, &a. The attractive and valuable stock in the interior of the shop was displayed with much taste. Mrs Edgar, of 61d bazaar fame, had a grand show, and her shop was teeming with Christmas novelties, in the shape of toys, cards, picture postcards, games, &c. It was so well stocked as to attract the visitors in crowds. Mr John Edgar had a splendid and well got up display of fine pheasants, turkeys, geese, &c., with seasonable fruits, and so on, and proved that he had made ample provision for the coming festive season. Mr Nott, stationer, had on view a varied and large collection of Christmas and New Year's cards and toys, with a great collec- tion of picture postcards and Christmas presents of all kinds. Messrs Jones Brothers, drapers, Bee Hive, had a grand display of ladies' apparel, which looked extremely pretty. Furs and laces figured prominently, as well as charming silk blouses in great variety, and in the centre of the window was a very handsome model,. beautifully dressed in cream voile dress, trimmed with satin and real lace. This attracted great attention. The centre of the shop was also well stocked. In the gents' window there was a splendid assortment of men's ware of the latest style, and many things which would make good Christmas presents. It was altogether a beautiful show. Mr Henry Joyce, jeweller and optician, displayed a large and varied assortment of costly jewellery, in which there were prominent pietty scarf pins, brooches, rings, bangles, &c. There was a splendid assortment of gold and silver watches, clocks, &c., the whole being very tastefully laid out. Messrs J T Hughes & Sons, of widespread weaving fame. Vale Street and Pontystrad Miils, who are shortly removing to their new premises at Bronallt, displayed their fame us homespuns and hosiery. There were on view many prize pieces, for which they have gained themselves a name throughout the kingdom. Mrs T P Evans, confectioner, had her windows well decorated with choice viands, which were very tempting. Christmas Cakes in great variety suitable for Christ- mas presents, and mince pies were shown. All the cakes, &o., were home-made, and most tempting they looked. Mr T 0 Jones displayed all kinds of Christmas commodities and seasonable pro- visions. Fresh and preserved goods and Christmas fruit looked well as displayed. "Ye Olde House attracted considerable attention, especially from the ladies. Mr T Pierce Hughes had displayed in one window a splendid assortment of gent's and boys' goods. The second window was taken up with ladies underwear, &o. Whilst the third was replete with ladies' blonees, trimmed hats, silks, velvets, flowers, lovely articles for making up blouses and evening dresses iu great variety. Mrs Hughes, confectioner, as usual made a splendid show of wedding and Christmas eakes. There was also a nice display of mince pies and other choice viands for which her establishment is famous. Every description of rich, plain, iced, and fancy cakes was found with jellies and other delicacies. The different covaic figures shown attracted crowds. Mr C H Lewis had laid out his windows very nicely. One window was taken up with all kinds of dog foods, &c., in which he specialises. The other window was well stocked with fancy and plain bread and "bara brith" of first class quality, whilst choice fruit made this window complete. The Misses Powell had arranged their windows with very choice articles suitable for Christmas presents, such as oabinets, jewel cases, ladies companions, &c. Mr J P Joyce, Bank Place, attracted considerable attention by his artistic decoration. He had a large selection of watches, clocks, brooches, rings, and ehartos, &o. 0 Mr W he way, of i P.Q.R." Stores, had 1 attractively decorated his window with some splendid dinner and tea sets of the most artistic and expensive designs, whilst fancy and ordinary china were in abundance. Mr T R Rutter, the well-known tailor and outfitter, made a display of some of the latest styles of cloths suitable for the present season, together with a selection of caps, ties, &o. Mr H Miller in his tobacco window showed to advantage his large stock of smokers' requisites, &c., whilst cycles and cycle accessories of all kinds made a very fine show. Footballs, hockey sticks, and requisites for all out-door games were exhibited in profusion. Mr W Lloyd had on view some fine harness, saddles, whips, &c., of all kinds. Mr -Robert Williams, hairdresser and tobacconist, bad decorated his window with tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, pipes, pouches, &c., in great variety. There was also a large number of Christmas and New Year cards, picture cards, walking sticks, and all hairdressing requisites. Games, toys, &c., were also shown. Mr John Evans, tailor, Park-street, made a good show of seasonable goods, &c. Messrs S Aston jand Sons made a very fine show of furniture. The centre being taken up with an attractive and servioable drawing room suite, whilst other articles of furniture in great variety, also lamps, &o., were shown to advantage, and had been arranged with great taste. Mr Helsby had a splendid show of Xmas and New year cards, picture postcards, and also some very pretty photo frames, and other suitable Christmas presents. Photo- graphs framed, unframed, and enlarged were also shown. Mr D Knowles' windows were very nicely dressed. The gents shop' windows wan tastefully filled with ties, dress shirt, and collars. The other one being filled with mufflers, gloves, hats, umbrellas, & ready mades. The interior was very nicely filled with gents shirt and shirting. The ladies' shop was also very attractive, one window being choicely decorated with silk and delaine blouses. The bottom window looked very pretty with its complement of ehildren's embroidered pinafores, frocks, and silk overalls, whilst the interior was well stocked with eiderdowns, table covers, cushions, and curtains. Mr. Bellamy had displayed to great advantage his musical depot. Some very beautiful pianos, musical instruments, gramaphones, music cases, &c. Mr Roberts, Railway Stores, made a good show of serviceable provisions and choice fruit which was greatly admired. Messrs. Owens and Littler, Vale street and Townsend, had an excellent show of Christmas goods, fruit, provisions, &c., and a large number of geese. Mr Williams, newsagent, stationer, and tobacconist, Armonfa, had his window very well dressed with toys of every description. In the centre a meohanical donkey had placed, on the back of which sat "Santa Claus" with his large stock of presents arranged around him. The large and varied stock included dressing cases for ladies and gentlemen, frames, ornaments, hand bags, ladies companions, work boxes, leather and cabinet goods, &e. The whole show had been excellently arranged. The hairdressing saloon was nicely decorated. Messrs W H Smith & Son, the world famous stationers and newsagents, had a superb display of goods suitable for Christ- mas presents. A special line was made of fancy leather goods in endless variety picture postcard albums, dressing cases, Christmas cards and stationery—all of the very highest quality. There was also a general assortment of glass and metal ornaments, fancy stationery, books, photo frames, fountain pens, and multitudinous articles of every description. The show reflected the highest credit upon the energetio manager-Mr Moody, who is always most courteous and obliging. Mrs Williams, Townsend, had her window well stocked with seasonable vegetables, &o. BRIDGE STREET. Mr W M Buller, if possible, excelled his previous records this year. The windows on both sides were splendid. On the tobacco side there could be seen a very choice selection of Havana, Mexican, and Innian cigars, Turkish, Egyptian, and Vir- ginia cigarettes, Loewe, B.B.B., and other first-class pipes, holders, &o., d ar to the heart of the devotees of 44 My Lady Nico- tine." We heard it described as .1 the finest stock of the kind in North Wales," the quality being superb. In the other window was splendidly displayed in great variety, writing desks, Christmas cards, picture post cards, albums, dressing cases games and niok nacks, all of would make excellent Christmas presents. At his cycle depot Mr Buller had a good display of the highest grade machines, and feature was made of the Royal Enfield Winter cycle, and a juvenile cycle, which would make a handsome Christmas present. Mr J Emmanuel, hairdresser, had a good collection of ladies and gents toilet requisites. Mr Roberts, bootmaker, had a very good show of home made boots and shoes. Mrs Williams displayed tempting confection- ery and Christmas cakes. Mrs Hugh Jones had a good display of sausages, bacon and ham. Miss M Jones, bad a good show ot con- fectionery. Miss Davies, milliner, showed the latest in the millinery art. Mr Joseph Owen had his window well stocked with fith, greengroceries, and game. Mr Dew had a good show of ladies and gents M K boots and shoes. Mr F Jones, jeweller, had his window excel- lently dressed, which reflected credit upon Mr Harold Jones. The jewellery, watches, purses, clocks, ladies and gents dress rings, guards, etc., etc., looked exceedingly bright. Mr Isaac Morris showed a servicable variety Of boots and oboes. Messtt Jones Williams and McLean, tailors and genig outfitters, bad a good and servicable display of overcoatings and winter suitings. They also showed a choice variety of fancy vests and cloths, oaps, ties, umbrellas, shirts, travelling bags. Mr A Lloyd Joneg, boot and shoe establish- ment was splendidly iaid oub wibb stylish and serviceable boots and shoes and fancy slippers the special line of Lotus" boots for which they are noted was abundantly stocked. HENLLAN STREET. Mr Thomas Jones, grocer; Mr D Bartley, grocer Mrs Simpson. grocer; Mr E J Edgar, grocer; and Miss M Hughes, grocer, all made good Christmas shows. Mr W R Price bad at his Henllan street establishment a grand show of greenSroaeries fruit, &c. CHAPEL PLACE. Mr William Edwards bad his window nicely decorated and filled with Christmas provisions and groceries, the stock being varied and of the best quality. POSTOFFICE LANE. Mrs Thomas had a good show of Christmas goods and provisions. MARKET PLACE. Mr S T Miller had his window most artistic- ally laid out with Limoges china, desert services, trinket sets. etc., which would make most suitable Christmas presents. There were also sets of putch, Coalport, Wedgewood and Minton china, together with Goas' Porcelain Arms ware. Ha had a splendid stock of goods suitable for cottage or mansion. Mr J E Jones, hairdresser, Coronation Build- ings, had a very good display of toilet requisites razors, brushes and combs, fancy walking •Wcks, suitable for Christmas presents, cigars, and cigarettes in great variety. HIGHGATE. The Pioneer establishment was as usual very attractive. \ir J H Hughes had spared neither tit^e "nor trouble in order to make an up-to-date ebow. One window contained an I endless variety of draperies, »ud ribbons. near to the teminino hearts, waning blouses. and other fancy goods, The oth..r window wa* j filled with a great variety of ladies corsets.



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